"Erotic Stories" The Letter

Erotic Stories The Letter
I hurried to get to Georges house. I looked at my watch and sighed in relief as I was 7 minutes early. I had an easy gait and was soon unlocking the door and made my way to the kitchen to put away what groceries I had bought. I cocked my head as I thought I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I assumed it was George so I tiptoed to the door and flung it open and went “ TAA DAA “ then immediately asked Geoff what he was doing in Georges bedroom. He waved me off with his hand then covered the phone with his hand and pointed at an envelope on the night stand. He said it’s for you. I picked it up and had an ominous feeling in my tummy as I walked out of the room and leaned against the wall and opened the letter. As I read the letter my heart beat faster and my mouth went dry.

The letter had very specific instructions. Instructions that my mind rebelled against but my pussy responded too. So began the battle, as I went to the bathroom and did as instructed ( as if ) the instruction was to take a long relaxing hot shower, I laughed at that and went “ duh “ .I was to shave any and all pubic hair, underarm hair, and my legs, I started to laugh at the instructions as these were things I did anyway, with regard to having a landing strip at the moment. I was instructed to put on thigh high nylons and a garter belt and a chemise and silk red panties. I looked at myself from every angle and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I stood staring at what was obviously nipple clamps as I was instructed to put these on too. My nipples were already hard so I put the clamps on until it was just past a bearable pain as I knew if not I’d pay for that. I took an inventory and was thinking of bolting and going home. I’ve never been one to back down or at least try something so I sighed and said ok Anna here we go. (Erotic Stories)

I picked up leather handcuffs?, or at least that’s what I thought they were. My eyebrows raised when I saw what was obviously restraints for my ankles as well. My pussy was / is an entity of it’s own and at times embarrassing. Now was one of those times, it was already sopping wet and twitching deep inside. So I leaned back against the wall and let my hands roam and caress my breast and tease along my thighs I held the leather strap and pulled it up into my pussy lips and watched as it disappeared into the folds of my now aroused and wet cunt. I used it as a masturbation tool and as soon as it dragged across my clit I bit down on my lip and had what I was hoping was a quiet orgasm. I blew out a long sigh and looked in the mirror at my reflection and said you can do this Anna don’t back down. I ran water and cleaned my pussy of tell tale signs of arousal. 

I picked up and examined what was a butt plug. I picked up the most scary thing of all it was a long slender leather paddle wrapped with raised leather strips. There was also a blindfold and a ball gag? I picked the letter up and read my final instructions I was to follow every order Geoff gave me no matter how extreme and if I failed to obey him I would suffer dearly. 

I took in deep breath after deep breath trying to calm myself as my heart was racing and I wasn’t yet committed to how far I’d let this play out. The letter instructed me when I was finished putting on my lingerie to go to my corner and stand there. So with a deep breath and a little trepidation I opened the door and walked out and when Geoff looked at me I averted my eyes and went to my corner. Geoff said come closer Anna I want to inspect you. I walked over and looked down at my feet as he squeezed my boobs and pulled on the chain that was attached to the nipple clamps causing me to let out a quiet moan and slid his finger along my lubricated pussy lips. When his finger touched me I drew in a deep breath and closed my eyes trying to picture George’s finger in me instead of Geoff’s. I stood as still as possible as my pussy started to churn out my leaking juices and I could smell myself as I heated up to his probing finger. He told me to spread my legs wider and to pull my panties to the side and said let’s see just how many fingers I can fit in that little pussy of yours.

There was nothing I could do, I hung my head as my sexual inner being took over as my pussy clinched down on the three fingers now in my cunt. 
I tried my best to ignore the pleasure of his fingers going up inside my pussy and then he’d spread his fingers open pushing my lips and inner vaginal walls apart. He withdrew his fingers and told me to kneel in front of him on my knees, I was certain I’d soon have his hot cock in my mouth. He surprised me though by making me suck each individual finger into my mouth and lick and suck them clean. He blindfolded me and said don’t move when he came back he told me to stand up and then he guided me back onto a blow-up camping mattress. He violently grabbed my arm and put the handcuffed rope around my wrist and tied it off on something but whatever it was I couldn’t get free of it. He grabbed my other arm and did the same. Then my ankles were tied. Then he untied my ankles and bent my knees up and retied my ankles but this time he put some kind of padded bar holding me knees apart tying me securely to the mattress.

