"Erotic Stories" New Job in Sales and caught Frigging

Erotic Stories New Job in Sales and caught Frigging
Hubby had been away for the last month, and now it was coming onto five weeks since I had sex. I was in heat and the temptation to reach down there between my legs, for a good old fashioned frig, was occupying my my thoughts on an hourly basis.

Yesterday was thanksgiving day and I was d***k with too much alcohol, wine in particular, was having its usual effect in making me so fucking randy. I needed cock and my cousin, in my mind, was becoming my prime target.

As the day progressed I suddenly found myself being put to bed and the house slowly emptying until by 17:00, I was alone and sound asl**p.(Adult Stories)

The next morning I was awakened with the f****y coming back around to check on me, and having done so, left to continue their holidays with my s****r in the next town.

I showered and admit to washing between my legs with more attention, as I really was in a perpetual state of horniness.

I dressed in my short black number and sheer stockings. Because of my state of mind I decided to leave my knickers off as they gather too much vaginal lubrication and could finish up being a source of embarisment. 

Paper hankies in the handbag, provides a source of wipes for those excessive lubricative juices.

I walked into town and decided to swing past my new place of work and saw Tex, one of the sales guys, drive off in his car. I looked around noting the car park was empty and assumed everyone was still on holiday.

I stopped at the end of the block and decided to have a cup of coffee in the Costas Cafe, sitting at the end of the row of seats, just slowly slipping and thinking dirty.

Twenty minutes I emerged back into the bright sunlight and noted Tex had come back, but I could not see his car in the park, just him disapearing into the office and the door closing behind him.

I had only met him once and immediately found an attraction but I admit my mind was between his legs, as I have a bad habit of pinning cocks onto men as I fantisize.

He had called me Mrs M, emphasizing my marital status and of course my first name Mariel. I guess it was his way of personalizing our meeting and marking me like a possible possesion.

As I stood there thinking as I was, I realized I was working myself into a sexual fantasy where I was now a possesion to be used at will.

Suddenly I was opening the door to my work. What the fuck was I doing, I asked myself. 

My cunt was screaming Cock! and although my mouth was dry my taste buds were already in the act coating my mouth with cum, as I loved to taste men before swallowing their semen into the bowels of my body and digest it.

There was a deathly silence, made more so as the door clattered shut. I stood rooted for a moment, wondering what to say when he appeared, but he did not, so I continued down past the rows of cubicles and slipped into mine, second from the end.

The seat was cool through my short dress and a welcome respite to my cunt, which was pulsating with desire.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a paper tissue and wiped off my excesses, drawing the tissue slowly through my swollen labia and squirmed in pleasure, just touching myself.

I pushed back a little on my chair, and slipping out of my heels, eased my legs onto my desk. My legs were open and my stockings, which were in full view as my hairy pussy was exposed, only helped to exacerbate my need for a good fuck, resulted in my dropping the wet tissue onto the floor and begin relieving myself with the occasional moan escaping my lips as the passion mounted.

I tore open my top and pulled my breasts out. My nipples were in a heightened state of arousal and they showed it by pointing straight out and with myself being small breasted, my nipples were all the more prominant.

I was kneading them with absolute pleasure due to their sensitivity while plunging my aching fingers into my pussy. Oh God! I was in sheer ecstasy, I was finding release I was on the verge of having my first orgasm for five weeks, when I heard, 'Oh, excuse me'.

My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. I pulled my legs off the table and adopted a fetel position in my chair, with my fingers still in my throbbing pussy and hand clutching my tit, I sat forward until my head was on my lap.

I was too scared to look up, but when I did he was not there.

'Fuck!' I thought. As the minutes ticked by, I realised I was not embarrised but more emboldened by been having been caught.

He must want me, I thought as I moved into the next phase. My need for a nam had taken a new dimension and I decided I must strike while his image of me was still fresh in his mind. No I was not going to run away in embarrisment, I was going into his office and make him fuck me.

I stood outside his office listening intently to see if I could hear him jacking off.

