"Erotic Stories" Hypnosis Daughter

Erotic Stories Hypnosis Daughter
My dad is very shy. He's not a bad-looking guy; he's just shy. I knew that he wanted to meet a girl and to have a girlfriend, but he was too shy to even talk to them. He and my mom didn't ever marry. I don't think that they were together too long either. They had broken up by the time I was born. But even though I always lived with my mom, I still love my dad. He's always nice to me and always remembers my birthday and Christmas and stuff like that. He's always nice to my little b*****r too, even though he's not my little b*****r's dad. He's much better to my little b*****r than his own dad even.

A boy at school was talking about using hypnosis to get girls. He was teasing us girls and saying that he'd hypnotize us and make us into his zombie sex slaves. Some of the other girls teased him back and told him that that was the only kind of girl he'd ever get, a zombie or a slave, and that since zombies were made up and there were no more slaves, that he'd never get any girl at all. I was just watching, but we were all laughing and teasing each other.

But that gave me an idea for my dad. I went over his apartment and suggested it to him. I even brought a book from the library on hypnosis, so that he could use it to get a girlfriend.

My dad was looking at the book. We were sitting in his living room. I put the TV on while he read through the book. It wasn't a long book and it had pictures and not a lot of words on each page.(XXX Stories)

He laughed and said that he didn't think that it'd work, hypnotizing girls, and that besides, it wouldn't be right to do something like that to a girl. He joked that besides all that, a girl would have to be pretty patient with him just to let him hypnotize her in the first place.

We went online and Googled "hypnosis" and "seduction," and got a whole lot of stuff.

I said, "Why don't you practice on me?"

I want him to be happy. He's my dad, after all, even if I never lived with him or anything.

So he did what the book said, told me to look this one spot on a his living room wall, to think only about only that spot, told me that my arms and head were getting heavy, you know, all that hypnosis stuff.

I didn't feel anything, didn't feel any different, but I didn't want him to get discouraged either. I didn't want him to give up on something that might work and might lead to him getting a girlfriend. So I pretended that it was working on me. I pretended that my eyes were heavy, pretended that I was in a deep sl**p.

He told me to do things: stand on one foot, bark like a dog, and to do other silly staff.

I tried to speak in a dreamy voice or something, like I'd seen psychic mediums do in movies, you know, my voice all flat and without emotion, like a zombie, kinda like the doofus guy at school had said. 

It was all pretty funny, actually. I had trouble not laughing.

Well, he was looking at the book and made what I later read for myself is called a "post-hypnotic suggestion," sort of a hypnotic command that I do something later when I no longer would be hypnotized.

It was just that I come see him much more often.

It made me sad, him suggesting that. I realized that I wasn't visiting him enough. I only visited him every couple weeks. I guess he's lonely. He has no other c***dren. I think that my mom was his only girlfriend ever, he's so shy. Besides, he loves me.

Well, it's not like I have a boyfriend or something. Boys ask me out, but I don't feel old enough or ready to date yet, even though I'm 18. I guess I'm shy too, just like my dad. I want a boyfriend, but I'm too shy and nervous about it. Besides, my friends who have boyfriends are always fighting with them about stupid stuff too.

My friend Barbra went off to college in New York City, so I don't even have a close friend now. My mom works two jobs and only gets home after 11 PM most nights. I guess I've been lonely too. I used to have to watch my b*****r, my half-b*****r, but he's old enough to watch himself now, and he's always over his friends' houses after school, so we don't spend much time together now.

So the next day after school I went over my dad's apartment again. He was very happy to see me, too.

We talked and then I brought up the hypnosis idea again. I said that we should practice it whenever I come over.

So he did it again and I pretended again that I was hypnotized again. The book said that people tell the truth when they under hypnosis, and my dad asked me a question, suggesting that I'd search myself and answer the truth.

His question was how much did I wanted to make him happy? Like on a scale of 1 to 100. I said a 100. I think that that is the truth. I do really want to make him happy.

I was talking in that flat, zombie voice, pretending that I was hypnotized. But I really was telling the truth other than that I was pretending to be hypnotized.

He also asked me how far I thought we should go in our practice. I guess I didn't really understand his question. I said as far as he wanted, that I thought that we should practice as much as he wanted. He said, well, what if he suggested that we start kissing or something, that that was the kind of thing that he wanted to do with a girlfriend and that it'd be the kind of thing that he'd have to suggest to a woman that he was interested in, if he was going to use hypnosis on her. How could he know if it was going to work on a stranger if he didn't first try it with me?

