"Erotic Stories" The lady and the Gardener

Erotic Stories The lady and the Gardener
A lady is sitting in her living room wearing a tight bask and thong set and black and red stockings extenuating her long shapely legs . On the TV her favourite erotic movie.
Outside the man in the garden is working himself into a sweat and soon needs to come in to the house to get a well earned drink.

Upon entering the house, calling out. The lady exclaims that he should get a drink and sit himself in the living room next to her.

When he enters the living room the movie is still playing, the lady is sat openly so that he can see how wet she is and knowing that she had been playing with herself moments previously. (Erotic Stories)

He looks between her and the TV slowly becoming aroused by what he is seeing, she strokes his leg and whispers that she's needed to have him ever since she first saw him. 
As she leans in they share a deep, long sensual kiss which leaves them both breathless.

In their second embrace the couple are kissing each other and running their hands over each others bodies, when he reaches out to cup her shaking breast in a firm and kneading way. The lady gasps at the sudden grip of her lovers hand and then moaning, relaxes into the feeling of pleasure that was washing over her body.

She finds her hands wandering upwards from his muscular leg, closer and closer to the patch of his overalls that is slowly becoming taught at her advance.

The grip on her breast was becoming tighter as his breathing increased, he braced for the contact of her moving hand and she knew where he wanted her hand to be. 

As her hand slid the length of his thigh she hesitated, kneading the muscle as she crept the last few inches slower and slower.

Then as she cupped her hand she felt his hardness and he throbbed in reply to her touch, moaning under his breath as his tongue danced in her mouth. 
As she rubbed his throbbing hardness she felt how long and round he was, thinking to herself how much he would be able to fill her completely. 

She wondered how hard she could tighten her grip, would he cry in pain or in ecstasy, as his hands moved over her body she slowly closed her hand around the bottom of his firm shaft. 
Her hand moved up the length of his penis massaging and pulling at the powerful muscle within, as he moved his head to breath in some much needed air he moaned as he started to kiss down the nape of her neck. 

His hand began to uncover the breast he had been caressing all this time, as his soft lips moved ever lower towards her eagerly waiting nipples.
When his warm lips touched the pink skin of her breast she arched her back, trusting out her chest for him wanting his mouth to be round her breast.
Her hand was moving more rhythmically up and down his long, hard penis changing tension and speed to match his moans and body movements. 
As his lips wrapped around her nipple and her breast became warm and sensitized with the strokes of his tongue, she tightened her grip and thrust her hand down his shaft.
She knew this would be pulling back his foreskin under his overalls and she could picture how the head of is cock would look, she shuddered, how would it taste?

His sucking and licking of her breast soon became a bite of intensity, causing her to scream out.
As he pulled back in shock of this sound he found a smiling face and a pair of wanting eyes.
"I want you to stand up"

As he stood, she stood with him, falling again into a deep kiss and sensual embrace.
Kissing his lips and playing with his tongue in her mouth she began to pull back his overalls to reveal his strong tanned chest.

The overalls fell to his knees, showing his tight red boxer shorts which were bulging with his throbbing hardness. 

He pulled her towards him with a strong commanding touch, she knew what he wanted from her, he had been aching to feel himself inside her mouth ever since he saw her pouting wet lips. 
Lowering to her knees she slowly kissed down his salty body, when she reached his waistline so did her hands. Now they were needed into is firm behind, with her mouth now staring to pinch around his hard cock. 

She began to rub along his length with her mouth, using her warm breath to excite him further as she held him between her lips firmly pulling at him through his boxers. 

He couldn't resist any more, he pushed down on his shorts until they had stretched across his thighs allowing his proud cock to spring from it's prison of cloth. 

The surprise of this hard shaft springing to life outside of it's restraints, gave great pleasure to the waiting madden kneeling at her god's feet and she eagerly excepted what he wanted her to have.

Her mouth was warm and instantly made him involuntary shudder and moan as his length slid inside her mouth, until her lips were at the base of his throbbing shaft. 

She in turn could not help but show her pleasure at the feeling and sensation of this hard yet pliable length, which was hers alone to master and command pleasure from.

Slowly she worked his length in and out of her mouth as his hands reached down to caress her neck and breasts, her nipples now extremely hard with the excitement she was feeling. 

Now his hands were in her hair, gentle at first but then as his fingers twisted around the strands he pulled slightly, commanding her to take as much of him as should could into her mouth. 

As he pulled her towards him she did not struggle when he pressed more of himself into her mouth, in fact now she had grabbed his behind and was pulling him to her. 
Harder and faster she sucked and licked until his breathing became rapid and his moaning had turned to a panting cry as the intense pleasure was building inside him, taking hold of her hair again he pulled her away. 

Her head fell back as a disappointed look crossed her face, he looked into her eyes and said "I want to save myself till the end" as he lifted her to her feet.

