"Erotic Stories" Helping Hand

Erotic Stories Helping Hand
Returning to her quarters after her regular morning workout, Mara Jade strips off her exercise clothes and steps into the shower. She sets the controls for a hard, hot spray of water and runs her fingers through her hair as she slips under the showerhead. For several minutes she simply stands there, letting the hot water and steam relax her tired muscles. Normally she’s not one to dawdle in the shower but before long the Emperor will be expecting her to report to him and Mara is in no rush to see him. Palpatine has been hinting for several days that he has a new mission planned for her and while Mara would welcome a new challenge she’d just as soon avoid her Master while he’s in his current mood. Recently many of his machinations have started to come to fruition and whenever Palpatine is in a good mood he starts feeling…frisky.

Picking up a bar of soap Mara turns to face one of the mirrored sides of the shower stall and regards herself critically as she begins to lather her body. She runs her hands over her hips and up across her well-muscled stomach, moving her legs a little further apart to admire the thin strip of closely-cropped red pubic hair, tapered like an arrowhead pointing the way down towards her slit. Not bad, she thinks to herself.

*Indeed, my dear. Not bad at all. Quite delightful, in fact.* 

Dropping the soap in surprise, Mara gasps at the unexpected words echoing inside her head and at the sudden mental link that forms through the f***e between her and her Master. Acting on their own her hands begin to move, her left hand moving up to cup her breast while her right hand slides down between her legs and begins to finger her. Mara’s body tenses as she tries to resist Palpatine’s control but she’s no match for the Emperor’s power. As if not even noticing her efforts he continues his remote fondling of her, her own fingers pinching her nipple roughly and stroking her clit. No... she begs mentally, her teeth clenched. Master, please! (Adult Stories)

* What’s the matter, my pretty servant?* Palpatine’s voice asks mockingly. The fingers of Mara’s right hand spread her lips apart as the forgotten bar of soap levitates into the air. Twisting and warping as if in the grip of invisible hands the soap slowly transforms into a thick, phallic shape. Then it thrusts forward, plunging into Mara as her Master’s voice chuckles, *I thought you enjoyed serving your Emperor.*

You know what it is I object to... Mara replies, her face flushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. She tries with little success to ignore the soap dildo as it slowly thrusts in and out of her.

*Ah, yes.* The Emperor chuckles, obviously amused. *You dislike being controlled and manipulated, don’t you?*

You know I do! Mara snaps back, her temper getting the better of her for a moment. If you want to play, fine. But let me do it myself, under my own power. I am not your puppet!

Instantly she knows she’s gone too far as unseen hands clamp onto her shoulders and f***e her down onto her knees. Her hands are pulled around behind her to grasp her ankles, forcing Mara to arch her back sharply. Then she cries out as invisible fingers grip her nipples with vise-like strength, her head snapping back as another f***e hand grabs her by the hair.

*You forget your place, slave!* The words thunder painfully through Mara’s head, punctuated by twin lances of torment as her nipples are yanked straight up several inches. As Mara cries out the dildo pulls free and lifts up into position over her head. It hovers there a moment before pointing downward and thrusting itself into her open mouth.

*I will do with you as I wish! You are mine...body, mind and soul. That is why I call you my Hand!* Mara’s nipples extend further still as the dildo pumps up and down, soap lather foaming around her mouth. *If you are tired of your privileged position I can always reassign you. The wookie labor squads are always in need of more pleasure slaves.*

Mara had been to several of the wookie f***ed labor camps the Empire maintains and had seen the wookies “playing” with some of the Emperor’s less-fortunate slaves. A shudder runs through her body at the thought of one of their huge, log-like members trying to f***e its way into her. But it wouldn’t stop at just one. There’s generally only one girl for every six (or more) wookies. Duty as “wookie slave whore” is normally reserved only for those who have greatly angered the Emperor in some way, as it’s usually crippling...if not fatal.

Forgive me, Master! Mara pleads, trying to sound as humble as possible. I didn’t mean to be ungrateful. You know I live only to serve you. Her tone takes on a more seductive quality as she adds, f***e sex is all well and good but it’s nothing compared to what I can do for you in person. Give me a chance to make it up to you, Master. Please?

Mara waits anxiously, wondering if this time she has pushed him too far. Even though she is his favorite servant Palpatine’s erratic mood swings are infamous. He could easily decide that it’s time for him to select a new Hand to serve him. Without warning the unseen hands holding her suddenly release, dropping Mara onto her back on the shower floor. Rolling over onto her stomach with a low moan, Mara spits out the clump of half-dissolved soap along with a mouthful of suds.

*Very well. But be warned my willful little slut...I will not be so forgiving next time. Now get cleaned up and report to me at once. You have five minutes. Do not test my patience any further by being late.*

Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.

