"Erotic Stories" A Mother's Helping Hands

Erotic Stories A Mother's Helping Hands
Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, even though he was in high school now. But this time there was nothing routine about the reason for their visit, and the teen was very nervous.

“Are you okay honey,” Charlotte Bradley asked as her son sat with his hands folded in his lap.

“Yeah mom, but this is really embarrassing,” he replied in a forlorn voice.

“Jamie, you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” his pretty mother said in an understanding way, “I’m your mom, and Dr. Alexander is, well… a doctor.”

“I know, but that is exactly why I’m embarrassed… because you ARE my mom, and Dr. Alexander isn’t just a doctor… she’s a WOMAN!” Jamie replied in an exasperated tone.

At that moment, Charlotte wished Jamie’s father was still in the picture, because this was a problem that a teenager entering manhood might feel more comfortable talking about with his dad. But they had divorced years earlier, and even though he was still in Jamie’s life, her ex-husband now lived hundreds of miles away… so uncomfortable or not, Charlotte and Jamie would have to deal with this together.(Sex Stories)

Just then the door leading back to the examination rooms opened, and a cute young nurse who didn’t look much older than her teenage patient said, “Hi Jamie, hello Mrs. Bradley… Dr. Alexander will see you now.”

Both mother and son followed the girl in the yellow scrubs back to a small examination room, and once inside, she asked Jamie to sit on the examination table, and then she put a thermometer in his mouth and checked his bl**d pressure. As she waited for the data, she took the questionnaire from Charlotte and began reading it. When she got to the reason for their visit, Charlotte couldn’t help notice the pretty girl’s cheeks blush and her eyes grow wide.

The young nurse could feel Jamie’s mother looking at her, so she quickly composed herself, and after writing down his vital signs, she cleared her throat and said, “Okay Jamie, Dr. Alexander will be in shortly to see you about your, ummm… condition,” and then she left the room.

After about five minutes there was a knock on the door, then in walked Dr. Julie Alexander. She was a stunning woman… about the same age as Charlotte, with long blond hair, blue eyes, a dazzling smile and a very feminine but athletic figure. In fact, many people thought she bore a striking resemblance to the actress Heather Graham. Jamie had hardly paid attention to Dr. Alexander’s good looks when he was younger, but since passing through puberty, he definitely began to notice how sexy his doctor was… and today, her physical beauty was not going to help with his condition or his embarrassment.

After exchanging polite greetings with her patient and his mom, Dr. Alexander looked at the chart and said, “Well, let’s see what brings you in here today, Jamie.” As she scanned down his chart, her eyes got as wide as the cute nurse’s had. Then quickly masking her look of surprise, Dr. Alexander cleared her throat and said, “So Jamie… how long have you had this erection?”

“Since last night,” the young boy answered, his face turning crimson.

Dr. Alexander noticed his embarrassment, and sensed that having to discuss something like an erectile problem in front of two women, even a doctor and his mom, might be too much for him. She had grown very fond of both the teenager and his beautiful mom over the years, and wanted to make sure this was as comfortable as possible for him, so she said, “Jamie, would you prefer it if you and I chat in private for a little while… I’m sure your mom wouldn’t mind giving us a minute.” 

Charlotte quickly agreed that she’d be glad to leave the room to make Jamie more comfortable, but her scared and nervous son quickly said, “Thanks Dr. Alexander… but I really want my mom here.”

“That’s fine,” she answered, giving him a reassuring smile, and then she said, “Now Jamie, I’m going to ask you some questions that are going to be pretty personal, but I need you to be honest… okay?” 

After Jamie nodded in agreement, Dr. Alexander asked, “Now you’ve had this erection since yesterday… has it been flaccid at any point since then?”

“Flaccid?” Jamie asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“I’m sorry Jamie,” the doctor said, realizing he wasn’t familiar with the word, and then she said, “Has it gone soft at all since yesterday?”

“Yes, for a little while… but then it came right back,” Jamie sighed.

“Okay,” Dr. Alexander continued as she wrote on the chart, then she said, “Now you said it was soft for a while yesterday… when was that?” 

Suddenly Jamie’s face flushed bright red with embarrassment once again, and he began fidgeting with his hands, and that was when Dr. Alexander smiled at him and said, “You can be honest with me Jamie… did it go away because you masturbated?”

Jamie glanced quickly at his mom and then back to his pretty doctor, and politely said, “Yes ma’am.”

It was odd for Charlotte to hear her son admit to masturbating, even though she was sure he did. But Dr. Alexander took it in professional stride as she said, “Jamie, masturbation is perfectly normal for a young man your age… as a matter of fact, I’d be more shocked if you said you didn’t.” Then she said, “Now, after you ejaculate, does your erection usually go away for a long period of time?”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered, still looking at the floor for fear of making eye contact, and then he added, “But yesterday, it came back real fast… and in the morning it usually goes away after I pee, but this morning it stayed hard… and now it kinda hurts.”

Dr. Alexander continued to write down what the teenage boy was telling her, and then she asked, “Jamie, did you try to masturbate this morning to see if your erection would go away?”

Once again, Jamie’s face blushed, but knowing the importance of being honest, he quietly said, “Yes ma’am, after I peed it stayed hard, so I did it again… but even after I, you know… it still stayed hard.”

Dr. Alexander’s final diagnostic question was, “Now Jamie, did you experiment with, or maybe accidentally take anything like Viagra, Cialis, or any other d**g that may have caused this?”

“No ma’am!” Jamie answered emphatically… looking back and forth between his mom and his doctor.

That was when Charlotte added, “Jamie’s father and I are divorced, and he doesn’t live here in town... so Jamie wouldn’t have any access to anything like that.”

Dr. Alexander nodded and smiled, then said, “Well I think you’ve answered all my questions… I’m hoping it’s nothing serious, but an erection lasting this long is out of the ordinary.” Then she rolled her chair over to where he was seated and said, “Okay Jamie, I’m going to need to take a look-see, so you’ll have to take off your shorts and underwear.”

Jamie glanced over at his mom, knowing that both she and Dr. Alexander were about to be the first women to see him with an erection. Once again Charlotte sensed his embarrassment and offered to leave the room, and once again Jamie declined. And with that, he stepped off the table and pushed his cargo shorts and underwear down, and as they passed his hips, his hard young penis sprung into view.

Charlotte inhaled sharply, and then couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from her son’s erection. She had seen his penis thousands of times when he was younger, but it had always been a small, limp hose with a tiny pink cap. Now it was a rock hard piece of twitching flesh, about at least six inches long and thick as a jumbo hot dog as it stuck out from his still developing young body. She also noticed it curved up slightly from a sparse nest of pubic hair, and the head was swollen and darker in color than the shaft… and she could see it bobbing slightly as bl**d pumped into it, keeping it erect.

Once Jamie had his shorts and underwear off, he sat on the table again. Then Dr. Alexander wheeled her chair in front of him, and as she began visually examining him she asked, “Jamie, have you injured your groin area in the past couple of days?”

At first the youngster hesitated, and then he said, “Yeah, I kinda hurt myself yesterday.”

“Jamie,” his mother cried out in shock, “You didn’t tell me you got hurt!”

“Jeez mom, I didn’t think it was a big deal, and I didn’t want you freaking out,” her son groaned.

“Well just tell me what happened,” Dr. Alexander said quickly, trying to diffuse the tense exchange between mother and son as she began putting on a thin pair of tight latex gloves.

Jamie sighed and said, “Me and a couple of friends were skateboarding over at the school and I was trying to slide a railing.” Then he looked at his mom and said, “I was sliding along it when my board slipped and I went straight down, and the railing came right up between my legs.”

