"Erotic Stories" A nice hot LUNCH

Erotic Stories A nice hot LUNCH
My cock started to stir in my pants as soon as she opened the door. I wanted to have her the moment I saw her. Not that she was all that great to look at or anything -- great enough though: mid to late thirties, a woman's figure - not some skinny k**'s bod with no know-how, not fat either -- ordinary I guess. But one look and I knew she had it, and knew howto use it

She gave me a bit of a look too as she asked me in. And there was enough in the look to get me good an' hard right there and then. I'd have my hand around it jerking off tonight, on the strength of it --and if there was the slightest chance, I'd maybe have a pair of her pants to wrap around it... I was thinking all this as I followed her into the house, looking at her arse and imagining what it would be like to spread those cheeks apart and play with her bumhole. It was a nice bum, by the way. But there was no hope of course. She was a very pleasant, respectable housewife. I'll tell you what, though ... there was cunt in the air!

The job was simple enough. Two days to do it properly, and I was in no hurry. The only complication was the stiff length in my pants. Half the time it was getting in the way and the rest of the time I was trying to hide it! And not always successfully. It was Jimmy and Deidre now and a nice afternoon tea and I was pretty sure Deidre was up for it -- I sure was! I couldn't keep my eyes off her, and she knew it I was certain. It was all I could do to keep my hands off those soft tits of hers. I wanted to stand in front of her and undo my pants and reach in and drag my hot rod out and show it to her and put it between her breasts and squeeze them around the stalk and fuck them til the hot spunk squirted up over her face and in her mouth, and kiss it off her nipples and ... bl**dy hell, just as well it was time to go home!(Porn Stories)

'Thank you,' she said. I'll see you tomorrow, Jimmy. And don't bother bringing your lunch, I'll have something for you.'

I didn't get a lot of sl**p that night -- and when I did I kept dreaming of her. She oozed while I snoozed and the night was thick with hairy cunt!

She was in a dress And she looked beautiful. Her hair was different. And she'd done something to her mouth, her lips were full and red, and kinda moist looking. She'd done something to her eyes, too. And she was wearing high heels. Her legs were fabulous ---she was either dressed to go out or -- for me? I'd wait and see. 

She didn't go out. My cock was roaring.

Lunch was all right. It was fine, but I had to f***e it down. All I could think about was her. I wanted her so bad I could hardly breathe, and she didn't help! She kept floating around putting things on the table, bending over me putting things on my plate, standing right beside me, and I could smell her scent .. I was shaking.

'You're not eating, Jimmy,' she said. She was standing close to me, and put her hand on my shoulder. 'Now what what have I got that you will like?' she said -- and she was teasing me -- 'There must be something ...' and she slid her hand down my chest as she pressed her hip against my shoulder.

I don't know what I said. I just reached for her. I put my hand on her bum and slid it down her leg lifting her skirt and sliding it up -- but she pulled away and pushed me back on to the chair. 'I know what you want,' she said. 'You want something hot.' She just looked at me and lifted the skirt of her dress and whipped it up over her head, then turned away and and threw herself on to the table with her legs coming up and spreading wide as she lay there with her cunt on my plate and stuffing my sandwich into it, dishes going everywhere ... 'Come on. Come on, baby. Come and get your lunch. Taste it, baby. c'mon eat my cunt. C'mon suck it for me.'

So I did. I ate the fucking sandwich and the strawberry sponge cake and the fucking ice cream, sucking it out of her hot cunt -- kissing sucking eating licking the stuff out of her as she came and came in my mouth, gulping down her cuntjuice as it poured from her slimy snatch and she screamed and moaned and twisted on the table, with the dark hot smell of her cunt all round ...and when she was ready, when she moaned, 'Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.'I stood up between her splayed thighs and showed her my terrible awful cock and put it to her-- pushing it in through the cake and ice cream and cum into her hungry cunt, ramming it up her, bending down over her tearing at her tits and sucking her mouth into mine while I lifted her up like a bowl of soup and slammed the big fucking monster in and out, bruising her as i fucked that beautiful beautiful cunt and I slipped a hand under her and found her little brown rose and slid my finger into her asshole and felt her spasm and felt my cock swelling and the spunk rising from my bulging balls and gorging my cock working up the stalk exploding from the raw, shiny, bl**d-red knob way way up in creaming, yearning cunt, gushing and spurting, spurting fresh hot thick wads of cum high up into her soft, so, lovely body and she flooded all over my cock and down around my sweaty balls and we held each other close and close and her breasts were soft against my chest ...

Lunch was excellent! And Deidre has promised dessert