I didn't really think about it. I said that I thought that I'd enjoy kissing him as much as he wanted.

He asked if it would bother me if when I came over I sat right next to him with his arm around me. I said that I'd like that, which was true. So he gave me another post hypnotic suggestion that when I came over to sit right next him, to cuddle with him, but only if that was what I wanted to do.

Of course I wasn't really hypnotized. I was only pretending that I was.

After he told me to wake and to forget everything that he said, I went and got a Coke from his fridge, but when I came back I sat next to him and took his arm and put it around me. I snuggled up against him. It was really nice. My mom's not a snuggle kind of mother. She kisses my forehead sometimes but she hardly ever even hugs me, even when I had been little. When I was young, my dad had hugged and kissed me much more than my mom ever did.

He smiled and said that he had always wanted to snuggle with me like this, but then he teased me and asked why I'd suddenly done it. I laughed and said that I just felt like it, that I loved him, and that I'd always wanted a closer relationship with him too. I think that that's true too. 

I guess me pretending that he was hypnotizing me let him tell me what he really wanted and that gave me an excuse to just do it. I didn't want him to stop doing that, to end our hypnosis "practice," because then he couldn't just ask me to do stuff like snuggle with him and come over much more often. I guess we were both too shy to just say what we wanted.

We watched a movie on TV and he cooked for me. It was really fun.

Before he drove me home he asked if he should try some hypnotic suggestions that he might want to do to a girlfriend. I giggled and said, sure, that he needed to practice. So he hypnotized me again and made the suggestion that I buy a short skirt to change into when I came over, to dress in a way that I thought sexy, but that I should come over and change because he didn't want me out in public dressed all sexy like.

He even suggested that I ask him for money to buy new clothes, which was good because my mom's not rich or anything and I don't have a job of my own.

So after he told me to forget what he had said and to wake up, I asked him if I could have some money to buy some new clothes, that I sometimes wished I had some naughty clothes to wear, just to see what it was like and not out in public. So he gave me $100.

The next day, after school, I went to the mall. I was wondering how sexy and naughty to buy. I was also thinking that it would be fun to buy some really naughty clothes. My mom only buys me long skirts and dresses and only lets me wear jeans when I'm doing work in the yard or something. My mom's conservative about stuff like that. It seems funny, since she got knocked up twice without ever marrying and by two different guys too. My b*****r calls her "the born-again virgin," since my mom doesn't even date and always takes us to church every Sunday.

The next day was a Saturday, so I took the city bus right to the mall and then from the mall to my dad's apartment.

I said, "Dad, can I show you what I bought? It's so naughty that I can't show anyone else and I want to show someone."

He said yes, of course.

So I went into his bedroom and changed.

I came out in a very short skirt, the shortest they had in the four stores where I looked, and a shirt with a scoop neck and very short sleeves. I wasn't even wearing a bra. I'm a 34 double C, so I have big breasts that wobble around some in my shirt when I walk even when I wear a bra, but of course without a bra they were really bouncing around. The skirt was white cotton and I was wearing brand-new hot pink panties too, so my dad could half-see my pink panties right through my skirt.

I have blondish hair and sapphire-blue eyes. I brushed my hair while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror before I went in his bedroom to change. I had shaved my legs and under my arms at home that morning for the first time in my whole life and even shaved my bikini line. My bare legs don't show at all in my everyday skirts because I wear socks with them too that cover the three or four inches between my hemline and my shoes.

It was weird. He's my dad, but I felt so sexy right then. My dad was looking at me, his eyes all lit up, him practically staring at me, at my legs and my bouncy breasts and my round little butt.

He has a framed mirror hung next to his door and I looked at myself in it. The shirt is white cotton too and my skin is creamy. In the mirror I could see my nipples are right through the white shirt. They looked all pointy too.

He said to me, "You're going to leave that stuff here. I don't want to worry about you going out in public like that."

I giggled and said the truth, that I could never dress like that for anyone else, not even my mom. But then I said that I wanted to be able to come over his place and dress like that whenever I felt like it. I teased him and said that I had planned to give him back his change from his $100, but that I now I wanted to buy more stuff, that I liked feelings so sexy, even if it was only for him.

