"Erotic Stories" Mindy and Brad

Erotic Stories Mindy and Brad
Mindy awoke on the morning after she had sex with her b*****r Brad and lay in bed trying to remember what she was dreaming about. She looked at her alarm clock and saw that she had awaken at the same time as if she were going to get up and ready for school; however, she was on Summer break and she didn’t have to be anywhere. She pulled her sheet to her neck again and lay on her side looking at the clock. She had already decided that she wasn’t in the mood to get up and do anything, so she just returned to her thoughts at trying to remember what she had been dreaming about and wondering if she had been dreaming about having sex… with anyone other than Brad .

“Mindy!” she heard her mother call up the stairs to her. Mindy reached for her cell phone and speed dialed her mothers cell number and could hear it ringing in her ear twice before she heard the corny “Baby Bop” song on her mothers cell that must be sitting on the foyer side table at the bottom of the stairs. Baby Bop played for nearly a minute before she heard her mother call up the stairs, “You could just come downstairs instead of calling me you know!” but she answered the phone anyway.(Erotic Stories)

“What is it Mindy!” her mother asked in her lawyer voice.
“Mom!,” Mindy started, “I’m awake but I just don’t feel like getting up yet. Do you want me for something?” She asked like a sweet, responsible daughter.
“No, not really.” Her mom responded, “Do you feel sick or something?” her mom asked like a dutiful mother.

“I don’t think I’m sick I’m just feeling a little blah,” Mindy hoped that was description enough to be left alone and allowed to keep to herself.
“Okay… Well…” her mom started, “Your b*****r is feeling sick and I was just wondering if perhaps the lasagna from last nights dinner was bad or something… I already had Rosa throw the rest of it out.” She explained.
Mindy took an accounting of herself quickly to analyze if she were actually sick, but quickly determined that she was feeling fine, she just wanted to be left alone. “No mom, I don’t feel sick. I’ll get up in a little while and check on… Whose sick?” Mindy suddenly asked, “Brad or Rick?” she finished.

“Brad’s sick… Rick didn’t come home last night,” her mom reported, “So that would be good if you would look in on him and see if he needs anything and let me know if he seems to get worse or whatever, Okay sweetie? “ her mother asked with an almost cooing question…
“I’ll call later and check up on you both, bye for now, “ her mother finished and then disconnected before waiting for Mindy’s next thought or returned “Bye!” “Typical” she thought.

Mindy’s thought turned to Rick for the moment and she thought about his failure to come home, which wasn’t an event… especially since he started college. His school is only 60 miles away so he has been living at home but seems to have the okay to have an “Open” residence policy. He can stay with his “friends” if he wants too, or attend concerts or games out of town, or just schedule his activities as he pleases… as long as he lets their parents know and checks in so that they know he is okay. Mindy’s parents knew that the reason he was only in a community college was because he goofed off so much in high school that even his athletic skills didn’t carry him into a decent college. They had hope for his success and were willing to finance his school and play for the time being, but she heard them tell him that he either attends school or gets a job… and Mindy didn’t think Rick was suitable for the work f***e… just yet.

Mindy also knew that Rick was more than just a goof off, he was one of the biggest “dogs” she had ever heard of. She learned of his antics when a couple of her best friends, while still in middle school no less, had allowed him to fuck them and they became the targets of comments and gestures because he had obviously bragged about bagging them. Mindy once heard him tell one of his friends that he had “nailed” over a hundred girls while he was only a Junior in high school. She knew that she fell asl**p last night planning how she was going to get Rick to fuck her… but she knew too that she was just fantasizing about expanding her sexual experience. Mindy really didn’t plan on having sex with Brad, she just reacted to a lot of thoughts and events and her mind formulated a plan of action very quickly that would help her to get even with their mother while at the same time, satisfy a little sexual curiosity. She knew with almost certainty that she would never be the subject of ridicule or crude gestures because her b*****r Brad was a sweetie and she counted on that. Their time together was just what she might have expected it to be with him. He was gentle, attentive and not in any rush to do anything that she didn’t suggest or allow. If she wanted a near robotic sex partner, Brad would be perfect…. Well…. Except for the quickness of his climaxes… and… well… the size of his penis… it was the perfect size for her first one in that it wasn’t short so much as it was narrow in size and was easy for her to accept in her virgin vagina. It was also easy to accommodate for the repeated entries. Mindy had instinctively reached her hand under her panties when thinking about Brads penis and into her crotch where she could slip her finger to the outer lips of her vagina and make an assessment of yesterdays damage. Except for the slightest rawness from their two hours of repeated fucking, she was in good shape. Some of the rawness was due to the long soft pubic hair she had not trimmed from around her vagina and something she was determined to correct today. Mindy was reminded just then that she also needed to schedule a visit with Doctor Amanda today and get her first exam and prescriptions since becoming “sexual active.” Mindy winced again at the thought of her mother discussing this with Dr A without her, or even without knowing anything about her daughters level or desire for such activity. Mindy got out of bed then, angry again.

