"Erotic Stories" My wife's first BBC breeding

Erotic Stories My wife's first BBC breeding
This is punishment for those times when, making love to her as husband and wife, I suggested she try other cocks. At first the idea did shock her but over time, as I introduced the concept, she opened her legs, and mind, to the concept of trying it out. 

I had spent some time finding the right man for her online. Part of our fantasy had been for her to have a black man. After a sea of emails and chatlines I finally chose a man who lived in London. He was black, and promised he had done this before, but was safe. He said he wanted to bareback her (a term neither Wendy nor I understood). It means he wanted to fuck her without a condom. It seemed all black males insisted on this when meeting married white women. 

Wendy took no part in the emailing or chats or any of the arrangements. All she saw was one small grainy photo of the man, which he had sent me. Wendy had never shown any interest in pornography back then, not watching it let alone taking part! However the night before our planned first cuckolding adventure I downloaded a video of a black guy meeting a white wife in a hotel room and fucking her bareback and cumming inside her while her hubby filmed. Wendy was so tense she agreed to watch it while I licked her. Wendy’s cunt began to flow juices and she flooded as I drank her soft waves of lubrication from her lips. Wendy reached full orgasm as she watched the guy on the film pump his spunk from his long black cock into the white wife’s hairy married cunt.(Erotic Stories)

Next morning we hopped on a train to London, It_was a four hour journey. I kept looking at Wendy, amazed and thrilled she was going along with it – travelling from our tiny village to the big city to be fucked by a London black. A total stranger, who had seen her pictures on the internet. Someone only I had communicated with, on her behalf. 

The plan was to meet for drinks, see if we liked him, and take things from there. He had agreed to the logic in this. But literally as the train pulled in to London he sent me a text saying he did not want to meet “for chats” but to meet in the hotel room and start fucking straight off. At first this annoyed us, and we texted him back calling the whole thing off. 

We reached our hotel, bitterly disappointed. Wendy ran a bath. But as she sat in the bath we talked it through. We had NEVER done a cuckold session before and were disappointed. We had come this far, should we just go ahead with it? But meeting in the hotel room was of course more complicated if we did not like the look of him. Wendy would be there, naked, fresh and primed to fuck like meat on a hook. 

In the end we texted him back and said, come round. My wife had brought with her a whole suitcase full of lingerie! She wanted to look just right for this black stranger, and took ages getting herself all pretty. First she tried on the fishnet body stocking, but took it off saying she wanted to be stroked slowly by him, and would not feel it through the fishnets. She put on instead a little pink and white teddy I just bought her last week and had not even enjoyed until now myself. It was super hot watching my wife prepare herself for a black cock stranger. We were both very nervous.

I got her to do some dancing on a chair to get her horny, as she loves that. God she looked so hot. I kept thinking, a big black stranger is travelling across London even now to fuck her full of his cum. Wendy did not plan to necessarily let him fuck her at all, and certainly not till after lots of slow stroking and foreplay. Plus we had bought a batch of condoms from a chemist at the station. Though bareback had been in our fantasies, I was relieved. At least if my wife did fuck this guy then she would make sure they used protection. Wendy insisted my little cock was the only one which truly owned her, because I was the only guy allowed to empty my cum into her unprotected. She is a creamer and a squirter, but insists that is only with me.

As soon as this black guy arrives texting he is on street outside the hotel entrance, I tell my wife to lie on the bed and stroke her clit. She gives me a cheeky grin and opens her legs, fingering the wet pink line of her hairy cunt gash as I leave the room to go down to get him. Nerve racking, exciting! 

I go down, he's not there. I look around. He texts to say he is in the hotel lobby. But I am and I am alone. We work out he is actually in the wrong hotel, one across the street with a similar name. Then there he is, in a flash, we shake hands, say hi, and catch the lift up to the room. Lifts can be so impersonal everyone quiet and staring into nothingness. But this was different. I looked at this dark black man and knew he was here to fuck my Wendy, and she was in bed all horny and awaiting him. The thought that this black guy had seen Wendy’s pictures on the internet and asked me to bring her to London so he could fuck her was amazingly horny. He had travelled across London to fuck her full of his baby making seed and she had travelled some hours to the city to receive it. Wendy’s training had moved ahead at an alarming rate! I gulped as the lift reached our floor. 

Soon as we enter the room my wife's grin spreads across her face. She looks pleased as a chesire cat about to get the cream.

Wendy says "Wow, you are much better looking than on the photo."

