"Erotic Stories" Lisa "serves" three guys on the Tennis

Erotic Stories Lisa "serves" three guys on the Tennis
Lisa finds a group of guys watching her playing tennis through the chain link fence, and does more than tease them in her sexy tennis outfit... includes exhibitionism, Glory hole, group sex.

It was a gorgeous late summers evening and Lisa & Kerry were the only players left on the tennis courts. Lisa had to lock up behind them anyway and they decided to make it just one last set.

Lisa ran the courts in her spare time at college. It provided a handy bit of cash and also meant she could indulge in one her favourite sports for free. Lisa was a very sporty girl and had a figure to match. That was opposed to her friend Kerry, who was never a sports fan and was only playing due to Lisa nagging her. She was a little over weight and dressed very conservatively. Not at all like Lisa, who took every opportunity to flaunt her body, especially when playing tennis. She found it a great excuse to wear short skirts and often pushed her luck with what she wore underneath.(Erotic Stories)

Kerry lost yet another game and Lisa walked to the back of the court to serve. She noticed 3 young guys peering through the wire fence at her. They looked around her age, late teens and were from the housing estate that bordered the courts. Lisa fancied a little banter and knowing that the fence ran interrupted for almost a hundred meters bordering the sports centre, not to mention that it was around 5 meters high, she knew they couldn’t get to her any way.

She bounced the ball a few times with her racket as she strolled towards them.

“Evening guys, are you enjoying the game?” she smiled.

“Enjoying watching you babe” came the response from one of them, while the others sniggered.

“ow good, I love an audience, lets see if you can enjoy it a little more”

Lisa knocked the ball over the net at Kerry and told her it was her serve, while she bent down in her “return” position. Bent over at the hips, showing off her long sexy legs. She looked so cute in her Tennis costume. White ankle socks, short white skirt and thin white tennis shirt, unbutton to her cleavage. Her thin tight white knickers underneath the skirt were visible as she bent over and she could hear the guy’s comments as she wiggled her ass at them.

“mmm this is making me horny” she thought to herself” and she reached round to hitch her skirt up a little higher for her eager fans. Glancing over her shoulder she giggled as the guys faces were pressed against the face. Kerry made another abysmal attempt at a serve and Lisa volleyed it back to her. While Kerry scampered to get the ball, Lisa stood up and hooked her fingers inside the back of her knickers, and pulled them between her firm ass cheeks. She looked around again as they guys could see what she had done and could glimpse her naked ass cheeks just under her short tennis skirt.

“God this is horny” she thought

Kerry finally prepared for another serve and Lisa bent over right in front of the guys, treating them to her cute ass almost fully exposed but for the thin line of material where her knickers where gathered between her ass. She heard the noise of the guys behind and glanced over.

There faces were getting redder and they were muttering to themselves. Two of them seemed to be actually holding their dicks inside their trousers.

Lisa giggled to herself as she wiggled her ass some more, her ass looked divine and her pussy started to moisten at the naughty show she was performing. She then daringly went a step further by reaching around and flipping her skirt over to fully expose her gorgeous ass. She almost felt overcome with the feeling of exposing herself like this - it felt so incredibly sexy. Her heart was thumping and could not quite believe what she was doing, but she just knew she wanted to go even further.

Lisa jogged to the net and beckoned Kerry over.

“Lets make this the last game hun, I need to lock up then” 

“Ok” said Kerry. Breathlessly heaving her heavy frame back to the baseline.

Lisa glanced around and jogged back to the guys at the fence, she stood about a foot away from them, fondling her racket suggestively.

“So do you like my show guys?” she said in a cutesy manner”

All three of them were literally salivating now and Lisa could clearly see the bulge in their trousers.

“ow babe were loving it, why don’t you come closer so we can show you how much?”

Lisa looked over her shoulder, and Kerry was rummaging through her bag. Lisa quickly grabbed the opportunity and reached down and whipped her knickers off in a lightening quick movement. She rolled them up in her hands and brought them up to her face where she gently bite into the fabric whilst looking at the guys.

“If you boys are nice and quite so my friend doesn’t notice, I’ll give you a real show to finish” and with that she stepped forward a little a pushed her knickers through the wire fence at the guy in the middle.

They all looked open mouthed and as he grasped her damp panties. She then spun on her heel and trotted back to the baseline.

“Come on - your serve Kerry” she yelled, whilst gently lowering herself into position looking cheekily over her shoulder. This time knickerless - her gorgeous pert ass was barley covered by the thin short white skirt. The guys could clearly see her cute little ring and her juicy pussy lips. There were almost bursting through the fence at the incredibly horny sight.

The girls played the final game and Lisa gamely managed to keep the rallies going for as long as possible, which wasn’t easy with Kerry’s returns. But with each backhand and smash, her skirt rode a little higher. Affording her transfixed audience another glorious sight of her naked pussy and ass.

For what seemed an eternity for the three guys, the game came to an end. Lisa jogged up to the net.

“You go off home babe, she yelled to Kerry. I need to lock up and stuff”

“Will you be ok? Those guys wont go away,” said Kerry concerned.

Lisa quickly reassured her “ow its ok, I know one of them - its cool”

Kerry quickly gathered her things and Lisa walked back over to the guys. They were all as horny as hell now and Lisa revelled in her power over them.

“The poor things she thought” the next opening in the fence was for hundreds of yards and it was far too high to climb. But she could still have some fun with them - couldn’t she..

“So, did you guys enjoy my show?” she said enticingly. She walked a little closer to the fence and looked around to see Kerry walking out of the courts and into the car park.

“Now were alone, you can show me just how much you liked it, why don’t you show me how hard I’ve made your cocks?”

