"Erotic Stories" Just Another House Party

Erotic Stories Just Another House Party
This is the first of many stories I have to share. I figured I might as well submit them since, although I think they would make a great book, it is never going to get published.

These are real events that happened to me personally, however since they happened at various points throughout the years, I might forget a detail or two and I might make certain details a little more grandiose. But all of the important, major stuff is forever etched in my mind. All names are, of course, completely made up.

First, an introduction: I am now a 23 year old female from Canada, but in this story I was just barely 18. I'm a very slender girl, shoulder-length hair dyed jet-black and about 5'3". I have pale skin, breasts that fit perfectly into your cupped hands and an ass that can hypnotise when motivated by the right song. I was sexual very early (11), but that story is probably not appropriate for public consumption. Basically, at 23 years of age I have had a lot of experiences of the sexual nature, both good and bad.

I'll try to keep this story somewhat short, as I don't know if people will even read or appreciate these stories. If I get a lot of positive comments I may be inclined to type up my other stories in the near future. And no, I will not PM / chat / shag you, so don't ask.

And now for the story. (Porn Stories)

Quite literally a week after my 18th birthday (Saturday is a great day to have a birthday, I must say) one of my best friends, who had unfortunately been out of town the weekend of my birthday, decided to make up for missing my party. She had sourced out a house party going on that evening and she insisted on bringing me to. She promised there would be: no parents; free alcohol; hot university guys; and a lot of general craziness. Naturally I just had to go, so I came up with an elaborate plan for my parents so they wouldn't worry when I didn't come home that evening.

I'll call this friend Rebecca. She looked 21, but was far younger than that. She was a voluptuous, fiery redhead who got into far more trouble than a girl her age should expect to. She got pregnant and had an abortion when she was 15, 'dated' a married 45 year old man when she was 16 and had her first foursome shortly after her 17th birthday. While she was crazy, she was also smart and wouldn't let anybody take advantage of her or her friends. Whenever she did something, she knew exactly what she was doing. This is probably why she looked and carried herself like a 21 year old - she had already been through enough in her life to age her. While she wasn't the most desired girl in school, I'm sure every guy (and some girls) had masturbated while thinking about her at least once.

I, on the other hand, didn't need to masturbate while thinking about her - she was the first girl I had a sexual encounter with (albeit it was mostly innocent experimentation) but at that point we still regularly kissed open-mouth and got naked and rubbed each other to orgasm when we "slept over" at each other's houses. Truth be told, up until that point in my life, she had given me the most pleasurable and satisfying sexual experiences - so much so that for quite a while I pondered if maybe I was a lesbian. There was nothing quite as satisfying and wholesome as spooning together and falling to sl**p with our limbs twisted together after bringing each other to orgasm multiple times.

We didn't always do sexual things together. The Friday night before the party, for example, she stayed over at my house, but snuck a boy that she was 'seeing' into my room in the basement. I sat on the computer while they did their thing on my bed, but when it was time to sl**p and I had to kick him out (he couldn't be seen leaving my house in the morning), she slept naked and covered in cum, sprawled out over most of the bed. Those nights that she was left in a heterosexual sex c***, she didn't want to spoon or touch me in any way sexual. But to be fair, whenever I had a guy over at the same time that she was there, I usually ignored her, too.

The morning after she reeked of cum, sweat and cigarettes. She got up, sat naked on my computer chair and spent some time talking to her friends online, trying to get the details to the party in order. Watching her conversation with her friends, I discovered that the guy she had over last night had actually cum inside her once and then had cum a second time, but pulled out and covered her belly. I saw the dried, crusted cum on her belly and assumed he pulled out and just finished there. Worried that she might have to deal with another pregnancy (and subsequent abortion) I asked her about it. She said she didn't expect him to cum inside her, which is why I didn't hear them discussing it, but when he continued fucking her after cumming the first time, she realised it was no use to make a fuss and just continued on. She said she might look into getting 'plan b' from the pharmacy, but she didn't seem too concerned.