Both Charlotte and Dr. Alexander actually cringed at the thought of the poor boy’s crotch landing heavily on the steel railing. Then his mom calmly said, “You should have told me about this yesterday Jamie.”

“I know mom,” her teenage son replied, “I’m sorry.”

Having this new information, Dr. Alexander said, “What we may be seeing here is something called ‘priapism’… it’s a condition that causes the penis to stay erect for long periods of time. It can be caused by a variety of factors including infection, or even a virus or a disease… but now that I know Jamie suffered an injury around the vessels that carry bl**d to and from the penis, I’m wondering if his erection could be a result of that injury… so I want to do a thorough examination.”

With that, Dr. Alexander moved herself in front of Jamie, with her face level with his crotch, and then she had him scoot forward until his butt was barely on the table. Once she had him positioned, she pushed his knees apart, giving herself an unobstructed view of his erect penis and scrotum. Jamie felt his face grow warm as he blushed at the thought of how exposed he was to his pretty doctor and his equally attractive mom. Then he watched as Dr. Alexander’s right hand went between his legs and cupped his testicles.

Jamie flinched as her hand gently lifted his scrotum to look underneath. With the exception of his mom when he was younger, his doctor was the only other person to touch him there. And even though she had gloves on, they were so thin that he could still feel the warmth of her hand as she cradled his balls. In fact, her handling of his testicles was so soft and gentle that if he hadn’t already had an erection, he would have surely gotten one. 

As Dr. Alexander lifted his testicles, she noticed some bruising between his scrotum and anus, and this helped support her theory that he may have swelling in the area, constricting the bl**d vessels that allowed bl**d to flow away from the penis. What she didn’t know was if the problem would correct itself when the internal swelling went down, or if they were permanently damaged, which might require more aggressive measures, including possible surgery.

After examining the area, Dr. Alexander began rolling Jamie’s testicles in her hand, checking for any lumps or abnormalities. As she was doing this, Jamie was trying to think of anything but the pretty woman holding his balls, because he could feel a pressure building at the base of his hard penis… a pressure he had become very familiar with since learning to masturbate. But the hormone filled teen was fighting a losing battle, because as she continued to cradle his testicles in one hand, her other wrapped around his swollen shaft and lifted it as she continued her examination.

Neither Dr. Alexander nor his mom noticed that Jamie’s breathing was becoming more rapid, because even with his condition, the feeling of a woman’s hands encircling his hard penis and cupping his balls was exquisite… and something that only happened in his fantasies up until now. Sure, he had kissed a couple of girls, and had even touched one’s boobs over top of her sweater, but that was nothing like this. And to make matters worse, he suddenly felt the warmth of Dr. Alexander’s breath on his erection as she leaned in to get a closer look… and that was when he made the mistake of looking down and seeing her beautiful face only inches from his hard dick.

The combination of all these senses had pushed the pressure in the teenage boy’s groin to its boiling point, and just as his sexy young doctor was about to tell both he and his mom what she had found, Jamie cried out, “Dr. Alexander I think I’m gonna… Oh jeez, NOOOOO!!!” 

At that moment, Julie felt Jamie’s hard shaft lurch in her hand... and as her eyes locked on the slit at the tip, a ribbon of milky-white sperm exploded from the opening and splattered on her cheek. Her first reaction was to gasp in surprise, and when she did, a second stream of Jamie’s cum launched from his pulsating erection… hitting her on the lips and landing in her open mouth. 

Almost immediately she sealed her lips, and her involuntary reflex caused her to swallow the creamy discharge that found its way into her mouth. Then, as Charlotte watched in shock and amazement, the stunned doctor aimed her son’s still spurting cock downward, and the remaining blasts of his sperm sprayed against her neck and upper chest. 

Jamie was grunting with each involuntary muscle spasm, and there was nothing he could do to stop his dick from spewing his cum, or the feelings of pleasure surging through his body. In fact, he was experiencing so much pleasure and relief that he wasn’t even thinking of how embarrassing this moment was… but that would all change very soon.

Finally the hard bucking at the base of Jamie’s cock eased, and his grunting was turning into a low groan. At the same time, his head began to clear, and that was when he noticed that Dr. Alexander’s soft hand was still holding him. She had been so surprised that she was u*********sly milking him as she felt each orgasmic contraction… but as soon as she realized what she was doing, she released her young patient’s twitching penis as the last of his sperm drooled from the tip.

All three sat quietly for a moment… still in a state of shock over what had happened. It was then that Dr. Alexander felt some of Jamie’s warm cum clinging to her lips. Without thinking, her pink tongue snaked out, collected the creamy liquid, and drew it into her mouth… almost as if it was pudding. This time she had a chance to take note of the taste. It seemed almost sweet, not bitter like her husband’s… and it was less slimy in consistency. Then after a moment, she swallowed the teenager’s syrupy sperm… and it was then that she realized she was being watched. 

Dr. Alexander saw Charlotte staring at her in wide-eyed amazement, and she knew immediately that the boy’s mother had seen her lick his cum from her lips. She wasn’t quite sure what she should do, but then Charlotte just smiled at her. Feeling relieved, the young doctor thought she should say something, but instead she just chose to smile back with some of Jamie’s semen still clinging to her face.

As everyone began to regain their wits, Jamie looked at his beautiful doctor’s cum-splattered face, and as his voice trembled with embarrassment he said, “I’m sorry Dr. Alexander… I couldn’t stop it.”

Both his mom and his doctor quickly recognized how distraught the teen was. At first Charlotte was speechless, not knowing how the doctor would react to her son ejaculating in her face... but the mood quickly eased when Dr. Alexander said, “Jamie, don’t worry… I know it was an accident.” Then she added, “It’s not unusual for a boy your age to have a spontaneous ejaculation under normal circumstances, and I’m sure your condition and my examination didn’t help.”

Jamie and his mom both breathed a sigh of relief after Dr. Alexander reassured them that everything was alright. Once the uncertainty of the moment had passed, the pretty doctor walked to the counter for some sanitary wipes and began cleaning the remainder of her young patient’s spunk from her face and neck. As she did, she heard Jamie say, “Dr. Alexander, my, ummm… my penis is getting softer.”

“That is a good sign Jamie,” Dr. Alexander said as she tossed the sperm-soaked towelettes into the trash. Then, as she looked at his penis deflating, she added, “If your erection is going away, there is a chance that this is a temporary condition due to your injury, and not something more serious.”

“It’s not hurting any more either,” Jamie said, sounding relieved.

Dr. Alexander was encouraged, but she also knew it was too early to declare Jamie’s injury as the sole reason for his condition, so she said, “I’d still like to take a little bl**d for analysis, but before we take any other action, I’d like to monitor things very carefully over the next few days to see if your condition is improving without medication or any invasive treatments.”

“How will we know that,” Charlotte asked, looking at her son’s lap and seeing his penis had almost returned to its normal size.

Dr. Alexander cleared her throat and said, “Well it seems that ejaculation temporarily relieves Jamie’s erection and discomfort, so if it is agreeable to both of you, for the next few days, when Jamie gets an erection that won’t go away for an extended period, he can masturbate to relieve the condition… and then if we see the duration between his ejaculation and his next erection getting progressively longer, it may mean the problem is correcting itself, and more invasive treatment may not be needed.”

Knowing that this could avoid possible surgery for Jamie, Charlotte was eager to try Dr. Alexander’s suggestion… but still uncertain of her role, she asked, “What can I do to help?”

