"Erotic Stories" My Wife Comes Home

Erotic Stories My Wife Comes Home
I tossed and turned in my bed, too excited to sl**p, waiting to hear the car pull up, waiting to hear her footsteps moving to the bedroom. My little cock was throbbing, all four and a half inches of it. It strained against the lace of the panties I had on. On these nights I always wore panties, always lacey and frilly, usually pink, the more girly the better. 

I ached to play with myself but I knew better. I squeezed my tiny member through the panties, feeling the lace, scratchy against my shaft. Every time I heard a car driving down my street my heart raced and my excitement flared only to be disappointed when the car didn"t stop. I looked at the clock, 2:30 am.(Porn Stories)

At last I heard the sound of a car stopping outside the house followed by the sound of its door closing. I heard the click of high heels coming up the walk, then the sound of the front door opening and closing, more clicking of shoes on the tile and there she was, standing at the foot of the bed. She was so beautiful, so sexy. Her hair and clothes were disheveled and she moved a little unsteadily. Her black dress was extremely short and her perky breasts showed nicely through the thin fabric, her nipples hard and readily visible. She reached behind her and unzipped. She shrugged and the dress fell to the floor. As she stood there in her heels and black panties, I could see the love bites on her breasts and neck. She slowly removed the panties, folding them carefully and moved toward the bed.

Then she was straddling me. Her pussy was three or four inches above my face. It was swollen and red. The lips gaped widely. I stared intently between her legs. Soon a small speck white slimy liquid appeared. The speck grew larger and soon became a large glob hanging from her pussy by a thread. It hung there for a moment then the string broke and it fell, some landing on my upper lip and the rest falling into my waiting mouth. I savored it, salty and a little bitter. Above all it tasted manly. Jason"s come always tasted manly. I felt my little pee pee strain against my panties. Jason was a real man, a real man with a real man"s cock. I thought about that cock, ten inches long and wide as my mouth could open, shiny and black. I thought about the times I have been allowed to watch them. I thought about seeing her insane with sexual pleasure as he fucked her, her moans and screams filling my ears. I thought about the times before Jason when she was all mine, me on top of her, fucking her, hearing her laugh and realizing she was laughing at something she was watching TV over my shoulder. Another big glob of come landed in my mouth and brought me back to reality. She lowered her pussy to my face. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could reaching for every drop that his gorgeous cock had pumped into her. I licked and sucked greedily wanting it all. Then, I moved my tongue to her ass, licking up and down between her checks before settling my tongue on her puckered hole and pushing it in deep. "You love that, don"t you?" she asked. "I know you do. You"ve been lying here for hours on this bed in your sissy panties with your dicklette so hard haven"t you? You"ve been trying not to touch yourself as you thought about what I was going to bring you. Look how hungry you are for it. What kind of a man would be so excited about sucking another man"s come out of his wife"s pussy? Certainly not a real man. A real man would never to that, but you"re not a real man are you? No, you couldn"t possibly be a real man. A real man has a cock, the kind of cock a woman can feel when it"s in her, not that tiny nub you have between your legs. And, I"m pretty certain real men don"t wear pink lace panties."

She never sounds angry when she speaks to me like this. She sounded sweet and teasing, as if to say," I still love you, but we both know you"re a little sissy cuckold and that"s OK, in fact, I encourage it." "You love eating Jason"s come out of me don"t you?"

"You know I do," I replied

"And you love lying here thinking about his massive cock pounding me, making me moan and scream, don"t you? Your jealous of the fact that I get that big dick aren"t you. You want to suck Jason"s cock don"t you? You want his big dick in your little pussy ass, don"t you?"

"Oh yes baby, I do."

"You have no idea how well he fucked me tonight. I came five times. God, I needed that so bad. Thank goodness I have Jason and you to take care of my pussy in your different ways. But you don"t even really think of trying to fuck me anymore do you? You"d rather be here under me cleaning my just-fucked pussy than actually trying to fuck me. Isn"t that right sissy?"

"Yes Honey," I said "You deserve to be fucked by real men, but I wish I was able to fuck you"

She climbed off my face and got on her back on the bed. "Do you want to try to fuck me Cucky? Come on, pull your panties to the side and take out that little pee pee."

I got up between her legs and pulled the panties aside freeing my little hard on. 

"Come on little man, put it in me."

I entered her. It slipped in easily. I began pumping in and out of her. Often I would pull out too far and my little cock would slip out of her. "Don"t worry Baby, you can do it! Keep trying! Come on fuck me hard! Make me come again!" she said in a mocking tone.

I pounded furiously but it was no use. With her pussy having been stretched so often and so thoroughly by Jason I couldn"t feel anything. It was as if I was humping the air. I gave up.

"Oh I"m sorry honey," she mocked "You see? You see how there"s no point in a man like you trying to fuck a woman? It just frustrates both of us doesn"t it?

I nodded.

"You know from experience how much better it is when there"s something substantial penetrating you Honey. Do you want to play with Tyrone?"

Tyrone was a large brown strap-on dildo. It was very realistic looking and feeling, made of some kind of material that really felt like skin. It had taken a lot practice to learn to accommodate it. She opened her bedside drawer and found Tyrone. She stepped into the harness, pulled it up and tightened the straps. 

"Are you all wet for him or do you need some lube?" I slipped off my panties, grabbed the lube and put a generous amount on my ass. I lay back down on the bed on my back. She knelt between my legs. The sight of her hot feminine body with a big black cock pushed all my bisexual buttons. She moved up the bed until Tyrone was near my mouth. "Suck him first, Honey," she said.

I opened my mouth and took the rubber phallus inside, taking as much of it as I could and playing with the brown rubber scrotum. "Oh yeah, suck him baby. Make him all wet for your pussy-ass!"

I sucked and sucked. She sometimes f***efully fucked my mouth with it. She pulled it out.

"Are you ready baby? Do you want him to fuck you now?"

"Yeah Baby," I replied breathlessly.

"Then tell him."

"Oh fuck me Tyrone! Fuck my tight little pussy-ass," I moaned.

I felt the tip against my hole, at first teasing, making circular strokes around my ass. Then there was pressure building and building until finally the head entered me. She was gentle at first but soon the depth and the speed increased until I could feel the rubber ball sac hitting my ass. It began to feel excruciatingly good. I wrapped my legs around her waist as she fucked me.

"Tell him! Tell him you love the way he fucks you! Tell him to fuck you harder!"

"Fuck me harder Tyrone! I love the way you fuck me!" I cried.

As she fucked me, the base of the strap-on stimulated her clit and she began to move faster and faster as her orgasm approached. Finally She began to scream, "Take it! Take that big black cock in your sissy ass! You know you love it!" Then she began to climax. She began to shudder and fuck me with staccato strokes. When it subsided, she pulled out of me and fell back on the bed. She saw my little dick throbbing.

She smiled. "Does my little guy want to play with himself? Of course you do. It"s ok cucky, go ahead. You can look at my pussy while you rub your little thing."

I started to stroke myself and in less than a minute I was ready to come.

"Come on Honey. Shoot your little load on me!" she encouraged.

I exploded, leaving a little puddle of semen on her belly. "What a good sissy boy you are. Now, don"t forget to clean me up." She said, gently pushing my head down to the little mess I had made. I licked her tummy clean.

"Does my little man feel better?"

"Yes Honey."

"Good. Well, I am so tired from the workout he gave me tonight. I gotta get some sl**p. Promise me you"ll call him in the morning and thank him for fucking me."

"Of course Honey," I said.