Surprisingly, up until that point, I had not let a guy cum inside of me. I hated condoms (and still do) and birth control scared me. I also wasn't working and didn't want my parents to pay for the pills, so I just had the guys pull out before they came. To this day, I have still not had an accident doing it this way.

I asked Rebecca what it was like letting a guy cum inside of you without a condom and she said it felt like you're as close and connected as you can get to that person, that you can feel him shake and melt into you and then his dick builds up with so much pressure that it feels like it is going to explode, which is followed by a warm, almost hot feeling deep inside of you - you can feel that he's cum, but you'd never be able to pinpoint exactly where it is inside you. She said that feeling alone has made her nearly orgasm.

Naturally, I was quite turned on from this. Unfortunately, Rebecca was too preoccupied with the internet and I was a little too weirded out from the dried cum, so I went to the bathroom to grab a shower. I thought about masturbating in the shower to quell some of the frustration I was feeling, but decided I'd rather save it for some lucky guy at the party that evening. As I was nearing the end of my shower, Rebecca jumped in and filled me in on the details for that evening. Everything was set.

For the party, I decided to be a little crazy with my outfit. I had a comfy gray sweater on top of a tank top, with no bra. I had a black skirt that went at least a few inches down from my ass (almost the middle of my thigh) and had black-and-white-stripped thigh-high socks, with ass-kicking Doc Martens on my tiny feet. The least crazy thing were my panties, which were cute little pink traditional panties. I knew a lot of guys got turned on by pulling off that type of panties, for some reason, so I had quite a few pair. And since I was wearing a skirt with easy access I figured I should probably play it a little safer. If I were going to a concert or dying to get fucked I might have opted for a barely-there thong or nothing at all under a skirt.

I honestly don't remember what Rebecca wore to the party, but I remember there was excellent cleavage. I know for a fact that she wore a thong to the party, because we were looking for it the next morning and she had to leave without it.

I'm going to skip the boring parts of the party (getting d***k, then d***ker, then flirting with some guys that were probably way too old for me, then flirting with some guys that were probably way too young). Basically, after a few mixed drinks and a couple of shots, I was grinding pretty hard into this 28 or 29 year old guy who was there with his much younger cousin - much younger being no older than me, but probably younger. I'm pretty sure he was trying to hook me up with his cousin and "make him a man," but I was only interested in older guys. I kept pushing myself onto him, really trying to make it with an older guy, but while he was responding positively (i.e. a nice bulge) he kept making suggestions involving his cousin, many of which I was too d***k to remember exactly. While he was obviously a little d***k, I'm pretty sure his cousin was stone sober and they both made fun of how "out of it" I was. They also gave me ridiculously fake names, like Jimbone and Rimrod or something, but I really don't remember what they were exactly. Long story short, I had no idea who they were or what their names were.

Feeling ridiculously frustrated from not getting anywhere with the older guy, I made some suggestive remark about how I'm legal now since I just turned 18. I mentioned how d***k I was and that I was going to go use the washroom and maybe lay down for a bit in the bedroom upstairs.

Typical of a house party, there was a couple fucking in the empty bathtub. She may have not even known I was there, but her guy-friend noticed me and he watched me sit down and take a piss while she rode him. I cleaned up and flushed the toilet and she still didn't seen to notice (or care) that I was there. I gave him a thumbs-up and left.

Why that couple chose the bathtub, I don't know, because the master bedroom was right beside the bathroom and was cool and pristine. The bed was still made up and the room had adjustable lighting and a locking door.

Hoping that the older guy understood my not-so-subtle invitation, I took off my sweater, laid on my belly on the bed and hiked my skirt up enough that my pussy would no doubt be visible as soon as he entered the room if I weren't wearing panties. As soon as I laid down, I felt how d***k I really was, because it felt like the room was spinning like mad. I was worried it would make me throw up, so I turned the lights down very low and closed my eyes, which did help slightly. The only problem with that was that it made me pass out.

I couldn't have been out that long, but I remember waking up to two male voices whispering, coming into the room. They whispered between each other for at least a minute before I finally felt the bed move as somebody got on.

