"Erotic Stories" My Little Bear

Erotic Stories My Little Bear
The blindfold kept her from seeing. The cold steel hancuffs around her wrists linked through the bars of the headboard, kept her in place. He feet were free which allowed her to rub her legs together. Her pussy ached, needing attention. She had been like this for 3o minutes already, her body on fire crazing more attention. But soo far, she has only felt the lightest of touches, a soft tickling of finger tips across her belly, along her hips, across her ribs, shoulders and along her outstreched arms.

Her skin is covered in goosebumps, her nipples, despite the lack of attention, hard and begging for more. her body arches off the bed as another teasing touch crosses her belly, this time a soft fur glove. She squeals with anticipation knowing that I will never leave her wanting in the end, that every moment with her is a tribute of our love and passion for each other.(Sex Stories)

The fur glides over her hot skin, under the swell of her breasts and then back down along her ribs to her hips and along one thigh. For several minutes, the fur glove does the right things to her, teasing her, pushing her higher. She begs with her whimpers for more, but doesn't speak. She lets her body do the talking as it lurches upwrd at every touch.

The fur glove disappears. And this time the finger return. They are not as light this time, however, and they press against her sides, knowing how impossibly ticklish she is. Her laughter is quick and heavenly. It fills the room. I smile as I watch her try to twist away in a futile attempt. Her body arches higher, her legs press into the bed, her wrists pinch against the handcuffs. Her whole body shakes with laughter. She quickly loses her breath as she battles the tickling fingers. But through it all, her mositure grows between her legs. Even this lovely torture is enough to get her hot.

I feel my own desire growing and know I can not continue this sweet torture for much longer, I need her as bad as she needs me. But right now, it is about pleasing her. I move to the foot of our bed and reach out for her left ankle. I pull it toward the side of the bed, straighten her knee. She feels the cool silk scraf as I wrap it around her ankle. It is already secured tot eh foot of the bed so as I pull lit tight, she knowws she is trapped. She does not resist as I spread her right leg in the opposite direction. I finish securing my little captive to our bed and then admire my handiwork. 

She is a most beautiful woman. Young at alomst 20 years, but so much more mature thatn I was at that age. Her shiny brunette hair is splayed out along the pillow. her brown eyes still covered by the blindofold, but her perfect, kissable lips are parted, wet, and just begging for my kiss. She isn't doing it now as she is breathing so hard, but the sexiest thing she does is bite her bottom lip. Everytime I see her do that, I grow instantly wet for her. I want to just kiss her all the time, but I have other things I want to do to her as well.

Without even bothering to strip off my clothes, I crawled onto the bed between her now streched and secured legs. Her wetness glistned in the light as I neared, her puffy lips and softly covered mound ready for my attention. I was no longer in the mood for teasing, I need her lovely flavor on my tongue, in my mouth. But as always, I had to stop and kiss her beauty mark, just on the top of her swollen mound, to the left. And as always, she responded with a big intake of breath, her hips arching, her ass lifting off the bed. The handcuffs preventing her hands from reaching into my hair.

My lips and tongue moved from the sexy little spot over her mound feeling the scratching fur growing there. I kissed along the little hollow of her thigh and inhaled deeply. Her scent assulating my nostrils and re-energizing my lust for her, my desire to taste her. I never grow tired of her flacor and as my tongue slips over her lips I am rewarded once again with her lustful whimpers. 

I let my tongue slide over her wetness, pressing it wide and flat. I stroke through her slit, searching for every drop. The tip of my tognue reaches her clit and touches it just briefly before sliding back down through her wetness to the source of her flood. My tongue slips inside her pussy and slips along her silky walls before slipping back out and sliding lower.

She arches her back again, her breath trapped, as she knows what is next, my special treat to her. My tongue dives lower and between the cheeks of her ass, teasing her there. My tongue circles her tight little hole, tasting the part of her only I will ever enjoy. I push my tongue hard agaisnt her and feel it slip inside. I enjoy her sounds, moands and soft whimpers, as my tongue fucks her ass. But even this little treat can't last for long. I want to feel her cum, I want to hear her orgasm and even though she rarely screams out my name, this time, I think I will hear it.

