"Erotic Stories" Meeting Rikki

Erotic Stories Meeting Rikki
I first meet Rikki about 3 years ago, guess going on years, via the Internet. I was responding to a posting I had seen on Craigslist... not sure I understood the posting but certainly it seemed that it was a good idea. We had some great conversations via email over a variety of subjects of course many of the subjects dealt in a very sexual nature. Truth is I became more an more aroused by this woman and though we never actually had meet face to face she became an intense fantasy and arousal of my day dreams and night dreams. 

After sometime she and I agreed to meet each other, this meeting was a very casual meeting we meet at a dear friend of hers place, he of course was there and we had also talked via email. The meeting was pleasurable though the sexual undertows were there everyone behaved and we enjoyed a variety of conversations on many topics. 

Rikkiis a beautiful mature woman that though she does not consider this of herself she is sexy, sensual and seductive. After this first meeting I was more and more intensely filled with the thoughts and desires of a sexual encounter. Rikki has enjoyed my emails and hints of my pleasuring myself with her as the topic. I doubt I have ever shared with her how much I had began to think of her and find myself stimulated sexual of her. (XXX Stories)

Her dear friend Todd, helped nudge us together again and arranged for us to be able to meet during the day for what we both knew and deeply wanted was going to be filled with sexual pleasure. As the day arrived we confirmed the meeting to each other via email... both also confirming that we were somewhat nervous and excited about our planned encounter... 

I knocked on the door and entered to see that both were there.... taking off my jacket... I was so excited to see Rikki, dressed in a black silk robe. Here face was flush with her nervousness as well as the excitement she was having, she walked to me with such passion it was wonderful. I wrapped my arms around and her, and she me and we kissed, with the intensity of lovers. My hands caressing her against the silk robe, and feeling the heat of her body. Rikki was hungry with her desire, she reached up to the top of her robe and began to pull it open against the tie and the crush of our bodies. Exposing her breast to me with excitement and intensity for me to see her, I looked as she pulled it out for me to see.. ... of my how often I had seen some pictures, but to see her dark areola, firm nipple, sheathed in a nipple ring with a chain on it connect to another. This sight sent my rush of bl**d and made me so excited. 

My own hungry took over and my mouth went to her breast, taking my lips to her bound nipple, and sucking on them, her body shaking with pleasure against me, as I devoured her breast and moved my tongue across her nipple, mixing hard bites against the nipple. My hands caressing her ass, and pulling her against me. We finally let go of this first moment and she took me upstairs.... excited as we then got to the bedroom, standing next to it we began again the intensity and rushed pleasure of two needing to be together. Rikki went to remove my clothes, unbuttoning my shirt, my helping her, as she went to work on my pants... Her excitement to expose me to her was felt by me our moment of finally experiencing each other. 

She happy that I was finally out of my clothes nude for her pleasure, as she groped to feel my cock in her hand, I was raging hard of course, as she fondled my cock and balls. I pulled at her robe to expose both her breasts to my hands and mouth, and of course excited to see what other surprises I would find beneath her Robe. I got her robe of her shoulders to expose her nearly naked body to me. She was glad in panties part leather part chain, which I found so utterly sexy. 

She kneeled in front of me her warm lips taking the head of cock between them, her tongue tasting my manhood. My hands against her head fingers between her hair, as she engulfed my cock into her mouth. Her lips against my shaft as she took me deeply into her. Her hungry taking me was intense, my cock rushing with even more bl**d stiffening harder and pleasure. My instinct taking over applying pressure with my hands to her head to guide her thrusts on me... I was enjoying this but my desires to taste her had me pull her off my cock. 

She laid down on the bed as I finished stepping out of my pants, I watched as she tried to straighten her panties, and chain that was rubbing against her pussy. Her pussy lips and clit are clearly darker then the her skin, making such a tempting pleasure to want to taste. She has already known that I desire and want to lick her pussy so I kneel on the floor against the bed pulling her thighs closer to me. 

Her panties do offer a chance to slide the chain off to the side of her pussy, so my tongue can get complete access to her. While I am overly excited, I try to relax, as I tease her pussy with my tongue as well as spreading it open for deep intense probing. I opened her thighs so that I had all of her exposed to me as she encouraged Todd to undress and come over to her. I had been lost in the moment and almost forgot he was there. She wanted him too... asking for him to give her his cock in her mouth. I looked up from between her thighs as she took his cock in her hand and pulled his thick cock to her mouth and began to devour him with her hot mouth. I was encouraged by her thrusting against my face... 