Brad appeared to be sl**ping when Mindy checked on him quietly before leaving for the doctors office. She taped a note to the inside of his door telling him where she was going and to call her cell if he wanted or needed anything. She was back home within three hours and very satisfied with her morning doctors visit and a fresh “Bikini Wax” that had her pubic area tingling wildly even without any thoughts of sex. She also carried a good sized bag of things that Doctor Amanda had given and prescribed for her… including a “morning after” pill and her new prescription for “The Pill” which she didn’t mind at all since these will regulate her dreaded “Monthly Cycle” and may in fact be a nice thing for her to have control over. Various other things were in the bag including an assortment of condoms and lubes and gels… when it came down to it, Dr A was pretty cool about giving her the items and a lot of information on how to use them and when. Mindy wasn’t uncomfortable with Dr A, but she definitely picked up a sense of interest from the good doctor. Although Mindy was certain that anyone who was as fit and good looking as the doctor was also most likely involved with great looking guy that appreciated a sexy smart woman who had such intimate knowledge in all the things sexual about a woman…… Mindy then thought… but that could also apply to a great looking woman as well…. Interesting thought…..

Brad hadn’t called Mindy so she went to his room on the way to hers and knocked lightly before quietly opening the door… when she could look into his room she was startled to see him laying on his bed and stroking his penis hard and fast as he gasped and groaned just before he gasped in short squeals and she knew that he was climaxing at that moment. Not wanting to embarrass him she quietly closed the door and retreated back towards her room and entered it just as quietly and set about unloading her bag of things and putting them into places she hoped were secure and private for her, yet handy should she need anything. When that was done, Mindy lay on her bed and replayed the scene of Brad jacking off and felt the sensation of him in her and she realized that having just that little experience of sex was now an almost instant turn on and her vagina quivered with an involuntary desire for more. She inhaled deeply as she felt a wave of passion wash over her and she savored the way her loins seemed to cause switches to turn on all over her body… her heart pounded heavily as if she had just ran home. She tried to blank out her new preoccupation with fucking, but she couldn’t get the image of Brads penis being stroked to climax, and her own memories of the numerous stokes she had felt inside her before his spasmodic jerking on her as he shot his sperm into her… “Dang It!” she quietly exclaimed to herself. But before she f***ed herself to get off of her bed and take the pill she needed to prevent Brads baby from forming inside her… she formulated a checklist of quick questions in her mind and ran down it in her typical and analytical way of trying to determine why and how she became like this… 

Was it the sight and thought of Brad that turned her on? Was he now a “Lover” that she would involuntarily and uncontrollably be obsessed with?
Was it the sight of Brads penis? The memory of him being her first and the familiarity of it and the fact that she chose it. Was it his penis in particular that turned her on… or would just about any penis do?

Was she turned on because she was unsatisfied and wanted a lot more sex? She refused to think that was her stimulation because she already knew that was the descriptions used for the Nymphos and Sluts in school and the talk she overheard always said that the girls with those labels were fair game because they couldn’t control their urges.

Mindy flushed the list and thoughts from her mind and quickly left her room to go to the kitchen where she could get something to eat and find some other diversion to occupy herself with.