Geoff was obviously talking to George on the phone as I made out ok so one at a time or what? Geoff said oh ok one at a time then. Geoff answered yes she’s blindfolded, ball gag? no I forgot, that. Then I heard all-right see you in a little while. Geoff came over and raised the back of my head and I started to move my head back and forth when he said remember the paddle Anna, now lie still. Fear gripped my chest, as I thought of the paddle I had seen so I let him put the ball in my mouth and tie it around my head. Geoff said and now Anna let the show begin, oh I forgot to tell you about the show, well you’re the show, we’ve arranged for some close friends to come by and the ground rules are there are no rules. I twisted and turned and pulled and tried to yell out for him to let me up, tears were streaming down my face. 

Geoff must have called George because the phone was put to my ear I tried to scream but couldn’t. George said lay perfectly still Anna, are you still, Geoff said she is. George said Anna if you really want to stop you can shake your head side to side and the game stops, but if you want to see how far you’ll go and what awaits you, you’ll nod yes. He said I’d never do anything to hurt you , you know that Anna. George said I’ll call back in ten minutes you can give me your answer then.

Geoff said a little worried there Anna I tried to tell him go fuck himself but it didn’t come out. He leaned forward and said when ever such a buffet of pussy is on display I always take advantage of it and now I’ll eat your sweet hot cunt. I closed my eyes as tears washed down my face, but as soon as his warm wet tongue made contact with my pussy the battle was lost as rivers of my juices flowed freely from my pussy onto his tongue and down between the valley of my ass crack and onto the mattress . My hips soon were rising and falling as his tongue probed as deeply as possible into me, of the two b*****rs I sadly admitted Geoff was the best at oral sex. My hot slick pussy juice coated lips were a testament to how good he was. My hips were rotating as he held me open with his fingers and probed the inside of my pussy with his tongue then he slowly licked his way up to my clit, in long lazy circles his tongue went around and around my clit my breathing quickened as my pussy and body responded to the pleasure of his tongue I murmured my pleasure around the gag in my mouth.

Geoff stopped and untied the gag I spit it out and I was ready to tell him to get the fuck away from me and leave me to fuck alone and he was nothing but a piece of shit and a fucking asshole when his tongue found my engorged bl**d filled clit and I sighed in resignation. I was crying now but to myself as I wanted his tongue on me driving me closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. My breath came in gasp after gasp as I gave in and screamed out to him oh god Geoff yes oh yes oh fuck shit god I’m so close oh fuck yes here it comes oh god don’t stop fuck yes ahhh and my orgasm came washing over me and Geoff held me tight to his mouth and sucked on my clit as spasm after spasm gripped my quivering cum soaked pussy. Geoff put the gag back in my mouth and walked away and came back with a beer. He took the gag off and said would you like a sip?. I told him to kiss my ass and fuck off. I told him I hated him. He laughed and said you’re going to hate me more if you agree when George calls back. 

I had forgotten about George calling back. I lay there wishing for the phone to ring as Geoff sat on the floor in front of me and told me I have a very pretty pussy. Your lips are perfect, yep I’d say you have a very nice edible and fuckable cunt Anna. I was praying for the phone to ring when there was a knock on the door. Geoff looked at me and said well George hasn’t called yet so I’m letting this one in. I lay there glaring at him and twisting trying to free myself. Geoff said welcome to the show, she’s here for your inspection she really does have a nice creamy cunt. He stood there staring down at me and I heard him pull his cock out of his pants and my heart stopped beating for a second as I thought omg he’s going to fuck me. He kneeled in front of me and ran his finger around my pussy lips then stuck his finger in me and fingered me as my face turned beet red and I wanted to sink into the floor as he finger fucked me with hard stabbing thrust of his fingers. He started grunting and groaning and soon I felt his hot sticky cum shooting on to my tummy. He stood up and said I’ve always wanted to do that tell George I said thanks. I felt so cheap and used and humiliated I began to cry again.