“Well I know this may be a little embarrassing for you Jamie, but if you have an erection that stays hard for a few hours, and you need to masturbate for relief, you need to tell your mom when you’ve ejaculated… and then again as soon as you get another erection,” then she added, “And Mrs. Bradley, I’d like you to keep track of the duration between his ejaculation and his next erection to see if it is increasing, and if it is, it might mean his condition is improving on its own.”

Charlotte looked at her young son and said, “Don’t worry, honey… we’ll get through this together.”

With that, the young doctor said, “Now Jamie, you understand how important it is that you be completely honest with your mom… right?”

“Yes ma’am, I will be,” the young boy replied, nodding his head.

Then Dr. Alexander said, “You also need to remember that you don’t want to masturbate as soon as you get an erection… it’s very important to see if it goes away on its own, but if it stays hard for about four hours, and you start to experience any discomfort, then go ahead and masturbate… just try to wait for the four hours.”

Both mother and son acknowledged the instructions, and then Dr. Alexander said, “Okay Jamie… go ahead and get dressed and I’m going to have Sarah take you down the hall to take a little bl**d.”

As Jamie got dressed, Dr. Alexander left the room, then returned with Sarah, the cute young nurse who had done the screening, who smiled at him and said, “Okay Jamie… let’s get you fixed up here.”

Sarah put her arm around the teenager’s shoulder to reassure him, and as she led him to the door, Dr. Alexander said, “You have nothing to worry about Jamie, Sarah will take good care of you… but I’d like to keep your mom here to go over a few things if that’s okay with you.”

Jamie had given bl**d samples before, so he wasn’t really scared… plus there was no way he was going to show any fear in front of a girl as pretty as Sarah, so he confidently said, “Sure Dr. Alexander… no problem.”

His bravado made all three women smile, and as the nurse and her patient left the room, Charlotte said, “I’ll see you in a little bit honey.”

As soon as the door closed, Dr. Alexander said, “Mrs. Bradley, I didn’t want to frighten Jamie, but even though there is a chance that this is just being caused by the swelling from his accident… his prolonged erections could still be caused by something more serious, which could mean surgery to repair any damage.” Then she added, “But I’d rather wait until I get the lab work back, and monitor his progress before taking more extreme measures… so if you have no personal objections to Jamie occasionally masturbating for relief, I think this is the right approach.”

“I have no objections at all,” Charlotte quickly replied, and then she added, “And I will do anything for my son… so just tell me what we need to do.”

Dr. Alexander was glad to hear Charlotte’s dedication to her son was her priority, so she said, “It will probably take a few days before we see any significant change, so chances are Jamie is going to experience frequent and prolonged erections, which means he will probably need to masturbate more often than normal… even for a teenager with raging hormones.”

“So what should I do,” the young mother asked again.

“Well, after he masturbates a few times, it may be harder for him to achieve orgasm, and that could become frustrating, and even painful for him,” Dr. Alexander explained, and then she added, “If that happens, I might suggest that you allow him to use some outside stimuli to help him achieve orgasm faster and easier, either some adult content from the internet, or maybe a few men’s magazines… and again, only if you have no personal objections.”

Charlotte laughed and said, “Well, I have no objections, and I know boys will be boys so he’s probably seen plenty already… but I never thought I’d be suggesting my son look at porn.”

Dr. Alexander chuckled too and said, “Well, it may not be necessary, but since you’ll be monitoring him, if you notice it’s taking longer for Jamie to ejaculate, or he tells you he is experiencing irritation or discomfort from frequent masturbation, it’s something to consider.”

“What about when he’s sl**ping at night,” Charlotte asked.

“Well, you don’t have to wake him up, since he’ll probably masturbate right before he goes to sl**p, but he’ll probably be erect when he gets up in the morning… so if it doesn’t go away after his morning urination, then he should relieve it,” Doctor Alexander replied, and then she added, “Hopefully after a couple of days we’ll see improvement, and then we’ll go from there.”

“Okay,” Charlotte said, and then after a pause she asked, “Dr. Alexander… is it normal for a boy Jamie’s age to masturbate every day or more… even if he doesn’t have something like what Jamie has?”

“Well, being a pediatrician who has done research, and the mother of a son Jamie’s age who regularly leaves evidence in the laundry to confirm my research, I’d say yes” Dr. Alexander replied with a smile.

“I guess it must be normal,” Charlotte replied, the she giggled and said” I’ve found towels and socks with some of Jamie’s, ummm… evidence on them, too.”

Both women laughed, and then Dr. Alexander asked, “Now do you have any other questions, Mrs. Bradley?”

“No, I think you’ve covered everything,” the young mother replied, and then she added, “And if you don’t mind, I’d really like you to call me Charlotte.”

“Okay Charlotte… my friends call me Julie,” the pretty doctor answered, flashing her dazzling smile.

With that, both women stood, and Charlotte said, “Well thank you Doctor Alex… I mean Julie.”

“You’re welcome Charlotte,” Julie replied. But instead of shaking hands, the two women hugged, almost as if the experience they shared with Jamie and the revelations about both of their teenage sons had begun a friendship that they both quietly hoped would continue. Then Charlotte collected Jamie from the waiting room, and they headed home. 

During the drive home from the doctor’s office, Charlotte and Jamie talked about what Dr. Alexander had told them, and how they were going to get through the next few days. Then Jamie said, “Mom, I’m really sorry about what happened in Dr. Alexander’s office.”

“Don’t be honey,” Charlotte replied, and then she said, “Dr. Alexander and I both understand it was something you couldn’t control.”

“Yeah, but it’s still been a pretty embarrassing day,” Jamie replied.

Charlotte just smiled and tousled his hair, and then she said, “Well k**do, things are going to be a little embarrassing for both of us for a few days, but we’re a team, so we’re going to have to throw modesty out the window while we deal with this… do you think we can do that?”

His mom always knew the right thing to say, and Jamie smiled and said, “I think we can.” And then almost immediately he had to test his mom’s theory of throwing modesty out the window when he said, “Speaking or which… I already have another erection.”

Charlotte quickly noted the time… it was 2:30, only about a half an hour since Jamie had ejaculated in Dr. Alexander’s office, or more accurately, in her face. Then she said, “Okay honey, remember what Dr. Alexander said… let’s wait to see if it goes away on its own, but if it stays hard past 6:30, then you should go ahead and, uhhh… relieve the pressure.”

At the same time Charlotte and Jamie were driving home and discussing his treatment, Dr. Alexander sat quietly in her office. Normally, the free time she had between patients was occupied by reviewing charts… but today all she could think of was handsome young Jamie Bradley’s hard penis pulsing in her hand, and the streams of warm, thick sperm splashing against her face and landing in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and thought about the creamy texture and surprisingly pleasant flavor of the teenage boy’s semen. She remembered licking it from her lips, and how it coated her tongue like warm custard. Then she thought about how effortlessly it slid down her throat… unlike her husband’s pungent cum, which she sometimes gagged on before managing to swallow it. 

It wasn’t that she didn’t like giving her husband oral sex, in fact she enjoyed it very much But his cum, as well as that of the few other men who had been lucky enough to receive a blowjob from her, had usually been kind of stringy and with a bitter taste... while the unique flavor and smooth texture of Jamie’s semen was overwhelmingly appealing to her.

Suddenly the intercom in her office buzzed… shattering her daydream. And as she was brought back to her senses, she realized that as she was thinking about Jamie Bradley cumming on her face, her palm was u*********sly pressing right on top of her pubic mound. ‘Oh my God… I’m getting aroused,’ she thought to herself. She quickly regained her composure and answered the call from her receptionist, telling her that her next patient had arrived. 