As the housekeeper, Rosa, was about to leave for the day she answered the ringing house phone from the kitchen extension while Mindy finished her lunch of salad and fresh cucumber finger sandwiches on Rosas delicious homemade tortillas and yogurt with dill dressing and dip…. 
“Miss, is your madre…” Rosa informed Mindy politely while handing the cordless phone handset to her.
Mindy wiped her hand on a napkin and swallowed to clear her mouth and spoke into the phone, “Mom.”
“Mindy Honey,” her mother said in a voice rich with the same sticky sweetness she just mentioned. “Your father has a wonderful opportunity to fly up to Chicago to close a deal on a business takeover and has invited me to accompany him to review the agreement contracts… I’d really like to go if you think Brad is well enough and you wouldn’t mind too much to watch over everything for a couple of days.” 

Mindy was used to the way her mother phrased things. Although there was a question and concern about Brad in there, her mother was actually telling Mindy what she and dad were going to do.
“Yeah mom, I saw Brad a little while ago and he seems to be fine,” Mindy reported but withheld the information about him feeling well enough to pound his meat into a groaning climax. “Are you coming home to pack or anything I can help with?” Mindy volunteered.
“No Honey,” her mother again cooed, “Your father and I are old hands at this and we keep a couple of changes of clothes at or offices… and besides… he owes me a great shopping trip in Chicago…” she laughed. “I’ll look for something nice for you too sweetheart.” She finished.
“Okay mom,” Mindy said in closing, “We’ll be fine, have a good time…see you when you get home.”
“Okay Honey, we should be back home Sunday evening, but I’ll text you a copy of our itinerary as soon as I know what it is…” Mindy’s mother gave all the regular reassurances and cautions and after another round of basically the same conversation they said their good byes and Mindy clicked the handset off.

“Bye Rosa!” Mindy called after the housekeeper as she opened the side door to leave the house, “Have a nice weekend!” and after Rosa waved and gave her usual , “Good bye Missy.” she left the house. Mindy was suddenly aware of the quiet stillness of the empty house… well… except for Brad and his penis upstairs, she was all alone for the weekend. She shuddered and knew she was subconsciously at battle with an urge to burst into Brads room totally naked and resume the exploration of sex acts that she began yesterday. A sudden wonton thought also occurred to her as well, “Rick!” she growled, “I wonder what he’s doing this weekend? So she picked up the handset and speed-dialed his cell number.

“Hey! What’s up” She heard her b*****rs voice answer, but before she could speak to him she heard his voice instruct her to wait for the tone and leave a message… “Dang it!” she exclaimed again, “He’s forwarded his cell to the phone in his room… she waited a moment for the beep to indicate the recording cycle and she left a message about their parents being tied up on business this weekend and she just wondered what he was going to be doing. Mindy hung up when she almost started to laugh in the phone, she never called Rick to see what he was going to do, she never approached him to ask if he might want to come home and do something with her. She NEVER felt an interest in what Rick was doing because she ALWAYS just assumed that he was making his best effort to fuck as many poor girls as he could charm their panties off of. She never wanted anything to do with him until she got this crazy curiosity about what it would be like to be fucked by him. Not because he was the “studly Rick Holmes,” but because she again assumed that he would not make her an object of conquest for his friends, and of ridicule before all other males in this state. Mindy wasn’t as mad at her mother for the Dr A thing anymore, but now she had a lot of things to tryout and a newly independent thinking vagina that would startle her by wildly pinging whenever in range of a penis. She would have never experimented with Brad if she had known that she would never again have control of herself. With that thought, she knew that she did have Brad for the weekend and would have to investigate that opportunity before too long to insure another “safe” sex partner before he exercised his ability to run off to a fellow gamer freak to play videos all weekend.

Mindy spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up and loading her vagina with one of her new samples, some sperm killing gel, just in case, and found a cute little skimpy outfit to wear that was not as obvious as total nakedness or bed clothes. Then she decided to put on an oversized tee shirt to be even less obvious, but only wore a cute little pair of panties underneath. She was satisfied with the look, and then she became aware of the gel in her vagina, it had been causing a warming and tingling in her vagina and was obviously something not meant to be used when a partner was not already on the hook and waiting to get busy in some kind of timely manner…. “Dang it!” Mindy gushed and moved toward Brads room with a new urgency.