I was licking her clitoris, probing her dripping wet pussy with my tongue and pushing her legs into the air to expose her rosebud ass to lick it and probe with as much intensity as I had for her pussy. She was beginning to ooze more and more so I knew that she was enjoying my oral attention, Rikki's pussy lips are wonderful for licking and sucking on. I was enjoying this pleasure so intensely I don't know how long I had been at it, but was wonderful to feel her pussy juices run into my mouth as I drank them up. As I worked on her for awhile, not yet bringing her to total climax I was clearly impressing her and pleasing her. Knowing she was close and needing to have a climax I worked her with my mouth easing her first climax with my tongue... my mouth covering her pussy, tongue inside it and sucking her gush into my mouth. 

I enjoy the pleasure of her pussy, she has climaxed but does not push me away as I work on her pussy with tongue again, though she is intensely aroused she does not keep me away. I decide to help her out of the panties she has on and continue to be between her thighs. I am there licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris. She is now enjoying it and relaxed as I she begins to make some comments for Todd and my benefit the first of course is that she says" I can tell that you can do that for a long time" I reply as long as you will let me. I am enjoying her pussy, my own pleasure now is building within, this pleasure is intense for me as it is unlike anything I ever feel except in these moments. It is driven by Rikki now we are connected, at least that is how it feels to me. She comments to Todd more then me, that I have her clit in my mouth and I am sucking the whole thing. Clearly she is enjoying this as I feel her warm juices flowing from her, when wrap my whole mouth around her pussy and suck and lick her juices.... 

This is where it really starts for me, to call it an orgasm is the only way I really know how to describe it, it is building of pleasure from Rikki, and it spreads from my groin, mouth and through my whole body. This is more then a sexual climax with ejaculation from my cock but is complete pleasure. It will build to intense climax most certainly if I am able to bring a climax to her... 
I don't know for sure how many she has had but certainly two or three and mine was intensely tied to her pleasure. 

She had needed a break to stop and use a dildo on herself of course this is so wonderful, certainly the oral stimulation had began to be too much and was fun to watch her as well as help her. At some point we started to take a break as Todd needed to return to work we both laid together on the bed and said our goodbyes to him. 

We were naked together just caressing and touching each other after a brief little break, Rikki's pussy was overly stimulated from my oral attention. She wanted me and expressed her interest in sucking me which I was more then happy to accommodate. As I helped her with her toy, she was intently interested in sucking me and certainly was driving her as she pleasured herself with her toy. I then laid next to her, kissing her and rubbing her breasts and offering a hand to help with her toy. She guided my hand as I helped her with the toy, it was wonderfully intense to enjoy masturbating her with a toy. 

As we continued to play, She turned her head down to have her face in my crotch... she was hungry for my cock and it was wonderful to be desired and craved for such. I eased my cock into her mouth, feeling the pleasure, her own pussy was again exposed and staring me in the face. 

Soon we were 69ing together, the pleasures blending together, I could feel her body craving the pleasure from sucking on my cock, her mouth hungrily taking me in as I responded in kind. We both had been lost in the moment... I started to feel the intensity and desire to ejaculate in my groin as she took me in her mouth, and as I continued to drink from her pussy. We had not talked about if it would be OK for me to ejaculate in her mouth, I felt the pleasure building and knew soon I would be climaxing and shooting hot cum. 

I tried to pull away from her mouth as it began to build in me, but she pulled my cock back into her hungry mouth. I finally relaxed to the intensity as we both built to our climax together... she drank from my cock, not skipping or taking a breath.... it was so incredible wonderful to feel her mouth milk my cock. We continued to play and touch as we took a little break again... she told me, or asked me... "Will you fuck me?" 

I wanted to so we tried to do many things to get my cock stimulated and hard again, but I just could not seem to get it going again for me. She thought it was her, but the truth is she was so very exciting and willing to do anything to please me to get me hard, I am surprised that I did not get hard again for the third time. Though I explained that it was not her, it must me the stress of the other stuff going on in my life. 

We laid together on the bed, shared a smoke and some conversation. Me so satisfied, wanting to stay there for hours, and meet ever single day there after. Though we have not been able to meet again, stealing time together she has been a thought and excitement on my mind ever since. 

My hope and wish is that again we can meet and experience pleasures of being together.