The phone rang and I was ecstatic knowing my ordeal was over. Geoff said well one came already I let him see her tied and exposed, and he jerked off on her stomach. Then Geoff said ok she’s right here I’ll put the phone on speaker. The sound of Georges voice calmed me and made me feel safe. George asked me how I was doing and I said, oh I’m ok now that you called so you can tell your fucking rotten b*****r to untie me. George said the rotten fucking one you’re mad at should be me. Remember what I wrote in the letter Anna. My heart sunk and I said yes George. Well it’s up to you I guess if you’re not ready for this then fine I’ll come and untie you, but, you saw that paddle right? I said yes of course. George said well how about this the guys can come but that can’t touch you they can only look at your breast and pussy on display? Would you be ok with that? I said oh George just come get me please, please just untie me and let me go home. George said I could do that Anna but remember we have a pact and if you’re a bad girl I can punish you right? I reluctantly said yes. When I punish you this time Anna it will be with that paddle that was amongst the things you saw. I said oh no George not that, I’ll do whatever you want, just not that paddle it scares me. George said I’m coming home Anna, but I’m bringing some friends and you will remain on display to them. Or you can face 100 swats with the paddle. I softly said yes George. He said good we’ll be there soon. He said Geoff remove her panties I want her pussy on full display when we get there.

My only consolation was my blindfold I didn’t have to watch them leering and drooling over my naked body, most specifically my glistening wet pussy. Soon the door opened and I heard George say there you go boys line up and get a gander at that hot little pussy. I heard one ask can we fuck her? My heart stopped until I heard George say no she’s not ready for that but one of you can insert the butt plug in her asshole. My face was flaming red as I lay there wanting to melt into the floor and simply die. Get me a deck of cards Geoff I heard George say. George said whoever draws the lowest card gets to insert the butt plug in her sweet little asshole. The winner of the low card knelt down and wet the butt plug with my pussy juices then inserted it up my asshole. He said damn that's a hot looking fucking package you got there George. George thanked him and said yes she's hot all right to bad you guys can't sample that pussy it's tight and hot as lava. Then he said yes, yes of course get right down there breathe in her aroma it’s like elixir to the gods I felt warm breath on my pussy and I thought omg I’m going to just die. As I heard him taking in deep sniffs of my aromatic pussy. My shame and humiliation had now found a new level as I felt like an art piece on display for the world to critique.

One of them brushed his lips on my pussy and I sucked in a fast deep breath of air and let out a telling moan. He said hell she likes it. George said likes what? He said I accidentally brushed my lips on her pussy and she acted like she loved it and her hips rose up like she wanted more. I shook my head back and forth trying to indicate he was lying. George bent down and said like this? The minute his mouth touched my pussy my hips rose up and I tried to moan around the gag in my mouth. George continued to eat my pussy and I pushed into his face as his tongue sought out my sloppy wet hole and probed up inside of me. This was met with a chorus of “ eat that pussy , eat that pussy “ George responded with deep probes of his tongue inside me and up and down my lips until he pushed me back and his tongue sunk into my asshole and I tried to scream out my pleasure. Geoff came over and removed the gag and I screamed oh god George yes , yes George lick my butt hole eat my pussy oh god please don’t ever stop your tongue feels so good uh huh uh huh yes oh fuck yes. I didn’t care who was watching all I knew is I had my man’s tongue in my asshole and I was writhing in ecstatic pleasure. Suddenly George got up and I heard his clothes coming off and the guys started shouting “ fuck that pussy fuck that pussy “ “ fuck that bald little pussy fuck her pussy fuck her pussy fuck her pussy “ it didn’t matter anymore as my pussy had me in it’s total control as I screamed out “ Yes George fuck my pussy oh god yes George fuck my sopping wet cunt with your hot hard cock “. George pushed his cock into me in one fluid motion that had his balls slamming against my asshole, I was so wet that his cock met no resistance as he plunged into me driven on by the chorus of men yelling for him to fuck me and me screaming yes , yes. Oh god yes. Yes do it to me George do my pussy baby, god yes fuck me with your cock. Give it to me George oh god George fuck my tight little pussy fill me with your hot stringy gobs of sperm. 

