"Erotic Stories" The Island

Erotic Stories The Island
I stand leaning against the gunwale of the ship, the predawn sun just below the waters edge, its rays extending upward and also slicing through the water, escaping at the tip of each small wave that enters the cove. The silhouette of the ship is becoming apparent. She's a beautiful vessel, 42 foot two masted schooner. Her white hull bathed in the pink glow o f the early morning sun. The golden browns of her teak decks reflect the still faint moon glow that is competing with the sun rays. I glance at the bow and there on the jib, drifting magesticly in the breeze is your swimsuit top. I smile to myself. I glance back at you, still asl**p on the mat, stretched across the deck. I think back once again on the magic you performed on me last night. 

Who is this splendid woman who appears out of nowhere in the middle of the Caribbean on an uninhabited island? I was never one to count my blessings but the mystical happenings surrounding her is just far too great. Her passion and caring far exceed anyone I have ever met. Her beauty accentuates it only that much more. I am glad I do not subscribe to the adage that good deeds are rewarded because I could have very done enough to deserve her. After last night my mind and body seem to have found a whole new plane of nirvana. To think this trip started out as a way for me to get way. It had been many years since I had sailed these waters. From that time too many wicked corrupt people had crossed my path. That dark dusty boardroom in Philly was the last straw. I needed to have the freedom of the islands again. My captain's license had not expired but I still had a time convincing the agency to rent this vessel to me. Her name was Valhalla, the final meeting hall for the Vikings after their death, there they spent eternity eating and drinking and reliving past glories. How fitting. The afternoon of my departure was perfect. The azure blue water of the Caribbean caressed by the gentle breeze was mesmerizing. I set my course for a group of atolls I had come upon years before. I remember those days with a fondness, hopefully the smugglers and pirates had long since moved on, as had I. I remember approaching the island and finding the mouth of the cove just as I had remembered it. I maneuver the ship past the coral reef into to iridescent green pool of water. After I secure the anchor I decide it would do me well to take a nap..….()

I have no idea how much time had elapsed when I woke to splashes off the port bow. The porpoises have found me, I think to myself. I walk over and look over the rail. To my absolute amazement, there is a woman swimming by the hull. How did you get there? You look at me and in a matter of fact voice and say. "Well aren't you going to invite me onboard?" I lower the ladder and you climb up. I notice you have a satchel tied to a rope which is tied to your ankle. 'Where did you come from?" I ask . "Now is not the time for that" you say, "I'm hungry!" 

Being one to argue with a beautiful and obviously strong willed woman. I get out the grill and fire it up, I had been looking forward to my evening meal of prawns, cheese and bread, but now I can't concentrate enough on the meal to accomplish anything. You are absolutely intoxicating. You lay out a blanket on the deck for us to sit and eat. The evening shadows of the waning sun dance across the inlet. The last departing rays of the huge ball of fire are dancing through you hair, sparkling like pure honey, the waves of light seeming to be searching for one last touch before retreating behind the horizon. Your beautiful skin looks too flawless to touch. As if it is there yet not. Like trying to touch a cloud. Your suit accentuates your elegant legs, and I must admit a concentrated effort not to stare at your mesmerizing breasts. I could go on and on but I begin to feel the pressure in my loins and I have to make a concerted effort to concentrate on the cooking. 

We sit and have our meal in relative silence. You tell me you are know as Carrie. But other than that you are a complete enigma. We finish one bottle of wine and open another. The sun has slipped below the waters edge and the night closes in on our private domain. The cooler air is heavy with the scents of the jungle on the island. The nocturnal sounds of the a****ls looking for mates, or hunting their prey delivers a strangely sensual musical quality to the atmosphere. Our conversation has been light and non-questioning. I still do not know where you came from or how you found me. But I didn't care. We were near the end of our second bottle of wine when you suddenly stand up and laughingly declared "I here by declare this island to be my sovereign nation and I am its queen" you then ran to the bow of the boat and in one deft movement removed your top and tied it to the jib mast. "Bow down to your queen and the new flag of your country" You tell me in a mockingly regal voice. "Oh yes my queen" I say as I bow but I cannot take my eyes from you. Your nudity only server t draw me closer to you. I am still bowed down on the deck when you come over and put your foot on my shoulders and say, "As your queen you will obey my every command. " "Yes my queen" I say with a smile.

You command me to lie face down on the deck. I can feel you straddle me, I then feel you lay on top of me, caressing me with your entire body. Just as I am enjoying your body massaging mine you get up. The soft cool island breeze sends a chill across my back once warmed by your delicate breasts. 