After hanging up the phone, she inhaled deeply, and then tried sorting out her feelings. In all her years as a doctor, and all the patients she had seen, the beautiful young doctor had never experienced anything like the arousal she was feeling over what happened with Jamie Bradley. 

As Julie Alexander was contemplating her feelings, Jamie and Charlotte were already back at home. It had been an hour since Jamie had told his mom he had gotten another erection, and as she looked in on him watching TV, she could see him fidgeting uncomfortably. After watching him squirming around, she asked, “Jamie honey, are you alright?”

Her son let out a frustrated sigh and then said, “Yeah mom, it’s just that my… my penis is really hurting.”

Charlotte could tell by the way her son hesitated before saying the word ‘penis’ that he was still feeling awkward, but she knew how important it was to talk discuss what was happening, so she bluntly said, “Well honey, you know Dr. Alexander said that if it doesn’t get soft on its own, you should try to hold off for at least four hours before you relieve yourself… so can you wait until then?”

“It’s not that mom,” Jamie groaned in frustration, “It’s just that it is really cramped in my shorts and it’s starting to hurt.”

Charlotte gave her young son an understanding smile and said, “Jamie, it’s only you and I here, so why don’t you take your shorts off and just wear your boxers.”

“Okay thanks mom, that would really help,” he said in a relieved tone. And with that, Jamie stood up and took off his cargo shorts. Charlotte had to suppress a giggle as she could clearly see the prominent bulge her son’s erection was causing in his cotton boxers. And even when he sat back down on the couch, his hard penis caused a very noticeable tent in his lap.

While Jamie sat and watched television, Charlotte made them dinner. She made cheeseburgers since they were quick and easy, plus they could eat in the living room. As the young mother walked into the room with a plate in each hand, she let out a soft gasp as she noticed Jamie’s hard penis had found its way through the flap in the front of his boxers, and was arching straight up from his groin.

As Charlotte placed Jamie’s plate on the coffee table in front of him, she smiled and said, “It looks like someone has escaped.”

Jamie had been so engrossed in what he was watching on TV that he hadn’t even noticed, but when he saw that his stiff penis was completely exposed, he blushed and said, “I’m sorry mom.”

But as he started to adjust himself, Charlotte just chuckled and said, “Jamie, after what happened this morning, it’s not like I haven’t seen it like that… so if it feels better, then just leave it out.”

“It really does feel better mom… thanks,” Jamie said gratefully.

“Well as long as it’s just us here, if he doesn’t mind, then I don’t mind,” Charlotte answered. And then she almost giggled when she realized she had called his erection ‘he’… almost as if Jamie’s erection was a different person. But she was also doing that to help her son feel comfortable and relaxed… plus, she admitted that for some reason she found the sight of her son’s hard penis oddly intriguing.

After they were through eating, they watched TV until Charlotte looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 7:00, and realized how long Jamie’s current erection had lasted. So as she put their dinner plates in the dishwasher, she said, “Jamie, it’s been over four hours… so you should probably go take care of yourself like Dr. Alexander said.”

“Okay Mom,” Jamie answered, and then he got up and walked towards the hallway which led to the bedrooms. Charlotte didn’t want to embarrass her son any more, but out of the corner of her eye she secretly watched as his hard young cock bounced in front of him as he walked past the kitchen.

Charlotte heard Jamie’s bedroom door close as she cleaned around the kitchen. In a million years, she’d have never imagined she would have to tell her teenage son to go and masturbate, but in her mind she convinced herself this was about his health, and not sex. Still, as she thought about what her son was about to do, she was once again overcome with a strong curiosity… and before she even realized it, she was quietly tiptoeing down the hall towards his bedroom.

When she arrived at Jamie’s room, she silently took a deep breath, and then pressed her ear to the wooden door. The house was older, and the interior doors were hollow… so the air trapped between the two thin sheets of plywood acted like and amplifier, and she was surprised at how clearly she could hear what was happening on the other side.

At first she could only hear the faint sound of her young son’s breathing, but soon that was accompanied by the rhythmic slapping of his hand against his pubic mound as he masturbated. As she listened intently, Charlotte imagined what her young son must look like, lying on his bed, his hand stroking up and down his hard cock. She wondered what expression was on his face. She imagined his eyes closed tightly as he fantasized… probably about some cute young girl at school. And as all of this ran through her mind, she suddenly felt warmth spreading through her groin. 

Charlotte had no idea why listening to her son masturbating was arousing her. She hadn’t had a serious relationship since she and Jamie’s father had split, but she still had a strong sex drive, which she usually satisfied with masturbation too… sometimes while reading some tasteful erotica, or some pornographic fiction masquerading as a ‘romance novel’. But she had never thought of Jamie as anything but her sweet son until now, when the mental image of him stroking his hard young cock had her pussy buzzing. 

Before long Charlotte could hear light moaning accompanying the slapping of Jamie’s hand as he jerked his hard penis with more urgency… and her experience told her that her son would be shooting a load of his thick white semen soon. She had to stop herself from slipping her hand between her legs and cupping her aching pussy as she listened intently, but she couldn’t deny that the arousal she was feeling was getting more intense.

Once again she wondered what Jamie must look like… his hand moving faster up and down the swollen stalk of his penis, the muscles in his firm young thighs and smooth stomach tightening as his orgasm approached. Then she wondered what he must be fantasizing about, but she didn’t have to wonder long, because just then she heard him softly moan, “Oh Dr. Alexander.”

Charlotte had to suppress an audible gasp as she thought, ‘I can’t believe he’s thinking about Julie.’ But she couldn’t really blame him. She also thought Julie Alexander was a very attractive woman. In fact, while she hadn’t addressed her bisexual curiosity since the lesbian affair she had in college, she had to admit that a part of why she liked Dr. Alexander was she found her to be very sexy too.

Her thoughts were interrupted again when she heard Jamie groaning louder… telling her that he was nearing orgasm. She could tell he was trying to keep his voice down, but she hoped he would say something else about the object of his fantasy… Julie. So she was shocked when she heard him softly moan, “Oh Mom… I’m getting close!” 

‘Oh my God,’ Charlotte thought as she heard Jamie’s words, ‘He’s fantasizing about me too!’ 

Charlotte was completely floored when she heard Jamie mention her name as he masturbated, and it also made her pussy tremble even more. But she didn’t have long to contemplate what her son had said, because just then she heard the slapping of his hand against his groin suddenly accelerate, and then he groaned, “Oh yeah… that’s it Dr. Alexander… Mom… I’m gonna… unnnggghhh!”

Charlotte could hear her son grunting over and over, and knew that his hard young cock was spurting gobs of semen onto his chest and stomach. As she listened, she remembered what it looked like when he had cum earlier… the ropes of creamy sperm splashing against Julie’s beautiful face and neck. And now she could hear him cumming again, but this time she knew he was fantasizing about her too.

The young mother had become so aroused that she had to keep herself from throwing open the door to watch him spew a fountain of sperm into the air. She also fought the urge to slip her hand inside her jeans and finger her inflamed clit. Instead, she waited until Jamie’s grunting had stopped, and then she quietly tiptoed away from his door and back to the kitchen… feeling the sticky wetness of her own secretions drenching the crotch of her panties.

While Charlotte Bradley listened to her son masturbate, Julie Alexander was just getting home. As she pulled into the driveway of her beautiful house, the image of young Jamie Bradley shooting his warm cum on her face, and how it tasted on her tongue, was still on her mind. And she was still puzzled at how profoundly the incident was affecting her… especially the wonderful taste of his semen.

