"Erotic Stories" Lucie goes shopping & weekend away

Erotic Stories Lucie goes shopping & weekend away
So I’ve been with my boy about 6 months. As you would expect we’ve have a wild and wonderful time with our toys and dressing up. As part of our 6 month celebration we’re going away for a weekend. Just to a lovely log cabin out in the country. Nice big hot tub outside!

The week before we’re about to head off I want to get some new outfits and toys. This isn’t going to be a nice loved up weekend – we’re going away to some where secluded so we can fuck and make as much mess and noise as we can without worrying about neighbours heading us etc.

Off my boy and I go on a shopping trip into town. We go into a few underwear shops and browse what’s there, I look to my boy and I can see his cock is twitching already in anticipation. We walk past Ann Summers and he begs to go in. I tell him they just don’t make clothes for bigger girls. I want to get some outfits that make the most of my wonderful curvy body – I know that’s why he’s with me. (XXX Stories)

I take him to a small shop up one of the side streets. It looks like any of the other standard underwear shops and we go in. I smile at the assistance and she says ‘hello again – is there anything I can help you with?’. I say I’m fine, I know where I am going and what I am looking for. I lead my boy down the stairs and both his eyes and cock pop out with the excitement. Around us is a den of wall to wall bras, stockings, knickers (French, g-strings, crotchless, lacy, latex), corsets, babydolls and at the bottom some costumes (police girl, slut, maid, school girl). He pulls me close and whispers that I know all the good places and pulls my hand to his cock where I feel it bulging. 

I went round the shop, picking out a few items which just so happened to have my size right at the front – must be my lucky day! I wander off to the changing room and ask my boy to follow me. He looks around saying he can’t but his trousers continue to bulge and I know he wants to.

We go into the large changing room, there’s a seat in the corner and I ask him to sit down. I strip down to my underwear and tell him that we’re going to play a little game. I unzip his trousers, letting his cock out. I sit on the edge of the seat, gently touching his cock and tell him that as I try on each of the outfits we will see how hard he gets. Whichever outfit gets him hardest is the one we will get for our weekend away.

Hanging along the wall is the red babydoll & French frilly knickers, the maid outfit with g-string, the pink & black basque with crotchless knickers and the fishnet body stocking.

So continue this do you want to know:
1 – What gets him hardest and what we do?
2 – What happens when the shop girls appears?
3 – What happens at the weekend away?
4 – Something else of your choosing

What gets him hardest and what do we do?

He’s patiently sitting, his cock is now semi erect and I watch him reach of it. I pull his hand away, moving it to my nipples. I tell him he cannot touch himself – I want to see how hard and horny I and the new outfits can get him.

He starts to massage my nipple and it gets very hard immediately...I always have that reaction everytime he touches me. After being together almost every day for 6 months he has learnt every inch of my body, my likes and loves and how to get me wet and horny for him. I pull him in close to me as my nipple aches for his touch and tongue. I kiss him - all I want to do is pull my knickers to one side and climb on his cock – I knew this would turn me on but had no idea how much.

I pull back before I do climb on and let him cum in my pussy. I move back to where the outfits are and think about which one I want to try on first. Hmmm, decisions decsisions.

I decide on the pink & black basque & crotchless knickers, I want to be dressed up for him and show him how wet I am. I strip off my bra & knickers turning to face him. He is like a k** in a sweet shop and his cock is so hard. I turn back around and step into the crotchless knickers, bending over to show him my tight little ass hole. I slide them up and then slip into the basque. Turning round again I stand with my hands on my hips. He smiles and says he likes them. I move over to him and lift his hand onto the inside of my thigh. I tell him to gently slide his hand up...I watch his cock twitching as he gets higher...he reaches the knickers and he has a quick look of confusion replaced by a look of excitement when he realises they’re open and he can touch my bald pussy. I hadn’t told him that I had shaved my pussy that morning. 

