"Erotic Stories" Love Thy Neighbour or just fuck

Erotic Stories Love Thy Neighbour or just fuck
Late one summer evening, I had a knock at my door. Not expecting anyone at that time of the day I was reluctant to go. As I get to the door I realise it was my sexy neighbour Kathy.

I open the door and greet her, “Hello.”

“Hi, Jay. Sorry to disturb you, but my PC is acting up and I remember you saying to me once in the garden that you are good with them.” Said Kathy

“Yeah, I am. Whats up with it exactly?”

“Umm. I’m not really too sure. It just isn’t working right. If you have a minute could you come round just now?”

“Sure, let me get my tools.”

I go to get my tools my heart beating ten to the dozen. I can’t believe Kathy wants me to go into her house. She is so incredibly sexy. In her late thirties, but a body of a twenty year old, a goddess to me. Her breast look so soft and supple I have had many nights alone in my bed stroking myself thing about them. (Erotic Stories)

“Okay I’ve got the tools lets see what the problem is.” I said.

I went into her house and she shows me into the living room.

“The PC is upstairs in my room. Just you head up now and I’ll be there in two shakes.” She directed me.

I make my up the stairs unsure of where I am going. As I get to the landing I hearing the whirring of the PC fan which helped me go straight to the room. The scent in her room is intoxicating. My head spinning with all kinds of sexual thoughts. 

“Ah, you have found my room. I’m sorry about the mess. Let me show you what’s wrong with this thing.” Kathy said.

She moves towards the mouse and her right breast brushes gently against my right shoulder. Her perfume lingering around me. I get very excited and I begin to stir in my seat. I didn’t even remember why I was here. My mind just kept racing with sexual images. Soon I could hear talking but it felt as though it was in the distance. There is no focus in my head.

I look up at her, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

She shows me what her problem is. It was just needing a quick disk clean up her virtual memory was getting low. I tell her what I am going to do and she seems to be bored at my explanation.

“I’ll leave you to that then Jay, I’ll be downstairs making dinner. Would you like some?” Kathy asked.

“Sure that would be good.” I replied.

She leaves the room and I get to work. I start to delete all kinds of crap off the PC occasionally looking at a file or two. It was kinds of accounts and finance stuff to begin with. Then I came to a file that read ‘E Date Pics 2009’. As all young guys my age do I get curious and open the file. As I opened the file there were hordes of pictures in them, some with Kathy in very provocative poses and some very sexually explicit acts. This makes my heart beat faster and my cock grow bigger. After a few more pictures my cock is fully erect and I just wanted to wank in her bedroom. I turn to see if she is around. She’s not so I shout down the stairs.



“Oh nothing just thought I would let you know that I might be a while.”

“That’s fine I’m still making the dinner.”

With that in mind I run back into her room and start to look at each and every picture of Kathy. I cannot contain myself any longer I rip my jeans and boxers off and start to stroke my erection slowly savouring every last picture. After a while I notice that most of the pictures had a different guy in them. Not really caring too much I continue to stroke myself. I came to this one picture where Kathy was kneeling on the floor and the guy she was with just spunked all over her pretty face. This picture pushed me past the point of no return.

I thrust my penis in and out of my fist, the pre cum continuously leaking out. I start to orgasm and I can feel that it is going to be a great orgasm. I try to stifle a moan but I let one slip out.

“Hmmmm Uh Uh Uh, Oh Kathy”

Kathy replied, “Well. You know my secret now?”

I jump out of my seat and cum still dripping out my little hole. I try to explain to Kathy but I just did not have the words to cover up my actions.

“Kathy, I didn’t mean to look at your files I just, you know didn’t want to …..”
“You are caught red handed Mister, or should I say cock handed ha ha.”

Rather embarrassed I put my head down in shame and didn’t say a word. She walks towards me and pushes me back down onto the bed.

“If you keep those pictures a secret Jay, then I’ll make it worth your while.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmm, lets see. You didn’t look like you enjoyed your orgasm very much there. Why don’t you lie back and let me help you out.”

Before I could protest she puts my still hard member into her mouth and starts to suck my cock in a very lovingly manner. Her eyes locked onto mine. Her left hand gently brushes my balls and her fingers gently tickle my anus. While her right hand stroked to the same motion as her head bobbed in and out. 

This only lasts several minutes and I could feel my cock building up in pressure. I am ready to explode into her mouth.

“Kathy, I’m cumming. Can I cum in your mouth?”

As if in one whole motion she jumps up and sits down on my cock. My cock just thrust into her warm moist pussy and she started riding me like a bull. It took only a few pumps and I was shooting my hot man juice into her tight mature hole.

“Yes Jay, spray me with you cum. I can feel you coating the walls of my fanny.”

This spurs me on and I keep coming for a few more seconds and then I just go limp and I lay on the bed with her on top of me.

Minutes pass and Kathy just lay there letting me get my breath back.

“Thank you Kathy.”

“For what honey?”

“For giving me the best time of my life, of course.”

“Ha ha, no silly, this is just the start. As long as you tell no one about what you saw on my PC I’ll let you do all kinds of nasty things to me.”

I get up and look at her like an excited little boy, “Really? You’re not lying are you?”

“No Jay, you can have me whenever you like. Plus I’ve never had a guy as young as you. I’d say twenty three was the youngest until I met you.”

I lay there that summer evening with a huge grin on my face and started to think what other things I’d like Kathy to do to me. Until then I’ll just be happy for what has happened so far.