Mindy knocked more loudly this time and awaited for a voice or invitation… which didn’t come with her first knock… nor a second… but with her even louder third knock and her calling out his name… Brad opened the door still in his shorts and tee shirt from yesterday…. “Great!” she thought to herself, I might be about to invite a stinking, unwashed, and obviously overused dick to try and cool down my sex gel.
“What’s wrong with you Brad? Mindy asked in a softer tone that the commanding questing she asked.
Brad pulled his typical and painfully sheepish mumbling “I don’t know.” While never taking his eyes off the floor or lifting his head to answer, as he slowly shuffled back to his bed. Mindy noticed that his video games weren’t even on… Dang, she thought, he might really be sick or something.

“Hey!, are you sick?” Mindy asked with concern driven by the guilt that she had assuming that he was okay just because she saw him pounding his dick.
Brad sat on the edge of his bed and sat silent for a few moments as Mindy moved around the room to position herself in front of him and tried to look at his face to see him if he spoke again. 
“What’s wrong?” she asked him now expecting him to say that he thought he had the flu or something like that.
“Mindy,” he quietly started, “What have we done?” and Mindy’s heart sank as she dreaded the one thing that she was sure Brad would not feel if she led him into a sexual encounter. “Guilt !” and she searched for some kind of reassuring response that could dismiss the perversion of their activity and maybe she could thank him for helping her with her curiosity problem and fear of becoming a named slut in school if she had tried to gain her experience with just one of the boys. 

“Brad,” she began, “I can’t begin to thank you for helping me with my raging hormones….” But before she could continue with totally improvised response she saw her b*****rs tear stained face grimaced in a mask of torment as he raised his head for her to see and he began to speak in a voice of pain and cracking with the sobs of a broken boy.

“Mindy, I’ve always loved you and looked up to you for your strength and independence. And I’ve always admired you for not being just another pretty girl, like most of your friends, who are only focused on themselves and what they can gather as trophies to line the steps up their popularity ladders. “ he related as if following a well rehearsed script. “I had never thought of you in the way we were yesterday, but you have been the exact model of the girl I would have hoped to find for myself if I ever break out of my gamer world and become cool enough to attract someone exactly like you.” He stressed the last part as if it were underlined in bold type… “I just was not prepared or could have ever been prepared for YOU in my wildest dream … and now… now I’m only able to think of you and of what we did and there is nothing more I want, nor nothing more I can think of… I’ve never been more unhappy in my life and I mostly just wish I were dead.”

“Brad” Mindy finally said after a few moments of his silent sobs, “I don’t think I know if you are feeling incredibly guilty and perverted, or if you are just so in love with me that you want to dedicate yourself to be my love slave for the rest of your life…” Mindy thought that if she tried to make him feel some humor in what he was ranting about she could break him out of his sadness, at least enough so that he might think more clearly and talk things out a little better. Some of her assessment was paying off and after a few moments they were able to have a conversation about his feelings of inadequacy and the hopelessness of his feeling of desire and love for her. Even with her limited experience in life she knew that she couldn’t dismiss his feelings or offer to fulfill his hope of a future for them. She used every skill she had to worm her words between and around his feelings and did her best to untie the knots of his entangled emotions so that he was relieved from the cinching pains in his chest that made it impossible for him to relax enough to rest and restore himself for the night. She felt guilty for what she had done to Brad whom she was fully aware to be a gentle and sensitive boy… and the reason she did love him best of all in her f****y. She lay with him and watched as he fell asl**p soon after he calmed down a bit and got his feelings sorted out a little better. He told her it was easier because she was talking to him again, something he feared would change since their afternoon together. He had been afraid that she would be too embarrassed about what they did and maybe even regret letting him make love to her. He professed his appreciation for her, saying that she was exquisite and then apologized to her for having to endure his clumsy and pathetic inability to perform in even the most elementary way to give her a passionate love making that was worthy of her. He was painfully aware of his immaturity and lack of control and c***dlike proportions so undeserving of her perfection. Mindy cried with him then because she had never heard anyone speak of her in that way and knew she was hearing a profession of love.

