"Erotic Stories" Lucie & the boys

Erotic Stories Lucie & the boys
So I’ve just turned 16...I’m 5’1”, dark brown hair with blonde highlights, 36C chest and around 36-30-40 body – always been one of the larger girls in my class.

It’s the day after my sweet 16 party and everyone is in the common room talking about what happened and didn’t happen, who got off with who, who fucked who. I’m quite quiet as although I had an amazing birthday party I didn’t lose my virginity like I thought I would. My party was in a local nightclub (sadly with all the alcohol locked away) and it looked stunning. I felt very grown up with my lacy top on – very see-through and a skimpy bra covering my huge breasts. I had a long floaty skirt on which I hoped would give my young boyfriend easy access to my virgin pussy.

I arrived about 30mins after the party began and it was in full swing. Lots of bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Within seconds my boy and I are in the middle of it and already I can feel his hard cock against my ass as we dance – I feel my pussy lips tingle in anticipation of getting fucked. I whisper that I’ve got some vodka in my bag and tell him to follow me into the office. We start to drink and continue to dance, his hardness growing and I can feel my little g-string getting wet. We kiss for ages and then his mouth moves down and takes out my nipple. I start to moan with such pleasure. He stops and undoes his trousers where his cock is no longer erect. I ask what’s happened and he says him and his pals have been out drinking since lunch time...preparing for tonight. I ask if I can suck his cock to make it hard and he says I can try but that it’s happened before. I go on my knees and take his soft cock in my mouth, licking and sucking for 30mins with no reaction. He says to stop and apologies for ruining my birthday and leaves the room.(Adult Stories)

I sit in tears on the office desk...knowing that everyone’s outside having fun and I’m in here, slightly d***k and embarrassed that I couldn’t get my boy hard. The bar man walks in and asks what’s wrong – I’m the birthday girl I shouldn’t be crying. I tell him what’s happened and he steps through the back coming back with a bottle of champagne. He says let’s start the celebration again and pops the cork. Pouring me a glass he does some small talk then leans over and kisses me...it’s so different from my boy, harder, deeper, more urgency. All the time I didn’t even notice my breasts were still out from when my boy was sucking them. He asks if I worry about whether I can get a boy hard and I nod. He unzips his fly to reveal a very stiff cock. I ask if I can touch it and he agrees...gently I wrap my hand round it and start to rub, he puts his hand on top of mine and says he’ll show me how to turn him on. 

I watch as I see his cock get harder and then there’s some pre-cum, dropping again to my knees I start to lick it and taste that pre-cum. He lets out a moan and asks if I’m wet. I know I am...its slowly running down onto my thighs so he tells me to bend over the desk. I bend over and he lifts my skirt and starts to kiss my bum. He tells me that I’m a real woman with a body like mine. He stops kissing and slap – he’s spanked my ass. It’s wrong but I love it then his mouth is at the edge of my g-string then I feel his tongue in my pussy...I moan and it takes seconds for me to cum, squirting as I do.

He tells me it’s time that I feel how a proper guy’s hard cock feels in my pussy and stands up. I start to wank his cock getting it really hard for me. He parts my legs and rubs his cock against my pussy lips, coving it in my juices and cum. I moan, begging him to fuck me...he moves back and then I feel the tip of his cock back against my pussy lips. He gently parts them with his cock and I know he’s going to really fuck me and take my virginity. Then I hear ‘Lucie – time to cut the cake’...fuck I scream, it’s mum...he pulls back stuffing that hard cock into his jeans, I pull down my skirt and run out – ready to cut the cake.

The rest of the night flies past and although I love my party I’m still disappointed that I didn’t get a nice hard cock in my pussy. 

The bell rings and it’s time for class, I’m glad I only have one class in the morning as the combination of some vodka and champagne has given me a muzzy head. It’s maths where I’m in the top set and know the teacher thinks I’m great so I should just about manage through it...then lunch where I can chill out before afternoon classes.

Class passes ok and Mr Wand asks me to stay behind. He’s one of the better teachers in school, treats us fairly, quite cute and well dressed. He asks how my party went and I tell him about it, leaving out the bits on my boy and the barman. He says he heard my boy got d***k and left early – how did I feel about that. I just say I was disappointed and don’t want to talk about it. He moves in closer and asks why I was disappointed and starts to kiss me...he whispers was I disappointed because my boy didn’t give me the fucking I deserve. I blush and nod and I feel his hands move to my school blouse. I’m in standard uniform, white blouse, navy tie, tartan pleated skirt (far too short for a big girl like me – barely covers my bum)...I’ve also got white lacy bra and g-string on and white thigh length socks...like to try to cover my legs!

He loosens my tie and undoes 2 buttons on my shirt – I never wear it fully buttoned so with just 2 buttons my breasts & bra are exposed. He asks if I’ve ever seen him watching me? I say yeah a couple of times, when I dropped my jotter and then when he moved me to the front of the class. He tells me he finds me very sexy and that I am very special to him. He lowers his head and lifts my breasts from my bra starting to bite and suck them. I moan with the pleasure, thinking back to last night and knowing he’s going to fuck me. I’ve seen his trousers buldge already.

He turns me round and tells me to bend over the desk...it feels like what happened last night but so much naughtier. No spanking this time, just his fingers in my pussy making me cum so fast. Next thing I know his cock is in me...it hurts to start but he’s so gentle and strong, pushing at the right time, I feel him stretching my pussy. Once he’s in he starts to gently fuck me, I’m loving it, moaning and squealing but I know he wants to fuck me hard, deep and very very rough. I move back onto his cock and beg him to fuck me hard. He starts and within seconds he’s filled my pussy with cum. He pulls out and I feel it on my thighs. He pulls down my skirt, tells me to button my blouse and that I should see him tomorrow for my next tutorial.