"Erotic Stories" My Little Avatar

Erotic Stories My Little Avatar
As I chatted with a young lady on the web my thoughts wondered to her avatar. It was a cute wide eyed blonde cartoon character dressed in a plaid mini, striped thigh highs, buckle up boots, white top and a fur trimmed hoody. Her little outfit was accented with a wide black belt and cuffs lined with silver studs, so innocent yet so very seductive. As we chatted I found her to be very interesting. She briefly described her body to me. She sounded petite like her avatar. After she had to leave, this story came to mind.

We arranged to meet at a restaurant. I asked how I would be able to recognize you. You replied you will know when you see me. We decided to meet at 8:00 PM. I got off work and hurried to get ready. I was going crazy; I had never done anything like this before. What would she think, would she even show up. 

I sat at the restaurant in anticipation. My heart was pounding in my chest. I looked at my watch, it was 8:45. I have been stood up I thought. I got up to leave and I saw you walk through the door. You were right, the moment I saw you I instantly knew that it was you. I motioned you over and greeted you with a smile. We introduced ourselves and sat down. I felt a stirring in my pants. You were dressed exactly like your avatar. Your white top was buttoned up just below your breast revealing that you were not wearing a bra. Your nipples were visible through the thin material. You leaned into me and whispered that you weren’t wearing any panties. I looked down your blouse and saw that your nipples were erect and begging for attention. You looked into my eyes and ran your hand up the inside of my thigh lightly touching the tip of my now hard throbbing cock. You smiled and said lets get out of here, knowing that I was going to have to walk past everyone with a raging hard on. As we walked out past the tables women’s eyes dropped straight to the tent in my pants. I was embarrassed yet very invigorated. We stepped out into the cool night air and you reached up and lightly kiss me on the cheek. I reached down under your short little skirt and grabbed your firm bare ass cheeks and pulled you into me. My cock pressed up against your stomach. You looked at me and said oh my is that what I think it is. I smiled and said you will see. We kissed a long lusty kiss and you looked into my eyes and said what now.(XXX Stories)

I took you down the street and into a parking garage. I sat you on the hood of a car. It has just been parked and the metal was still warm. I pressed your legs apart with my large hands and got my first look and your beautiful little pussy. You had just a small strips of soft hair above your tiny little hood, your lips were smooth and swollen. A little drop or your nectar was slipping from between your lips. You tried to put your hand over it, but I grabbed your arm and pulled it away. It’s too late for that I told you as I knelt down between your thighs. I could see how wet you were and slid my fingers through your tight little slit and brushed across your clit. You jumped and let out a loud gasp. I pulled you closer and teased your moist swollen lips with the tip of my tongue. I could smell your sweet sex.You cupped your hand over your mouth and tried to suppress your moans. I slid my tongue deep into your hot little tunnel and savored your womanly taste. Your whole body responded and you slide hard into my face. I traced my way up to your clit and sucked it between my lips while inserting my finger into your steamy young hole. I lifted your tiny ass up and swirled around your tight puckered little butt. You squirmed and said oh yes right there I want you there. I spread your cheek wide and slid my tongue into your little pucker hole. You tried to hold back, but you were no longer in control of your body. Your hips are rising up off of the hood as I probed deeply into you with my tongue. I removed my tongue and slid my finger in your ass and my thumb in you tight little twat.Your legs start shaking, your eyes closed and you felt the first waves of your orgasm overtaking your young body. You fell back onto the car as your body jerked uncontrollably.

I took your hand and pulled you to the back of the car. I pushed you down on your knees. Your hand reached up to undo my pants. You pulled out my hard aching cock. When you saw it you looked up into my eyes and said that you didn’t know if you could do it, it was just too big. I put my hand around the back of your head and pulled you to me. Your warm lips slid over the head and you took half of it with your first try. I said see you are doing just fine. You stroked your little hands up and down in time with your mouth. You tasted the first drops of my pre cum and you sighed. You sucked me until I was ready to release in your mouth and I pulled you up and slid my hands through your hair and kissed your lovely little mouth. 

I pulled your little top open exposing your firm breasts. I slid my hand over them and gently squeezed them. I took turns sucking each one into my mouth and nibbled on your nipples. I turned you around and pulled your blouse and hoody down over your shoulders locking your arms behind you. As I bent you over the trunk of the car your bare breasts pressed into the cold steel of the trunk. A sigh slipped from your lips. I lifted up your little plaid skirt and flipped it up over your youthful ass and on to your back. Your pussy was soaking wet and your juices were running down the inside of your shapely thighs. I teased you with my fingers before I pressed my fat cock in between your swollen lips. I slid it through your slit and your hips began to press back into me. I found your little hole and pressed against you. You cried out that I was too big. Your body stiffened as the head pierced the opening to your tight little tunnel. I waited until you were comfortable with it. You pressed back into me and I slowly slid my aching cock into your warmth. I stayed there and enjoy the feeling of your quivering pussy trying to adjust to my size. You moved and I slid all of the way out and enter you again. I pressed down on your back and started fucking a little faster. Soon you were pressing back into as hard as you could I met you with the same vigor. I was sure that anyone in the garage could hear the loud slaps as I buried myself in you. You were so tight and wet that your juices were spraying out with every thrust of my hips. You were screaming out. I grunted as I hit your beautiful little ass. You arched your back and pulled yourself up off of the car as you came for a second time. I could feel the walls of your young little snatch convulsing around my cock. I grabbed your little studded belt and picked you up off of your feet. I thrust into you two more times and shot stream after stream of hot fluid deep up inside of you. You screamed out and went limp. You could still feel my cock throbbing stretching you farther as I continue to cum. I held you tight until I came back to reality. I pulled out and watch as your pussy pumped my hot load out and down the inside of your thighs. You cleaned yourself up the beat that you could. You turned and we kissed and held each other before we walked back out into the evening. We locked in a long embrace and kissed our tongues intermingled one last time. We parted and went our separate ways. From that day on you would always be my little avatar.