"Erotic Stories" I am so easy to screw

Erotic Stories I am so easy to screw
The last I heard of it, she had ran aground and sank, somewhere in the Aegean Sea, so ended my association with the Birka Princess.

My last journey on our 24 hour 'Booze Cruise' to Åland started in great style, by me being 'Hit-on' by a strange little man who obviously had heard that Swedish girls liked to let their hair down, along with a few other things, as the wine flowed and inhibitions relaxed.

At the after end of the ship you can drink as you watch Stockholm dissapear into the distance, and people start sizing each other up for extra-marital and first time associations, with fellow party goers.

I had started drinking before I arrived at the quayside and was feeling quite loose with the knowledge from previous excursions, that I was up for loads of fun, perhaps relaxing amongst a group, who knows, who cares?

But for now as I sat beside my husband, this little man was staring at my legs and acting perculiar. Hubby was reading a magazine as I whispered what I was wittnesing, not openly, but just enough to let him know I had hooked a wanker.(XXX Stories)

He kept on reading and without raising his head to acknowledge my observation, asked me if I had brought my knickers.

Let me explain, I was in my bikini and as you may know, we can wrap a towel around our waistes and slip off our bikini bottoms and slip into our panties, but I had not brought mine with me.

This changing afforded us to be able to change as the sun set and continue partying on the rear deck, but I had planned to go back to the cabin and dress for dinner, so I had not brought a change.

Still being ogled by this strange little man was a direct challenge to me and I felt in the mood to see how far he had hoped to go.

'He wants to fuck me', I said to my husband, 'He actually thinks I would enjoy him doing his thing on me, presumptious little prick' at which my husband laughed, still not looking at him or even raising his head.

Still it intrigued me and his audacity, comical as it seems, was in my control, as I decided what, how, if and when.

Taking a long deep drink from my litre of lager and watching him through my mirrored glasses I laid my plastic glass on the deck and slipped my hand down my bikini bottoms, over my cunt, with the outline of my fingers clearly showing in the thin fabric, curving into my crotch and resting there.

'Good girl' whispered my husband, 'I bet his heart has stopped' he continued as he read his magazine.

Sure enough he had jumped, I mean how many guys get to see a beautiful woman casually drop their hand down their knickers and over their cunts.

I sat like that, confident only he could observe, as he stood directly in front and the high sides of the seat shielded onlookers from the side.

Tiring I withdrew my hand and reaching for my towel I stood up, wrapping the towel around my waiste, I stepped out of my bikini bottoms, and sat down again.

'Be right back' said hubby as he made for the bar for more drinks.

I sat and let my towel relax down on leg, exposing the full nudity from toe to bra top, making no effort to cover up, but reach for my sun-glasses and push them onto my forehead, now he could make eye contact with me and I just smiled as he looked.

My moist labia glistened in the setting sun and by drawing my moist tongue across my dry lips, I left him in no doubt as to my intentions.

Gathering the towel around me I rose as hubby arrived back with a tray of drinks, 'Be right back darling' I said with my throat dry and my voice raspy.

I walked towards him smiling and licking my lips, turned and made my way up the starboard side alongside the lifeboats, looking back once to make sure he got the message.

Towards the bow there was a little alcove, in below the the lifeboat, off the main walkway, and in I walked turning to the left making myself hidden from view.

He came in behind me as I turned to face him, and opened my towel to expose myself full frontal, as he pressed against me.

I clung onto the ends of the towel as he grabbed me roughly. He was biting my breasts, still encased in my bikini top, while gripping my naked buttocks, pulling them as far apart as he could and causing me pain in the process.

'For fucks sake' I said, half pleadingly and half exasperated with the progress.

'Get your fucking cock inside, I cant stay long' I pleaded, as the last thing I wanted was to be caught fucking this little shit.

He fumbled in front of his pants, releasing his penis, 'Get your tits out' he ordered as he moved into me.

I had to bend my legs to accomodate him as he was shorter than me, and we remained in this awkwark position, him clamped onto my tit sucking my nipple dry and clutching my ass as he humped for dear life.

I was getting cramp in my thighs, half crouching to give him a good hump and let his small cock enjoy the velvety silkiness of my cunt.

Within minutes his audible grunts signified his seed was raising from his small balls and making their way along his 4 inch cock and be deposited inside me for nurturing.

He supressed his orgasm by biting hard on my nipple, an action I had to endure in pain coupled with my cramp, 'What a lousy fuck' I was experiencing, but him, well he was shooting his cum into my belly and snapping at my unmarked tit, bouncing in the wind, aided and abeted by the waves and our copulation.

Letting go of my ass he grabbed my towel from behind, 'What the fuck are you doing', I asked him, fearful he would let it fly off into the wind.

'On your fucking kness and suck me bitch'. 'But you came' I pleaded, still fearful of being exposed to the crew if my towel disapeared overboard.

He had a wry smile on his face, 'Suck me you dirty cunt' he ordered, and I sank down onto my knees, sucking him into my mouth.

Well he cant cum twice I thought as I applied more pressure to his flacid cock, using my tongue to ring his bell-end and suck him deep into my mouth.

Ater a few moments he withdrew and thanked me for cleaning his cock and as I rose I was pulling his pubes from my mouth.

Wrapping my towel securly around myself I made for my cabin and showered. Fucked without gratification I decided the next man will be for me first and him second, and with that resolved, donned my stockings and short dress, lip gloss and anal lub, made my way back out on deck and started as I meant to finish, fucking for sheer pleasure.