"Erotic Stories" Mom and son

Erotic Stories Mom and son
Jim walked in the house and tossed his keys on the table by the door. "Hey Mom, you home?" he yelled and went looking for her. He stopped by her door and heard something odd. It sounded like she was moaning and having sex. 'Oh man,' he moaned with disgust, starting to walk away, but he heard something else and went back.

"Yeah, that's it, baby! Fuck me with that big, beautiful cock! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it, fuck it, baby!" Mom groaned and Jim wanted to rush in and help, but he figured she would kill him and he just stood enjoying this. "I've wanted this for sooo long!" she moaned again and he wondered whom she was thinking about.

After a few more minutes, she finished and passed out on her bed. Jim took a long shower, thinking about Mom. 'Damn, that shit was hot!' he thought and wanted jerk off, but he hated doing it by himself. He did have a very sexy girlfriend, Cindy, but today, dumped her. 'I'm done with her ass!' he thought about the last year and all the dates, concerts and every other place she every wanted to go. He spent thousands on her and no pussy. A hand job did not substitute a good, long fuck and he needed more. (Erotic Stories)

He got out, dried, dressed and went to order Mom's favorite take-out. The food came an hour later and after setting the table, he went to wake Mom. He walked in her room and his nose was flooding with Mom's erotic scent. 'Oh my God, she smells sooo fucking good!' he moaned and inhaled Mom's tantalizing odor, deep into his lungs and his cock grew. 

He walked around her bed and Jim smiled. She was curled into a ball and Mom was sl**ping like a baby. "Hey Mom, dinner is ready and waiting." Jim smiled again as her pretty, blue eyes opened and she returned his smile.

"Wow, I was really tired," she yawned, stretched and forgot that she was only in her bra and panties. The sheet slid down and gave Jim a perfect view of Mom's tiny B cup breasts. "Oops," she said with a smile and sat up on her bed. "What did you get for dinner?" she asked and slid from her bed, grabbed a small silk robe and turned to see that Jim had seen her body.

He tried not to look, but Mom was a fucking babe and hot as hell. She was over five foot ten inches and only weighed about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Mom had long, thin blonde hair to her ass and she kept it pulled back most of the time. The only time that it ever came down was when Mom was drinking or if she was completely relaxed. Mom had a long, thin face and you could easily tell that she had a Nordic bl**dline. 

He looked over Mom's tiny ass and the little, blue panties on it. He guessed her to be only a size four and that could be pushing it. She worked out four or five times a week and Mom was in great shape. "I got Ricco's for you. I know how much you love their lasagna and I need to ask you a favor." Jim said as his eyes stayed fixed to Mom's slender body and her subtle curves. 'God, you are so fucking hot!' Jim thought as he lifted his eyes to Mom's and she was smiling at him.

"I really wonder about you sometimes. Looking at your mother's ass and who knows what else," she said and felt her pale face, turning a warm shade of pink and her nipples growing. "I thought you'd get over your 'Mommy crush' years ago, but at twenty, you still have it." Allison smiled at him and she didn't care if her son looked at her or not. She loved it just as much as he did, maybe more. "What's the favor?" Allison asked, but she already knew what it was and her brain went into negotiation mode. 

"I'll always have a thing for you, Mom and I mean that," he paused and lifted a strand of hair from Mom's left eye. "Cindy backed out on my office party and if I don't take a date...I'm going to look like a loser and a homo." Jim said as he looked to her and hoped Mom would go and save him. "I'll do anything you want, please!" he begged Mom and she just sat, giving him a blank look and not moving a single muscle. 

"Anything I want, huh?" she asked with a soft voice, breaking her silent stare. "How long will I have to use my favor?" she asked, looking into his deep, blue eyes and over his strong, manly face and wondered why he didn't have a line of women going out the fucking front door. He was gorgeous, any women's dream, but he wasted his time with Cindy, and it killed Allison. 

He looked at her and Jim had a good feeling about this. "Anything you want and you can take as long as you like to use it." Jim smiled to Mom and crossed his fingers. 

She thought of something else and looked to him. "What if someone there knows me or that I'm your Mom. What then?" Allison asked with a low voice and she waited for his reply. 

He thought and knew it would be a disaster, but Jim was willing to take the chance and take Mom. "I don't care and if anyone knows, we'll say it was all a joke and that's all," he replied and Mom just watched him. 

"I think you're crazy, but I'll do it for you, baby." Allison said as she lifted her fork and took a bite of her lasagna. "Oh God, that's 'almost' as good as sex!" she moaned, closed her eyes and slowly chewed. 

"I'd pick sex over food any day of the week." Jim replied and watched Mom chewing her food. 

"I haven't sex in a long time, so I'd pick food!" she grumbled and took another bite. 

"Maybe you should go out some night and do some bar hopping." Jim laughed and knew that Mom would never do that. She was a lady and would never do something as crude as that. 

"Oh sure, I'll get right on that." Allison laughed as she continued to eat and talk to her son. "I have something to confess," she said, wiped her mouth and took a drink of her wine. 

"And, what might that be?" Jim asked as he took a bite us his food and wondered what she was going to confess. 

She sipped her glass and brushed a strand of her from her left eye. "Cindy called me this morning and said that she had a business trip. She had nerve to ask if I'd watch that 'dog' of hers and I remembered your office party. When I asked her, she just laughed Jim and she didn't care." Allison said and felt bad for him. 

"I hope you laughed and told her no way."

"I did, but not in those words," she replied with an evil look in her eye. "She'll never call or bother you again." Allison added as she took another drink and lifted it towards Jim. 

