"Erotic Stories" Naughty Girl Gets Punished

Erotic Stories Naughty Girl Gets Punished
She grasped my pulsating member tightly into her soft delicate hand. Slowly she fondled my balls with her left hand. She looks up at me and we lock eyes for only an instance. I could feel the electric energy between us. This sweet young eighteen year old wanted so badly to do one mischievous sexual act. For whatever reason she did not care, nor did she divulge. 

Her head moves closer to the tip of my penis, her lips part unhurriedly but so deliberately. Within a moment my quivering cock was swallowed up in her mouth. I could feel her tongue twirling around the bulbous purple head. I groan in ecstasy, the relentless tongue not giving up anytime soon.(Erotic Stories)

The intensity is high and the pleasure is immense but I pull her head away and look into her eyes. “Wait. Wait. I’m going to cum if you keep that up. Lift your skirt up and pull your panties down.”

This girl complies without objection. She stands and in one fluid motion her skirt was up over her back and her cute pink g string was at her ankles. I could feel the pre cum leaking out of my penis. I so wanted to touch myself and cream all over her face, but I hold back.

“Bend over! It’s my turn to lick you out. I want to taste your pussy juice.” I told her.

She replied in a school girl voice, “Yes Sir. I promise next time I won’t be bad. I’ll take whatever punishment you want to deal out.”

I get down on my knees and she braces herself on the desk. Within seconds I buried my face deep into her tight little flower. I licked away at her sex. Not a single drop of her nectar was wasted. She ‘ooooo’s’ and ‘aaaaa’s’ with such enjoyment. I decide to slip two fingers into her warm moist hole and gently thrust in and out.

“Oh Sir, I’ve been such a bad girl. I deserve this punishment. Have whatever you want from me. I’m your slave. Oh, please don’t stop.” She said.

I agree with her. She is a bad girl and I am determined to give her the punishment she deserves. I snake my fingers all around her sex until I find the magic button. The ‘G-SPOT’ and I start to rub profusely.

“Aaahhh!!! Please don’t do that. I’ll wet myself Sir.” She said in vain.

Of course I ignore her and continue. Only moments later I start to hear squelching noises coming from her now extremely wet pussy. 

“Can you feel that you naughty girl? If you don’t let go you’ll be in more trouble.” I said.

“I can but I think I’ll make a huge mess. Please stop. I’m begging you Sir.” She pleaded.

“NO! I want you to rub your clit and cum. NOW!!!” I shouted.

Reluctantly she does and within seconds she cums and gushes out her warm love juices.

“Aaaaagggggrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh. YES, YES ,YES FUCK MY TIGHT YOUNG PUSSY SIR. I’M A BAD BAD GIRL.” She screams.

She squirts everywhere. The hot liquid splashing onto my face. I could taste her saltiness. It turned me on further more. All I could thing about now was to thrust my rock hard cock straight into her gushing gusset. 

After her intense orgasm she collapses on the floor into a heap. Panting heavily and looking exhausted. She looks at me. “I’m so sorry Sir. I’ve made a mess.” 

“Yes you have. I’ll need to punish you again. Now get up.” I said sternly.

Slowly she rises from the ground and she looks at my cock. She asks timidly “What do you want me to do now?”

I reply quickly, “I think you know what I want you to do.”

She puts her hand forward and grips my hard cock and pulls me close to her. She kneels down and spits on my cock and rubs her saliva all over. Then she gets up spits on her hand and turns around bending over the desk and smears her spit on her anus. Without a word I thrust hard and fast into her arsehole. I could hear her scream. At first I thought it was pain but it turns out to be pleasure. I noticed she was fingering herself while I fucked her hard in the arse.

My balls slapped against her bum. Beads of sweat running off my face and onto her back. All the while the two of us moaning in pure delight. I am close to orgasm. She was rubbing hard and fast at her clit. Then all of a sudden I felt a warm liquid spray all over my legs and feet. I look down and she was cumming all over my legs. This pushed me over the edge and I erupted deep inside her tight chocolate tunnel. I splattered her arsehole with my thick cum. By the time I finished I just fell away from her.

She didn’t dare move from her spot without my say so. I sat on my leather chair gasping for air and looking at this delightful young whore and I laugh. She turns her head and looks at me.

“Can I clean myself up Sir? I feel really dirty”

“Yes you can young lady. Let this be a lesson to you. Next time you are in the head masters office you do not and I mean DO NOT touch my penis without my permission.” I said.

She nodded her head and left the office.

I call my secretary and tell her to send the next one in.