He laughed and said that I looked so good that he'd give me another $100. He even told me to buy lavender and orange and red panties but not to buy any bras. He said that I looked really sexy with no bra.

I giggled and called him a dirty old man and a lecher, one of my mom's words. He laughed too.

I went and sat right next to him and took his arm and put it around my shoulders and snugged up against him.

We watched a Netflix movie. During the movie he kept rubbing my upper arm up and down on my bare skin.

After the movie, he hypnotized me again. He asked how I felt about dressing so sexy for him, and I said that I loved it, which was true. He said that he loved the way I looked too, that he thought me very sexy like that. He joked that he sort of wanted to see even more of me, I was so beautiful and sexy.

In my zombie voice I asked what how he'd like to see me, naked or just in my panties?

He just laughed.

Then he again asked how far we should go, that he didn't want to have me do anything that I didn't want to do, but I said that I was having so much fun that we could do whatever he wanted, that I sort of liked him telling me what to do this way.

He said that he'd not kissed a girl in very long time. I said that I'd never kissed a boy. I said that I wanted to learn and wondered if he could teach me.

So after he said, "You're beginning to awaken and become alert again, you'll forget what we said, on the count of three you'll awake feeling rested . . . one . . . two . . . three."

When I pretended to wake up I said to my dad, "Are you sure this hypnosis stuff is working? I don't think anything is going on."

He said, "I think it does some of the time, but I don't think we should talk about it."

I said, "Okay," and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and giggled. "Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to kiss. I don't want a boyfriend or anything, but I think kissing would be nice, and I'd like to learn, and that it'd be fun to kiss you as much as we wanted."

He said, "You think you might meet someone so that you'd need to know how to kiss?"

I giggled and tease him and said "Daddy, how can you ask a girl that?" But I said no, that I didn't think I'd ever meet someone, that maybe I was just too shy, like him, but I would like to learn to kiss and for us to be able to just kiss whenever we felt like it as much as we wanted.

I pulled him over and kissed his cheek again. I said, "Besides, I bet you're out of practice!" and kissed him right on the lips.

He laughed and fessed up that it been a long time since he kissed a girl.

I kissed him again on the lips.

He has this bowl of mints and stuff on the end table next to his couch where we were sitting and he took one and I took one too. I don't think we paid much attention to our choices, but mine was peppermint and his was cinnamon

I said, "Wow, that's nice," meaning the cinnamon on his breath, and I kissed him again right on his mouth.

We kissed for a little while, right on the mouth. I opened my mouth and he did too and we even Frenched for a while.

He laughed and said, "You're dressed way too sexy for us to be kissing like this."

I giggled and said, "I like kissing you like this."

I got up and said, "I need your opinion, so promise to tell the truth." I pulled my skirt up and showed him my pink panties, but then pulled it most of the way down again and unbuttoned and unzipped it and pulled it down and stepped out of the skirt so that from the waist down I was just in my brand-new little pink panties. "Do you think pink a good color for me?" I giggled nervously. "I'd just really like to know. I have blond hair and fair skin. Do you think lavender would look better?"

I wasn't really giving him a chance to answer because I was so nervous for him to see me in my panties that I just kept talking.

My hips and butt are round. My mom says I have a nice figure. My b*****r teases me and calls me "Princess chunky butt," after my favorite movie when I was eleven and twelve, "Princess Daisy." But my b*****r only teases me. Other times he says that he wishes he had a girlfriend with a butt as cute as mine.

I turned around showed him my butt. "Is it too big? Are my titties too big?" I turned around again, and I pulled my shirt up over my head, giggling like a retard because I felt so nervous, so that I was only in my panties. I was feeling really shy.

He had said when I was hypnotized that he wanted to see more of me. I had sort of resolved to do whatever he told me to do when I was hypnotized.

My dad was looking right at me, especially at my big breasts. "Wow, sweetie, you're really beautiful and sexy."

"You really think so, dad, really?"


I wasn't going to do it because I had felt so shy, but him looking at me that way made me want to do it. I pulled my panties down and off too, so that I was completely naked. "Tell me the truth, dad, what do you think?"

I turned around and showed him my bare butt. I turned and faced him again. I said, "I shaved for the first time today, even my bikini line." I was pointing at myself between my legs, at my bikini line, but I might have just as well been pointing right at my pussy.

I giggled, teasing him and said, "See, now you can't really say I'm dressed too sexy to kiss," since I was completely undressed.

