"Erotic Stories" My Son's Wedding Day

Erotic Stories My Son's Wedding Day
Firstly let me tell you the background. I am a 52 year old housewife, on my second marriage, with three c***dren, all from my first marriage. Both of my husbands have been, well, fairly ordinary in the bed stakes. You know – once or twice a week, rather unimaginative, with not really enough interest in my needs and desires. But in fairness I never pushed for anything more, thinking that was how it was for most people.

Then came my younger son’s wedding and my whole life was turned upside down!

He and his wife to be both lived and worked in Guildford and the wedding was to be in their local church. The reception was to be in the Holiday Inn and, together with all the rest of my f****y; we arranged to stay there on the Friday and Saturday nights

So to the big day (in more ways than one). The wedding went off splendidly. The church service made me cry – well the groom’s mother is supposed to isn’t she? And the reception was pretty good too – short interesting speeches, good food and lots and lots of wine. And it was the latter that brought about the chain of events which ultimately led me to an unbelievable life changing experience!(Adult Stories)

The reception came to an end about four o’clock and then we had that awful gap of 2-3 hours before the evening disco. Everyone was quite d***k and grateful for the chance to slip away to their rooms for a bit of a sl**p before starting again in the evening. My husband headed straight back but I got talking with my s****r for a while and got left behind. By the time we had finished chatting I was all by myself. Not to worry I knew where our room was – Room 236 – and I knew how to get there despite there being a bit of a maze of corridors. I didn’t have a key so I knocked to get my husband to let me in.

The door opened and, to my total amazement, all I could see inside were a load of men all in various stages of undress. I quickly turned to move on but the man who had answered the door stopped me saying “It’s all right you can join us if you want, you will be very welcome”. Now came that defining moment in my life – I stopped, turned, looked at what was happening in the room, looked up and down the corridor to see if there was anyone I knew around, looked again into the room and realised that there was another woman in there, took a deep breath and WENT IN!

Of course it was the drink – I would never have considered doing such a stupid thing if I was sober – but it was also the realisation of a fantasy I had held for maybe 25 years! As I entered the room I was actually quivering with excitement. I didnt know what was going to happen but I just knew I had to do it.

There was no messing – I was quickly grabbed by a couple of the men, and my dress – my very expensive dress bought especially for my sons wedding – was quickly unzipped and pulled down to my waist. A pair of hands came around me, slipped my boobs out of my bra and starting pulling on my nipples. At the same time two other men were reaching up my dress and stroking me through my panties. I could feel the cock behind me pushing into my bum and instinctively reached around and put my hand around and grabbed the largest cock I had ever felt (bearing in mind that my previous experience was limited solely to my two husbands).

The other woman – who was about 30, tall, slim and extremely attractive moved over to me and put her arm around me. She whispered in my ear that she was glad I had turned up as she didn’t think she could handle all of the men by herself. “There were only supposed to be five” she said “but there’s about a dozen here”. It turned out she had been booked from an agency for an afternoon gangbang. An agency for gangbang girls! In my sheltered existence I never even imagined that such a thing could exist.

By now I could feel the hands under my dress had removed my panties and I felt almost embarrassed when I realised that I was absolutely soaking down there. I usually needed a lot of stimulation from my husband but today I was streaming after only a couple of minutes. It didn’t go unnoticed as there were several comments from the men who were stroking my pussy. Suddenly I felt fingers entering me and I gave out a very loud groan which seemed to be much appreciated by them all. They started calling me names – slut, whore, randy bitch etc. – and that really got me going. I realised that that was exactly what I was – and I was loving every single second of it.

My dress slipped to the floor and there I was – totally naked in a roomful of men, all of whom were obviously going to do all sorts of wonderfully dirty things to me. I was pushed to my knees and a big cock pushed into my face. I opened my mouth and starting sucking it for all I was worth. It felt wonderful and tasted totally different from my husband. I could feel hands between my legs and suddenly I was being fingered from behind. My God it felt so bl**dy fantastic and I could feel myself start to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly it happened – no real warning at all – I had the biggest, longest and loudest orgasm I had ever had. It seemed to go on and on and I was only very vaguely aware of the men cheering and jeering at my reaction. In the midst of it I also felt the cock in my mouth erupt and shoot what seemed like gallons of cum down my throat and then all over my face.

I collapsed onto the floor but I was given no chance to relax as my legs were pushed apart a cock pushed inside me. Instinctively I began to move and in no time I was once again in full swing, this time fully aware of what was happening and taking full enjoyment from it. I grabbed a cock in both hands, licking and sucking them in turn, all the time groaning and shouting obscenities, something I had never done before. To my total delight both men came at the same time, shooting cum all over me, closely followed by the one who was fucking me. It was only then that the thought of unprotected sex crossed my mind but I was far too far gone to worry about it. After all at my age surely it was never going to be a problem.

And so it went on. It seemed that every one of them had me in one way or another, although the other girl was also getting her share. Another milestone was passed when we were lying side by side on the bed as we were being fucked. She reached across and started to finger my clit. Now I had never even fantasised about other women but when I realised what she was doing I immediately started to come and, in doing so, actually reached across and kissed her long and hard on the mouth. Yes tongues and all.

Suddenly some sort of sanity returned and I realised that my absence from the wedding would be noticed if I didn’t hurry up and get back. Glancing at my watch I was horrified to see that over two hours had gone by. Fighting my way clear from the mass of men around me I managed to find my clothes and staggered into the bathroom. Somehow I got dressed and did something about my makeup and hair, although that seemed covered in dried on cum. Despite the protestations of all my new friends I persuaded them that I had to leave and slipped out of the door looking extremely suspicious as I looked up and down the corridor.

But where was I to go? Then I realised my mistake – this had been Room 226 not 236. I quickly ran the short distance to the correct room and tapped on the door. God I was so scared – I knew I looked a mess and how could I explain that to my husband? The door opened and a sl**py voice said you have been a while – been chatting? Yes I said and now I am busting for the loo. I pushed passed him and dived for the shelter of the bathroom. “I think I will have a shower” I called out “get myself freshened up for this evening”. By the time I emerged twenty minutes later he was fast asl**p on the bed.

The evening do was a complete success although I have to admit I had my mind on other things. I was the life and soul of the party and seemed extremely popular with my son’s friends – perhaps my inner thoughts were shining through. I had a slight moment of panic when my s****r commented that I seemed on a total high, but that was easily put down to the fact that it was my son’s wedding. God – my son’s wedding – and I took part in a gangbang during my son’s wedding. Is that awful or what. No it isn’t – it’s made me very, very happy and totally changed my life.

Yes, it has changed my life. When we returned home I realised that I had started something in my life and that I could never now return to the boring existence of the previous 30 years. Through the internet I made contact with some local men – well not too local as I don’t want people I know finding out – and now I get to do it at least once a month. Oh and dogging – now there is a wonderful hobby. I know I am a slut, a whore, a cumslut, all those things – but I absolutely love it!

Oh yes and one other thing. Several weeks later I was checking my mobile phone for a picture I had taken. Now bear in mind that I am a woman and taking pics with a mobile is not something that comes easily to me so I dont do it very often. So I was totally astounded to find a picture of me, totally naked with men all over me, and another naked woman standing next to me. Yes you have guessed it, one of the men had actually found my mobile in my bag, taken a pic of the proceedings and then put it back without telling me. God knows what would have happened if my husband had found it. But it has provided me with a very special record of that wonderful day when my entire life changed.