I was expecting to get fucked like an a****l, but he instead started kissing my cheek, then my lips, then my shoulder. I kept my eyes closed, pretending to be asl**p, which made the whole thing even hotter for me. I WANTED to get taken advantage of.

His hands slowly caressed my body, like we were gentle lovers. It wasn't what I expected, but I loving the experience. He went straight for my pussy and started gently rubbing it through my panties. This didn't last very long before he got on top of me and started kissing the area of my back that wasn't covered by my tank top and started to push his bulge against my ass. As much as I tried not to move and pretend I was sl**ping, biological urges took hold and I pushed my ass against him at the same time. All the while I was thinking of what his meaty 26 year old cock would feel like, forcing itself into my pussy.

Once he felt me moving, he must've gotten startled and thought I was waking up, because he stopped completely for a moment. I assumed he was also turned on by the thought of fucking a sl**ping, defenceless, little teenager, so I made some small movements and moans to simulate deep sl**p. After that he continued grinding into my ass through our clothing.

The grinding didn't last too long before he got up and whipped off his pants. I heard him spit on his dick and then try to spit on my pussy, but my panties were still covering it. And I couldn't figure out why he was using saliva at all, considering how wet and ridiculously horny I was.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me up a little bit so my pussy was easier to get to. Then he rubbed his dick against my panties, which were absolutely soaked at this point. He finally decided to move my panties aside and just f***ed himself into me with all his might. I could feel his balls against my pussy, so I knew he was completely in, but I wasn't impressed by the length or the thickness, but it'll have to do, I thought to myself.

He went quite fast and what was probably as hard as he could pound me, obviously no longer caring if I were awake or not. After less than a minute he switched his position and laid on me, his chest on my back and continued pounding me.

I felt mostly indifferent to the sex, neither wildly enjoying it nor hating it. If he were to continue going for another 10 or 15 minutes I might orgasm from it, but at this rate I doubt he would last more than another 5 minutes. And I was so right: just as I thought that, he yelped "Oh fuck" and I felt his cum inside of me. He spasmed and collapsed on top of me while my heart jumped out of my chest. FUCK! Not only was I not on birth control, but he pushed himself as deep inside me as possible when he came.

Not 10 seconds after he spasmed his last little load of cum in me did he pull out and roll over beside me and proceed to pass out, like I wasn't even there. I wanted to run to the bathroom to try and get his cum out of me, but I was frozen with fear and exhausted from the alcohol.

It turns out I passed out on the bed. When I awoke, another couple were going at it on the bed, mostly nude from what I could see in the low light. They noticed I was somewhat awake and asked if I was okay. I hummed a quiet "mhmm" sound and they continued ravaging each other by the foot of the bed. I finally found the nerve to turn over a bit and see if the 28 year old guy was still there beside me. He wasn't. It was the k**, his cousin, that had cum inside me.

The k** was asl**p, but I shook him until he woke up. All I could muster was "What the fuck?" and he just chuckled, grabbed my hair and pulled me to his face and began trying to f***e his tongue into my mouth. When I resisted, he gave up, quickly put his pants on and left the room. I never saw him again that night.

I lay with my face in the pillow, crying quietly. The couple that were on the bed took notice and asked me what happened. I explained it to them as best I could, but was feeling extremely biased at the time and probably made it sound like he ****d some d***k, innocent girl, when I knew quite well I wanted to be fucked - just not by him.

The guy offered to go and find the k** and call the cops, but I insisted he not go after him. I wouldn't say why I didn't want him to go looking for him, but I knew deep down I would harbour far too much guilt for sending a mostly-innocent boy to jail. It was ultimately my own fault.

I mentioned that I was worried about getting pregnant more than anything. The girl, who was now sitting beside me with her arm around me, offered to help me out.

"How?" I said with a sniffle.
"I don't know... I can try sucking the cum out of you."
"Really? Would that work?"
"It would be better than just doing nothing, right?" the guy chimed in. He didn't seem to mind the idea of the girl sucking another guy's cum out of a random girl, so I assumed they weren't "together," so to speak.
"I really don't mind trying. As long as you're cool with it."