But as much as she wanted to sit down and sort out her feelings, she knew she had more important issues to deal with on this night. On any normal evening, she would just have a nice dinner with her f****y… but tonight her son Tyler was staying with his grandparents so she could have a romantic evening with her husband, who was leaving the next day for a month-long business trip to Dubai. 

Julie’s husband Clark was an oil executive who made frequent trips to the Middle East, and the two always made sure that they spent the evening alone together before he left. The couple was very much in love, and they knew that while Clark was a civilian contractor, that region could still be dangerous to any American, so each departure was met with a romantic send-off, and each return a celebration.

The two had married while in college, and then immediately had Tyler before Julie started med school. Being a medical student and a mother can be almost impossible… but Clark’s job at that time allowed him to work from home, and they also had a lot of support from both of their families. So while Julie finished her residency, Tyler was taken care of very well. And now they lived a very comfortable life in a very loving household.

Clark had spent the day at home packing, so when Julie walked in the door, she could smell that he had already started dinner. As she put down her briefcase and kicked off her shoes, her husband came around the corner with two glasses of wine in hand.

“Welcome home, Dr. Alexander,” Clark said with a smile on his handsome face as he handed Julie a glass of vintage cabernet, and then toasted her. 

Julie toasted him back, and then took a sip from her glass. But wine wasn’t what she wanted. She had been so aroused by the memory what had happened earlier in the day that she needed a cock… and she needed it now. So she quickly took Clark’s glass from him, and placed it with hers on the table by the front door. Then after kissing him deeply, she knelt in front of her husband and unzipped his pants.

Just as Clark was going to remind her they were still in the foyer, Julie yanked his pants and underwear down, and then grasped his semi-hard prick in her hand and guided it into her warm mouth. “Oh God Julie… what are you doing,” he groaned as his beautiful, demure, professional wife wrapped her lips around his hardening shaft. It wasn’t that she never gave him a oral sex, but this was different. She wasn’t just giving him a blowjob… she was sucking his cock like a sex-starved whore. 

Julie felt her husband’s penis growing to full erection in her mouth. She felt the shaft stretching her lips and the spongy head pressed against her throat as his cock grew longer and thicker. Once it was completely hard, she wrapped her hand around the thick pole and started using it in rhythm with her mouth to stimulate the seven inch column of excited flesh.

“Oh Julie… that feels so good baby,” Clark moaned as his wife slurped on his swollen knob… but she never heard him. In fact, as she sucked her husband’s bloated cock, all she could think about was the image of Jamie Bradley, and the moment his teenage cock exploded on her face and in her mouth.

Julie’s pussy quivered as she remembered the sweet, slightly salty taste and smooth texture of Jamie’s semen. But then she was brought back to the present when she heard Clark groan, “Honey… I’m gonna cum.” The wanton way she had attacked his penis had her husband on the verge of orgasm in just a few minutes, and as she felt him swell, she quickly back off until only the bulbous head of his cock was between her lips, and then she began jacked his hard shaft with her hand… putting him over the edge.

“Oh FUUUCK,” Clark cried out, and then his cock began to throb between his wife’s sealed lips as he came. Gouts of sperm made her cheeks bulge as it exploded from his twitching shaft, and she began swallowing his copious load. But as much as Julie loved giving her husband pleasure, his cum tasted nothing like Jamie’s. Her teenage patient’s semen had been rich and creamy… while Clark’s tasted somewhat metallic, and had the consistency of egg whites. Still, she faithfully continued sucking his dick until the spasms stopped, and she had gulped down the final remnants of his orgasm. 

After giving her husband the most incredible blowjob he had gotten in years, Julie and Clark took time to eat the delicious meal he had prepared. All through dinner, Julie did her best to make small talk, but her concentration kept wandering. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Clark, he was her soul mate… but there was something new burning in her, a sexual desire that she hadn’t felt in years. And while Clark hadn’t been the one to ignite that sexual desire, he was going to reap the benefits of its intense heat.

When dinner was over, Julie took Clark to bed and fucked him like a wild woman. He couldn’t remember the last time his wife had shown this much passion, and even after they made love in every position imaginable, Julie gave him another blowjob, and had him cum in her mouth again as she fingered herself to yet another orgasm. But even as she was swallowing what little spunk was left in her husband’s spent balls, Julie knew it was young Jamie Bradley’s sweet discharge she craved. 

Being completely drained, it wasn’t long before Clark was sound asl**p. Julie, on the other hand, was wide awake. After having two powerful orgasms herself, she was still thinking about what had happened earlier in the day… and even incredible sex with her husband couldn’t make thoughts of Jamie go away. Then she glanced at the clock and saw it was only a little after nine, so she quietly got out of bed, slipped a silk robe on her naked body, and went to the kitchen to pour another glass of wine.

After pouring her wine, Julie went to her office and turned on the computer. She decided doing a little work might distract her until she could fall asl**p, but as she pulled up her patient database, she couldn’t help but wonder if Jamie and Charlotte had followed her instructions. She also wondered how many times the cute teenage boy had masturbated, and as she thought about licking his cum from her lips yet again, she slipped her hand into her robe and lightly stroked her pussy. 

Nothing had ever caused an obsession for Julie like her experience with Jamie had. She thought about masturbating to another orgasm, but instead she suddenly decided to call the Bradley’s. After all, she told herself, she and Charlotte were becoming friends, and she was being nothing more than a good doctor concerned for her young patient. So she quickly found the Bradley’s phone number, and after taking a big gulp from her wine, she picked up her phone and dialed the number.

As Julie was dialing, Charlotte was making herself busy doing some cleaning while enjoying her own glass of wine, and as she did, she was thinking about what she had heard through her son’s door as he jerked off. Just as Julie Alexander couldn’t get the memory of the taste of Jamie’s cum out of her mind, Charlotte kept hearing her son’s voice groaning her name as he came… and that memory sent a warm glow spreading through her groin.

Just as she was pouring her own second glass of wine in hopes of dousing the fire in her groin, Charlotte heard the phone ring. The cordless was in the living room, so she hollered,” Jamie, can you get that honey,” figuring at that late hour, it was probably her s****r. 

On the other end, Julie could feel butterflies in the pit of the stomach as she waited, hoping her teenage patient would be the one to answer the phone… and then she was rewarded when she heard a familiar young male voice say, “Hello, Bradley residence.” 

“Hi Jamie, its Doctor Alexander,” Julie replied in a cheery voice, and then she said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I just wanted to call to see how you were doing.”

“Oh hi Dr. Alexander… ummm, pretty good I guess,” the teenage boy replied, a little surprised to hear her voice.

The tingling between Julie’s legs intensified as she talked to Jamie. Then she decided to push for a little more details on his treatment, so she said, “I’m glad everything is good Jamie… have you been following our recommended treatments?”

The teenager blushed as he realized his beautiful doctor was asking if he was if he had been masturbating, but he also remembered how important it was to be honest with her, so he said, “Yes ma’am… I did it once after leaving your office, and I’ll have to do it again before bed.”

As Julie listened to Jamie tell her how many times he had masturbated, she leaned back in her chair and placed her bare feet wide apart on her desk, with her painted toes pointing upward. Her silk robe immediately fell open, and as she slipped her fingers between her thighs to stroke her dripping cunt lips, she said, “So you’ve ejaculated three times today, including once in my office.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jamie answered, then he felt compelled to quietly say, “And Doctor Alexander, I’m really sorry that I, you know… did that on you earlier today.”

“Oh Gawd,” the young doctor groaned as she remembered him accidentally cumming on her face and in her mouth, and how his thick jizz coated her tongue before sliding down her throat. 

