"Erotic Stories" Making New Friends

Erotic Stories Making New Friends
I responded a couple weeks ago to a post I saw on a Yahoo group, I was excited about the prospect that the person posting was in the area that I am at. While I am not completely in the boondocks, I am more then hour away from any large city. The couple was looking to have a man join them for some mutual pleasure. What was really great was I got a great reply from the person and they sounded interested in discussing further. 

After just a couple emails we figured out that we at least had enough common in and our ideas matched pretty well. They were looking for a local male to join them in 3 some pleasures, he was an oral bottom and I was oral top, see how nice that works out. We agreed that when his girlfriend returned we should plan to get together to meet. Sounded like a great plan to me and we agreed to get together in a couple weeks.

Well after a couple days, I received an email from the man suggesting we might want to meet ahead of time to get to know each other. He also decided to include the offer if I was interested in getting my cock sucked, he would certainly be interested in meeting me for that one on one. Well I thought that sounded like a very nice idea in more ways then one. 

So when the evening came to meet, I gave him a call and he gave me directions to his house. I knocked on the door and was invited in by a nice gentleman and offered water, which I accepted. We sat on the couch and talked about various things including nothing and also some of what we covered via email. (Adult Stories)

After a little while he asked if I wanted to get comfortable, looking at my crotch, I knew he meant for me to get naked. I replied so you want me to get naked, I stood up, shoes off and started undoing my pants then he approached me on his knees. As I got out of my clothes he started to play with my now stiffening cock. Touching it and placing his mouth on my taking me in his warm soft mouth, wow it sure felt nice. 

I asked if it would be ok if I sat down, so I moved to the couch spreading my legs to let him slide between my legs. His mouth went right back to work giving me a most wonderful blowjob, very nice and enjoyable. As we played for a while he encouraged me to cum when ever and that he would completely swallow my load for me. Well as I began to enjoy the pleasure building in my balls and soon was climaxing as he took my cock and cum in his mouth. 

We talked for a while after and agreed it was getting late, he had to go to work the next day, so we said our good byes until the next time. Well we checked in with each other over the next day or so and agreed it would be fun to get together again before his girlfriend returned. 

Our next meeting was very exciting since we agreed via email what we wanted to do. He wanted to stay on his knees as soon as I got there and me to stay standing. So when I got there we went immediately to the living room where I stood, kicking off my shoes then as he approached on his knees. I unbuckled my pants and let them drop down to my ankles. He worked his hands around my briefs and exposed my soft cock for his mouth. He eagerly begins taking my cock in his mouth and hands, my bl**d rushing to stiffen my cock hard for our mutual pleasure. The pleasure of getting hard was really fantastic, enjoying my feeling of his mouth and tongue working my cock was incredible. I placed my hands on his head to guide him and allow me some level of power as I pushed my cock into his mouth deeply. His mouth going all the way to the base of my member as I held his head to enjoy the pleasure of being deep throated. As we played like this I knew we were both looking forward to the rush of pleasure of my explosion. My hips moving against my hands thrusting my cock in his mouth, building to the climax that soon would arrive. As I felt the pleasure increasing my balls ready to pump my hot white cum, moaning softly then louder as I exploded in his hungry mouth. 

He kept my cock in his mouth, as I watched him continue to work on my last drops, his hand moved to his own cock. I knew that he was stroking his own cock know, as I kept my hands on his head and continued to pump my semi-hard cock in and out of his mouth. His moan telling me that he was enjoying himself and my mouth fucking. I continued working my cock, with some hope of immediately getting hard again, but also knowing his pleasure was building too. It was not long when he began to convulse with pleasure, reaching his climax. 

We looked forward to seeing each other again or when his girlfriend returned… both looking forward to pleasure with the three of us. 

I meet the man and woman couple on Friday.... we chatted for a while. We all knew what was the reason for us meeting but was good to relax some before we consented to the adult pleasures of why were even together this evening. He turned the conversation so that the issue was pressed some discussion about who might make the first move. She turned the conversation to ask how we got started versus what we were doing. We explained guys are quicker to make a decisive action as we explained that we just asked if we wanted to do it. The basics of it being he just asked if I wanted my dick sucked.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, I had been touching her now for sometime so seemed best for me to make the move. I moved to my knees as we kissed some more when she invited me upstairs to the bedroom. There she sat down on the bed, I kneeled kissing her some more and foundling and touching her body. Moving my hands across her breasts, cupping them through her dress, teasing her nipples as we kissed. I began unbuttoning her dress in the front exposing her bare breasts to my mouth and hands. 

I sucked and licked and played with her breasts that really turned her on a lot she was trying to get both hands in my pants and playing with my dick... I got her dress off and got out of my pants and kneeled at the edge of the bed and started licking her pussy... sweet and juicy flowing into my mouth. She had a very lovely pussy that I could see in the low light of the bedroom, music playing in the background. She was soon purring and moaning with pleasure, I could feel the climaxes of her building, over and over. Wonderful pleasure being sent to me from her, as I touched her, tasted and kissed her sweet pussy. 

I had heard him come in the room enjoying the pleasure of seeing her on the bed with another man between her thighs. I heard their whispers and sweet kisses between them, as I continued to lick and suck on her sweet pussy. He got behind me and started playing with my cock, I was so hard from my pleasure between her legs. I then felt his mouth warm mouth surround my cock, I was so excited to feel the pleasure. My hips began pushing my cock into his mouth so rapidly, my mind racing between her pleasure and that on my own cock. I was really quick to fuck his mouth really hard and fast and shoot a huge load that totally surprised him as I blasted cum and I am sure he was totally shocked. Guess he didn't want me to cum. 

I licked her pussy for another 15 or 20 minutes then got up on her and started rubbing my soft cock on her pussy. He was playing with my cock and balls as me and her, kissed, and that got me hard again very soon. I heard him talking to her telling her it would not be long before I was in her. He was right I was getting hard again very quickly, and he felt it hard in his hand, he guided my dick in her pussy and I started pushing myself into her. I felt her pleasure building and she was really hot and started thrusting to meet my thrusts, I knew she was achieving another climax again with me in her. I too climaxed again in her pussy not as big as my first load but very nice climax for me.