He says, ”You too baby."

She lays there on the bed, all sexed up in her pink and black teddy. I think how beautiful she is. I particularly love the thick curls of pussy hair that stretch beyond the straps of her panties, promising the treasure wrapped below the silky lining.

The stranger leans onto the bed. He starts kissing her fingers. Wendy offers no resistance but closes her eyes and just smiles. I am so turned on, I start clicking away on the camera and start the video rolling. 

I remember he has told me in an email that he has 10 inches of cock, is a heavy cummer and rapid repeater cumming as many thick loads as he wants. This black guy has not been in the room five minutes and already he is snogging my wife in a deep tongue kiss which she is returning. He has moved her hand to his jeans, and Wendy seems happy to stroke him there. She has only had my cock now for 10 years. His bulge is huge and already I can smell the sweet waft of her cunt juicing up from across the room, I am sure he smells it too. I think of his claim to cum deep and thick, and hope the condoms hold or will they split? As I watch she pulled his cock out of his jeans. It really is a monster. 

I wonder if her cunt will be ruined after this. Will she really let him inside her? She had insisted she might not, until now. He casually hooks his thumbs round the crotch in her panties and slips her knickers to one side, exposing her cunt. He has seen it before now, but only in photos posted on the web. Now there it is before him, and as he admires her married pussy Wendy slides her mouth over the head of his black shaft, tasting him for the first time. She begins to suck him, only managing to fit the head in her mouth. He fingers her hairy married white wife cunt. My cunt for my cock but it is quickly becoming his.

I am so turned on, and with a spare hand she reaches across to strokes my cock – the small white cock she married herself to. I encourage her to suck his unfamiliar huge black cock deeper. She does, and lifts her hips to hump her hairy married cunt into his hand. He tells her to take it all and pushes her head gently deeper down onto his tool. His tone is gentle but demanding, in control. He tells her to use her tongue on his cock as she lowers her mouth deep onto him. It took her half an hour to learn how to suck him right down her throat with lots of involuntary gagging and dribbling during the lesson. 

Such a turn on to watch, and all the while I am wondering if she will really let him fuck her with that massive tool of his? The longer she sucked him, the more we could smell my wife’s cunt flooding with juices. Accepting her fate and lubricating for the inevitable thick fat deep fucking she was going to receive. 

Wendy and I spent months fantasizing about meeting someone off the net, but never had the guts to go through with it. Now I have brought in our first internet sourced fuck, and chose a black guy who promised a 10 inch cock and described himself as a heavy cummer. Now he is hovering over her wet panties, the thin material of the gusset has slipped back across her crack as the only protection, her legs are spread, and he tells her "You got a black bull cock over you now, little white slut.I am going to fuck you bareback. You know it's want you want. You cunt needs to feel a big black cock and I never let anything come between my cock and a white wife whore's cunt. Got it slut?"

I think oh no, she's going to react, push him off and it will all end. She loves me talking dirty to her, but would hate being called a whore and a slut. For back in the early days of Wendy broadening her mind and opening her legs, she still resisted those words. I was astonished as my beloved wife Wendy whimpers to my amazement and groans "Yes" then simply spreads her legs even wider.

She had imagined long sensual stroking, instead this black stranger has only been in the room 10 minutes or less and now he is fisting his cock along her cunt crack. The look on her face as he pushed into her hairy cunt was "I belong to you now." I could not believe it. It hurt me, but turned me on so much. I was stunned but just kept encouraging them on. 

I felt weak with lust but my little cock went limp as I watched this complete stranger stretch my wife's cunt wide enough to take a full deep pounding from his 10 inch thick black fuckstick, balls swinging and ready to unload full stream into her unprotected cunt. Look how Wendy spreads her legs, humps him back, and kisses him full on the mouth. Happened August 23, 2008, a date that will go down in prosperity as when my wholesome country English wife became a whore for black city cock.

It took him no time at all to get my pedigree English wife from a small country village to open her legs to his 10 inches of black city cock, without a condom on. As he pumped into her they kissed deep. After only two minutes of fucking he groaned, “You are just too hot. You gotta take my first load fast little slut, cause my big balls have been storing it for you.”. And with that he groaned as Wendy moaned and opened her legs even wider to receive his first cum into her. I saw his arse cheeks flex as he emptied his cum into her thrusting cunt.