“Doctor Alexander, are you alright,” Jamie asked, confused by her reaction to his apology.

Julie quickly realized what she had said, and as she regained her composure she said, “I’m sorry Jamie… I, ummm… spilled something on my desk.” Then as she extracted her hand from her aching cunt and pulled herself together she said, “And you have no reason to apologize, I know you couldn’t control what happened earlier… it was an accident.”

“Thank you,” he answered in a relieved tone, and then he said, “Do you want to talk to my mom?”

“I was hoping to, is she there,” Julie said as she tried to calm herself before Charlotte took the phone.

“Yes ma’am,” Jamie answered, and then he pulled the receiver from his face as he hollered, “Mom… its Doctor Alexander.” 

Charlotte was a little stunned that it was Jamie’s doctor calling so late, and she quickly grabbed the phone and said, “Hi Julie… is everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine Charlotte,’ Julie quickly said, wanting to reassure her friend, then she said, “I’m sorry for calling so late, but I just wanted to check on Jamie.”

“That was so nice… I really appreciate your checking on him,” Charlotte replied, enjoying that they were on a first name basis, and then she said, “And you can call anytime.”

“Thanks,” Julie quickly answered, and then she said, “I already talked with Jamie, but I wanted to check with you to see how he was coming along.”

Charlotte almost giggled at the irony of Julie using the term ‘coming’ along, considering Jamie’s ‘treatment’, but instead she just said, “He’s doing alright… in fact, the last time he, ummm, relieved himself was about 7:00, and it took a little longer before he got his next erection.”

“That’s great Charlotte, that’s just the result we‘re hoping for,” Julie replied happily, and then she asked, “Are there any issues or complications you might be concerned with?”

‘Not unless you think fantasizing about the two of us while he jerks off is an issue,’ Charlotte thought to herself, but instead she answered, “The only thing I noticed is that his penis seems more red and irritated now than it did in your office this morning.”

“Oh,” Julie answered slightly confused and very intrigued, and then she asked, “Did he show it to you when he was done masturbating?”

Immediately Charlotte knew she needed to explain why she had seen her son’s penis again, and said, “No, it’s just that having an erection jammed in his pants for long periods of time was really getting uncomfortable for Jamie, so I told him that while we were home, we were dismissing modesty and he didn’t need to keep himself covered.” Then feeling embarrassed she asked, “Is that bad?”

“No, no, no… that’s fine,” Julie quickly replied, “Considering everything that poor boy is going through, you should do everything you can to make him feel comfortable,” and then she added, “If he were my son, there would be no limit on what I would do to relieve what must be agony at times for him.”

Charlotte thought it was interesting how Julie stressed there would be ‘no limit’ on what she would do for her son, and wanted to ask what she meant… but instead she just said, “Well thanks Julie… it makes me feel a lot better hearing you say that.” 

“I just think it’s natural for mothers to do anything for our sons when they are dealing with medical issues,” Julie said, and then she added, “As for the irritation, it’s probably a combination of the priapism and repeated masturbation… so I might suggest that he use some sort of lubricant, and I still think that if you can provide him with some sort of external stimuli that will help him reach orgasm faster… that should help ease the redness and discomfort, and his frustration.”

“Thanks Julie,” Charlotte said, and then she chuckled.

Julie giggled too, and then realizing she didn’t know what Charlotte was laughing at, she said, “Did I say something funny?”

“I’m sorry,” Charlotte laughed, then she said, “I guess sitting here talking with my son’s doctor about how to help him masturbate more comfortably just hit me as kind of funny… and being on my second glass of wine doesn’t help!”

With that, both women went into a fit of laughter. Then Julie said, “Well, I’m on my third glass, and laughing about how I’m using all the clinical terms with a friend, when I could just say, ‘Just give your son some lube and some porn and his penis won’t get sore from jerking off too much’!”

Now they both laughed hysterically like two tipsy school girls, until Charlotte finally regained her composure and said, “Just to get serious for one second Julie, I really am sorry about when Jamie had that little accident in your office today.”

Now the wine had really lowered both women’s inhibitions, and Julie said, “Don’t worry Charlotte, I know it was an accident,” and then she laughed and added, “Besides, and I think we’ve gotten to know each other well enough to say this… it’s not like he was the first male to give me a facial!”

Both women laughed hysterically, then Charlotte said, “Tell me about it,” and then she added, “The things we do for men.”

Then Julie decided to bring something up that she never thought she would mention again when she said, “Charlotte, when Jamie had his accident, I know you saw me lick some from my lips… and I want you to know that was only a reaction, and in no way intentional.”

“I never gave it a second thought,” Charlotte said, then she added, “But since you brought it up… can I ask you something kind of personal?”

“Sure… anything,” Julie answered curiously.

The now slightly buzzed, less inhibited mother cleared her throat and said, “I noticed when you licked, you know… Jamie’s sperm from your lips, you didn’t even make a face.” Then she added, “My ex-husband used to say that I made such an awful face that you’d have thought I was swallowing nuclear waste, and sometimes that’s what it tasted like… does swallowing not bother you?”

Both women laughed at Charlotte’s joke, and then Julie bluntly said, “Well to be honest with you, I have the same reaction with my husband, but Jamie’s didn’t have that bad a taste... there was no bitterness, and his ejaculate wasn’t slimy at all.” 

Suddenly the young doctor realized how much detail she had gone into, and not wanting to give any indication that she had been aroused over the incident, she quickly said, “Oh my God Charlotte, I’m so sorry… that must have sounded like I was analyzing Jamie’s semen.”

“Not at all,” Charlotte quickly countered, and then she added, “I just wondered if there could be some medical reason that might have made Jamie’s sperm, pardon the pun… easier to swallow.”

Both women laughed at Charlotte’s joke, and then Julie said, “Well, it could be his diet, or the fact that he doesn’t use tobacco or alcohol, or that he’s just a teenager… but yes, there are factors that can make a man’s sperm more palatable, and his definitely was.”

“So a better diet, no tobacco or alcohol, and go out with younger men… well that’s good to know for my future dates,” Charlotte chuckled, and then she added, “Ok, I can’t believe we just sat here talking about my son ejaculating in your face… and why a young man’s semen tastes better!”

Julie laughed and said, “Just consider it a medical consultation!” 

With that, the two new friends chatted for a while longer, as if they had been close for years, and that was when Charlotte looked at the time and said, “Oh my, do you realize we’ve been on the phone for over an hour?”

“I had no idea,” Julie replied, and then she added, “I’ve got to get some sl**p… I’m getting up at three a.m. to see my husband off the airport!”

“Well, I appreciate you calling to check on Jamie,” Charlotte said.

“My pleasure, he’s quite a young man,” Julie replied, and then she said, “and I really enjoyed our chat… being a doctor and a mother doesn’t leave much time for friendships, and considering tonight’s subject matter, I obviously feel very comfortable talking with you.”

“I know what you mean… being a single mom doesn’t leave much time either,” and then she added, “But at least working as an administrator at the university gives me most of the summer off.”

Julie hadn’t known that Charlotte was off during the summer, and said, “Hey Char… tomorrow’s Friday and I only have office hours until noon, and Clark is out of town, so how would you like to have lunch?”

“That would be great,” the young mother said excitedly, and then she added, “It’s been so long since I had a girl’s lunch.”

“Fantastic… have you ever been to The Terrace Bistro?” Julie asked.

“Yes… their Cobb Salad is great,” Charlotte answered excitedly.

“And so is their wine list,” Julie giggled, then she asked, “How about we meet there at 12:30?”