He filled Mom's glass and looked to her. "What did you say to her, Mom?"

"I said she was a waste of flesh and that she was nothing but a common whore!"

Jim laughed and laughed. His eyes filled tears and he reached to hold Mom's hand. "Oh b*****r, only you!" he added, stood up and he kissed her on the side of her pretty face. "Hey, if you already knew about her not going, that's means...you cheated me!" he laughed and sat back down, looking to Mom and she a victorious look on her face.

"Oh well, you still need a date and I'm the only one around, so..." Allison said with a low voice and wiped her mouth again.

He looked at her and it was good to see Mom smiling again. "So, you have me by my balls and you're enjoying this very much." Jim smiled and he noticed Mom's nipples were hard.

"Yes I am." Allison winked and took a small bite of her garlic bread. "And, you left out a tiny detail," she added and thought about wearing a costume to his party.

"Oops, yeah I did and I'm sorry." Jim said as Mom looked him over and she had a stern look on her face. 

"What kind of costume am I supposed to wear?" she asked and hoped it wouldn't be anything stupid. 

"Anything to do with Christmas and I'll buy it too."

She looked at him, sipping wine and nibbling on her bread. "I know you will and you'll still owe me a favor too." Allison said with a low voice and she watched him squirm. "I'll go out first thing in the morning and look for one. You better hope that I find something. Only one day to get ready and I have to find a costume! This should be a very wild, twenty-four hours," she said and finished her wine. 

"I have faith in you, Mom and I know you'll come through for me." Jim said as he reached to hold her hand. "Thank you, very much," he added and filled her glass again. 

"This should be my last glass, I'm feeling sort of...buzzed!" she giggled and felt a tingle between her legs. "What was that slut going to wear or did she even get a costume?" Allison asked and tried to think of something that would look good, but it had to have a Christmas theme and that would be a challenge.

"I don't think she had anything, but she did say something about being a...elf," he said and watched her frown. 

Allison had a great idea and knew Jim would love it. "I could pull that off and I bet the guys at your work will piss in their pants," she said with confidence and rubbed her chin, thinking of how badly Jim's coworkers treated him and if she did this right, he'd never be bothered again. 

"You are kinda tall for an elf, but knowing you...you'll figure it out and it will look good!"

She lifted her eyebrows and sipped her glass. "If I'm supposed to be your girl, we'll have to make it look real and do things like...hug, kiss and I'm even willing to let me um...feel me up, but nothing crazy," she said and looked straight into his eyes. "If we don't, they'll know something isn't right and they'll bother you more than ever." Allison said as she saw her son's eyes grow wide and he licked his lips.

Jim knew Mom was right and he worked with twenty of the smartest people in the world. "As good as that sounds Mom, isn't that a little odd and on the i*****l side too?" he asked, but Mom just sat looking at him and sipped her wine.

Allison knew her son was smart as hell, but he did not have any common sense. "I'll just stand by you all night and do nothing, but after the holidays, they are going to eat you alive and it will be worse!" she paused to shake her head and went on. "Think about it, Jim and what I just said. Is true or not?" Allison said as she stood and knew that it was her bedtime. 

"Yes, they would know or figure us out in ten minutes flat!" he replied as Mom stood up and tried walking towards her room, but fell against a wall and he went to help her.

She looked at him and her body tingled again. "You do as I say tomorrow night and they will never bother you again. I promise." Allison said as she leaned against her son, face-to-face and groin-to-groin. She felt him start to grow and smiled. "Mom will take care of her baby and after the party...you will be the man of the hour!" she whispered, peeked down to his groin and gently kissed him. Afterwards, she let out a long sigh and went into her room.

'Holy fuck, Mom has lost her mind, but I love it and this is going to be a fucking blast!' Jim thought and made his way to bed, thinking about Mom and what she said. 'Mom so pretty and so damn hot, my balls are going to explode! If she really wants to make out and let me feel her up, my cock is going to get sooo hard!' he thought again, hoping that the guys at work would leave him alone after this and stop bugging him. 


Allison sat at the bar, having her third drink, when Jim finally came home and she walked to the front door. "I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming home or not," she said and loved the shocked look on his face. "Do you like it and how sexy I look?" she asked, but from the look on his face, Allison knew Jim loved her costume and could see the front of his pants rising. 

His cock started filling with bl**d and it grew fast. "Gezz Mom, you look...wow!" Jim gasped as he looked at his Mom and her sexy outfit. 

Mom had a one-piece skirt that was forest green, a low-cut front, it was short as hell and it looked as if it had been painted on her slender body. She had on sheer, green stockings and green four-inch heels. She also had green lipstick, green cheeks and her eyelids were painted green too. And Mom topped it off with a tiny green hat and little green, elf ears.

Jim just stood there, enjoying how great Mom looked and he grew. "Damn, I wish you were my 'real' date tonight!" he moaned, looking at Mom's long legs and went to grab a beer. 

"Oh really now and what would you do with me? Last night you thought that my idea was crazy!" she smiled and loved that Jim was getting so hard for her. 

"That was last night and I'm quickly seeing the error of my ways!" Jim said with a laugh, as he sat at the bar and Mom moved to the stool next to his. "And, as for what I would with you...you're my Mom and I couldn't say things like that to you," he said and she moved closer to him. 