Coughing up a final wad of suds, Mara climbs to her feet and quickly rinses herself off. Then she switches to a sonic setting, letting the concentrated waves of ultrasonic sound dry her within seconds. Pausing at the sink mirror just long enough to brush her thick mane of red hair into some semblance of order she hurries into her bedroom and opens her closet. She starts to reach for a black leather jumpsuit but then pauses. Given the Emperor’s mood she would do better to appear before him already naked. Palpatine prefers his subjects humble and subservient. Mara dislikes the idea of having to walk through the station’s corridors so exposed but she’s already on thin enough ice as it is. Better to please her Master than to worry about giving a few stormtroopers a cheap thrill.

Pushing aside the jumpsuit she opts instead for just a pair of black leather hip boots and her usual studded leather slave collar. As a finishing touch she adds a matching utility belt from which she hangs her lightsaber. Mara gives herself one final check in the mirror and then heads out the door. The Emperor’s throne room isn’t too far, the Emperor specifically put her quarters nearby so she would always be close at hand when he wants her. But with only a couple of minutes left on her deadline Mara has to hurry. Along the way she ignores the curious and often lustful stares she gets from the various troopers, officers and servants she passes. As she approaches the large double doors to the throne room Mara reaches out with the f***e and swings them open just as she reaches them. Mara closes them behind her with a soft thump as she pauses to glance around the room.

The Emperor’s throne is currently turned around to face the large observation port on the wall behind the raised platform. Even though the high back of the seat blocks him from view Mara can sense her Master’s presence. She can’t see anyone else in the room but just the same Mara extends her f***e sense into the bordering recesses and shadows. As she does so the throne silently swivels around to face her.

“Right on time,” the Emperor says, his pale yellow eyes gleaming with approval as he notes her choice of outfit. Mara bows her head demurely as she curtsies, “As you commanded, my Master.” Palpatine dismisses her formality with a wave of his hand, motioning her forward. “Come here, my dear. Kneel before me and service your Emperor.”

“Yes, Master.” Walking across the chamber Mara climbs the steps to the throne platform and kneels on the floor directly in front of Palpatine. She doesn’t need to be told what to do, she’s all too familiar with what her Master wants. Maybe it’s due to his extreme age, or perhaps it’s from all the years of channeling the Dark Side that’s left his body thin and withered, but the Emperor’s passions are now of a decidedly passive nature. Taking hold of the bottom hem of Palpatine’s robes Mara lifts it up over his legs and pushes it up around his waist, exposing his lap as well as the fact that he’s wearing nothing else underneath. Leaning forward, she takes his limp cock in her hand and begins to slowly stroke it, dipping her head down to tease the tip of the head with her tongue. Thick and uncircumsized, his cock is as sickly pale and heavily wrinkled as the rest of his body. Carefully blocking her thoughts from her mental link to her Master, Mara can’t help but note that his cock resembles a giant maggot as it wiggles feebly in her hand, slowly swelling in response to her actions. Wrapping her hand more firmly around the shaft she begins to pump it faster, angling it upwards so that she can take the head fully into her mouth and suck on it. Not for the first time she reflects on the irony that she is called the Emperor’s Hand, since she spends so much time jacking him off. The Emperor’s Hairy Palm would be more like it, she thinks to herself. Still...in his prime this cock must have been magnificent to behold. I only wish I could have served him then.

With his cock as hard as it’s going to get Mara begins sucking on it in earnest. The Emperor moans softly in response, his eyes closed and his head tilted back as his gnarled hands firmly grip her head. Mara’s not surprised when she’s still at it ten minutes later and Palpatine appears no closer to coming. One of the lesser known f***e tricks he’s perfected over the years is the ability to delay his orgasms almost indefinitely, allowing him to decide on the exact moment of climax. Once when he had been particularly irritated with her Palpatine had kept Mara at it for over an hour before he finally let go.

Just then Mara senses a strong f***e presence nearby as the doors to the throne room swing open. She doesn’t need to probe further to identify the newcomer...the deep, rasping sound of heavy breathing that suddenly fills the chamber makes that clear enough.

“Ah, Lord Vader.” The Emperor says with a grin. “You’re earlier than I expected. As you can see I’m not quite ready for our meeting.”

“My apologies, Master.” The Dark Lord’s voice rumbles. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

“No matter,” Palpatine says with a wave of his hand. Motioning towards the rear end of Mara he adds, “As long as you’re here why don’t you join us? Mara doesn’t mind obliging you, do you my dear?” Mara pulls her mouth free long enough to reply, “No, Master. Of course not.”