He answered me when I felt his cock pulsing and he drove his hard cock deeper and deeper into me in frantic thrust after thrust as he pounded me with brutal penetrating strokes. The guys were all cheering him on, then I heard “ GO , GO, ANNA TAKE THAT COCK, TAKE THAT COCK, GET THAT CREAMPIE GO, GO, ANNA, my head was spinning and I loved the words I heard and it just made me squeeze Georges cock harder with my pussy and slam my hips up to meet his every cunt stabbing jab he made into me. Suddenly my embarrassment dissipated as I was turned into a cock loving fucking whore right there in front of everyone as I moaned and screamed for Georges cum I screamed out oh god fuck yes George yes uh huh uh huh fill my pussy with your hot gooey sperm oh god yes spray my cunt give it to me uh huh oh yes. His cock made one final pulsing expanding spasm then sperm rocketed out of his cock spraying my cunt full of his hot cum, and my orgasm ripped through me in an endless string of little quivering bolts of lighting as the final orgasm rolled my eyes back and I tightened up and pushed my pussy hard against Georges cock burying it even deeper in me I could feel his cum gushing out of his cock and feel his balls against my ass. 

With one final whimpering moan I collapsed and was as limp as a rag doll, Geoff said hurry up you guys and I felt fingers holding me open as I pushed and felt Georges sperm come rushing out of my pussy like a tiny waterfall. I heard one of them ask George how long he was going to leave me like this and I heard him say well she disobeyed me in a way, although I gave her a choice. He came over and said I’m going to free you now Anna, but you must be tied over the foot stool so everyone of us can get one last view of your creamy little cunt, do you agree? I lay there silent and George said Anna don’t disappoint me, do you Agree? I said yes George I agree. I was told to stand and then I was lead by my arm and laid over a foot stool, but George wasn’t happy with that he said that doesn’t expose you enough. He led me to the arm of the couch and put a pillow down and told me to lay down over the arm of the couch and he said that’s so much better. Anna? Do you know your glistening cum soaked cunt is on display for all to see. I answered yes George. How does that make you feel Anna? I told him like a little slut. George said don’t be so harsh, now I have one request, remember this request comes with threat of the paddle, you do understand that right Anna? In a quiet little voice I said yes I understand, he said good now here’s your choice. You can either take the 100 swats with this paddle or you can allow the cock of my choice to fuck you.

I cried out oh George please, please don’t do this. There was a silent pause and then George was whispering in my ear. Anna I love you I said I love you too George but don’t ask me to do this. George leaned over so only I could hear his words and he said is this your heart talking or are you role playing? What does your pussy say my sweet Anna? Does it want a nice fat thick cock in it, because the one I’m going to pick has the nick name “ Mr. Pringles “ why do you think they call him that Anna, I whispered because he’s really , really big. George said yes that’s right Anna so what is your answer? I cried oh George why do I have to do this in front of everyone?. George said you’re not Anna you’re doing this in front of me as I’m the one you want to please isn’t that true Anna? In frustration and submission I said yes George as sarcastically as I could , go ahead let him fuck my pussy that’s only supposed to be yours. George jerked my head up by my hair and said you’re going to pay for that fucking remark little girl! He stomped away and when he came back I already knew my ass was in for a paddling from the lethal paddle I so feared . I cried out no , no George they all can fuck me just don’t spank me with that paddle. I got my answer in the form of a stinging painful swat on my ass that brought tears to my eyes with only one swat of the dreaded paddle he continued to spank my ass with stinging pain inducing swat after swat I was sure my butt cheeks were bleeding I know I kicked and screamed and pleaded with him to please stop. I told him really George honest it’s ok I’ll take on Mr. Pringles just for gods sake stop spanking me with that paddle. I told him I’m serious about this George I mean it. One more paddling and I’ll never do this with you again. He knew by the tone of my voice and the tiny wink I gave him I wasn’t serious I was just making it sound that way, so he gave me one more swat and then kissed my butt cheeks and said, there , there my sweet love. 

George said men, I have an announcement to make Anna has accepted the challenge of moose and his cock, so I suggest you all grab a chair or what’s available to watch moose tear her pussy up! The men were acting like little boys in a candy store as they were taking bets I couldn’t take it all, against bets I could. I cleared my throat and jokingly asked George if his little submissive whore could have a beer before moose tries to kill me, I managed a tiny smile, as George brought me a beer. I lay there completely open to their eyes, some got up and pushed my ass cheeks apart to get a better view, some even fingered me for a minute. I had no idea that I would react like I did. I loved the special attention and when one of them ran his finger along my pussy I moved so his finger slid into my squishy wet cunt I felt like such a wicked bad little girl, my pussy was flowing like a waterfall knowing I had all of their eyes on my swollen glistening wet pussy and on my puckered pink anus. I heard “ MOOSE, MOOSE, MOOSE and I swallowed a lump down my throat, wondering if the paddle would have been a better choice? Moose got in front of me on the couch I was face to face with the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. He pressed it to my lips and I opened my mouth and I could get the head in because it was tapered I only got 3 inches or less of his cock in my mouth. My eyes must have looked like small saucers as the thought of that thing trying to get in to my pussy had me trembling and doubting my choice. 