She sat next to him and very slowly, crossed her long and slender legs. "I figured you would like it and um," she replied with softness and Allison could see his need. "You're a bad, bad boy! Thinking about your own mother like that," she purred and ran her fingers through his thick hair, wishing something very dirty. "Now, about tonight, Jim and what we should do. Like I said last night, you can hug me, kiss me and um...feel me up, but nothing too bad, ok?" she said with her 'Mom' voice and he knew that she meant business. 

"I know Mom; it's going to be hard to make out with you and tough not to get hard." Jim said as he looked over her legs and the pretty stockings.

Allison loved Jim looking at her and her insides tingled. "Oh baby, you get as hard as you want and you're to rub him all over my body!" She said with love and kissed his cheek. "I think you should call me, Allison and not Mom," she said and sipped her rum and coke. "We both need to relax and let go. You have a thing for me, so pretend we are on a date and go with it. I won't get mad at you, baby I'll do the same and when we leave there tonight," she whispered, leaned to him and lightly kissed his lips. "You'll be a God," she moaned in his ear, felt Jim's cock flex and the tingle moved to her thighs. 

Jim didn't know what to say or do. "You are wonderful, Allison and so pretty," he said as the kiss lingered and this was nice. Mom was the center of his world and she filled his dreams.

"Very good, now I want you to keep kissing me and run your hand up my leg...way up," she purred as they stayed together and his right hand moved on her left leg. "So, don't be embarrassed to touch me and it has to be convincing." Allison whispered as his hand slowly caressed and worked its way up to her sensitive thigh. 

Jim's hand was trembling as he reached to caress up her long, silky leg and towards her thigh. "I figured that I might need a little practice, but um this is unreal and very nice!" Jim moaned as they kissed and Mom just gave him a helpless smile. 

"See, you may be the genius of the f****y, but Mom knows best." Allison replied as his fingers teased their way up her thigh and towards his limit. She touched his hand and looked into his eyes, giving her son a small frown and he moved away. 

They kept kissing, touching and holding each other, until Jim backed away and sat on his stool. 'My God, I'm making out with the hottest woman I've ever been with in my life and she's my Mom!' he thought and took a big drink of his beer. 'I've never made out with anyone like her!' he thought again and hoped this worked. 

She looked at Jim and knew he was scared. "You didn't have to stop, baby." Allison whispered as she stood and moved between his legs. "I know how bad those guys at work tease you and I'm going to get them, but you have to relax and play with me. You know your limit now and um...other than that," she paused to kiss him and slid her hand up his thigh. "Anything goes and...I mean that," she whispered, slid her tiny hand over cock and gently squeezed him. 

He looked into her eyes and Jim was amazed at Mom said. "This is sooo nice, mo...Allison and I still can't believe we're doing it." Jim said as she reached his hands around her back and he started caressing her lower back, slowly moving them towards her tiny ass and over her tight cheeks.

She felt his hands moving towards her butt and Allison smiled. "Stop thinking like that and pretend I'm your date! We're going to have a blast and those fools are going to get it!" Allison said as she finished her drink and looked at Jim. "You should go get your costume on and make it quick," she said and pointed to the clock on the wall. 

He stood, gave her one last kiss and went to change. 'I hope I can make it through the night.' Allison thought as she went to check her makeup. Allison had to look her best for him and after that wonderful make-out session, she had to make sure nothing was smeared. 


Ben Jones sat in a chair and looked towards the door, wondering if Jim was going to show up with a date or not. "Do you guys think he'll show or not?" he asked, looking over to his friends, Bill and Carl. 

Ben was the top computer programmer at the company, until Jim showed up and deep down, Ben had a good idea that he was close to being let go. Ben also liked to eat and he ate a lot. He was over 350 pounds and gaining more by the day. 

"Who knows about that guy anyhow? He is a weird fucker." Carl said and they they laughed.

Bill took a drink of his Coke and he said. "Just because he graduated high school at 12 and college at 14..." he was cut off by Carl. 

"And don't forget about M.I.T. and all the awards he received." Carl said and Ben gave him a real dirty look. "Hey, what was that look for?" Carl asked, but he never replied. 

"If he comes and doesn't have a date or doesn't show at all, like he said he would. We are going to fuck him up!" Ben growled and he truly hated Jim. Ben knew that Jim was going to replace him and very soon. 

Jim was in the back of the elevator, standing behind Mom and she slowly started to grind her ass against his cock. He started pushing forwards and within a few seconds, Jim was hard as steel and it was smashed into Mom's ass crack. 

Allison turned to face him, smiled and her body pressed tightly against his. "Good boy, all nice and hard!" she moaned in his ear and humped against his swollen cock-shaft, hoping to keep him up all night long and maybe longer.

"How am I going to hide this thing?" he asked with panic in his voice.

She looked at him and smiled. "You're not going to hide it! You are going to show it off and rub it all over me!" Allison growled in his ear and leaned in to suck on the side of Jim's neck, hoping to leave big red mark on him.

Jim leaned his head to the side and Mom sucked his neck. "Ok, but you better not get mad at me," he whispered back to Mom and he felt something. Mom had her tiny hand around Jim's cock and she was starting to play with it. "Easy please!" he moaned and Jim had to kiss her. 

Jim held her and she could feel how tense and nervous he was. 'I should take him someplace and jerk the poor thing off,' she thought as they kissed and looked into each other's eyes. "Remember at home when you said that you wished I was a 'real' date?" she asked and slowly humped against him. "I wish I was your 'real' date too...I'd take you somewhere and...fix this for you." Allison moaned into his mouth, as she held his thick cock and he throbbed more.

"Oh God, I'm going to die!" Jim moaned and knew that when they got back home, he was running to his room and taking matters into his own hands.