I watch you saunter over to a deck chair slip off your bikini bottom and reach into your satchel. I move to get up to be next to you but you tell me to lie still. I obey. 

You place a leg on the chair and begin to caress your leg. From my viewpoint I can see the splendor of your breasts silhouetted against the fragile moonlit sky, the light of the candles on deck cast inviting shadows between your legs. I now see that you pulled out a dildo from you bag, I have never seen this design before. You massage you leg with the tip. With every inch you move it closer to the ecstasy that is between your thighs, my passion is heightened. I want to disobey and run to you. But something holds me back, the sensation of touch is only one thing this enigmatic woman has brought to me. The ecstasy of anticipation, and the fear of the unknown are the others that have opened my world to things I have never imagined possible. I am quivering on the deck as I watch the tip of the dildo find its delectable home and begins to access the delights within.

Here I am on a moonlit night, in a tropical cove, enveloped in a potpourri of sounds and scents, with equally the most mysterious and beautifully sensual woman I have ever met in my life, and I am at the same time scared to death and sexually stimulated more than I have ever been before. How does she know? Where has she been to be able to touch just the right "buttons" on me? Does she know just how far she can stretch my limits? 

You rise out of the chair and walk over to me. You carry your satchel with you. As you kneel next to me I catch the scent of apricots. I feel a warm liquid being poured onto my back. You lean over me and massage the oil into my back and down my butt with you magnificent breasts. Then in the next moment I feel your hand slid between the crack of my ass. You finger the tight muscles around my anus with your slippery finger. You can feel my tension, my muscles are contracting. "Relax" you say, your voice now soft and reassuring. "I won't hurt you, relax and feel me inside of you." I take a few deep breaths to make an effort to relax. I can sense the pleasure coursing through your veins at my decision to trust you and surrender to your touch. You withdraw, giving me time to relax, then slowly, gently you glide your well-lubricated finger inside of me. Your other hand, also well oiled, wraps itself around my cock and you begin to stroke in rhythm with my breathing. You can feel my excitement and hear my groans. My mind is a blank. All of my senses have focused on these new sensations this exotic stranger has placed within me. I do not even care who she is anymore. My reasoning and logic have long past left the typical bounds that dictate acceptable human interaction. You have taken me to planes of existence that I never knew existed. I only knew I did not want to stop. As you take my cock and stroke it in unison with the probing of your finger, my senses are bombarded with sensations familiar, old, and the unknown. I next feel you hands glide up my side pulling my arms out in front of me as I lay on the deck. I feel you breasts brush across my back and then press into me as you stretch my hands up over my head. You are now lying directly on top of my back. I can smell you charmingly intoxicating scent. I feel you grind your pelvis to my ass. I wonder what my queen has in store for me now I think. I wait with breathless anticipation…….

"Roll over" you command. I obey. I don’t think you moved as I turned underneath you. Our oiled bodies sliding past each other. Almost immediately my cock was inside of you. "I want you to fill me," you say.

You lean back and straddle me. You rise and drop back to my pelvis slamming my hard prick deep into your hot hole. I can feel the juices gushing forth from you. You are now pumping harder. I can tell by the moans escaping your lips that you are, reaching the edge of the climatic cliff. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I feel the pressure building in my loins. You are pumping wildly now, your high-pitched moans escape with wild abandon. Just as I think we are both going to explode you spin on my lubricated body facing away from me, grab my swollen prick and squeeze it at the base and drop back down on its head. "Nothing cums out until say it does" you laugh. I am in shear ecstasy. Again I have never known the bounds of such pleasure. You remove your hand and slam back into me. Your beautiful ass slapping my stomach. I cannot believe how deep I am inside of you. I reach up and probe your ass with my still slippery index finger. You at once adjust as if you had anticipated my move somehow willed me to do just that. My finger is now sliding in and out that tight hole, I can feel my prick inside of you with that finger as you hurtle your perfect ass back to my awaiting stomach. I can no longer hold out. I tell you I'm about to explode and you say "then I want it all" and with that you give two final thrusts and bury my prick deep within that hot sweet luscious hole of yours. I not only cum, I explode! I can feel the cum absolutely burst out of me, the hot fluids mixing with your ambrosia. I can feel the walls of your vagina contracting around my pulsating prick. You are unbelievable! Your muscles constricting around my shaft milking me of every last drop of hot cum. You turn back around facing me, ever so slowly you lay your chest on mine. Still holding my shaft firmly inside of you. You gingerly kiss each of my eyebrows, rest your head on my chest, and fall asl**p…..