My tongue slips up, my fingers slide under her legs and I position myself up on my elbows...she is so wet already, two fingers slide into her, my tongue pushes the hood of her clit up, seeking the ahrd little nub. She squeals and moans louder, but now scream yet. Her body arches upward, pressing herself to my hungry mouth. but Ihave more in store for her than just my fingers and after just a few moments of letting them slide in and out of her tight, soaked pussy, I pull them free. I lift my hand to her mouth and smile as my tongue continues to lightly flick up anddown over her clit. She greedily sucks both fingers into her mouth, tasting her own lust this time and feeling a new charge of desire.

My hand, wet fingers and all, slips away from her mouth and reaches to the side of the bed. Without breaking contact with her clit, my hand wraps around the hard plastic shaft of my special gift. I bring the toy between her legs and let the tip slide over her. I pulll back a bit to get a close up view of the shaft sliding through her wetness. I spin the toy between her lips, getting her juices all over it while letting the little ridges massage her inthe right places as it continues to slide up and down at the same time.

She moans but still, no screams. But I can tell she is ready for this. I point the toy straight at her, and slide it back down through her slit. The tip slips just barley into her. Her back arches, her breath stops, she waits.

I twist the vibrator and push it in a bit more. She is so wet, it slides easily, but I tease just a bit and pull it back out. This time it slides in a bit further. She realxes, her breth pushing out of her throat with a loud raspy gasp. She is streched more than my fingers could do. She lifts her ass off the bed again, wanting more. I push deeper into her. I lower my face back to her. My tongue reaches for her clit. I feel the shaft sliding under my tognue as I pull it back out and then ush it back in.

I close my lips around her clit. My tongue presses against her. I moan softly sending deep vibrations through her. The toy slides deeper. It fills her. I push down on the end, pushing the tip up against the top of her cunt. I press harder with my tongue, and twist the base of the vibrator. I can feel the powerful surge straight through her clit to my tongue. her body lurches up. I use my free hand to press against her mound, pulling back to expose her clit to me more fully.

My tognue dances over her, flicking back and forth, up and down. She is incoherent now. But still not screaming. I slide the toy in and oout of her, fucking my girlfriend with all I have. Myhand a blur of back and forth motion. Her breathing is so fast, her heart pounding in her chest. She openes her mouth and no sound comes out. Her body arches ahrd upward, lifting almost entirely off the bed. i feel her legs contract, her muscles tensing. I open my eyes and look up. her belly is quivering madly. Her breasts rising and falling. 

I can feel her pussy clenching down, and then I hear waht I have been waiting for. It escapes her lips with restriction. A scream loud enough to disturb the neighbors. My name falls from her throat, I smile as I hear it over and over again -- Tessa! Tessa! Tessa!

Her body locks in covulsions as her orgasm takes over. Her wrists dig into the metal of the handcuffs, her ankles pull hard against the silk fabric. The back of her head digs into the pillow...she literally explodes from an unending passion.

I slip the toy from her slowly and slide it into my mouth. I crawl up onto my knees still between her legs and as I suck her juices away from the toy, I reach down and tug her blindofld off. She blinks back the shock of the light and lets her eyes adjust. She smiles with love and passion as she watches me sucking on the toy, cleaning her juices from it.

I bend forward and share the last of it with her, letting the vibrator slide between our lips before I toss it aside and focus my mouth on hers. Kissing her puffy bottom lip and sucking it gently into my mouth. I lip away from her, ready to free her. Ready for the rest of the night to begin, because this was just her first orgasm of the night. I let her ankles free first, her legs closing instantly, her thighs rubbing together, squeezing. I retrieved the key to the handcuffs and admired the redline around her wrist where she strained againt the steel. 

I turned around to return the key and then I squealed! She grabbed me from behind and tossed me tot he bed face first. I didn't even think about payback until this moment. She was pushing my skirt up, and tugging my panties down over my ass and down my thighs. The sting of her hand caught me by surprise and another squeal escaped my lips. She wasn't done with just one. She twisted around crawling onto me to hold me down, pinning my arms underneath me. My ass exposed to her, she continued to spank me, laughing her most beautiful laugh....

Yes, this was going to be a very very very good night.