She smiled and kissed him. "No you won't, so relax and let's have some fun, ok? How often does a guy get to do things like this with his Mom and make out with her? Hum?" she asked and made sure to stay close to his ear.
Chrismas Party-Fill in

"You tease! If you were my date, I'd slap your sexy, fucking ass!" Jim growled and Mom just lifted her right eyebrow. "Ok then!" he knew that when Mom did that with her eye, it meant to do as he wished. Jim drew back his right hand and slapped her left ass cheek. 

She smiled, moaned with pleasure and pressed against Jim's cock. "Oh shit, that's what I want you to do! I'm your date and I want you to have fun," she whispered in his ear and reached down to squeeze his cock. 

Mom jumped forwards and his cock was smashed into her warm pussy. "I'm going to do my best." Jim said as the elevator door opened and there they were. He felt like a fool for being dressed as an elf, but having Mom by his side made it look great and he knew that every eye would be on her. 

Ben and his friends were dumbfounded when they saw Jim and the hot woman that he had. "Holy fuck, look at her!" Ben said as he chomped down the rest of a cupcake and used his hand to wipe his mouth. "I wonder who she is and if he paid her to come with him?" he added and they watched as Jim introduced his date, Allison to his coworkers. 

Jim and Allison worked their way around the room and finally made it to Ben. "Hey guys, this is my date, Allison," he said with a smile and paused to give her a deep kiss. "Allison this is Bill, Carl and Ben." Jim said and made sure to say his name clear to Mom. 

She smiled and stayed glued to Jim's side, her arms were around his waist and her hips pressed to his leg. "Nice to meet you," she lied and couldn't wait to get these three for teasing and tormenting her baby. 

"So, Allison, where did you and Jim meet?" Ben asked, leaning his fat body against a wall in the office and kept inching closer to her, knowing he could take her from Jim with little effort. 

She took a deep breath, smiled and started talking. "We were friends for ages and one day he was helping me move some things in my house. His shorts came open and when I saw how big his cock was, something inside me snapped and I couldn't stop myself," she moaned and gave her lips a long, slow lick and moaned. "I dropped to my knees in front of him and it was as if...I was worshiping his cock and I made love to it all day, until my husband came home and well...!" Allison purred with a soft, innocent voice, as her hand moved over Jim's cock and she squeezed him. 

Ben didn't know what to say and he laughed. "Jim is that big, huh? I'd have to see it before I believe it!" he and two other men started laughing more. "Your husband caught you fucking?" Ben laughed and he wondered about this woman. 

Allison stood next to Jim and she could feel him growing harder. She looked at Jim and smiled. "Yes, he is very big and if it wouldn't embarrass Jim, I'd pull it out right here and suck it, just to shut you clowns up," she said and Allison could see why Jim hated these people as much as he did. They were ass-holes and there was no other way to put it either. 

Jim was laughing inside and Mom was doing a great job, but she had him a little nervous. The idea of having her suck his cock was great and all, but he wouldn't last ten seconds and that would be pressing things.

"I don't believe any of this shit and I'm sure he paid you to come with him anyhow. As far as we know, you could be his Mom and just acting! Like I said before, when you pull his cock out and suck it, I'll believe it!" Ben laughed and he walked away. 

"Oh my God, I can't stand that fucker and I can't wait to fuck him up, baby." Allison said as she looked into his eyes and leaned to kiss him. They kissed, looked into each other's eyes and Allison had an idea. "Um...he's not going to leave you alone, unless," she paused to kiss him deep and very slowly, dry humped his left leg, knowing that every nerd in the room, was watching them make out and she loved it.

"I know, but I...I don't know if we should, mo...Allison. And if you did that to me, I wouldn't last but a few seconds." Jim whispered to Mom and she smiled at him. 

She caressed his face and her heart skipped a beat. "Awe, how sweet," she cooed and hugged Jim. "What if we sneak off, but we'll make sure they see us leave and um...I'll give you a nice, slow hand-job and talk sexy for you? Will that be better or not?" she said and if he didn't agree, these fuckers were never going to leave him alone.

"I'm not sure, Allison. You've been turning on for so long and I'm afraid I'll cum to fast!" Jim said and Mom hugged him again. 

"You're going to make me cry and fuck up my face," she smiled and wasn't taking no for an answer. "Come on, we're going to your office and playing!" Allison said as she took his hand and went straight to Jim's office. "You pull your pants down and sit, I'll do all the work!" she said and watched Jim's pants go down and his nine inches sprang into view. 

"I'm not sure about this and I'm going to cum sooo fast!" Jim said as he sat down and noticed that his door wasn't shut, but remembered why it was open and he tried to block it from his mind. 

She sat on her knees in front of Jim and Allison's heart was pounding in her chest. "Play along with me and keep saying no!" she whispered to him and was ready to have a little fun. Allison reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of her son's throbbing cock-shaft. 

"Oh Jim, you're sooo fucking big and pretty! Please, let me tie you to the chair and fuck you!" she moaned and started kissing all over his cock. She was going crazy for him and at last, Allison was having him. "Oh baby, oh baby!" she moaned and started to stroke him. "My Jimmy, my sweet, Jimmy," she whispered and leaned up to kiss him. 

He loved her hands and the way Mom was acting. "You know I don't like that, Allison." Jim replied and she smiled. He wasn't sure if it was an act or real. "Oh yeah, that's my girl! Fuck my cock with those sexy hands!" he blurted out and Mom gave him a quick smile. 