Mindy did share her thankfulness for his patience and gentleness and reassure her profound satisfaction with him and the ease she was introduced to the sexual experience because of his youthfulness, a bonus to her and something she would strongly advise to any girl considering the same course of action. She was left comfortable and uninjured on the night and day following her defloration, and she was very thankful for his ethics and her protection from the gossip and ridicule every other girl seemed to receive after gaining their first experience she had. She reassured him that she loved him too and he fell off into a very deep sl**p. Mindy stayed in bed with Brad until late into the night… she didn’t think of fucking or of his penis or of her own vaginal needs, she stayed with him because she was comfortable and enjoyed it. When she awoke after a short few hours of sl**p, she quietly left his room and found her way to her own bed and didn’t think about anything else except that she was happy.

She awoke at her same time the next morning as well… She awoke thinking of her previous day and all the levels of thought, emotion and feelings that she had experienced in the last two days and laying there on her back, sprawled across her bed, still in her oversized teen shirt and little panties, she felt totally carefree and still, as she was when she fell asl**p in her own bet, Happy.

She didn’t have a plan of operation for this day, nor for the next week, nor for the rest of the summer. Just that fact was evidence that she was not herself at all. She was never without a plan, and she was never away from her desk until she plotted out her days and weeks in her planner and on the large desk calendar… daily details which she would transfer to sticky notes and place in strategic areas as reminders for her and everyone else who may have an interest in what she was doing. With nothing on her agenda she thought she would make plans… but not just for herself… she would check with Brad and see what he would like to do and she would plan for the two of them… She knew she would have time for her friends during the week… but today… she didn’t want to leave Brad alone. Reminded of Brad she thought she would get up and check on him before she went about showering and getting dressed. She exited her room and padded down the hall in bare feet to his door, tapping lightly as she turned the knob and opened it quietly. 
“Hey, good morning.” Brad greeted her cheerfully when she put her head in to see him still laying in bed under his sheet. “Did you sl**p with me last night?” he asked in the same cheerful tone.
“Yeah,” Mindy replied, “Most of it, until I went to my own room so we both could sl**p.” She continued. 

“I thought I may have been dreaming it.” Brad told her, “I woke up a couple of times and you were curled up next to me and I would just look at you and not move because I didn’t want to wake you up… or if I was dreaming it… I didn’t want to wake up.” He further explained to her. “We haven’t slept together since we were camping in Canada that summer.” Brad reminded her, “But I never realized what a privilege it would be to get to sl**p with you again,” he laughed. “I would have held or spooned with you a lot more…” he finished.

“Hey I had no idea I would ever do most of the things I’ve done, nor missed the things we did as k**s.” Mindy added. “So, what are you planning on doing today?” she asked.
“I don’t know if mom and dad have anything planned for me to do, otherwise I don’t have anything planned for myself.” Brad responded.

“Great!” Mindy said, “Then get your butt out of bed and get cleaned up and we can plan on something to do… OH… did I mention that mom and dad are in Chicago?” she added, knowing that she had forgotten to tell him of the turn of events. “I’ll see you downstairs after I get showered and dressed,” and she turned and closed the door without waiting for a reply and padded back to her room to get her things for her shower.

In the bathroom she stripped off her shirt and panties and stepped into the large marble tiled glass enclosure and turned on the faucet and selected the “Rain Head” shower and flipped the side nozzles so that she was enclosed in the warm shower and jets of water. She heard a door close and looked up to see Brad outside the shower door at the same time he asked, “Can I join you?” Mindy was almost startled, but with the recent events, she did not respond in the same way she might have just last week, ducking for cover and yelling at him to get out of room… instead… she stepped back to make room for him and told him, “Sure!”

It was another first experience for the both of them, so it took a couple of minutes to get used to being in a shower with someone else, and the sexual tension that developed while still trying to go through the motions of accomplishing the business of bathing. In spite of Brad’s youth, he was the one who reached for Mindy’s special body soap and poured a bit of it into one of his hands and applied it to her shoulders and began to spread it over her and make the effort to actually bathe his s****r. Mindy let him and turned for him so that he could rub the soap over her back and arms and to the top of her perfectly shaped round butt. He added more soap to his hand and then turned her to put it over her chest and began to spread it over her breasts and stomach and into her underarms and along her arms… he even held her hand and washed her fingers and along her arm and was very seriously focused on washing her. Mindy was captivated by his attention and perfectly willing to allow him to continue even though she could have completed the whole routine in less than half the time. When Brad got more soap and kneeled down to wash her legs and bottom, he was so gentle about putting the soap between her legs and rubbing the length of her lovely long legs lifting her feet to clean them in the same detailed manner he did her fingers. Mindy felt it a very lovely experience and was enjoyed the minutes of attention spent on her. She was also aware that she was turned on again, but not in the raging hormonal was as yesterday, but in the way that she was ready for some gentle love making time.