It was as big around I guessed in my mind as a beer can. My pussy was twitching and building up more pussy cream as I licked the head of his giant cock. My mind said no fucking way I could get that in me but my pussy was saying hurry up and get it inside of us. Moose said ok boys time I go to work, and I gulped a lump down my throat as he got up and got behind me. I felt one hand on my hip as he held his cock with the other and rubbed it along my soaking wet pussy. I closed my eyes and took in deep relaxing breaths as I was nervous and scared but at the same time wanting that huge fat cock in me. To fuck me to feel the stinging pain as my pussy was getting stretched open as he pushed his cock into my quivering cunt. My pussy was openly flowing hot pussy juice and Moose said hot damn boys she’s as fucking hot as they come. I jumped away when I felt his hot steel hard cock touch my pussy. Moose said relax little darling you’re going to love the moose meat. I think I forgot to breathe as suddenly I gulped in a huge amount of air as I felt the head of his gigantic cock pressing into my pussy hole. I was pulling away when he reached out and grabbed my hips and said take it easy girly one way or another I’m going to fuck you. I grabbed the cushion on the couch and held on until my knuckles turned white as I felt the head of his cock slip into my vaginal canal. I let out a moan mixed with a tiny whimper as his cock tried to f***e it’s way into my hot tight little pussy. My breath came in ragged gasps as he pushed a little more into me. I felt the stinging painful sensation of my cunt being stretched to new limits.

Moose grabbed me and pulled me backwards as he rammed his cock into my pussy. I let out a loud scream and a ouph sound as all of my air was f***ed out of my mouth. My pussy felt like it had a log jammed into it. I heard Moose say almost boys she’s got half of the moose meat in her tight little cunt. My mind was in a panic as I heard him say that , then suddenly with a loud grunt of his own I felt his cock tearing into my pussy like a hot battering ram my mouth shot open in total surprise when I felt his huge balls smacking my asshole. Moose yelled out there you go boys she’s got it all, every glorious inch of the moose meat.

I tentatively pushed back on his thick hard cock and he said that’s it missy go ahead move that pussy grind them hips baby. A sweat broke out on my forehead and my body was covered in a sheen of sweat as moose started to fuck my pussy with slow stretching strokes I had men surrounding me watching as his cock fucked in and out of my soaking wet slippery cunt. With slow purposeful strokes that soon had me moaning out my pleasure as I felt his cock split my pussy wide open and soon the pain gave way to an all encompassing unbelievable amount of pure pleasure that had me throwing my head back and wailing out the words fuck me oh god fuck me oh yes fuck me omg it’s so fucking big omg so good so good yes fuck me fuck my cunt yes fuck me so deep so hard omg fuck me!

I was slamming my ass back onto his monstrous cock as it plowed into my battered slick cunt. His balls were bouncing off my ass as we both frantically fucked each other totally lost to any and all around us. Moose reached and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and that was it the catalyst that sent me over the edge into blissful spastic tremors of pure pleasure as I felt my pussy trying to squeeze down on the monster cock that filled it like no other ever had as mini and multiple orgasms rocked my body over and over and I heard Moose yelling and grunting hold on baby here comes the moose juice! I felt his cock grow even bigger and pulse and then gob after gob of what felt like endless streams of sperm shot out of his giant cock and filled my pussy until it started running out of my cum filled cunt as he pounded me now with powerful long deep strokes as he emptied his seed so deep inside my stretched out pussy. We both were grunting and screaming out as his cock continued to spurt tiny little gobs of sperm into my cunt until his ball sack was totally drained. when he pulled his semi hard cock out of me it made a squishy wet popping noise as my pussy closed up as he exited it. I’ve never been fucked like that since…until next time…Mrs. X 

p.s. I think the story lost some of its eroticism as I tried to write in paragraphs, so if this falls short it will be my last story I use paragraphs with. Mrs. X