“Perfect… I’ll see you there at 12:30,” Charlotte replied. And then the fast friends said their goodnights and hung up.

After hanging up, Charlotte went into the living room and sat on the couch next to Jamie, who was still playing his Xbox. He was so engrossed that he didn’t even notice his mom peeking at his erection as it stuck straight up from his lap. It was either the wine, or the site of his hard young prick, or hearing Julie describe the taste of his cum… but whatever the reason, Charlotte’s pussy was starting to drool again. 

As she glanced at Jamie’s cock bobbing slightly with the beat of his heart, she thought about hearing him groan her name as he jerked off earlier. This made the aching deep in her cunt to intensify… even though he was her son. It was then that she checked the time, and saw it was almost 11:00.

Charlotte quickly snapped her mind back into caregiver mode and said, “Jamie, it’s time to put your game away and go, ummm… relieve yourself again.” 

“Awww mom, do I have to do it again?” Jamie asked in a frustrated tone.

“Yes you do Jamie, it’s been over four hours” Charlotte answered, and then she said, “And besides, I thought all guys your age liked doing that a lot.”

“Not when you have to… it’s more like doing your chores then,” and then he added, “Plus, this will be the fourth time today, so it’s getting sore and it takes a lot longer to, you know… finish.”

Charlotte could sense his frustration, and remembering the advice Julie had given her, she got up and walked towards her bedroom saying, “I’ll be right back.”

First she went to her nightstand and pulled out the lube that she used on her favorite vibrator. Then she went to the back of her closet and reached into a box holding some adult DVD’s that her ex-husband had left behind. They were all in unmarked cases so she wasn’t sure which one she was getting, but they were all pretty much the same… and for a teenage boy, she figured any kind of porn will do.

The wine had really lowered her inhibitions so as she walked back into the living room and sat down next to Jamie, she bluntly said, “Dr. Alexander told me you might develop some irritation from masturbating so much, so this lubricant will help,” and then she added, “She also said it might take longer for you to orgasm and you might get frustrated, and suggested I give you something to help you… so here’s a DVD that your dad had that might help you finish faster.” 

Jamie couldn’t believe that his mom had just given him lubricant and a porn DVD to help him masturbate… but it also showed him that she really would do anything to help him, so he softly said, “Thanks for everything mom,” and then he looked at the lube and asked, “What do you do with this?”

“Just put a little on your penis and it will make it slippery so it won’t get sore when you masturbate,” his mom replied.

“I know that mom…” Jamie answered, and then he said, “I meant ‘what do YOU do with this’?”

His mother just smiled at him, and with a wink she said, “Well if you must know, teenage boys aren’t the only ones who need to masturbate to relieve sexual tension… sometimes moms do too.”

Jamie’s eyes grew wide as he realized his mom just admitted that she masturbated too, and as his cock throbbed even more, all he could say was “Wow, I didn’t know you did that.” 

“Well I do,” Charlotte replied as she put her arm around her son’s shoulder and hugged him, and then she told him she was going to bed, and to make sure he turned everything off when he was done. As she stood up, she kissed him on the top of his head, and then in her tipsy state she reached down and wrapped her soft hand around her son’s erection… and as she gave it a squeeze she said, “Not bad equipment there k**do.”

“Mom!!!” Jamie cried out in shock as his mother gently clutched his hard penis. 

“Oh honey, I was just paying you a compliment,” Charlotte said as she released his aching cock. Then she said goodnight and walked back towards her bedroom.

The fact was her hand had felt incredible when she held him, and Jamie actually wished she hadn’t stopped. But at least she had left him the porn DVD. So he waited until he heard his mom’s bedroom door close before loading the disc, and then sitting back on the couch. What he didn’t realize was that she hadn’t gone into her room, but was actually hiding in the shadows of the hallway. 

The wine had now left Charlotte completely void of inhibitions, and holding her son’s cock for just a few seconds had raised the level of her curiosity and arousal, so she decided she wanted to secretly watch him jerk off. She had closed her door loudly to make Jamie think she was in her room, and now she was peeking at him from around the corner.

Thinking he was alone, Jamie stripped off his boxers. Now Charlotte could see both his hard cock and his tight little behind before he sat back down. She could feel the dampness spreading through her own crotch as she watched her son hit the ‘PLAY’ button, and then squirt some of the lube into his palm and then spread it on his twitching erection.

From her hiding place, Charlotte could barely see the TV screen, but she had a perfect view of Jamie’s hard young cock as he wrapped his fist around the shaft and began slowly stroking it up and down. The lube allowed his hand to glide effortlessly up and down on his erection, and it also soothed the thin membrane of irritated skin that encased his hard shaft, causing wonderful new sensations for the teen.

As he stroked himself, the TV screen came alive. First there was just a blue screen, but then you could see a camera focused on a bed that looked strangely familiar to him… and then both mother and son got a huge shock when they heard a woman saying, “I hope there’s enough light for this,” and the voice was Charlotte’s! The young mother immediately knew it was a personal DVD she made for Jamie’s father a few years earlier, but she didn’t know that it had been left in the box with the other unmarked DVD’s.

Her first inclination was to rush into the living room and remove the disc before her son saw any more, but before she had the chance, she heard Jamie whisper, “Oh wow… I can’t believe mom’s letting me watch this… this is awesome!”

Charlotte was shocked. She knew that all boys have some curiosity about their mothers, and she had caught Jamie sneaking peaks at her when she would be rushing around in just a towel, or her bra and panties… but she never thought it was anything more than just curiosity. Now she understood that he really did find her sexy and attractive. 

The teenage boy had good reason to find his mother sexy. Charlotte was every bit as attractive as his doctor, but while Dr. Alexander was a Nordic looking blond, his mom looked more Mediterranean, with long dark hair and a tanned complexion. She was also more voluptuous, with full round hips and 38C breasts to Dr. Alexander’s 36B’s. The two things Charlotte and Julie did share were incredibly shapely legs, and a firm round ass that made men of all ages drool. So like many boys with a new-found curiosity about women, Jamie not only looked at Charlotte as his mother, but also a sexy woman.

Through her tipsy state and obvious arousal, Charlotte still thought of retrieving the disc before it played any further… but then Julie’s comment about ‘having no limits’ when helping her son rang in her ears, so she decided to let him watch more. But she wasn’t being entirely noble. She really did want to help Jamie, but the events of the day had changed the dynamic between her and her son… and now she wanted to secretly watch him masturbate while watching her naked on the video.

Jamie was so focused on the screen now that he didn’t hear his mother move to where she could have a better view of both him and the TV. As she looked at the screen, she saw herself standing in front of her bed in a skimpy black bra and black panties. Then, as her on-screen image began taking off her bra, Charlotte focused back on Jamie. Since she had seen the self-made recording before, she was now more interested in seeing how her son would react to what was about to happen on the screen.

Jamie’s eyes were as big as saucers as he watched his mom reach behind her and unsnap her bra, and as the lacy material fell from her shoulders and exposed her breasts, he groaned, “Oh my God.” They were magnificent… round and full, and capped by hard nipples that were so dark pink they were almost brown in color. But as large as they were, they showed very little sag, and as the teenage boy gazed upon his mom’s incredible tits, he began to stroke his lubed prick even faster.

As Charlotte watched her son’s reaction to her on-screen nudity, her right hand slid down her belly, and then disappeared inside the cotton sl**p pants she had changed into. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out as her middle finger found her swollen clitoris, and then began circling it as she watched her son jerking off. Just then she heard him whisper, “I hope she takes her panties off.”