They embraced and kissed each other deeply, she could feel him pressing against her pelvis as he pulled her close and ran his hands up and down her back. 

He guided her backwards towards the sofa until she was able to sit and as she did so he began to drop to his knees in front of her, as their passing bodies crossed paths his mouth met her breast and his tongue flicked across her nipple causing her to gasp.

Her breast was warm in his hand and mouth as he laid her on the sofa and started to kiss down her stomach, she began to shiver in the anticipation of his mouth reaching lower to where she was aching to be touched. 

Not stopping to remove her underwear, he skilfully parted her thong to one side and then paused. She could feel his hot breath passing over her wetness, fanning the heat she was feeling. 

As his tongue pressed evenly over her clitoris she moaned and arched her back, allowing him to slide his hands underneath her back to pull her pelvis toward him. 

He was now moaning even louder as he buried his tongue into her darkest pleasures, using his mouth to suck as his tongue probed and rolled around her pussy. 

She knew as she heard him moan he was relishing her taste and she was enjoying how deep he was pushing his tongue into her, encouraging him to push deeper by pulling at his head and hair she now ached to feel the full length of his tongue inside her. 

Rolling his tongue around inside her his arms began to reach up towards her panting chest, as his fingers tracing every curve of her body and his hands rested then caress her breast. 
She was laying back on the sofa in total ecstasy her moaning getting louder and louder as all her pervious inhabitations began to leave her, she dug her nails into his back to show him how much she was yearnings for him to go further.

It was then her passions were answered as his tongue began to probe lower until it reached her tight little arsehole, pushing her legs up to her chest so he bared and pull apart her checks until he could lick anywhere he wanted to and everywhere she was wishing he would, 

Pressing his warm flat tongue on her arse he licked between her two holes in one long stroke, she shuddered as his tongue paused and delved deep into her wet pussy then back to gently press against her most secret of places.

She had dared to play with herself when she was alone and needing a release, but she had never imagined how a tongue would feel inside her darkest of holes .

His long tongue pressed deeper and deeper into her, pulling her apart as his skilful fingers slid in and out of her wetness sending her into total ecstasy.

Her nails dug into his back and then her fingers entwined in his hair to pull his mouth and tongue harder into her, moaning louder as an insufferable thirst for his length came over her. 

She needed to feel him inside her, she needed him to reach the very top of her warm cave until he could reach no further and she could endure the pleasure for no longer. 
Suddenly his tongue stopped and the licking became lighter and lighter until his touch was gone from between her legs, stretching up towards her he found her lips and kissed her ever so softly. 

Pulling her hips so that her bottom slide down the sofa the wetness between her legs was met by the hardness of his cock. 

The shaft of his length rubbing up and down, teasing her with every stroke that he became closer to pushing inside her warm, wanting and inviting entrance. 

Then it came, that final push too far where the tip of his throbbing hard cock had parted her inner lips and dipped into the wetness inside her. The pleasure of this action had caused them both to want more, him pushing towards her as she bent her hips in receipt of his long erection. 

As he reached the very top of her cave he could feel her wrapping herself around him, her muscles pulled tight and her hips tilted so that she could rub the inside of her pubic bone along his hard length.

After what seemed like hours he started to move his length inside her, withdrawing slightly then pushing hard into the soft tissue inside this wet wonderland he was being allowed access to. 

She could feel his stokes getting more and more rhythmic as he push back and forth into her wet darkness, she moaned as she tensed herself on each push making her muscles ache with pleasure. 

In and out, his long penis pushed harder and harder as he became more exited. His hands rubbing up and down her body and kneading and playing with her breasts with each stroke he took inside her.

Moaning with the pleasure as she grabbed and tore at his arse, she pulled him towards her as she raised her back he was deep inside her but she knew there was more length there for her to take. 

Pushing him away making him withdraw, she changed her position to kneeling with her arms resting on the back of the sofa.

Once more arching her back so that her hips were high in the air she presented him her wetness once more bearing all she had to give he could see her glistening in the light of the day.
He parted her cheeks and stood admiring what she was showing him, he watched himself entering her slowly as her lips opened and he could feel her moistness wrapping around him.

She squeezed her muscles as he slid into her in one smooth stroke, she panted as he push deep into the top of her cushion soft walls. 

Deeper and deeper he pushed into her pulling her hips to bring her close to him, she was tilting her pelvis down so that his length rubbed against the inside of her pubic bone and pushing rhythmically onto her G-spot. 

"Ouch" her right arse cheek suddenly stung and made her whole body shudder, and then again but this time ending with the palm of his hand rubbing the muscle back into life again.
Even with his strong hands and great upper body strength he could gage with accuracy the intensity of his blows, she shuddered again and again not feeling pain only pleasure. 

His breathing was now becoming laboured as he worker harder and faster to give her the orgasm he knew she was waiting for, he could hear her breathing increase as she squeezed harder with the intensity of her pleasure built into a raging fire.

