"Erotic Stories" Granny's Bed true story

Erotic Stories Granny's Bed true story
I was raised with my grandparent's after my parent's were killed.Gran had an old four poster bed,with a big feather mattress,the base was about a foot off the ground.Gran was a very sexy women,nice round ass,firm tit's,long leg's.

As the years went by I turned 15,gran was 50,but she had kept her figure,and to me she was gorgeous.I would watch gran all the time,her ass would drive me wild with desire,when she would bend over in front of me,I would imagine what it would be like to touch her ass,and feel her firm tit's,the normal thought's of any 15 year old.

One night while Grandad was out drinking,I was lying in my bed when I heard a noise that made my ear's prick up, it sounded like it was coming from Gran's room,I sneaked down the hall and stopped outside Gran's door,I could hear moaning coming from inside,her door was shut,I looked through the keyhole, and what I saw blew my mind,Gran was sitting on the bed,her hand up her skirt playing with her pussy.(Porn Stories)

I could not believe my luck,I whipped out my cock and started stroking,Gran had her pantie's pulled to one side with her left hand,and she was rubbing her pussy with the other.After a couple of minute's I blew my load in the hallway,I rushed to the bathroom to get a towel to clean up the mess,luckily I got away without her knowing.

All I could think about after that was Gran's pussy,I wanted to get a look at it up close,so I hatched a plan, I would sneak into her room and hie under the bed,I had this idea that it would be great to be in her room as she wanked herself.

A couple of night's later Grandad went to the bar.I told Gran I was going to bed early,I went up arranged the pillow's in my bed to look like I was in it.Then I slipped into Gran's room and hid under the bed.After a while Gran came into the room,she sat down on the bed,my heart was pounding I was sure she would hear it beating.

She started undressing first her blouse hit the floor, then her bra,next came her skirt, her tight's,and then her pantie's,wow I thought Gran is naked,in the same room as me, she stood up and went into her bathroom,I could see her ass wiggling as she walked to the bathroom,I got my cock out and started stroking my self.

As Gran came back from the bathroom,I could see her firm tit's bounce slightly as she walked toward's me, I looked at her pussy she was shaved smooth, I could not believe what I was doing, she jumped into bed the bed made a big creaking noise,I listened as the bed started to shake slightly,then I heard Gran moan softly,she started whispering to herself, I could just make out what she was saying,she said "god I need a big cock inside me" I was shocked Gran never swore
in front of me or any one for that matter.

The bed started shaking more and Gran was moaning louder,it was obvious she was starting to orgasm,I blew my load under her bed,strings of hot come sprayed everywhere,I tried to stay quiet under her bed but it was not easy,my breathing was out of control,then I thought to myself how the fuck am I going to get out of here without being caught.

I had not thought of that,then I must have drifted off to sl**p because the next thing I was woken up by my Grandad coming into the room,shit I thought I will never get out now,Grandad is a really light sl**per,so I decided to stay till morning, grandad goes to work at 6am so I decided to wait till he was gone then sneak out.

I drifted off to sl**p and was woken by Grandad leaving the room,then the front door banged and he was gone,after a while I decided it was safe to leave, I sneaked out as I was crawling out toward's the door Gran's voice rang out,"what do you think you are playing at she boomed",I froze fuck I am going to get into so much trouble.

She bounced out of the bed "what were you doing under my bed" I could not answer
I tried to make an excuse but I could not get the word's out,then I realized Gran was naked,she copped it as well,her face went purple with rage,you little pervert she shouted,were you trying to see me naked,I nodded the truth seemed the best option at the time.

Then her face softened she grabbed her nightdress to cover her self,then she said maybe it's my fault we should have had the sex chat a while ago,I think your beautiful I blurted out,she looked intently at me "do you mean that"yes I said, come over here to the bed,we have to talk,what did you hope to see she said,I blushed,"you wanted to see me naked didn't you"yes I said.

She stood up and let the nightdress fall to the floor,I stared at her my mouth hanging open,"ok feast your eye's" she said I stared at her tit's,she looked at me "do you want to touch them"yes I said well go on just this once,I reached up my hand trembling I ran my hand over her glorious mound,I touched the other one with my other hand,I caressed her tit's slowly and softly,her nipple's stood out I looked up at Gran her eye's were closed,I continued to massage,her tit,s.

She then took my hand's in her hand's and placed them on her ass, I was in heaven,stand up she said,she kissed me full on the mouth,her tongue explored my mouth,she undressed me,then told me to get on my back on the bed,my cock was rigid, she said"im going to teach you how to make love" she took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked me,then opened her mouth and let my cock slip between her lip's,her wet mouth was wonderful,she sucked slowly on it while looking into my eye's,after a while her mouth tightened around my young cock,I orgasmed into her mouth,she opened her mouth my come ran down her chin onto my ball's.

Then she swung around her ass inches from my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth,I stuck my tongue out she slid back and forth on my face,till she orgasmed,her juices were everywhere I sucked and licked her pussy till my jaw's were sore,she turned around to face me,she held my still rigid cock in her hand and placed it between her leg's,she lowered down onto my solid pole,her pussy wall's sucked my young cock into her.She started rocking back and forth,slowly at first then quicker and quicker,I tried to hold on as long as I could.Now Gran was riding me like a women possesed she rode me hard,the bed was creaking loudly,she screamed go on fuck your Gran fuuk your Gran real hard,I started to come,this spurred her on she ground her hip's into me,fucking me so hard I thought the bed would break.Then she shuddered and her pussy spasmed as her orgasm gripped her body."Ohh fuck she screamed,her body shook her eye's rolled in her head.Then she collapsed onto my chest we were both panting loudly.

She straightened up still sitting on my cock,you dirty little pervert she smiled
that was incredible,I am going to have to do this more often,would you like that
yes I said,"ok she said this will be our little secret,she kissed me on the lip's and we went into the shower,and we made love in the shower not violent like in the bed but slow and softly........!