“As you wish.” Vader agrees. Moving up to the platform he kneels on the floor behind Mara, his hands prying her legs further apart in the process. A gloved hand slides between her legs, the fingers stroking her lips as the thumb starts to work its way into her ass. As he fingers both of her holes Vader reaches out with the f***e. Her mouth currently filled with the Emperor’s leathery balls, Mara makes a muffled gasping sound as she feels unseen tongues lapping at both of her breasts. Soon they’re replaced by mouths, alternately sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

When the hand finally withdraws from her crotch Mara braces herself for what will come next. There are two possibilities and neither of them is particularly pleasant. Lord Vader is a very large man and his cock, one of the few parts of his body that hasn’t been replaced by machinery, is equally massive. Mara knows from painful experience that the Sith Lord is more man than she can easily handle, especially if he decides to use the smaller of her available openings.

Worse still is the other option, and as Vader pauses to reach for his belt Mara realizes that her luck is continuing to run poorly today. Removing his lightsaber from his belt Vader slides it up between her legs and into her, using it as a dildo. In spite of her best efforts a tremor runs through Mara’s body as he works it in and out of her, realizing that the slightest slip or mistake could activate the saber and skewer her like an ugnaught on a rotisserie. Attempting to push that mental image from her mind, Mara concentrates on pleasing her Master, one hand fondling his balls as she works her mouth down over the head of his cock as far as she can.

“Put that away, Lord Vader.” Palpatine mutters in annoyance. “I dislike you risking my servant. Besides, you have no need for such a toy.”

“Yes, Master.” As Vader withdraws his saber and returns it to his belt Mara grimaces to herself. She had hoped she would have to accommodate only one of Lord Vader’s ‘sabers’. Now thanks to her Master she’s going to have to endure being fucked with both of them. With a soft pressurized hiss a panel in the crotch plate of Vader’s armor glides open and his cock, already erect, is released from its metal sheath. Guiding it between Mara’s legs he slides it back and forth along the outsides of her lips several times, the thick head of his cock brushing across her clit. Then he grabs her hips with both hands as he rams it into her, evoking a grunt of discomfort from Mara as he drives in all the way to the hilt.

Some choice of partners I have, Mara complains to herself. One can barely get erect and the other is too damn big and hard.

As Vader pounds into Mara, Palpatine reaches out with the f***e to establish a link between all three of them. In this manner he can vicariously fuck her through Vader as well as sadistically enjoy her own conflicting emotions. Mara’s devotion to her Master is absolute but she dislikes having to submit to anyone else, a fact which Palpatine is all too well aware of. He enjoys her feelings of humiliation as much as the actual sex itself and over the years he has found an amazing assortment of partners to use on her, savoring both her passion and her distress via the f***e.

The Emperor has never seen fit to teach Mara the f***e technique for delaying orgasm but Lord Vader knows it well. Both men are also able to use the f***e to excite a partner in ways no ordinary person could dream of. After a full fifteen minutes Mara has already come twice and is close to her third when Palpatine decides that it’s time for them to move on to other business. Using the f***e he instructs Lord Vader to wrap things up.

Vader acknowledges his Master’s command with a slight nod of his head, pulling free of Mara and pausing just a moment to adjust his aim a little higher. Caught off guard, Mara throws her head back with a loud, startled cry as Vader’s cock suddenly thrusts between her cheeks and deep into her rear entrance.

“A tight fit...” Vader observes, his voice more raspy than usual.

“Yes,” the Emperor moans softly, enjoying both Vader’s pleasure and Mara’s pain. “Nice and tight...”

After just a few brutal thrusts Vader is ready to come, the whole chamber seeming to echo with his deep, rumbling moan. At the exact same moment the Emperor grips Mara’s head in his hands and shoves her mouth down onto his shaft, forcing himself all the way into her throat, his moans matching Vader’s in a f***e-synchronized mutual orgasm. Mara’s mouth is flooded with thick, bitter fluid while at the same time she feels Vader erupt inside her like a discharging ion cannon. She swallows a mouthful of Palpatine’s noxious seed with a grimace, then gently kneads his balls and shaft to coax out every last drop. When she’s finished, Mara carefully licks a few remaining traces from the tip of his cock and then pulls his robe back down into place. 

By this time Vader has already pulled free of her but as Mara starts to lean back a hard, leather glove grips her shoulder and abruptly spins her around. Standing with his hands on his hips Vader thrusts his massive, semi-erect cock towards her face, obviously intending for her to give him the same treatment. Mara feels a sudden flash of anger, realizing that he’s doing it to intentionally humiliate her.

Bastard! She thinks to herself, carefully shielding her thoughts to keep either of them from eavesdropping mentally. He only wants me to lick it because he had it up my ass a few moments ago. However Mara knows that if she refuses it will anger Palpatine. Which, she reflects, is exactly what Vader is hoping for. She must either debase herself by submitting to Vader or else risk the displeasure of her Master. No matter which option she chooses Vader wins a subtle victory. There is a constant power struggle going on between all of the Emperor’s favored servants, a competition for his favor which Palpatine actively encourages...a kind of Imperial Darwinism. He believes that by allowing his agents to feud amongst themselves the weaker ones will be eliminated and he will be left with the most talented and cunning to serve him. You win this round, Lord Vader, Mara vows to herself, but it’s not over between us.