I got back on his lap and kissed his mouth again.

I giggled and said, "Did you make a hypnotic suggestion or something about me taking my clothes off?"

"No, but I said how nice you looked. I think I only joked that I wished that I could see more of you, because you looked so beautiful."

"More of my body?" I was laughing. "Well, you got your wish. But promise not to take back the suggestion or whatever. I kind of like being this way for you."

He laughed too and said, okay, but that I should run around his apartment naked all the time.

"From now, make a naughty suggestion every time."

"Like what?"

I giggled. "You decide. As naughty as you want." I giggled again.

He laughed nervously.

"Could we kiss with me naked for a while?" I climbed around so that I was straddling my dad's lap and we kissed for a long time.

Then I said, "Hypnotize me and make me do something really naughty, the most absolutely naughty thing you can think of. I hate being shy and love this feeling that I can do whatever you say."

So he hypnotized me again. Of course I was just faking, only this time I was still naked and straddling my dad's lap facing him.

So my dad asked me what kinds of naughty things I wanted him to suggest. In my zombie voice I said that I didn't know.

I guess he just didn't get it about the hypnosis thing, that it's supposed to a heightened state of suggestibility, or at least that's what the book from the library said and just about all the stuff we had read online. He didn't understand that by asking me something he was suggesting things to me. Of course I wasn't really hypnotized, but that's besides the point.

My dad said, well, what about this and what about that, asking me about different things? He asked about me wanting him to suck my breasts, to finger me, or what if he wanted to make love to me, to get me to suck his penis, to let him fuck my bum, to masturbate while he watched, to bring other girls home to share with him, if I wanted to be his girlfriend even.

I think that he was just curious what I wanted him to suggest when I said something "really naughty." To each of his questions I said that I didn't know, that I wanted him to suggest something, to suggest the naughtiest, nastiest thing he really wanted, and that if he wanted to do each of those things then I wanted to do them too..

In my zombie voice I told him something I guess I could never have told him in a million years. "Mom put me on Norplant when I turned fifteen, so even if we did go all the way, I guess it would be okay, not that I've ever done anything with a boy."

"What's Norplant?""

"It's a kind of birth control that lasts five years. It's thin little tubes they put in my arm." I pointed to the flesh part of my upper arm. "You know how she got knocked up when she was s*******n, of course, and then again when she was twenty. My arm was bruised and sore for a whole week. Seems like a waste too, me having it and me not getting any action at all ever." I worried that that last part just didn't seem like the kind of thing a zombie would say, but I guess my dad didn't notice, since he didn't question it.

I was thinking about his list of naughty things when I remembered about the book saying what it did about heightened state of suggestibility or whatever it said. I had the funny idea that in such a heightened state of suggestibility that I'd take his entire list as suggestions just like I'd done with his post-hypnotic suggestions like visiting him more often and snuggling with him or taking all my clothes off.

He ended up suggesting that I ask him to take his clothes off too. I think he tried to think of the most harmless thing I could do or ask that seemed truly naughty. But just by asking me about that other things he'd also suggested each of them too. I was thinking that being his girlfriend would been pretty nice, actually. We already really love each other and care about each other already, and we're both so shy and have both been so lonely.

So when he "woke" me from my hypnosis, we talked for a little while and then I asked if he'd get naked for me too.

He asked if I really wanted him to, and I said yes, that I had never seen a guy before, other than my b*****r when he was like three years old, which is all true.

So I got off my dad's lap and he got up and undressed while I watched.

While he undressed I reached down and started to finger myself. I did it like I wasn't even aware that I was doing it and he pretended not to notice too. I've finger myself about twice a week since I was ten and I always think about Justin Timberlake. I have five posters of him in my room.

When my dad was naked I whistled, to tease him, and said, "Hey, sexy man, come over here." His penis was hard and standing right up, like at attention or something.

He sat next to me and I kissed him right on his mouth and reached down and took his penis in my hand. I giggled and said, "I never thought I'd want to do this," and then I leaned down and took him into my mouth.

My dad said, "Sweetie, no, please, we shouldn't," and he gently pulled me up so that his penis popped out of my mouth.

I giggled and said that I didn't want him to find a girlfriend and said that I wanted to be his girlfriend.

He said that I should get dressed again, but I said that I would only if he stayed naked. Giggling, I put my naughty little skirt back on, but didn't put my panties back on again, and, still with my breasts bare, I climbed back on his lap facing him and took his penis and lowered myself onto it.

