"Erotic Stories" My Day in a Gents Toilet

Erotic Stories My Day in a Gents Toilet
My Grandfather had a job working in the Gents Loo on the far side of town and on this day in particular I was asked to drop off his sandwiches, as he had forgotten to take them with him. On arriving at the toilets, I surveyed the area and was happy to it deserted. I nervously poked my head into the opening and called out to my grandfather, but no reply.

I went in a little deeper and saw that no one was at the urinals and looking back over my shoulder, noted the area deserted, went in and knocked the door to the room where he would be lodged.

The door opened and another man stood there in the opening. 'Yes' he asked, to which I replied I was looking for my grandfather. He turned and looked over his shoulder, saying 'I think its for you'. 

He moved to the side and I walked-in. My grandfather was sitting on a bench style seat and drinking wine and I noted they had both been playing cards.(Sex Stories)

He beckoned me in and told me to sit on the seat in front of the small electric fire. The man who opened the door to me now closed it and retook his seat on the bench.

'Who is this little beauty' he asked my grandfather. 'Mariel', he answered, my daughters daughter, 'An old head on young shoulders' he said laughingly, and pointing at me said unabashedly, 'Started growing a nice set of titties, to tease the boys with', to which his friend added, 'God I love young tits to suck on'.

Of course I sat there listening to their banter, a little abashed but I knew they were harmless old men with too much wine, just teasing me in their adult way.

Grandfather opened his sandwiches and they both tucked-in, suggesting to me to make myself a cup of tea and stay a little longer and perhaps I could watch the men as they came into the toilet, laughing of course as they said it, with emphasis to cock watching.

After a short while my grandfather rose to go out and use the urinals, and once outside the room, his friend turned to me asked, if I was fucking yet.

We sat in silence while I pondered the question, I know I looked older than my years, but this was a man asking a girl a very sexual question, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

So I looked him in the eye and replied, 'Who I let fuck me is my business', and continued, embolded by his discomforture, 'Why do you ask, are you thinking about doing the honers yourself?'

He laughed but was clearly taken aback by the boldness of my retort, and when I smiled, he relaxed somewhat, adding, 'Fuck baby, you are a hot one.'

There was a conversation struck up outside and I could hear my grandfather in conversation with another man who had just entered the toilet. His friend who was with me rose and peered out through the curtains. 'Quick' he said turning to me, and beckoned me over to look. I rose and kneeling on the bench, very close to him, I looked through the curtain. My eyes immediately settled on the man having a pee, or to be more truthful, his cock. It was 9" and thick, it just hung there from his hand, and as he spoke he turned and it swung in unison, with his body movements.

As I watched I was aware of the closeness of my companion. His breath stank of booze and he was in close on me, pressing himself against my bottom, relaxing and pushing ever so slightly in a simulated humping motion.

'How do you like that one' he hissed into my ear. His face was alongside mine, up close and personal, as I turned to answer him, 'Its big and fat' I said and turned back to continue looking at the object of my mounting desire.

His hand was now on my slim waist and sliding down my flank, stopping momentarlily on my knicker line, where he gave it a playful tug causing it to snapped back onto my skin.

'Ouch!' I said without turning my head, or making any objections to his probings. 

I was in a state of arousal looking and savouring this visual feast being held and wished I could have held it as he pee'ed.

My arousal was being aided by my grandfathers friend, now taking liberties beyond his wildest dreams, myself in a kneeling position, having my knickers pulled down at the back, and him fumbling with his engorged cock, trying to get it up me.

I reached behind and took hold of him and started to adjust my position sliding my bottom over onto his cock and eased him into my pussy.

Suddenly, without warning the door slammed shut, and as I turned, I saw my grandfather just staring as his friend with his cock up his granddaughter, humping like a peron possesed.
I on the other hand was torn between not wanting him to stop, as once he was in, I was helpless and incapable of stopping, and the shame of having my grandfather witness my deflowering in a gents toilet.

He said nothing opting instead to sit on the seat I had recently vacated and watched us.
I was complete putty in his hands and as he started to undress me as we fucked I went along with him and was soon as naked as I could be.

I heard my grandfathers chair move and without turning I soon felt another pair of hands working my breasts, pinching my nipples and running down the taught muscles of my tummy and massage my clitoris.

My orgasm was loud and I lost control as I buckled. When I opened my eyes I was on all fours still being fucked from behind, but grandfather was sitting on the bench, cock in hand and slowly jerking. I looked into his eyes and he smiled as I dropped my head and let him slide into my open mouth.

To me there was no shame in doing what I was doing and as if to emphasize shamelessness I proceeded to use my tongue, lips and throat like I was savouring the tastiest lollipop given to my be my grandfather.

With all inhibitions cast to the wind they swapped places, and gave each of them the opertunity to enjoy the free fruits on offer from a loving and developing granddaughter.

This was the first of many encounters with a man I enjoyed being with as the sex was just a physical act to be enjoyed between a male and a female as many families know but with me as I really enjoy sex I would call my grandfather to pay a visit for that sole purpose of providing him with the delights of his granddaughter