"Erotic Stories" Her First Spanking

Erotic Stories Her First Spanking
I sat in a leather chair waiting for her, sipping on a glass of scotch. My mood varied from nervous to highly aroused. She should arrive very soon. I took another sip as I fingered the items in the box. They were soft and supple. Just the feel of the smooth material was enough to excite me. Thinking about what I was about to do with them made me very hard. 

This would not be the first time I had tied her up, far from it. We kept some restraints near our bed. But that was as far as we had gone. This would be the first time I took complete control of her. I have fantasized about it many times in my mind, we had even joked about it. But I have always been too nervous to act on it. Afraid of how she would react. Afraid of what she wound think of me.

The sound of a car door outside announced her arrival. I felt my pulse quicken. I heard the key in the door and then it opened. She walked in closing the door behind her. 
“Hi” she said, with that beautiful voice of hers.

I rose, and walked wordlessly to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her gently. She responded to my kiss with some surprise at first, but it was short lived. She began kissing me back, her supple lips caressing mine, our tongues barely touching. I held her tightly as we kissed. (XXX Stories)

God she felt good. Her kiss is one of the most arousing things I have ever known. I began to work my mouth down the angle of her jaw, down to her neck. My hand began to explore her body through her clothes, until I cupped her breast with gentle pressure. She gasped, as my lips found that special spot on the side of her neck that so arouses her. I began to alternate my kisses with gentle suction, and fondle her breast. I felt her body melt toward me, making little sounds of pleasure. I leaned in near her ear.
“I want you to give yourself to me for tonight, completely.” I whispered.
“Oh, yes please” she said breathlessly. I kissed her again and stepped back. I turned and picked up the glossy black box beside the chair. I handed it to her and sat down.

“Open it.” She pulled back the shiny lid and eyed the contents. Reaching in she pulled out the leather corset. My pulse rate quickened and my palms began to sweat as she examined it. It was quite beautiful. It was supple black leather, with hook front closure, and cup less with contours around the top for her breasts. A pair of black lace-top thigh highs followed with a pair of stiletto heals. 
“Oh my, you are a naughty boy” she said with a mischievous grin. 
“Put it on.” I said.
“Okay, I’ll be right back” She replied as she started for the bathroom.
“No. Right here. I want to watch.” 
“Not here. I’ll be right back.” She said.
“No. Right here.” I said firmly. She stopped. 
“Okay.” She said. “There are no panties.” She observed.
“That’s because I don’t want you wearing panties.” She grinned and began to slowly unbutton her top. She locked her gaze on me as she kept going. Her shirt fell on the floor behind her, and her hands went to her Capri’s. She unbuttoned them and slid them down slowly. Stepping out of her pants she turned around and started unclasping her bra, looking at me the whole time. The bra went flying and her panties came slithering down her legs as she bent over, showing me her ass.

She began with the thigh highs, placing her foot up on the chair next to her as she slid them up, giving me a view of her closely shaven pussy. The second leg followed suit. She picked up the corset wrapping it around her and carefully fastened the front hooks. And then she stepped into the high-heals, and turned to face me for inspection.

She was a sight to behold. The corset fit her perfectly. Its contours curving around her ample breasts, placing them on display for me. The bottom of the corset curved high around her hips, with the front dipping down to a rounded point that emphasized her finely trimmed pubic hair, and the thigh highs were the perfect touch. In a word, she was stunning. My eyes drank in the erotic goddess that stood before me.

I stood and walked over to her, making a circle so I could see all of her.
“You belong to me now. I am your master for tonight, and as such you will call me. Do you understand?” I asked in a low voice.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied in a whisper.
“Spread your legs.” I ordered. She spread them apart for me. I took her arms and put them behind her back across her spine. “Grip your elbows.” Her hands cupped her elbows. “This is how I want you to stand, unless I tell you otherwise.” I paused. “What do you say?”
“Yes, Sir” She replied. I stood behind her and begin to kiss the nape of her neck. I knew this would arouse her like nothing other. As I kissed her my hand began to explore her body. I cupped her breasts and gently caressed them. My fingers found her nipples, rolling them and lightly pinching them between my finger and thumb as she moaned with pleasure.