I started to tell him about the Norplant and said "why waste it?" And I kissed him on the mouth and said that that if wanted he could fuck my butt instead, anytime that he wanted, or I could bring a girl home from school to share with him, that he could fuck her as long as he kissed me and did everything else with me if he didn't want to fuck me.

I wanted to cover all the things on his naughty list so that he'd know that it all had been his idea, other than the hypnosis thing, so that he'd just think that our hypnosis practices had gotten out of hand, since I didn't want him to think that I was a slut or something who thought all this up on my own.

He pulled me off him. I was giggling. I leaned over and took his penis back in my mouth while I masturbated. I guess he was all excited, because he came in my mouth and I tried to swallow all of it.

I was still giggling and masturbating. I leaned back and asked him to watch me. I said, "Pretend I'm some naughty girl in a short skirt with no panties on the subway who doesn't know that you're watching, who pretends that she doesn't know that some dirty old man her dad's age is watching her masturbate on the subway."

He was looking at me too, his eyes all excited.

I came. I wasn't faking. I really did cum. I was looking right into his eyes when I did it.

I was giggling, but my dad was all serious. He said, "I need to hypnotize you again," but I wouldn't let him. I knew that he wanted to take everything back and put things back how they were before he had first hypnotized me.

I laughed and told him that he was my boyfriend now and that I was his girlfriend and that I was crazy jealous so he better not even talk to other girls, unless it was some really cute girl we were going to share and not some dyky girl either.

He told me to look at the spot on the wall, but I refused, giggling. I said that I was never going to let him hypnotize me again. I said that the only way he was going to keep me off his "big cock" would be for him "to board up the windows and lock the doors like in a real zombie movie."

I climbed back on top of him and kissed him again right on the mouth, but he wouldn't kiss me back.

He got up and put his pants back on, but I pulled him down next to me again and put his arm around me and snuggled up against him.

I called my mom at work and told her that I was going to spend the rest of the weekend with my dad. It was Saturday afternoon.

She didn't even ask me to put him on the phone to check to see if it was true, to make sure that I wasn't just over some boy's house or something. All she said was to do was to call my b*****r and tell him so he wouldn't worry.

I hung up and said to my dad, "So, boyfriend, what do you want to do?"

He laughed. My dad is not a strong-willed man. He ordered us Thai delivery. He likes Thai but not Chinese. We watched a movie too, with me in just my naughty short little skirt.

Bedtime came and I teased him that if he didn't fuck me at least twice that night that I was going to go out in my short skirt and my white shirt with no bra or undies and find a hockey or a soccer team that would do the job.

I kept giggling and saying that my Norplant wasn't gonna go to waste one more hour.

He did fuck me too. It was like he just gave in to me, got all excited and pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me and shoved his big hard penis inside me and fucked me and fucked me for a long time. It really hurt too, but I pretended that I liked it, since I didn't want him to stop and didn't want him to know how much he was hurting me.

Now I'm like his very own teenage sex slave, but I'm definitely no zombie sex slave, I love it so much.

I even took a picture of my own pussy and put it in through the air vent that boy's locker in an envelope with a brand new $100 bill and a pic that I downloaded of a zombie girl from a movie with big naked tits along with a little note thanking him for giving me such a good idea. I shaved myself down there first before I took the picture, and my dad loved that, so I stay shaved all the time now. Of course I didn't tell my dad about the picture in the locker thing, and of course I didn't sign my note with it either.

But then at school I heard a rumor about the picture and then started hearing rumors about other guys getting pictures and $100 bills in their lockers too. I can only say that I only did it once, but I was the one who started the whole thing.

Later, when I asked, my mom said that it would be okay if I stayed at my dad's every night. She said that she was sorry that she was working so much. So now I see my mom every couple weeks instead of my dad. And now I sl**p with my dad every night. And we fuck every night, too, even up my butt twice a week. I love it so much, and I really love him too.

I tease my dad about me hypnotizing him, too. But I never let him hypnotize me again. I told him not to be shy with me, to just say what he wants and I'll do it for him whatever it is.

When we're out, I point at all the fat and ugly girls and ask if we should bring them home to play with. I am jealous and I don't want to ever share him, not even one night. But if he did ask, I'd do it because I love him so much and want to please him. But so far he hasn't asked.

So that's what happens when you play with hypnosis.