To our amazement that big black cock stayed hard. As Wendy lay flat on her back, legs wide, I watched and took pictures on my camera as his seed spilled from her used hole. My wife. He now stroked her cunt, her inner thighs, her bush, her belly and breasts, like a wolf claiming its territory. He balanced her head gently in his hands and shifted her mouth up to his still bloated shaft. She was soon sucking on that black rod again, and climbed on top. As she humped her cunt up and down across his cock and sat astride his belly, I heard the wet slap slop slap of her juices and his combined in her cunt as he fucked her again. Wendy’s sweet cunt seemed perfectly stretched to accommodate that monster cock of his. Her clinging sides milked 3 more loads from him in the next hour. 

I stood behind my camera and stroked my cock hard, and fisted it till I came in my hand, watching him fucking her in missionary and hearing her moan like a whore as his big black balls slapped her arse. Her cunt begin squirting waves of thick cunt juice over his cock. He grinned and said to me while still fucking her, “That’s right. Cum in your hand mate. Now I have made her squirt mate. She belongs to my cock.” 

He looked straight into Wendy’s eyes and said. “If I was you I would want to be fucking stranger’s cocks a lot more often now. Black cock too. All the time. You want that, don’t you?”

Wendy rolled back her eyes and just moaned, “Uh huh, Uh huh” and again I saw him flex and empty a load into her impossibly wide stretched cunt hole. 

Something in me felt sick, especially cause I knew that whenever we made love my small cock came in her once then would not get hard again. This stud's cock emptied huge wads of cream and kept on pumping her more and filling her with load after load. And now he had made her cream in floods of wife fluid all over his cock. 

In a breathless moment between fucks she sat up on the bed and said to me, “You know what baby? All those times you told me I deserve big black cocks while you fuck me with your little cock? You were right. I deserve this and I am going to get more from now on.”

As he swung her to sit in doggie before him, he rubbed his black cockhead up and down along her wide open cunt hole, then with a groan from Wendy he thrust into her and began hammering away. All I could do was play with my little cock and watch as my wife began thrusting back against his black shaft. Meeting him with each thump. I saw her juices start to flood and coat his cock with a white sheen of pussy cream. She really did belong to him now. He knew it. 

He grinned at me then said to my wife, “You want my black baby don’t you. Say it!”

He made her beg for his baby seed inside her, which she did with a groan. 

“I wanna have your black baby!”

I saw him grunt and thrust another thick load into her wet whore cunt, before pulling his member from her and showing me the result of his work, a thick stream of his cum dripping from her black-owned hole. 

When he left Wendy rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. She said, “Let me show you how black guys want it” and proceeded to suck me longer and with more relish than in years, rolling her tongue over my cockhead as she went low and swallowed me whole, so easily. 

Her cuntlips were very distended and a constant flow of cum trickled out of her used wife pussy. She asked me to fuck her. I climbed between her legs and slid my cock in. It felt wet but there was none of the familiar grip I was so used to. I fucked her, feeling all that cum from his big black balls and cock swashing around inside her loose hole. It was one of the best fucks I have ever had. Truly making love, unconditionally. 

The next day Wendy dressed in her long hooker boots and short black skirt, with a long red cloak as we walked around checking out the sites near our London hotel. I think you will agree she looked very hot and just like a woman who had been royally shagged and bred. Every now and then as we walked the museums and galleries Wendy would lean close and tell me she could feel another stream of cum mixed from black and white cock cream dripping through her panties and sliding down her stockinged legs. 

For some days after meeting her first black bull and taking his seed, I noticed how my wife’s cunt tasted different, with the lips more extended and looser, but that only turns me on even more. It is a lasting legacy of her being a black cock whore. 

Since whoring for black seed my wife Wendy has been coming home from work in her library saying she had to play with herself during the day, in the back aisles between the book shelves, and in her small her office and even driving home, dripping wet over the knowledge that a complete stranger’s huge black cock has touched places I cannot reach with my little cock. Places she did not know she had. I must be mad. Would I let it happen again? I already have. Wendy has seen five black men so far and ever one of them have emptied seed into her white cunt and womb. 

Wendy seems to love me more than ever now saying she can't believe my generosity in finding her new lovers to fuck. 

I hoped after that first time that Wendy would ask for more, and I was not to be disappointed. We love your comments and Wendy hopes you will send her your requests to see her with more black men, or perhaps meet up with her for a photo session yourself? You don’t have to be black, just eager and able to stay hard. And willing to be photographed and filmed for other members on this site to watch as you fuck her. It is my job, as her cuck hubby, to find her the right men so just be frank with what you want and we will certainly reply.