I kept one hand on her breast as my other hand went searching between her thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned as my fingers found her soft, wet lips. I began to rub and spread her lips, feeling the silky smoothness of her labia. I began to probe inside of her as I whispered in her ear. “You know were a naughty girl. You were such a tease the other night, knowing I couldn’t have you. I’m going to spank you for it.”
“Oh, yes please” 
“Yes please what?” I asked.
“Yes please, master.” She said.
“What would you like your master to do?” I asked her. “Ask me properly.”
“Please, master, would you spank me?” She crooned. 
“Yes I will. Come with me, and do not move you arms.” I led her to a room I had prepared earlier today. When I led her to the center of the room, I was pleased to see she returned to the stance I had taught her. I placed a leather blindfold over her eyes. From the table beside us I took two leather wrist restraints and secured one to each wrist. I then secured each wrist to a bar above her head attached by a small chain to an eyebolt in the ceiling. 

Two more leather cuffs were placed around her ankles. I then secured a metal bar between the cuffs, locking her legs shoulder width apart. I ran my hands over her smooth bottom. Then I picked up a short leather paddle and lightly smacked her right ass cheek with it. She gasped and jumped with surprise. I quickly smacked the left. She gasped again, though she wasn’t as surprised. I knew I wasn’t hurting her, because the paddle was designed to make more noise then to hurt. I rubbed the smooth leather of the paddle down each side of her inner thighs several times. I waited just a moment and then smacked her on the ass again twice. She moaned and pressed back toward me. 

I cupped her pussy with my hand, feeling how wet she was. I teased her swollen clitoris for a moment, and then landed another smack across her ass. This time I came around in front of her and took her breast in my hand. As I fondled her breast, I took her nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. Her breath was now coming in rapid shallow pants. As I suckled her nipple I took the paddle and rubbed the leather across her slick labia back and forth. I did so until she started pressing into it, riding the paddle. 
“Oh, please fuck me!” She cried “I want to feel your cock inside me!”
I stopped rubbing and gave her a light tap with the paddle on her pussy. It seamed to course through her body as she gasped with surprise.
“Ask me properly.”
“Please master, please fuck me!” she panted.
“Not yet.” I said, as I put the paddle away. I probed her and massaged her clit some more, stimulating her with my finger in a circular motion, as she pressed into me. 

She cried out with orgasm as her body was racked with spasms, pulling against the cuffs that held her arms up. I reached up and unlocked her wrist from the bar. Then I unlocked the bar from her ankles. Leaving the blindfold on, I led her to a chaise lounge nearby. Sitting her on the edge I made her lie back. I spread her legs wide open and placed her feet up on a box on either side of her. I locked her wrists to her ankles. She was now on the very edge of the lounge, and spread wide open for me. Light glistened off of her juices. Her pussy was so swollen it was gaping open. I was completely aroused. I have always thought that seeing her completely open and dripping wet was the sexiest sight imaginable.

I knelt in front of her. My tongue began to teasingly explore her lips and clit. I began to alternately suck and lick her engorged clitoris. My finger, wet from probing deep inside of her found her tender ass. I began to gently rub and tease her ass as I licked and sucked with vigor. My other hand began teasing her sensitive nipples. Slowly she relaxed as her back arched and allowed my finger to slide inside of her as she gasped. 

I worked my finger in and out of her tight ring as I suckled her most sensitive area. Her body began to writhe rhythmically, and then she came violently, crying out loudly. I stood sliding my finger out; I kissed her deeply on the mouth, and thrust deep into her. She moaned thorough the kiss as my cock filled her and my body pressed on her clit. I began to stroke in and out in a circular motion, faster and faster. I broke the kiss and my mouth went to her breast, sucking her nipple in deeply as a stroked faster, until my body erupted with orgasm, her body joining me in ecstasy. 

I freed her wrists and helped her stand. I looked deeply into her eyes and told her how deeply I loved her, and held her close. I was so thankful for her; Thankful for a woman who loves me as deeply as she does. Thankful for a woman who will let me explore and express my desires without fear. I am truly a lucky man.