I nodded my head and she told me to go down on all fours. She also went down on all fours behind me and pressed her mouth up to my pussy. Even given what had just happened, I was still really fucking horny and this felt really good.

"Put your arms on the top of the headrest, to elevate yourself... so it drips out." she instructed. I obliged.

I could feel it finally starting to come out. It felt really runny and cool now, nothing like the hot sticky cum that originally exploded inside of me.

She pushed her tongue inside me and started lapping at the cum like a cat lapping milk. She told me to try squeezing my pussy, which made a little bit more come out.

She would sometimes miss with her lapping and hit my clit, which made me spasm and sometimes let out a little yelp-moan combination.

She then told me to put my arms and head back down on the pillow. I didn't understand why at first, but after she started licking my clit I knew why. I suspect it was the combination of the cum, her saliva, my pussy juices and her tongue, but I had a massive orgasm in less than a minute and 2 or 3 smaller ones immediately after it.

By this point I was shaking and moaning and she was going wild on my pussy. This must've been too much for the guy to take, because he started fucking the girl from behind while she ate me out.

She told me to turn over onto my back. I wrapped my legs around her while she gave me another few smaller orgasms. The f***e of the guy fucking her from behind transferred to me and actually turned me on even more. Every time he pushed himself into her and his pelvis met her ass, it was like he was fucking me.

And then something very strange happened - probably a combination of a****l lust and alcohol: he pulled out of her, moved her aside and then got on top of me and slowly pushed his dick into me. It was an amazing, very appreciated change from the way the k** had fucked me. This guy knew what he was doing and he took the time to get himself worked into me. But soon he was fucking me just as hard as he was fucking the other girl from behind. Each time his body smacked against mine it felt like a small, momentary orgasm.

The girl came up to my face and I could smell the combination of the k**'s cum and my juices on her face. We kissed quite passionately while he fucked me, which seemed to go on forever. She made me take my shirt off and threw it to the other side of the room. She moved her head lower and spit on my left tit and started licking and biting at my nipple. The combination of the guy fucking me with a dick that completely filled me up and her playing with my nipples gave me the most amazing orgasm I had ever had up to that point. My legs locked up while the rest of my body spasmed and I couldn't take a breath. It was at that point that the guy's dick seemed to get bigger and bigger, to the point of damaging me, within a matter of a couple seconds - and as soon as that happened he let out a huge moan and filled me with a massive amount of cum. It felt like there was simply no more room for the cum to go and I was going to explode.

He slowly pulled out, leaned forward to give me a soft kiss on the lips and then lay down beside me while the girl put her head back down to my pussy. This time she alternated sucking quite hard and using her two middle fingers to get the cum out of me.

The guy, somehow, was still really hard and was jerking off while watching the girl eating my pussy. He whispered in my ear if I would mind sucking his dick, but I didn't say anything in response and simply grabbed his dick and pulled it slightly, motioning him towards my mouth.

Admittedly, I wasn't terribly good at sucking dick, which I suspect he figured out rather quickly, so instead he started to fuck my mouth my moving his body, similar to fucking the girl from behind. He didn't go as fast as he probably wanted to, nor did he push his dick in all the way to the back of my throat, but he was clearly enjoying it. After a few minutes, he started jerking himself off and told me to open my mouth, which was instantly full of hot, salty, sticky cum. Certainly not the same amount that he had just pumped into my pussy, but a commendable amount nonetheless. I tried to swallow it all, but couldn't, so I ended up letting some of it dribble out of my mouth onto my chest and then swallowed the rest.

The rest of this story isn't all that interesting, so I'll stop here. In short, Rebecca finds the three of us naked in the bed in the morning and just claps slowly while gawking at us. She let us know that the party host's parents were returning early and we needed to get out of the house so he could clean.

I never told Rebecca the whole truth about what happened that night. I figure why ruin what turned out to be an amazing fucking night.

I didn't get pregnant from that night, somehow, but I did end up seeing the k** again less than a year after the event. But that will have to wait for another time. This is far too long already. So much for keeping it short.