"Oh yeah, fuck my hands! Fuck my hands baby and you can cum in my mouth! Would you like that? Huh?" Allison moaned as they kissed and she pumped his long cock. "Let me tie you up and fuck you...please!" she begged him and Jim smiled.

"I said no, Allison!"

"I want you to try, please!" she begged more and giggled, but Allison just wanted to set a few traps and see what she could catch.

"Come on, be a good boy and um...cum for Mommy, please!" Allison moaned in his ear and his cock jumped. 

Jim was shocked to say the least and he exploded into her mouth. "Oh fuck, you're great! Oh God, Allison! I love you, I love you!" he moaned, as cum shot from his cock and into her mouth, his mother's mouth and it was exciting. Jim had this dream hundreds of times over the last few years and at long last, it was real and amazing. "Oh yes, oh Allison!" he moaned, stood up and continued to cum in her open mouth. 

She quickly moved down, opened her mouth and Allison took her son's gift. "Oh yeah, cum baby, cum!" she cried out and drank his manly gift of life, noticing a group of shadows by his office door and she had to add more. "When we get to your place tonight...I want that cock in me all, fucking night!" Allison purred as she looked deep into his eyes and she stood back up. "I want you to fuck me and tear my nasty, little cunt up!" she moaned as her hands pumped his cock. "We'll have nasty night and anything you want, you get! You can fuck my cunt, my ass and my mouth too! In any order you want and I don't care!" Allison moaned louder and bit the side of her son's neck. 

Jim wasn't sure if Mom was acting, but it sounded fucking real as hell and he could only hope. He stood and pulled her into his arms. "That was nice and I'll be more than happy to do that for you," he said and hugged her close, hoping by some small chance, she did want him in her body tonight. She would be the perfect Christmas gift. 

"Holy fuck, did you see how long that fuckers cock was? I guess Allison was telling the truth about him and after what she just did in Jim's office, I don't she's his Mom either!" Carl laughed and he got another of Ben's dirty looks. "What the fuck Ben? Why do you keep looking at me like that and giving me dirty looks?" he asked his fat friend. 

"You guys talk about him like he's a...God or something and I'm sick of hearing about the damn guy!" Ben said and he walked away. 'Fucking jerks!' he thought and went outside to have a cigarette. 

Allison finished cleaning James and went outside for a quick smoke. "Well hey there!" she smiled and walked towards him, making sure that her slender hips, were in tease mode. 

"Hi, where's Jim and his 'foot-long' dick?"

She laughed and replied. "He doesn't like smoke, so he's inside," she said and moved closer. "Hey, I was wondering about something and if you would be interested in helping me." Allison said with a sexy voice and slid her hand over his fat chest. 

"I could try," he replied and her hand felt great as it slid over him. 

"I have this fetish and Jim won't let me do it to him. And um...I'm just dying to have some fun tonight!" she moaned and pressed her hips against the fat man. 

"You're into bondage and want to tie someone up." Ben said as his cock started to grow and he would love to fuck Allison. 

She laughed and slithered her front over his fat body, hoping to get Jim's friend to play with her and let her tie him up. "I thought I saw someone looking! You are a nasty one. You were watching me and my guy making out, but you saw something else and now, you know I'm not lying about him!" she smiled and Allison had to laugh.

Ben's face dropped and he nodded yes. "I saw him and I believe you now," he said with a low voice and quickly went on talking. "Are you serious about tying someone up and um...doing it with them?" he asked with a helpless smile and hoped she wasn't joking. 

"Oh my God, yes! Are you into some light bondage and hot fucking? Please say yes! Please, please, please!" Allison growled as if she was a wild a****l. 

Ben smiled and slid his arm around her back, grabbed Allison's ass and he squeezed. "Today is your lucky day! I'd love to have a hot thing like you tie me up and...fuck me!" he said and squeezed her ass again.

"Oh yes! Where can we go?" Allison said as if she were about to die and she was laughing inside. 

"My office is just inside and nobody will know where we are," he smiled, flipped his smoke down and they quickly went inside. He led the way in and Ben sat down in his big chair. "Well, look at this and where I'm sitting!" Ben said trying to look cool and he was ready for Jim's hot woman. 

"Oh my, you look sooo hot, Ben! Sitting in that big, ol' chair and you look sooo...in-charge, it makes me want to fuck you!" she moaned and pulled a spool of cord from her purse. "But, I'm a woman that likes to be in-charge and I like tying my men up and um...fucking them hard and for a long, long time!" Allison said with a low and sexy voice, as she stepped towards Ben and he was lost in her words. 

His eyes grew and Ben was ready. "Oh yes, anything for you and I mean anything!" he said and watched Allison smile. She started wrapping the cord around his upper body, around his waist and his feet were tied to the bottom of the chair.

"What hand do you use to um...jerk off with?" she asked, leaning to his ear and made sure to tease him with her warm breath. 

Ben gave her a questioning look, but he replied and his left hand was tied to the arm on the chair. "Oh hell yes, but why did you leave this hand untied?" he asked as Allison started dancing in front of him and she was rubbing her hips on his side.

"I have to go back to Jim and make sure he doesn't come looking for me. But, while I'm gone, you're to jerk this thing, get him real hard and when I come back," she stopped to moaned and rub his leg. "I want it hard and ready to...fuck! Ok?" she said and unzipped his pants. "Take him out and get him hard for me!" she moaned and acted as if she was excited about this. 

"Hell yes, baby! I'll have him hard in a minute and you can fuck me!" Ben growled and he his cock out. 