The teenager wouldn’t have to wait too long for his wish to come true. His heart raced as he watched his mom turn her back to the camera, and then he gasped as he saw she was wearing a tiny thong that exposed her amazing ass. He had always thought his mom’s behind was her best feature… and he was right. Then he watched her hook her thumbs into the waistband of her tiny panties and then bend at the waist as she pushed them down over her full hips and round buttocks… giving him a close-up view of her swollen, wet pussy lips and puckered anus as the material fell to the floor.

“Ohhh Mom,” Jamie softly groaned as his eyes feasted on the blatant way she was displaying herself to the camera. Now he began stroking his bloated cock even faster, until he realized he was close to cumming and quickly stopped. He had a feeling there was much more to see on the DVD, and he didn’t want to shoot his load before he saw what else his mom was going to do.

Charlotte’s fingers were also busy inside her pants. Her pussy juices were soaking her fingertips as she teased herself while watching her son staring at the huge TV screen. The scene on the DVD was so explicit that you could actually see her swollen cunt and tight asshole as she bent over. The picture was so clear that Jamie could see her labia glistening with excitement, and the hard button of her clitoris peeking out from under its hood.

After bending over to take off her thong, Charlotte turned to face the camera again. Then she posed with one hand placed on her hip, giving Jamie a full frontal view of her nude body. His eyes panned from her beautiful face, down over her luscious breasts and tight tummy, past her cleanly shaved pubic mound, and down her shapely legs. He was truly amazed at just how beautiful his mother was. 

Once again Jamie started moving his slippery fist up and down his swollen prick as he watched his mom climb onto the bed, and then roll onto her back. Then he groaned, “Oh God Mom… yessss,” as she spread her legs wide and started to slide her hand down towards her dripping snatch.

The teenager was quickly on the verge of orgasm again as he watched his mom’s hand glide over her tight tummy and smooth pubic mound… and then he heard her moan as her manicured fingertips found her sodden cunt, and then she began sliding them up and down the swollen cleft. 

Jamie couldn’t believe that only a few minutes earlier, his mom admitted she masturbated… and now he was actually watching her do it. She had her head and upper body raised on a pillow, so from the camera angle, he had an unobstructed view of her beautiful face, her full round breasts, and her pink, moist pussy as she began playing with herself.

Just as Jamie thought things couldn’t get better, his mom suddenly took her hand from between her legs and rolled on her side. Off-screen, he could hear the drawer of her nightstand open, and then after a moment Charlotte rolled onto her back again. Only this time she was holding a large penis shaped object in one hand, and a bottle of lube, similar to the one she had given him, in the other.

“Wow, so that’s what she uses the lube for,” Jamie said out loud. 

As Charlotte hid out of sight, she focused on her son’s reaction to what she was doing on-screen, while stroking her clitoris even faster. She saw his eyes grow wide as he watched her lift the fake penis to her face, and then he gasped as she took the head of the synthetic penis into her mouth and sucked on it.

Charlotte almost came when she heard Jamie softly groan, “Oh jeez mom, I wish you would do that to me,” because the fact was, at that moment… it was exactly what she wanted to do.

Jamie watched his mom sucking on the dildo for a moment, and then she took it from her mouth and squirted some of the lube on the bulbous head. After tossing the tube aside, she smiled at the camera and then began spreading the lubricant up and down the shaft, giving the fake penis a hand job. Without realizing it, Jamie began stroking his own burgeoning cock at the same pace… imagining the fake penis his mom was stroking was his.

Jamie’s cock was beginning to throb, and he didn’t know how much more he could take. That was when he saw his mom twist the bottom of the fake penis, and then he heard a low buzzing noise. He wasn’t sure what was happening until Charlotte slid it between her legs and pressed it against her opening, and then he heard her groan, “Oh fuck… yes.”

It wasn’t hard for the teenage boy to figure out that the vibrating fake penis his mom was using was doing something wonderful to her. He watched as she pushed it deep into her pussy, and then moved it in and out a few times before pressing the tip against the tiny nub at the top of her gaping slit. Her head was thrown back, and she groaned “Oh yes… that’s so good,” as she began rolling it around her clit.

The shaft of the fake dick was shining with his mom’s juices now, and her pussy was red and wet… and there was a trickle of liquid leaking from her slit and running down over her tight anus. The scene was getting a little overwhelming for the teenage boy, who could feel the intense pressure of orgasm building deep in his groin as he jerked his young, hard prick.

As the on-screen Charlotte used the vibrator on her steaming pussy, the real Charlotte was frigging her clit as she watched her son pumping his cock. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would cum, both on the DVD and in real time… and she was trying to time her orgasm for the moment her son’s cock exploded in a fountain of young sperm. 

Charlotte could hear her amplified voice groaning, “Oh yes… oh yes,” and she knew what was about to happen on the screen. At the same time she watched as Jamie’s fist became a blur on his well lubricated cock. Just then, the stereo speakers boomed with her voice as she screamed, “Oh fuck… I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

Jamie may have been a virgin, but he didn’t need experience to know his mom was having an orgasm. He couldn’t believe she had given him a video of herself doing such naughty things as she plunged the big fake penis deep into her dripping cunt, screaming in ecstasy as her swollen pussy lips clutched at the shaft of the dildo as she came… and the scene finally sent him over the edge. 

“Oh Mom… ARRRGGGHHH,” he screamed as the base of his cock began to convulse wildly, and the first jets of his young cum rocketed from the tip of his penis, arched high in the air, and then landed on his stomach. His eyes stayed riveted to the image of his mom’s contracting pussy as spurt after spurt of milky-white sperm sprayed from his throbbing cock.

‘Oh my god… it’s beautiful’, Charlotte thought as she watched from her hiding place as her son came. Then she had to clamp her hand over her mouth as her own orgasm exploded deep in her groin. Her legs went weak and she nearly collapsed as electric impulses were sent out from her over-stimulated clitoris. She quickly f***ed two fingers deep inside her soaked cunt, and she could feel her vaginal walls gripping the invading digits over and over as orgasmic contractions ripped through her body. 

Mother and son were cumming at the same time… Jamie’s orgasm being inspired by the sight of his beautiful mom masturbating on screen, and Charlotte’s being triggered by watching her young son stroking his spurting cock only a few feet away. For both, it was one of the most intense orgasms they had ever experienced, and they manipulated themselves until the very last spasms stopped.

Jamie collapsed back on the couch, totally spent from the intensity of his orgasm. At the same time Charlotte pulled her fingers from deep in her dripping cunt and brought them to her face. They were drenched with her juices, and as she put them in her mouth and sucked the sweet nectar from them, she imagined it was Jamie’s cum-covered cock that she was cleaning with her mouth. 

After she licked her fingers clean, Charlotte took one last look at her beautiful son. He was slumped back on the couch, and she could see his now limp cock, and pools of his young cum glistening in the reflection of the TV screen as they dotted his stomach and chest. For a moment she thought about walking into living room and licking her son’s sperm from his tight teenage body, but then she snapped out of her trance and realized that she had probably already gone too far. So instead, she quietly tip-toed back to her room and slipped into bed, and after regaining his strength, Jamie did the same.

That night, sl**p came easily to Jamie… but for his beautiful mother and equally attractive doctor, it was a fitful night. Both women tossed and turned as they dealt with their conflicted emotions. Oddly enough, neither of them felt any guilt or shame over their feelings… instead they were grappling with the intense arousal that Jamie had created in both of them. And while she didn’t realize it yet, the situation for Julie would be compounded when her own handsome young son returned home from his sl**pover. Eventually both women fell asl**p, not knowing that the next day would be life-changing for them… and their sons.