"Erotic Stories" My wife knocked up for the 3rd time

Erotic Stories My wife knocked up for the 3rd time
My wfe and her best friend were there in November celebrating their 40th birthdays. At the time they left, I was not aware that it had been arranged by my wifes friend for her ex from highschool, who now lives in Dallas to meet them there to help her celebrate in style. 

She was not told he would be there this time, so it was a total surprise, when they were lounging by the pool and who should swim up and climb out of the pool, but Darcy, her well hung ex from high school. 

After 2-3 hours of swimming, drinking, flirting, my ussually publically shy wife, excused herself and said she would be right back. her friend and her exchanged smirks as her friend knew what she was doing. Now, my wife after having 6 k**s over 23 yrs has kept herself in good shape, but one thing she never has done has worn a bikini in public, until that warm sunny day. she had bought a black bikini that one day she swore she would wear, but never did. (Erotic Stories)

When she returned to the pool, Darcy smiled instantly as she came into view, she took a short run, dived into the pool and swam over to where Darcy and her friend were waiting, as she came out of the water, her big 38dd tits barely covered by the tiny top, her big nipples were very noticable through the thin fabric. kari smiled as she noticed Darcy likng what he saw and it became noticable by his bulging crotch, that he was more that a little excited by her change in suits. 

As she approached the pair, she climbed onto a lounge chair, laid on her stomach and asked Darcy if he would rub lotion on her. as he proceeded to lather every inch of her body, he was taking in the thin g-string like thread highlighting her full round ass. he proceeded to rub lotion on her back, she reached behind her and undid her top to let him cover her full back and shoulders. he had a nice side view of her huge breasts, glistening with sweat and water from the pool. 

Now after they were done, she retied her top, sat up and asked what his plans were for the rest of the day. As he had no plans, she suggested her and her friend do some shopping and meet him for dinner later. He readily agreed and they seperated and went off to change. Kari knew what she wanted to shop for this afternoon. she wanted 2 simple items, sexy undies and a sleak thin revealing dress to wear that night. 

when they entered the restaurant, Darcy was already eagerly waiting for them. He smiled as he saw the 2 ladies approach him. Kari was dress in a light blue, low cut revealing dress. The hemline barely covered her hot round ass, and the top barely keeping in her ripe full breasts. it was plain to darcy that the outfit was bought just for him. he could see easily that she had a white lace shear bra on under the loose fitting dress. 

Long after dinner was done, they had wandered down the strip and entered one of the casinos that had a live band playing in the lounge. after several hours of dancing, drinking and some gambling. kari's friend took her que and said she was going to turn in for the night. Kari smiled and kissed her on the cheek and whispered for her not to wait up. 

Darcy, took Kari by the hand and led her out of the hotel. She had no idea where they were going, but didn't really care at this point, as the booze and the dancing had her feeling very horny and wet. The cab pulled up in front of a rather sleezy looking place, and at first, made kari nervous, but Trusting Darcy, she took his hand, left the cab, and followed him into the dark entrance. 

kari already knew they were entering a strip club so she was getting excited and nervous as to what would happen next. as they entered the club, she immediately smelled the smoke and sweat and on the stage she stopped suddenly to watch, as it was amateur night and who was on the stage, stark naked, just finishing her strip, but her friend, Marni. After several minutes marni came out from behind in a skimpy dress with no bra on and Again joined her friends. 

Being of a suspicious nature, Kari asked what they were up to. they both smiled but said little as to their plans. After several more hot young amateurs did their thing on stage, the host entered the stage and said now it was time to treat the ladies. it was now the mens turn on stage. After several men stripped and bared it all, the drinks and naked men were having the right effect on all the ladies in the club as the atmosphere was electric. 

To kari's surprise, Darcy got up, smiled at kari and said, now for your present as he proceeded to head to the stage entrance. to her excitement and all the ladies enjoyment, Darcy stripped down to bare his 10"+ cock to the loud cheers and amazement of the ladies. 

Now kari was more than hot and bothered seeing Darcy's massive cock swinging freely on stage. With a little encouragement from marni, Darcy came off the stage and led Kari up on to the stage and proceeded to seduce her into dancing with him. to her amazement, when he was behind her with his cock rubbing her ass through the thin dress, she did not stop him when he reached around with both hands and cupped both her big breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned, pushing her ass into his now hardening cock. Dary slid his hands from her breasts, behind her neck and she lifted her hair as Darcy untied her dress and let it fall to the floor. leaving her in only her lace white bra and g-string panties. 

It was now Kari realized that Darcy was going to fuck her on stage in front of a large horny crowd on her 40th birthday. she no lomger cared who watched as she only wanted one thing, to feel Darcy's balls slap her ass as he went balls deep in her clean shaved pussy. It was only a matter of minutes before kari was completely naked on her knees with as much of Darcy's cock that would fit in her mouth. After he was rock hard, Darcy helped kari up and she then noticed a bed had been rolled onto the stage. as Darcy guided her to the bed, she also noticed on all the plasma tv's that they were the featured item. He laid her on her back and nelt to lick he pussy, as he did he noticed how wet she was. After not seeing her for 10 yrs he waisted little time and proceeded to position his cock between her wide spread legs. Holding her ankles high, his massive head entered her wet pussy, and with one quick thrust he went almost balls deep on the first thrust. Pulling all the way out he rammed it in and this time he graoned as his balls slapped her ass. Kari was done, she started cumming at his second thrust and she proceeded to fuck him in every possible position. After 25+ minutes, she knew he was close to cumming for the first time. Kari laid on her back as Darcy crawlwd between her legs. He entered her sopping pussy and slowly sunk his cock all the way in watching kari's eyes roll back into her head as she came again and again. Darcy now proceeded to fuck Kari hard and fast and after several more minutes of intense fucking he slammed his cock andd the way into her pussy and overflowed her pussy with his load of hot cum. he pulled part way out and thrust deep again as he shot more and more cum deep into her wet pussy. Darcy remained hard as a rock and once again he started fucking her. Being d***k and horny he came a second time deep in her pussy before the left the stage to the roar and applause of the crowd. 

They spent the next 4 days together, Kari getting fucked hard every night, and this time, her friend Marni joined in ans shared Darcy's massive cock with her best friend. 

This all came to light as Kari could no longer hide the fact that she is now over 5 months pregnant with Dary's baby. her friend Marni was on the pill and was not impregnated on this trip. Marni knew Kari could not take the pill and also knew how she would fuck Darcy whether he wore a condom or not. 

Kari has apparently suggested to Darcy since she found out he impregnated her for the 3rd time he should get snipped before their next meeting, as she is getting to old for any more k**s. leading me to beleive, that Darcy will be visiting us soon.