When Brad was finished, Mindy returned the favor and tried to be as thorough as Brad was with her, but when she got her soapy hands onto his erection, she was almost stuck on the stroke cycle. She knew her eyes were closed and she was using both of her hands to stroke his penis and rub his hip… she felt Brads head bend next to her head and they stood in the flowing water for a few minutes like that, almost embraced, while she stroked his penis until he climaxed over her arm and the front of her and they held each other tightly while he jerked a couple of times during his spasm of release, but she didn’t stop stroking him until he deflated and went limp in her fingers. Still embraced, they held onto each onto each other in the flowing water until finally Brad asked, “What’s for breakfast?” with a chuckle and they both laughed and made a final rinse before turning the water off and getting the towels to dry themselves.

Back in her room to dress, Mindy was confused by her choices for that moment. She intended to dress and go downstairs to have some breakfast and make some kind of plan for the day and yet, she had just jerked off her b*****r and had a very sweet interlude with him in the shower that seemed to more properly dictate that she get into bed with him and finally get some more of that gently fucking that she has been focused on getting for a whole day. Brad didn’t indicate that he wanted to fuck and he was the one who mentioned that he was hungry… Hell! Mindy thought, Brad didn’t eat anything yesterday, he must be starving. So her next plan seemed to be shaping up… get Brad fed… then plan the fuck. She threw on another oversized tee shirt and left her room, without panties, but just to make some breakfast for them and get the ball rolling for the day plan so she could relax and follow the steps for the rest of the day. At the kitchen island Mindy checked for prepared meals left by Rosa and found some delightful flautas and put them into the warming oven and made place sittings for two on the counter side. Juice, tea, and the yogurt dill dip, all set out and ready for Brad which occurred just at the same moment the timer went off on the oven and breakfast was ready. “Wow!” Brad remarked, “I can’t remember when you have ever made breakfast for me, but Thank You!” and he sat at one of the place sittings. When Mindy sat beside him on one of the high stools the fit the counter, Brad noticed her tee shirt ride high on her obvious nakedness and he quickly remarked, “Did you dress up for me?” and smiled at her.

Mindy sad down and primly tried to adjust her shirt to appear more ladylike and replied, “I wanted to get breakfast started so that when you got down here we could plan out our day.” She explained. “I’ll dress accordingly once we have a plan made.” She concluded.

Brad looked at her as he ate and drank and finally said, “I don’t care what we do today as long as I can do it with you!” and looked at her for a response but Mindy was running down a list of activities that they could do before replying, so Brad offered, “I would rather spend the whole day going back and forth from my room and only taking breaks to eat something once in awhile for strength.” And he waited for her response to that.

Mindy knew immediately what was being suggested and she didn’t need a lot of thought to make a decision about it. She had started this whole thing when she reacted in anger at her mother, and her motivation was to get even with her mother by throwing herself into as “safe” a “sexually active” (the exact words as reported by Dr A) encounter. She knew that Brad was the only one she could trust to enter into her little plan and in order for it to have a chance of working she couldn’t just ask him to fuck her, she needed to follow a plan of seduction that would follow an innocent enough line of questions and inquisitiveness. Had Mindy really planned things out she would not have started it because she would have foreseen how it would affect Brad and may change their relationship forever. Mindy was responsible for everything and had exercised the power she had become aware of over the last couple of years. She knew her power was also known as “wiles” and she was practiced at weaving them and could predict with very near perfect accuracy the result she would get with any plan she wanted to unleash. Never has she felt so responsible for the pain and confusion of another… but then again… never had she woven a plan that involved such a powerful subject. Mindy had always considered her mind her most powerful weapon, but was now conceding that she was the same as just as guilty as all the girls that were objects of taunting… her own “pussy” was her most dangerous weapon… and she had only used it once, but as she has learned, once is all it takes to ignite this weapon that is overpowering. She was going to have to be a lot more careful and intentioned when she used her weapon next time… and resigned herself to learn as much as she could about such things, and she was going to spend the rest of this day learning how it worked and what it needs to be satisfied. With that knowledge she will be able to incorporate the use of her new weapon in all future plans.. She hoped that she could convince Brad to assist her in learning about sex for as long as she could reasonably expect him to be a limited term partner in their learning program and not a prospect for a lifetime commitment to a union between the two of them…. That would be perverted…. And so damaging to any thought of a successful and productive future for either of them. 