Obediently, Mara leans forward and begins to lick Vader’s cock. Once she has him cleaned off she gently grasps his shaft and tucks it back into his mechanical codpiece. With a soft hum the panel slides back into place and snaps shut. Behind her, Palpatine chuckles softly in amusement. “If you two are quite finished it’s time we got on to the real purpose of this meeting.”

“Yes, Master.” Mara and Vader reply in unison. Vader turns and steps back down off the platform while Mara moves to assume her usual position, kneeling beside the Emperor’s throne on his right hand side. As Vader turns to once more face his Master from the foot of the stairs Palpatine reaches a hand over and idly runs his fingers through Mara’s hair as one might stroke a favorite pet.

“I have heard your initial report already, Lord Vader,” the Emperor says softly. “But as this pertains to Mara’s next mission I’d like you to go over it again.”

“As you wish, my Master.” Vader replies, bowing. “With regards to Luke Skywalker, we made arrangements to lure him to Cloud City on Bespin. The plan was to capture young Skywalker and bring him back here so that you could train him in the ways of the Dark Side. Once his will had been broken and his training complete, he would make a powerful alley. However...things did not go as planned.” 

Mara suppresses a smug grin as she notices Vader u*********sly flexing his right hand. She had heard a rumor that Vader recently lost that hand, already a mechanical replacement of the original, in a skirmish with rebel f***es. Lost it to your own son... she speculated silently. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it Vader?

“No, they did not.” Palpatine says in disgust. “You failed. I instructed you to either deliver Skywalker to me or to kill him. To date you have done neither.”

“As you say, Master.” Vader admits. “Even so, there is still a chance that we can yet bring Skywalker over to our side. The incident at Cloud City was not a complete loss. While there I discovered that there is another Skywalker which we were unaware of. Luke has a twin s****r, one who was separated from him shortly after birth and raised in secret.”

“A s****r whom you also allowed to escape from you on Bespin.” Palpatine points out grimly.

Quickly putting two and two together, Mara lets out a soft gasp of surprise.

“Yes, my dear?” Palpatine prompts.

“Leia Organa is Luke’s s****r?” Palpatine nods his head slowly, pleased at her intuitive leap. Flashing a sly grin towards Vader, Mara gloats, “Ironic, isn’t it my Lord, that both of Anakin Skywalker’s c***dren have risen to become such thorns in your side?” She can almost see the waves of hostility radiating from Lord Vader but the Emperor cackles loudly in amusement.

“Well said, my pet! But we mustn’t be too judgmental. After all, I’m sure they both would have turned out much differently if they had been raised by their father. In any event, we now have an opportunity to catch two Skywalkers with one Hand.”

Catching the reference to her, Mara stands and turns towards the throne. Dropping onto one knee and bowing her head, she asks “How may I serve you, Master?” Palpatine grins confidently.

“An interesting turn of events has taken place. During the Cloud City incident Princess Leia’s lover, Captain Solo, was frozen in carbonite and given to Lord Vader’s hired mercenary, Boba Fett. Fett in turn delivered Solo to a crime lord named Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. My sources inform me that even now the Princess and Solo’s wookie co-pilot are planning a rescue attempt. Should they fail, young Skywalker will most likely come to their aid. When he does, we will have them both right where we want them.”

“I take it that you wish me to make sure that Leia’s rescue operation fails?” Mara asks. “And to be on hand to capture both her and Luke when he comes charging to the rescue?”

“Exactly. Lord Vader failed because he trusted the local authorities to cooperate with him. You will not make that mistake. This time there will be no cooperation. I wouldn’t trust a bloated slug like Jabba to honor any deal we might make with him in any event. Instead you will infiltrate Jabba’s organization. Slave girl, dancer, mercenary, I don’t care how you do it...I leave the details to your judgment. But get in there before Princess Leia arrives. Make sure she fails to rescue Solo. And then when Skywalker arrives, bring them both to me.”

“What if I can only capture one of them?” Mara asks. As Palpatine frowns at the prospect Mara hastily adds, “Naturally I intend to provide you with two new pupils but I have to be prepared for all possibilities. If I’m f***ed to make a choice, which is the highest priority?”

Palpatine considers this for a moment. “I believe the Princess will be easier to bend to our will. She hasn’t had any formal training yet.”

“And what of Jabba?”

“Once you have what we want...kill him. And his flunkies. We have no further use for such alien scum.”

“It will be as you command, Master.”