The silence was deafening, nothing, so I knocked gently and opened immediately, hoping to catch him trying to hide his cock and even up the my exposure, but he was just sitting there.
I was still looking and hoping his cock was out as I murmoured my apologies, suddenly being overcome by embarrisment, as I felt a hot flush run across my face.

He appeared relaxed and in control. Suddenly I was a naughty girl caught by her father, having a good old wank, and I was very much at his mercy.

I sat on the chair opposite him and started rattling-on about my reasons for doing this, all bullshit of course, but anything just anything, to make him want to fuck me.

I looked at him and suddenly my spirits lifted, he was looking up my skirt, I had the fucker, he was looking at my hairy pussy which I had made sure was in his line of sight as I sat down.

Triumphantly I opened my legs, like a true slut and said, 'Do you like what you see?'

He nodded in the afirmative and muttered, 'Yes'. I responded, 'Maybe we can work something out.' I was really getting into my stride as I was gagging for his cock.

He got up walked around to me and pulling my out of my chair started kissing me full on my open mouth and I was grinding my crotch on his trouser leg, humping it like the bitch in heat I was.

Suddenly I was back on my back, legs fully opened and cunt fully exposed to his gaze, I never felt so exposed and naked looking at this man studying my swollen cunt with such intent.

I watched as his head dissapeared down between my legs and shocks traversing my inner thighs as his tongue licked the soft flesh between my stocking tops and deep into my swollen labia, lapping the sweet juice flowing freely from my pussy and more so as he expertly began ringing my anus, probbing and preparing it for sexual purposes.

Anal sex was always something I had been aware of but I never found a man to stick his cock into mine, as cumming in my pussy always happened, due to my powerful muscles and manipulative actions during full intercourse.

Of course my aversion to condoms, and thus bareback fucking was my main reason coupled with sticking a cock in your pussy after an anal insertion was just not good hygene. So getting it my arse is something that had to wait.

As his manipulations showed he was seriously interested in my butthole. Did he know I was a virgin in my ass, flashed through my mind, all the time scared stiff he would take me to the edge and go for my tight cunt.

I selfishly orgasmed with his fingering and licking, I was not sure I he had noticed but usually when I do my muscles do contract gripping to such an extent he must have know.

Vaginal and clitoral orgasms are so different and intensive and to achieve them in unison is a remarkable experience, so I needed a third, deep in my ass.

I stopped him momentarily and blurted out another lie, I was ovulating so cumming in my pussy was not an optinn. 'I will suck your cock or wank you off,' I said, then added with a knowing smile etched on my face, 'Orrrr, you can continue with what you are doing back there, Fuck me in my butthole.'

There I said it or more to the true, commanded him to open me up to a whole new experience.

I stood up and bent over his desk, the feeling of the coolness on my nipples was delicious only surpassed by his probbing finger as he pussed it in and began working on my powerful sphincter muscle, with a twisting and thrusting movement.

Suddenly I felt his cock head press against my hole, it must have deformed as he pushed really hard to get inside me. I in return relaxed and tightened as I teased and prolonged my virginity, easing him in millimeter by millimeter, until his cock head was past my ring.

I closed around his cock and if he tried to pull out he would have found it as difficult as going in.

I literaly chewed on his cock with my ass, continuing to encourage him, 'Fuck it Pleassse, ream my asshole' I said in sheer delight culminating when his balls hit my clitoris, 'You have my asshole virginity, now cum in it'

He responded by shooting and I could feel the heat of his release but more pleasure for me was another orgasm, possibly due to his penis rubbing my G-Spot through the thin membrane separating my pussy and anal chamber.

As he lay on my body I could feel him relax in me, and with a simple squeeze I ejected him just as I do with toothpaste from my tube, when cleaning my teeth.

Making my excuses I dressed and left showing him first my graciousness for the service he bestowed on me and as I turned at the door I noticed some cum drip from his cock and laughed, turning and showing him the rest of it dripping out of my ass and gathering on my stocking tops