“I can’t think of anything I would like more that to spend the day learning about sex with you.” Mindy cooed to Brad. “We can talk about things when we stop to eat and bath, but I’m ready whenever you are, but may I suggest that we use my room… it’s at the end of the hall and not next to Ricks… just in case he comes home.” She smiled and watch the smile on Brads face stretch into a grin and she waited until he moved off his stool as a sign he was ready to get to business.

Mindy made a quick trip to the bathroom to load some of that sperm gel into her vagina and brought out a couple of condoms for Brad to experiment with before she returned to the bedroom and found Brad already in her bed under her sheet. “Anxious?” she inquired. 

“Very!” he shot back. And as she removed her tee shirt and revealed her complete nakedness, she joined him under the sheet and the closed the distance between them. “Tell me, “ she asked, “What kinds of things do you know about and what kinds of things do you want to try,” Mindy softly asked as she instinctively reached down for his erection. Finding it she wrapped her small hand around it and satisfied herself with just gently holding it while allowing her thumb and fingers to feel it and become familiar with the textures of the shaft and head.

Brad put his hand on her hip and contented himself in rubbing the soft roundness of her butt cheek and the small hallow of her waist. “I know the typical things,” he began, “the kissing, the licking and sucking on the boobs and….” He blushed and stammered, “and the kissing and licking of the “main” parts.” He painfully completed the thought. “I don’t know what it’s called with a girl, but with a boy it’s called a blowjob.” 

Mindy was silent for a little while as she confirmed the same information that she knew of… she didn’t feel comfortable searching out this information on the internet so she just gained her knowledge from her girlfriends. Even the two who had fucked Rick talked about how he wanted them to suck his penis before and after he fucked them… one thought it was gross, but the other thought it was wonderful. Mindy knew she would have to learn for herself.

“I’m not all that keen about kissing… at least not yet,” she responded, “I think it’s a thing between lovers and may be a very nice thing… but even though we’ve already done the ultimate no-no, I don’t feel a desire to kiss… I mean… I love you terribly… obviously… but you know that old saying about knowing when someone isn’t the right person for you because it’s like kissing you b*****r, Or s****r, “she added.

Brad didn’t respond with words, and his face didn’t show disappointment or indicate anything other that thoughtful listening. “As for the other “Oral” stuff… I want to try that… and I’m glad that I’m going to try it with you.” And with that, Mindy removed her hand from Brads penis and used it to push the sheet down from them and positioned herself so that her face was just over his hip… she gently pushed his hip to roll him onto his back and slid her hand to his penis again and gripped the base and tilted it up into the air as if she were an experienced lover. A slight stroke and Mindy lowered her lips to the head of his penis and let her tongue slip from her mouth and flick over the head a few times in more of a taste and texture test than a technique. When she seemed satisfied that there was no grossness with Brads rigid member she let her lips touch the tip of the head and Brad could feel her tongue flitting over the taut skin and along the small slit opening . Brad moaned in complete satisfaction. 