All three drooling under her power reached for their flies and under a near mesmeric state released their stick cocks from their trousers.

“mmm yummy, they look nice” said Lisa as she toyed with her tennis racket, The guys were stroking their rock hard cocks and their balls were already straining they were so horny.

“Now let me take a closer look at them, stick your cocks through the fence for me”

They guys gleefully did as ordered and eagerly poked their dicks through the holes in the wire fence.

“Give me you balls too boys, I want us much of your cock as you have”

They pushed their heaving sacks though the holes along with their dicks and stood pressed against the fence. They were in a hopeless state. Not able to touch their dicks through the fence and having to be as tight to it was possible in order to present their cocks to her. Their hands gripped around the wire pulling them as tight to it as possible, while their faces contoured as they tried to get close to her.

“Mm that’s better” Lisa walked a little closer and the dicks were straining in front of her, bouncing with the strength of their erections just begging for her to touch them. Lisa went to touch one, but then withdrew her hand. 

“mmm I hope they are hard enough for me boys” she gathered her racket in each hand and teasingly ran the brittle net of the racket over their dicks, rubbing it against their helmets as she gently passed it over all three cocks. They groaned at the rough feeling, there cocks were so hard the net bounced on the hard dicks.

“mmm they seem hard enough” she said teasingly.

She dropped her racket and then grasped a dick in each hand. The guys gasped as she finally made contact with them, and she firmly held their meat in her hands as she inspected their dicks.

“What about me” said the guy in the middle, she walked a little closer and moved her body against his dick, just above her pussy. 

“You will have to wait your turn young man” she then stepped a little closer and kissed him through the fence. The wire fence making a hole big enough for their tongues to dance in each others mouths, they both moaned as Lisa gently wanked on the big hard dicks she was holding in each hand.

All three of them were almost bursting through the fence, but she just delicately wanked their cocks and teasing French kissed the guy in the middle whilst his hard cock rubbed up against her.

“Now get on your knees” she instructed the guy in the middle, and he quickly withdrew his dick from the hole and dropped down. She started to kiss the guy on her left whilst continuing to wank them both, and then pressed her cute shaved pussy against the fence. The guy on the floor eagerly pressed his face against the fence and started to tongue and kiss her throbbing wet pussy. She alternated between the two guys, darting her tongue into their mouths at her own will while she continued to gently wank their straining hot staffs.

She felt so incredibly horny, and had complete control over all three of them, it was almost dream like. Having her pussy devoured while she wanked and kissed two other guys at will. Her stomach twisted with the gorgeous slutty feeling that enveloped her.

“Now get up and stick you dick back in the fence” 

She pulled away from the fence the guy in the middle jumped to his feet and stuffed his dick back in the hole. She dropped to her knees and started to suck his straining dick, then all too quickly for him, she started to suck another dick, taking turns to suck and wank each one while the others begged for attention. She teased and played with them, licking and kissing them, biting and spitting on them while they begged her to suck them. She giggled as she tormented them; it felt divine toying with their hard dicks at will.

She stood up again and turned her back to them, reaching out and taking a dick in each hand again. She bent over slightly and backed herself onto the cock in the middle. After a little fumbling she felt his hot meat finally inside her. She let out an audible gasp, and with a hard dick in each hand, proceeded to bounce her hot pussy against the fence and his dick, screwing his stiff cock while she wanked the other two guys cocks. It felt incredible, three dicks to pay with and she was in total control.

The three guys were in a real mess now, all pressed tightly against the fence as Lisa fucked them at will. They were all so horny their balls already straining to cum, especially the guy fucking her and he yelled out as his started to fill her hot pussy with his cum. Lisa continued to buck at him as his cream pumped inside her as he guy manfully tried to keep his dick inside her.

He pulled out his spent cock and the guy to his right eager took his place, quickly shoving his dick through the hole and deep back inside Lisa’s hot spunky pussy. She bucked back eagerly, blissful to feel a new hard dick inside her pussy. She let go of the other dick now and with her hands on her knees, she bounced back against the fence to feel the full f***e of the fresh cock inside her. 

Lisa moaned with the fat dick screwing her wet pussy and she could feel the previous guys cum running down her thighs. She reached under and run her fingers around the dick in her pussy and massaged the hot cum leaking from her pussy into her juicy cunt, her finger worked feverously on her throbbing clit. 

She heard another groan and the dick inside her stiffened like a rod as he too fired his hot spunk deep inside her. As he pumped his seed home she looked around to see the final guy eagerly wanking his hard dick ready to take his pals place. She felt the slippery dick ease from her pussy and another dribble of cum ran down her legs. Then she felt another dick enter her. She was close to cuming now and thankfully the last guy had the biggest dick, nice and thick and it filled her perfectly as she bucked against him.

She closed her legs slightly and arched her back reaching back with her hands to hold the fence. The dick felt gorgeous squeezed between her legs and she dropped her head down again as she felt orgasm build inside her. She glanced over her shoulder at the pained expression on the guys face and he could hold on no longer, and she felt his thick meat pumping thick wads of cream deep inside her hot wet pussy. Lisa bounced back and gasped as her climax ripped though her body, his dick plunging deep inside her as she rode him fucking his thick meat as she hit an incredible orgasm.

Lisa’s body slowed and she felt the spent dick slip from her pussy, she dropped to her knees with her body twitching and then rolled onto her back. She reached down and felt her hot pussy. It felt so glorious, hot cum still seeping out she scooped up some in her fingers and gleefully sucked and licked the creamy gooe from her fingers

“Now that what I call a fuck” she whispered to herself, smearing her pussy juice and spunk over her heaving breast, licking the juice from her fingers…..