Allison watched and loved this. "I'm going to go now and you keep stroking him. Oh yeah, open real wide for me!" Allison said and acted as if she was going to kiss him, but she jammed a gag in and tied it behind his head. "Sorry, I forgot this and I'm giving you some special oil to use too! Rub it in real good and it will keep you hard all night!" she smiled and ran to the door. "I'm turning out the lights and when I come back, be ready, baby!" she said and turned out the lights.

"One down and two more to go!" Allison smiled and went to find Carl. 


"Has anyone seen the Three Stooges? We'd like to open presents and go home!" Mandy Jones said as she looked at her watch and knew her k**s were climbing the walls, begging her husband to let them open a present. 

"I haven't seen them in an hour." Sam Wallace replied and he was also ready to leave. "Why don't a few of us go look around and see if we can find them or we may be here all fucking night!" he said and two men followed him out into the hall. 

"Let's find something nice and romantic to do after we leave here," she paused and pressed her lips to his. "The snow is fresh; we can rent a carriage and ride through the park, ok?" Allison asked with need and she felt dirty. 

He smiled inside and it looked as if Mom had a good buzz. "Will this count as your favor or not?" Jim teased and a sad look quickly covered Mom's pretty face. 

"You're going to make me use my favor?" she asked with shook. "I could go to a bar and pick someone up," she teased back and she watched his face drop. 

He laughed, hugged her close and Jim thrust his hips to Mom's. "You could, but would he be this size and so hard?" Jim asked and he felt her moan. 

"You fucker!" Allison giggled, enjoying his stiff shaft thrusting to her burning pussy and she moaned. 

The three men came running back into the room and they were laughing hard. "You should...ha, ha, ha...you should!" one laughed hard and he couldn't finish the sentence. 

"Yes, go...look!" Sam laughed and he fell into a chair. 

Allison looked at Jim and she lifted her eyebrow. "I got even for you and I hope you like it!" she said and the three men came running back into the room, laughing and laughing.

"What did you do?" Jim asked with a wide grin and he jerked Mom against him. He smashed his stiff cock into her pussy and Mom was hot. He could feel her and it was as if, she was bare and resting against him. 

"I'll never tell!" Allison said and a bolt of lightning ripped through her body. Jim crushed himself against her hips and he was resting on her pussy. "I did something funny!" she giggled as more people ran into the hall and Jim went to look. 

Jim turned and had to see what was going on here. He walked into the hall and could not believe his eyes. Ben, Carl and Bill, were tied, gagged and in their office chairs, with hands glued to their cocks and helpless. 

"Only Mom!" he laughed and remembered that Mom and some of her friends from college did this same thing, years ago. He went back to her and pulled Mom into his arms. "Thank you," he paused to reach under her skirt and caressed Mom's soft panties. "I was k**ding about using your favor. I would love to ride through the park with you, Mom." Jim smiled as he lightly caressed her butt and kept Mom pulled close. 

"Well good and I'm glad. I was hoping to use my 'favor' for something else," she said, but stopped and kissed him on the lips. Allison's body was on fire and she needed relief. "Let's go find a carriage and continue our 'real' date...if that's ok with you?" she asked with a lift of her eyebrow and her hand slid around his body. "And remember...we'll be alone and nobody will interrupt us." Allison whispered and gently squeezed Jim's swelling cock, enjoying it growing in her tiny hand and the hot bl**d pulsing through him. 

He looked at Mom and his cock pumped full of bl**d. "When did this turn into a 'real' date Mom and you're hand is...killing me!" Jim moaned and tried to get away from her, but Mom had him pinned against a wall and she wasn't letting him go. Jim loved Mom's hands, her kissing and her offer, but she was his Mom and as hard as he tried, Jim couldn't get past that. All the dreaming of being with her and the things Jim wanted to do with Mom, but now he couldn't and she was offering herself to him.

Allison smiled and pulled him towards the elevators, lightly kissing his lips and breathing in his mouth. One of the elevator doors opened and she jerked him inside. "I want to use my favor tonight and you did say anything I wanted, right?" Allison asked with a sexy smile and she pulled him more. "Please James, I'm begging you! Help me before my insides explode or I die of loneliness," she paused to kiss and suck his lips. "Give me a Christmas wish that I'll never forget and the love I need." Allison moaned and looked to her son for help. 

Jim stood, enjoying her hand, but she needed to stop and stop soon. "Please stop, Mom! You're going to make me cum and I have no desire to fill my pants with cum!" he said and pushed Mom's hand away. "I'll go on the ride with you and go as far as making out with you, but..." he paused to look straight into her eyes and went on. "My dick will 'not' go in you and I mean it, Mom. I always thought that I could make it with you, but I can't and it's weird." Jim said as Mom caressed his face and kissed him again. 

"I'm sure you're just nervous and that's all baby and don't worry, I won't **** you," she said with a grin, but inside, she was crying and her heart was breaking. Allison needed love and she wanted the love to come from her son. 

He looked into her eyes and Jim could see the hurt. "I can't Mom and I really wish I could. You couldn't count all the dreams I've had about us doing it and how much fun we would have." Jim said as the doors opened and they walked out. 

"Let's go for our ride and forget what I said. I don't want to ruin a beautiful Christmas Eve." Allison smiled as they walked out and into the cold night. "If we're lucky, we might get one of the newer carriages and it will have a heater," she added with a grin and they headed towards the park. 

"A heater? I thought the idea was to snuggle and get warm." Jim teased and he hugged her to his side, opened his phone and dialed a number. "Hey, it's Jim, where are you? Ok, we're at Main Street and Broadway, waiting for you," he said and closed his phone.