Mindy let her lips slip over the head and seemed to instinctively know that the pumping motion of stroking and fucking was the one that transmitted pleasure. She let her lips slide down the shaft and back up the to the tip, all the while her tongue was exploring and working around the shaft and tip and her saliva was lubricating the penis and her lips and she could feel the exact sensation from her mouth in her vagina, she was so aroused by this act and knew that she would love to do blowjobs on any penis, that wasn’t gross… Mindy found a rhythmic motion between her head, mouth, and hand as she pumped Brads penis and stroked it at the same time… forgetting the speed and ease at which he climaxed until the moment when she felt him jerk and heard him moan loudly, and tasted jets of hot fluid shoot into her mouth all the way back into her throat. It happened so suddenly that she received half of his climax into her mouth before she could pull away from his spewing head. She continued stroking his penis with her hand and felt the slick fluid within her mouth and was totally unsure about what she was to do with it but finally decided to just let the accumulation on her tongue and lips to drip off onto Brads stomach and pubic area, and the sperm in her throat and mouth, was swallowed until her mouth was clear of the slickness and sweet salty taste.

Brad calmed and deflated, and Mindy took her place back beside him. “Wow, Min!” he said breathlessly, “That’s the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.” Mindy didn’t take offense at the fact that she let him be the first to enter her virgin vagina and she would have thought that should have been the best thing… but later… when she had time to think about it… Of course a guy would think a blowjob was the best thing… it’s in a girls face…the very thing that a guy sees every time he looks at her… her mouth will forever be a turn on if he was able to get his dick into it… A blowjob is what a guy wants and remembers, no matter how memorable the vagina… her mouth will be his trophy piece. Mindy knew that she would think about that for the rest of life, no matter how many guys she would blow… they would look at her face and mouth and get turned on…. That is very cool... she thought.

Brad rolled onto his side and gently rubbed Mindy’s cheek with his fingers and looked into her eyes and told her that she was amazing… he then moved himself to a place down the bed and helped to position her so that he was between her legs and he sat back down on his haunches for a moment as he surveyed her and again made a comment that was unexpectedly sweet and romantic…’You’re so beautiful!” he said, “I want to memorize you just like this so I can picture you for the rest of my life.”

He gently rubbed her legs with his fingertips before getting himself down to face her spread open genitals, “Hey!,” he asked in an almost shocked and innocently loud way, “Did you go to a barber of something?” Noticing her new bikini wax job… 

“No goofy…” Mindy replied… “That’s my summer bikini wax job.” Wanting to explain away her clean trim so as to make it a “naturally” occurring annual event.

Brad leaned into the freshness and licked at her slot and noted her shudder when his tongue rolled over the knot at the top. He knew that must be her most sensitive spot called the clit so he concentrated on it and licked and kissed it repeatedly… and felt her shudder and moan when he did. Before too long he too seemed to know instinctively what to do for her and he inserted a finger into her vagina which was flowing freely with hot fluid, while at the same time he sucked in her clit and began to roll it between his lips while stabbing at it with his tongue… Mindy went wild with passion and cried out and writhed under him… her legs would raise up into the air and then plant firmly on the bed to allow her to lift her pussy higher into his face and seemed to try and push in down his throat. Her hands were gripped deeply into the sheets and she seemed to be wrapped up into them as if to keep her tied to the bed. Brad felt he was doing something very right for a change and knew he was in no hurry to screw this up so he was very content to continue making Mindy shriek and moan and put off his raging desire to pound his dick into her.

Many minutes seemed to pass before Mindy grabbed Brads head by the hair and she seemed to try and push his head into her vagina… she gasped repeatedly and arched and gasped and arched again… until she finally told him… “Brad, Brad… put it in for awhile… fuck me for awhile… Brad… put it in…” and he was all to happy to do so… for at least ten strokes at which time… he shot his sperm into her vagina again as she gasped and arched and gasped and arched again… Brad tried to ride Mindy for as long as she needed… and even attempted to slide back down to use his mouth on her again but she seemed to hold onto him and clutch at him and finally they ended up laying side by side while Mindy caught her breath and eventually relaxed again. “I guess that’s what all the fuss is about.” Mindy finally gasped. And Brad was happily content when he realized that he must have given her some sexual satisfaction and his confidence level grew from that moment on.

Mindy’s plan turned out to be numerous repeats of those events throughout the day, broken by a couple of meals at the counter, and showers together, and a change of bedding just before finally laying in her bed together where they slept until morning. There was no kissing, no anal, and no freaky stuff, just some very sweet sucking and fucking…and all in all… it was a wonderful day.