Her body started to rise and convulse with the waves sweeping over her, he held harder onto her hips to control her from rising away from him as she tensed in the anticipation of her orgasm. 

Then it came, her breath got taken away and her heartbeat was all she could hear. 

Only he could hear the exited scream and then a deepened moan that made her body vibrate, Cumming hard onto him he could feel the wetness around his throbbing cock washing over him and lubricating the connection between them both. 

As their movement slowed she gestured that he should remove his grip on her so that she could take control, she switched to standing and pushed him into the sofa so that his cock stood proud like a statue of hardness just waiting for her. 

She knelt either side of his legs and leaned into him kissing his soft lips as she could feel his cock rubbing against her stomach, she raised herself high so that she could easy down the whole of his length and as she lowered onto his awaiting hardness he let out a low moan of pleasure. 

Using her thighs to move her body up and down she rode his length skilfully, his hands were again on her waist encouraging her to rise and fall as he lifted his hips to meet her on her way down. 

His hands moved up her body and onto her chest as he pulled her forward to kiss her warm breasts,

In his excitement he sucked and bit into the soft skin of her breast and then licked hard at her nipples in his mouth. 

Feeling and hearing how aroused he was becoming she pushed harder to make him moan louder, bouncing on his lap in a steady rhythm she wanted to pleasure him as he had pleasured her. 

The moaning had gotten louder and he gasped for air as he felt himself throbbing harder and growing inside her, oh yes she would make him cry out with her body, only she could be the one to make him come. 

With a strong command of his arms he held her so tight that she could not move, holding her into himself he pulled her close and gave her a deep passionate kiss lifting her off and to the side of him. "I'm not finished with you just yet" he laid her down on the sofa so that her head rested on the arm and raised one of her legs into the air resting it on the back of the sofa, lowering himself onto her he entered her once more and thrust his length into her with great easy as her juices were flowing all over her.

He held his weight over her with great skill and strength using only one arm at times when his hand grabbed her breast, his hand wandered lower and reached around her bottom until his fingers were out stretched on her skin.

Slowly he moved his fingers under his shaft and down her arse until his fingers reached her second hole,

Playing in the wetness he teased and probed the entrance gently until one of his fingers was wet enough to slide into her. 

As his finger cautiously delved deeper he could hear her moaning change and feel her relax into what he was doing, his penis was throbbing inside her as he could feel is finger tracing along his length through the small membrane that parted them. 

The hole was tight yet yielding to his touch and she seemed to want more, he started to move his finger inside her and then slowly began to move it in and out as her lubrication began to build. 

With his cock laying inside her pulsing but not moving he concentrated on working his fingers until he had two entwined inside her , she moaned deeply tensing her muscles and enjoying the feeling of being taken in both these ways. 

Withdrawing his fingers and then his cock he began to rub himself up and down her lips and lower into the crack of her arse, a hand now squeezing her breast as his other controlled his length.

He stopped at her tight entrance and slowly pressed himself against it, he could feel it give and yet resist him at the same time. With his free hand now rubbing her clitoris, he held his length tight as he pushed her entrance to except the tip of his hard cock. 

As more of him began to sink slowly into her he lubricated the area and his shaft with spit and juices from her wet pussy, easing himself slowly he could feel her muscles relaxing and opening out to him. 

Gasping and panting she laid on the sofa never before had she felt such awesome heat inside her, she could feel a new warmth deep in her pelvis which was unlike anything she had felt before.

Then a hotter wave came as he began to pull back making his first stroke, this was so tight and every pulse he made caused nerves in her body come alive.

The feeling was so intense she could feel her orgasm already building even though he had hardly moved inside her, as he reached his tip and pushed to enter her again the muscles relaxed and he was received as if he had always belonged there. 

He moved more freely now until his strokes became rhythmic and he was moaning with each thrust, he continued to rub hard on her clit as he could feel her arch and push closer towards him. 
With the tight space around him he could feel his own excitement growing, her arse felt so warm and squeezed hard around his cock with each thrust he gave. 

As her moaning was turning into a panting cry for release he too could feel the build up inside his cock becoming harder to control, her cry sounded louder and the tightness around him increased. 

"now do you want me" he gasped , she clawed at his arse as her body started to writhe against him.
He held himself until he felt her release her muscles and her breathing temporarily stop before his orgasm crashed through him and out into her in several enormous jolts. 

He collapsed into her breathing heavily, her moaning now contented and slowing as her muscles tensed and relaxed of their own free will. 

Leaning on his arm he moved to kiss her deeply while they held each other in a tight embrace, they could stay like this forever here in this moment of bliss. 

They laid there in the warmth of the day resting with the pleasure they were both feeling, soon they would have to part and go their separate ways. The dinner needed to be cooked and the k**s would be home from school soon.