"Who was that?" she asked, but Jim only smiled and he didn't say a word.

"You'll have to wait and see." Jim replied and he heard the horses clomping up Broadway. "Look at what I got you, Mom," he said and when Jim turned to look at Mom, her hands covered her mouth and she was crying. 

Allison heard an odd sound and she thought for a few seconds, realizing what it was she began to cry. "Oh James its sooo pretty," she said with happiness as the very large white carriage and the four white horse pulling it, came into view. Each horse stepped in time with the others and it made such a breathtaking sound. The streets were emptied and the sounds echoed in the cool, night air. Hoofs clacked on the cement street and it was as if they were dancing up the street. 

He pulled her into his arms and against his body, hugging Mom close and making sure she could feel his need too. "What's wrong? I rented you the newest carriage the city has and it has a very good heater too!" Jim said, trying to comfort Mom and get her to stop crying. 

She hugged him and this was the very reason that Allison wanted her son, James. He loved her with all of his heart and he was a very giving young man. "I love you and you'll never know how much," she smiled, as tears of happiness and love, rolled down her cheeks and dripped on Jim. 

The driver jumped from the drivers' seat to open the door for them. "Good evening ma'am, sir. If there is anything you require or need during your ride, just let me know," the man said as Jim and Allison climbed inside.
Chrismas Party-Fill in

"Thank and we will." James replied as he climbed in and sat down. "We have you until we're finished, right?" he asked and the driver nodded his head yes. 

"Yes sir and you are not to bother for any reason!" the driver quickly replied and wished he were with this gorgeous woman. 

Jim looked at the guy checking out Mom and he was fucking jealous. "My wife and I are having our first Christmas together and I want everything to be perfect." Jim said as he reached for the door and closed it. "Fucker, how dare he look at you?" Jim teased and gave Mom a soft kiss on the lips. 

"So, I only wanted a romantic date, but you've gone and married us! I didn't get proposed to, an engagement ring or...anything! I don't even know if you're a good lover or not." Allison said as she snuggled close and d****d her legs over his lap, giving Jim a great view of her long, long legs and up her thighs.

"Well sorry, but that guy wanted to hump your leg and that's all I could think of." Jim replied as he looked down and Mom's beautiful legs filled his eyes. "My God, you are sooo pretty, Allison and um...I need to ask you something," he said as they kissed and Mom reached down to find his cock. 

She loved kissing Jim and playing with his long cock. "Yes, baby." Allison purred in his mouth and she felt his hands sliding around her hips, moving towards her ass and over her soft panties. 

"If we do this and make out, will it just be a onetime thing or...?" he asked and Mom kissed him again. 

She smiled and wanted crawl inside him. "We will do anything you want and I won't pressure you." Allison whispered and slid to the floor into front of him. "I hope you enjoy a nice, slow blowjobs. Because," she whispered again and unzipped his pants, "With the size of this beautiful thing...I'm going to suck it day and night!" Allison moaned and started licking up the underside of his long, shift cock and teased just under his cock-head.

"Oh really?" he said, watching Mom licking his shaft, making it harder than before and his balls were hurting. Her tongue was tickling under his head and it sent small rushes of electric through his body and straight back to his cock.

She looked up, smiled and licked him more. "Oh yes, your Mom loves sucking cock and yours is the 'best' I've ever had. I plan on wearing you out and keeping your big, manly balls emptied! Is that ok with you, husband?" Allison asked with a sexy moan, opened her mouth and she started nursing the head of her son's big, cock-head and her eyes stayed on his.

Mom's mouth covered Jim's cock and he wanted to scream. "Oh my God, Mom! Yeah, oh Mom!" he moaned as her warm and silky mouth covered him. She sucked and her warm tongue kept teasing the underside of it, driving him crazy and Jim knew that he found his lover. "Mom, yeah! Oh fuck, that's it!" he moaned as she sucked, teased him her tongue and Mom's tiny hands stroked his shaft. 

Allison couldn't help but smiling as she pleaser her man, her lover and her loving son. She sucked and sucked, knowing the poor thing was fighting so hard not to cum, but he had a very horny woman latched onto the end of his cock-head and she wanted her baby's cum. 

She lifted from him and started talking to Jim. "Cum one more time and you can have me, baby." Allison moaned as she stroked him. "Just one more time and then, Mom wants you to fuck her all night and don't stop for anything!" she moaned again, opened her mouth and took him deeper, to her throat and Allison tilted her head towards James. She reached for his hands and put them on her head, hoping he'd get the hint and she gagged. 

James pushed her head down and his swollen cock-head was being f***ed into her throat. 'Oh God, yes! Do it, baby and ram it in Mommy's throat!' Allison thought as she kept fighting off the urges to gag, but it was hard, when nines inches of meat filled your throat. 

He got the hint and shoved Mom's head down. He slid into her throat and Jim held her there. If Mom wanted to suck him this deep, she could and he shoved again. "Oh God, Mom...yes, suck it! Suck it you nasty...bitch! Suck it, baby, suck it!" Jim moaned and his cock jumped in Mom's throat. "Oh Mom, Mom!" he grunted and Jim came hard. He could hear Mom gag, but she sucked harder and never missed a single drop.

He pushed her and Allison gagged. Jim hard a long, slender cock and that was made to be sucked. It had a slight curve down and that made it perfect. Allison felt him jerk and knew that her baby was ready. She inhaled through her nose and it came hard. Hot cum shot into her mouth hard and she gagged at first, but Allison sucked and sucked. His warm seeds into her throat and down into her stomach.

