"Erotic Stories" Naturism was my catalyst

Erotic Stories Naturism was my catalyst
Growing up in a naturist f****y, the idea is universally accepted, but you have no choice, so you display all to the most prying eyes and learn not to hide, but relax and let all enjoy. I realise the true naturists among us will object to these comments but as a p*****n girl I really was schooled into walking around nude amongst men who sat there with their cocks in my face and occasionally had a few strokes just for my education, when they saw no one was looking, only me.

In the summer we always took off to the beaches and visited the clubs where everyone was nude. Caravans and pitched tents, and loads of sex and behind doors swapping, yes my Mother and Father had their little daliances, with the neibouring nudists and I sat there and watched.

At one such stayover I shared a bed with a girl whose parents had an evening get-together at their chalet style beach hut.

We lay in bed listening to the screams of delight and heavy laughter which increased as the night wore on and the alcohol took effect. In essence an orgy was in the making, as people cast their marriage vows aside for the night, this being the only operative, as clothes were not an option.(Erotic Stories)

People walked amongst each other eyeing the mens cocks and men savouring the shaved pussies and tit dimentions, all positioning each other for the sex later in the evening.

My bedmate for the evening was such an experienced observer to such going-ons she went to sl**p with the sheet over her head to drown out the noise.

Exposure and insecurity on such nights taught a young thing such as myself, what sex organs were for, as looking out on the action, one could see all aspects of pleasure unfolding before her eyes.

I saw my mother sitting on a strangers lap, both nude, glass of wine in one hand, being kissed fully on the mouth, and holding the kisser's cock with her other hand. She was moving in such an expert manner on this appreciative males lap, that it was obvious she was in the throes of full penetrative intercouse with him while priming the kisser as her next prospective partner.

Yes all adult fun behind closed doors, but all educational to my young mind and in a few years I would start to be looking for the real thing as I was now long past the masturbation stage, now thinking about the coupling.

Walking out and amongst the naked d***k bodies now in deep slumber, or still trying to copulate, I can still smell the semen odour that hung heavily in the air, and the visual of naked women still splattered with it on their privates and faces, breasts and buttocks.

I came up to a couple, she sound asl**p face down, and he very d***k lying on her back, gyrating on her her buttocks while licking her neck.

As I walked past them he reached out and took hold of my arm, 'Come here baby' he said quietly, guiding me into a vantage veiwing place in front of them.

I sat down on the floor cross-legged, eyes level with their connection point, and watched he renewed his efforts to cum inside her.

His eyes were fixed on mine and he had this mixed smile, half smiling and half grimace, wondering why one so young could express such an interest in the act of copulation now enacted before her young eyes.

'Do you like it' he was whispering to me and my eager nodding in the afirmative, only served to encourage him into further renewed effort on top of her ass.

At one point, after a quick look around, he withdrew from her and fully exposed himself to me, continuing to point directly at me and jerk frantically on his penis.

When it hit me, it felt very warm. I was very close to them, sitting cross-legged and leaning back on my arms, about 18 inches distant, and it came with such f***e, hitting me first on my stomoch, then secondly on my inner thigh, as his jerking was now a little more sparodic. He finished by quickly turning back and burying himself between her cheeks and humping the last drops of his cooling ardour, where my load, should have been initially.

He lay there heaving on her form, his breathing now subsiding as he moved to merge their forms into one for a more comfortable fitting.

Looking at me with his sperm now separating and running down over my pubic bone, he reached out and placing two fingers on my cunt, pressed firmly, he drew his cummings back up towards my belly, telling me, 'Go wipe this off sweetheart, you dont want it going in there.'
As he spoke his fingers were cleaning themselves on my nipple, which he carresed as he wiped and massaged the evidence of his dirty deed into my skin, which drank it in deeply, as it all dissapeared as I absorbed it.

I rose onto my knees and touched his back tracing my hands around his buttocks and down his thighs. On my tracing return journey he opened his legs and I marvelled at the silky softness of his ball sack and his penis, still embeded between her legs. He was moving slowly and rythmetically, I looked at his head but he was kissing her neck again, and as he rose his buttocks I took hold of his penis and withdrew him from her hold.

I knelt there alongside their naked forms, slowly drawing his penis in long strokes, marveling how his foreskin could be drawn far back, then forward.

I was experienced enough to know when I was wanking a cock and pulling on his was giving me an added vigour, which surprised me, as this was my first physical wank experience and I was really enjoying the whole interaction, it felt so natural.

Dropping my head forward, down onto his buttocks the smell of her and his sex was overpowering. I was gently kissing his buttocks and running the point of my tongue down between his flanks down deeper onto his anus, which surprised me with its gripping power each time I probbed a little deeper and deeper into him.

Pulling his cock back and up there was enough exposure for me to kiss on his shaft, which I did passionately up and down, eventually performing my first inexperienced blow-job. I had that fat knob fully into my mouth, swishing my tongue all over its swollen head, gagging as I greedily stuck it in further only being prevented by the cushion of his buttocks.

The salty taste was bitter and sweet and I swallowed with consumate ease as he was deep in my mouth. When I finally withdrew myself I moved up to his turned face, still on my knees, and said thankyou for showing me.

I returned to my bed after visiting the bathroom, and as I walked past the setee only she was there, still sl**ping and completely oblivious to the goings on of the last halve hour. He was gone, possibly ashamed of being blowed by one so young, but I with his seed warn in my belly, now being nurished and turned into food for my developing, body and my actions, now developing my mind for future mankind to savour, slipped between the sheets and I luxuriated as I massaged the reminants of his semen into my vaginal openings, Yes, life as a naturist has its benifits.