I look down to his cock and see the pre-cum leaking out. I bend over exposing my ass and pussy for him to see while I very slowly and gentle lick the pre-cum. His fingers slip into my pussy covering them in my juices and then moves onto into my ass. I feel my body start to shake, I am cuming. I am about to cum so hard and quickly cos this is naughty. I try to stifle my moans and suck his cock hard so no one can hear me cum. It’s so intense and good. I feel his hot cum hit the back of my throat – I had no idea I had sucked him so hard he’d cum for me. Wow!

I step back, licking my lips and he smiles at me. I slide out of the basque and crotchless knickers and ask what he would like next. He tells me the fishnet body stocking. I lift it off the peg, tell him he needs a minute to recover and I will pop this on. I go into the next changing room and slowly, carefully get the body stocking on. I’ve never had or even tried one of these. I look at myself in the mirror...while I like what i see it’s all new and he might not like I. I put the huge heeled black paten shoes on. My confidence increases and I walk out the changing room. The girl from the shop is there and just smiles at me and walks off. I walk into the changing room my boy is in. 

His cock is soft but still out of his trousers...I’m glad he’s not tried to put it away. I walk in and ask what he thinks. He says he’s not sure...only ever seen these in porn! I walk to the side of the chair beside him.

I lift my leg so my thighs part slightly and move my hand to the shoes (they can only be described as porn star shoes...too high, too slutty). I slowly run my hand from my shoes up my legs, onto my thighs, round the outside and onto my ass. His cock twitches. I repeat this again but this time trailing my hand up the inside of my thigh. I move away and stand in from of him. I turn round and bend over and ask him to run his hands up the backs of my legs from my shoes to bum. He starts to do this and his breathing deepens. His hands massages my ass a wee bit too long but I love it. I turn round and straddle him on the seat, asking him to explore the top of my body. He does as I want and his cock is hard again. He tells me he loves my breasts contained in the fishnet body stocking and my nipples pushing out. He reaches down and licks my nipple, I feel a little bit of juice run out my pussy onto his cock. 

He whispers that he wants to fuck me and I tell him not yet. We’ve still not seen which outfit gets him hardest. I slide off his lap, grabbing the red babydoll & French knickers and move into the changing room next door. I know how he feels I am so horny. This time I notice there’s a fantastic looking pink sparkly vibrator. There’s a sign beside that says ‘Enjoy me, I’m silent but very effective’. I’m tempted to rip the body stocking and slide it in but know I cant. I undress, move onto the seat, spreading my legs. I feel between my pussy and I am so wet. I start to rub my clit and slide the vibrator in turning it on. The sign is right, it’s the quietest vibrator I’ve ever had but very good. I start to fuck myself with it, trying not to moan. 
Lucie, are you ok in there he calls. Fuck I’m about to cum...mmmmm I yell back...wont be a minute as I pull my nipple hard as I cover the vibe in my cum. On god I wasn’t meant to do that. I leave the vibrator in, teasing myself while I put the red babydoll on. I slide the vibe out and put the knickers on.

I go back into the changing room my boy is in and I am sad to see his cock is soft again. He looks concerned and asks if everything is ok. I feel bad, how can I admit that I took a while cos I was fucking myself. I ask if he likes and he says yes. I decide I need to give him some attention so I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth again. He gets hard instantly as I suck and lick him. My fingers move to his balls massaging them and touching his ass gently. He tells me he wants me to bend over again. There’s a mirror in front of us so he’ll see my tits hanging out the outfit while my ass is in his face. I bend over and he moves right behind me and brings a hand round to my tits and pulls the right one out. Lovely he says and then moves his hand back to my ass, massaging it again. 

I can feel my cum and juices from earlier cover the material and he notices. He slides his hands between my legs and asks what I’ve been doing. I admit I’ve just fucked myself like a naughty girl. He pushes me down further and really gets my ass in the air and starts to spank me. Hard and gentle I moan. He slides my knickers off and slides his cock in telling me i’m his naughty girl and he wants to make me cum. He fucks me hard and deep. I feel so much pleasure but the odd bit of pain as he thrusts deeper and harder than ever.

We cum together and he fills my pussy with his cum, pulls me close and whispers thank you.