"Erotic Stories" My favourite niece!

Erotic Stories My favourite niece!
I work some weekends which can get a bit boring! Bonus is I can work from home which isn't too bad I suppose and rarely have to leave the house to visit sites. But, as I said, it can get a bit boring! So the wife usually heads off to her mother's with the k**s and I am home alone!

A few weeks ago I was on call so the wife did the usual and left early on Saturday morning! Around 10am I got a telephone call from Lucy, my wife's b*****r's daughter. She goes to uni not far from us and lives in a flat with 2 other girls. She sounded pretty upset after having a row with one of her flat mates and needed some space, so she asked if she could come across. I said she could but I was on call and that the wife had gone visiting her mother! She said that would be fine as long as she wasn't going to get in the way. It normally takes an hour or so for her to get to my house so I thought I would get a bit of shopping in!

Lucy always calls me her cool uncle! I listen to rock, have tattoos, train 6 days a week and also drive a fast motor! Not bad for someone nearly 50 being thought of as cool by their nearly 20 year old niece! (XXX Stories)

A quick trip to the supermarket and £120 later and the cupboards and fridge was packed and a couple of bottles of booze too boot! 

Lucy turned up looking a bit flustered! A quick hug and a peck on the cheek, she smelled really nice, and she chucked herself onto one of my couches in the sitting room. I asked her if she wanted to talk about the problems she was having, but she just wanted to settle down for a while and watch the TV.

She chucked her hoodie to one side of the couch revealing quite a tight fitting top and leggings that showed a pair of very shapely legs. I think she had a little smirk on her face knowing I had spotted her fine figure! We watched a bit of TV and I checked my work phone and laptop, and luckily nothing coming through and it was nearly time to turn to work stuff off until tomorrow!

I decided to get some tea sorted and headed to the kitchen. Lucy followed me into the kitchen asking if I needed a hand. Oh boy!! I said everything was ok but she could open a bottle of wine if she wanted to!

She did and poured herself and me a glass! Tea was done so we sat at the dining table. Lucy then opened up why she didn't want to stay at her flat! Boy trouble! Her flatmates didn't like her new man and this lead to a fight and them splitting up.

She told me that she hadn't had many boyfriends in her time and only 2 were physical! I was all ears. The wine flowed and Lucy became a lot more talkative talking about a few of the things she wished she had tried! She seemed to drift off into another world as if imagining them and then came back to earth again realising that she was sat talking to me!

We went back to the sitting room and onto the couches. Lucy started to cry a little, not sure if the wine was causing too much emotion. I put my glass down and went across to offer a supportive cuddle! She did smell good. She lifted her head up and looked me in the eyes and planted her soft lips onto mine, brushing her tongue against my partly open mouth! It was like a bolt of lightening! What was she doing? She sat upright and apologised. 

Not to worry said I. She came straight back in for another kiss and this time I was ready. Our tongues fenced against each other and as our grip on one another became more firm! 

She quickly pulled off her top revealing a very nice little bra and very stiff nipples! She lay back onto the couch and I took off my top and then lay myself onto the couch next to her! I lay kissing her soft mouth probing with my tongue and now I was playing with her perky tits and lovely hard nipples! I pushed up her bra exposing those beautiful nipples and took one into my mouth sucking and nibbling on it and then did the same to the other! All the while pushing my hand onto her pussy through those tight leggings! I then pushed my hand down those leggings into her tight panties! 

She stood up pulling them off along with the leggings, exposing and perfectly bald pussy! Her inner lips just protruding out and with a subtle hint of moisture to be seen. I stood up and she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down exposing a very hard cock! I tend to produce a lot of precum and it was running that day. She planted her soft mouth around my cock licking the precum eagerly and then taking my cock into her mouth. I thought I was going to explode, but I really wanted to taste that amazing looking pussy! 

I pushed her back onto the couch and lifted her legs. It was an amazing sight! Her pussy just opening and glistening. I ran my tongue 
the full length of her pussy stopping just shy of her little brown spot! She wimpered and moaned. I took her clit into my mouth and flicked it softly then faster feeling her getting wetter. So I pushed a couple of fingers into this pussy and it was tight and very wet. I pushed them in and out frantically I could feel that she was building to a climax so I fingered her faster and faster and flicked her clit hard with my tongue! She let out a cry and then a huge stream of her cum shot over the sitting room! Oh boy she was a squirter!! 
She lay back panting looking more gorgeous than she did earlier. "Put your cock in me" she asked.
So I lifted her legs once more and positioned my hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. With one push I was in, it was really tight and hot but it felt glorious! I pushed my cock in and out for what seemed like an eternity and she built up another crescendo so I pulled my cock out and another stream of her hot fluid flew across the sitting room.

"Oh God", she said, "no-one has made me do that before and you've made me do it twice".
"I've always wanted to be able to squirt".

I pushed my cock back in but she pulled away, pushing me onto my back! She climbed on top and pushed her hot and wet pussy onto my hard cock and started to ride me, deeper and deeper faster and faster! I really didn't want to come just yet but had a feeling she did! She lifted off my cock and pulled her pussy lips apart and shot a stream of hot juice into my face. I licked at the air trying to catch as much of this sweet juice as I could. She turned around and put her pussy over my face and she started to suck my cock again! I reached up and started to use my tongue on her pussy. Her little brown hole got my attention though. So I decided to touch it. She giggled with my cock in her mouth. So I reached up as far as I could with my tongue and I brushed her anus with my tongue! She seemed to like it as she pushed back with her arse. I got up and bent her over on the couch and started to use my tongue on her pussy form behind. But licking it from her clit to her gaping pussy! I then started to flick her anus with my tongue and probe into the salty tightness of her arse. She started to moan again, pushing back. I started to use my fingers on her pussy to lube then up. I then pushed one of my fingers into her arse. It was met with little resistance, in fact she pushed back quite hard. A second finger was called for I thought and again she pushed back quite hard.

She sat up and I kissed her full on the lips again. She lay back holding her legs up showing her gorgeous anus! 

Now as I have said I produce a lot of precum when turned on and I tend to use only my precum when fucking my wife's arse as it tends to be enough!! But could this tight little arse do the same? Only one way to find out! 

I positioned my cock against her anus and looked her in the eye and she gave me a look that said go ahead. I rubbed my well lubed tip around her brown star and pushed slowly! Ever so gently pushing forward until that tight little arse just opened and the head of my cock was in her arse! I stopped and waited for her to accommodate and then pushed again. Her arse just took my cock in nearly one go up to the hilt. As she lay back with her legs up I started to fuck her arse and play with her wet pussy. Oh boy this was a sight to behold and feel I strummed her clit faster and faster as I fucked that beautifull arse of hers. I could feel my cum rising as I could feel she was going to cum again. Another hot stream of her juice flew straight up in the air landing on her chest and face. I could feel the pulsing of her arse form her latest orgasm as I fucked her. I was going to cum, she could see it. She pulled me out and took my cock into her mouth pulling and sucking hard. I came with wave after wave of hot come straight into her mouth and she drank the hot cum down. Licking and squeezing the tip of my cock to get the last of it out! We collapsed onto the couch in a cum filled stupor! Would there be a second time??