Afterwards, she licked her lips and moved on his lap. "How was your first blow-job, husband?" Allison asked with a soft whisper and his smile said it all. 

"It was out of this world, my dear wife," he replied with a wink and Jim had a great idea. "I was wondering something, Mom. I know you love to give, but do you also like to receive?" he asked, but before Mom could answer, she was sitting on the seat, her legs spread wide and James was looking right up her skirt. 

She was stunned at first, but Allison knew that something very wonderful, was about to happen and she couldn't wait. "What are you planning on doing, mister?" she teased, trying to use that 'Mom' voice she had, but it just made her sound sexier than ever. 

"I plan on pulling down your panties and having a little treat, before we go home and finish this beautiful night."

"Oh yes, be my guest and be sure to suck. I love being sucked, James." Allison moaned as his hands slid up the outer sides of her legs and up her thighs. They vanished under her small skirt and she felt her son, tugging her panties down her hips and over her tingling thighs. 

He smiled and pulled Mom's ass to the edge of the seat, spread her legs wider and Jim smiled. "I knew this would be a wonderful sight and it is!" he moaned and started kissing up Mom's right thigh, while his hands roamed every inch of her lower body. 

"Oh baby, yes!" she moaned as James kissed his way towards her need and the very place that he came from, years ago. Allison needed him to come back inside her and help heal her loneliness. "I love you, James," she moaned as his lips brushed the side of her aching mound and teased her burning flesh. "Oh shit, yep, right there!" she panted as James gently licked the hood of her swollen clit, teasing it and purposely staying away.

He smiled and kissed, licked and Jim started tenderly sucking Mom's needy clit. Her moans filled ears and warm juice flowed from her. Jim licked more and leaned down more, until his mouth covered Mom and he slid his long tongue inside. 

"Oh God, James! My James!" she whimpered and clawed at his hair, pulling him closer, hoping to somehow, pull him in. "James, love me, make love to your Mom!" Allison said with a firm voice and she pulled him up. "Please, I need you baby and I need you now," she moaned and watched him smile. 

He wiped his mouth and opened a little door that allowed James to see the driver. "Home please." James said and went back to sit by his Mom. "I should have made love to you here, but I think home and in your bed...will be much nicer," he whispered and slid his hand up her leg, under skirt and back to Mom's wet pussy. 

"I think that anyplace would be fine...as long as it was you making love to me." Allison whispered and looked deep into his eyes. "Love me right now, James," she said as her long legs spread and her son moved between them. "Home would be much nicer, but I've been waiting a very, very long time for this and I can't wait any longer," she said as he reached down, took his cock in hand and guided it back home.

Jim wanted to wait, but Mom was on fire and couldn't. He had already came twice and Jim knew that his next would take much longer. Mom wanted now, but it could be an hour, maybe longer, before he came again. "Anything for you Mom, Allison." Jim said as he gently eased forward and Mom's insides hugged him tight. "Oh shit, you are so tight!" he moaned and leaned to kiss her panting mouth. 

"Oh baby, call me Mom, please! Oh God, yes, yes!" she whimpered as her son eased his long cock into her body and back to where he came from. "Oh James, I love you! I love you, my baby! My baby, my sweet, sweet...son!" she grunted the last word because, James was completely in her and pushing at her womb. 

He pushed more and Mom took every, last inch of him and loved it all. His balls were against her ass and he pushed. "You are a hot one. No girl has every taken it all, but you did...Mom!" he moaned again and they started kissing, while Jim started making her dream and his happen. His hips slowly moved back and forth, easing his cock in and out of his beautiful Mom's pussy. 

She moaned and whimpered, as his stiff cock filled her and loved her. "Oh baby, yes, yes, oh God...yes!" Allison moaned as his pace quickened and he thrust with more need. "Oh God, are you going to cum, James? Please cum in me, please!" she moaned and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him and enjoyed his youthful thrusting, driving the head of his cock against the opening of her cervix and trying to get into her womb. 

He pushed in and slowly pulled back out, watching her beautiful face and the pleasure that Mom was having. "Oh yeah Mom, that's my girl! My cock is hard Mom and I want to cum in you!" Jim moaned and he pushed more, watching her gasp with each deep and full thrust in. 

"Oh baby, oh God! Yes, oh God, yes!" Allison moaned and clawed at his back, while they kissed and Allison sucked his probing tongue. "Come on, baby! Go, cum for your Mommy and make me better! I need to feel you're cum blasting into my body and in Mommy's pussy!" Allison begged him and she felt him jump. 

He started pumping Mom hard and he was lifting her little ass from the seat. Mom wanted him to fuck her hard and for him to cum. "Oh yes, you nasty fucking, beautiful thing!" he growled and slammed deep into his Mom. Her muscles grabbed him and they milked him. "Oh Mom, oh Mom....yes, yes!" he cried as her body released about the same time and they were orgasming together. 

James slammed into her pussy hard, but Allison knew and grabbed her son. "Yes, oh God, yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your Mom, please!" she moaned and kissed him. Cum filled her tiny pussy and she could feel it splashing deep inside. "Oh God, James! You are never leaving my side!" she laughed and wiped a bead of sweat from her face. 

"Good, but I'm not leaving this, until after the New Year and be glad that you are on the pill!" Jim smiled and Mom gave him an odd look.

She looked at James and didn't know what he was talking about. "What pill are you talking about, baby?" Allison asked with a sexy smile and kept him nestled inside her pussy, holding in those wonderful seeds of life.