"Erotic Stories" Niece Katy Plays Hostess

Erotic Stories Niece Katy Plays Hostess
I got up off the patio, and helped Katy to her feet. I walked her into the house and laid her on the couch, and cleaned her up with a towel. She was d***k and exhausted, so I let her sl**p while I took a shower and changed my clothes. A few hours passed, and night was beginning to fall, when she stirred, rubbed her eyes, and sat up. “Hi Uncle Billy, what time is it?” she inquired. “Almost nine o’clock, my darling, you’ve been asl**p for awhile. How do you feel?” I asked. “A little woozy, but pretty good, considering….but I don’t think I’m in any shape to drive all the way to the beach,” my hung over niece stated. 

“You are welcome to stay here tonight, sweetheart,” I offered. “In fact, I’m having a few friends over later to play some poker, and we sure could use a cute little hostess to serve us. If you’re up to it, I’ll pay you fifty dollars to fetch us drinks and sandwiches, and I’m sure the guys would be happy to tip you for taking care of us.” “Wow, that sounds like fun, and I could use the extra money, thanks, Uncle Billy!” she answered cheerfully. “Okay, then, let’s get you up to the bathroom so you can shower up and get ready. I have an outfit for you in my “bag of tricks”. When Katy stepped out of the shower, I greeted her with a big soft plush towel, and gently patted her lithe body dry. She was so hot standing in front of me so innocently, letting me take care of her.(Sex Stories)

“I may be having second thoughts,” she confided in me, furrowing her brow. “I don’t want anyone to recognize me, you know?” “It’s okay, Katy, I have just the thing,” I reassured her, and presented a small black mask, kind of like the one used by the Lone Ranger, only frilly and lacy and very feminine. “No one will know who you are in this,” I told her. “Okay, I guess that will work,” she relented. “Good, now let’s dress you up for the part,” I said, as I pulled various articles of clothes from my bag. “Put these on,” I told her, as I threw a pair of black fishnet stockings her way, along with the matching garter belt. I dug out a sheer black half-top, a tiny, lacy black thong, and a matching black miniskirt, and tossed it over to her, along with a pair of extremely high heels. A little white apron topped off her sexy ensemble, and I clasped a string of white pearls around her slender neck. “Put your hair in two pigtails and then tie each of them with this pink ribbon,” I instructed. “Now, put on your mask, and let me look at you,” I said, standing back to take in her whole persona. “You are strikingly beautiful, Katy, you’re just gorgeous,” I raved, becoming aware that my cock was bulging in my shorts. I embraced her, and she returned my affections. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her tight ass cheeks and squeezed them. “Oh, Uncle Bill, you make me feel so good,” she cooed. I spun her around, and bent her over, directing her hands to the edge of the bathtub. She instinctively spread her legs, and I knelt down behind her, pulled her thong aside, and licked her pink slit gently but firmly. She shivered underneath my bold advances, and I licked her ass crack. She tasted so sweet, I began to suction her ass hole with my lips and mouth, and her knees buckled several times. I stood up, and abruptly f***ed the head of my pulsing cock into her love opening, causing her to gasp out loud. She held her position, and welcomed my cock into her willing cunt. She pushed back against me, and exhaled deeply.

“Oh my God, I want all of your cock inside me, Uncle Billy, fuck me nice and hard…you know how I like it!” she intoned loudly. I was already ramming her wet pussy to the hilt, before she got the whole sentence out. “Don’t cum in my pussy, though, I just took a shower! Let me take your load down my throat, please?” she asked. Just the thought of fucking her mouth brought me to the edge, and I pulled out of her slick cunt, and she turned around and knelt before my cock, which was dripping and getting ready to explode. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and a giant smile. She opened her mouth, and I thrust my throbbing cock down her throat in one motion. I came immediately, and she struggled to swallow my spunk without losing any.

Just as she stood up, a car was stopping in the driveway. My poker buddies had arrived. Katy straightened out her costume, put her mask back on, and prepared to meet the three men. She was radiant as I introduced her. “How are you doing guys? Butch, Mac, and Dan, I want you to meet… ‘Pearl’. I hired her to serve us tonight”, I told them. ‘Pearl’ smiled and curtsied. The three men were dumbfounded. All they could do was nod, as their eyes almost popped out of their skulls. “Sweetheart, could you grab us some beers?” I said to Katy, and she was off to the kitchen, as we all sat down at the round poker table in the rec room.

“Christ, Bill, she’s beautiful, but she looks like she’s 14 years old, man!” Butch observed. “Relax guys, she’s legal, and then some,” I told them reassuringly. “Where’d you find her?” asked Don. “She’s a local college girl looking to make a few bucks, so I hired her for the evening,” I explained. Katy arrived back at the table enthusiastically, and began serving each player a bottle of beer. She began her innocent teasing right off the bat, bending over the table provocatively to show a glimpse of her firm, perky tits, and allowing her miniskirt to ride up in such a way that all the men knew she was wearing a skimpy black thong. Gasps were audible, as Mac dealt out the first hand of cards.

There wasn’t much focus on poker, as all eyes watched Katy arranging bowls of pretzels and potato chips on the tray tables. She smiled and giggled at the men, knowing full well that she already had complete control over them. She deliberately dropped a cocktail napkin, and turned around to pick it up, displaying her round ass and long legs to everyone’s view. There may have been a poker game going on above the table, but there were four raging hard-ons underneath of it. “Do you guys mind if I watch?” Katy asked, as she leaned against the table. “Not at all!” “Go right ahead!” “Be my guest!”…everyone answered simultaneously. She rocked back and forth, as she bent over to look at one of the poker hands, then another, slightly grazing against the players while she acted like she was concentrating intently on the game. She was apparently the only one concentrating on the game at that point.

I looked over, and caught Don running his hand gently up Katy’s leg. I noticed that she didn’t try to avoid his suggestive touch. Almost immediately, Butch was running his hand up the back of her other leg, and up under her skirt. She giggled in response, and shook her butt for him, as if to acknowledge that she was okay with it. “Pearl, honey, would you get us another round of beers?” I asked her. Butch put a twenty dollar bill in her hand, and said she could leave her half-shirt in the kitchen if she wanted. She sashayed away, all eyes on her bouncing young body.

Sure enough, she returned with a tray full of cold beers, and no top. Her nipples were hard, and her firm tits were jutting out from the erotic excitement of the moment. Audible murmurs followed, as all eyes were glued to her tits. Dan kept shuffling the cards mindlessly, and no one seemed to mind, or even notice. Katy made an exaggerated display of bending over to serve each beer, and slowly waving her juicy tits in each poker player’s face. Mac shoved a crumpled fifty dollar bill in her hand, and offered to buy her thong right then and there. She glanced over at me, and I nodded my head and smiled. It didn’t matter to me that she had gotten the thong from my bag of tricks. If she could get fifty bucks for her damp panties, that was fine by me. 

Katy turned away, and headed back to the kitchen. The cards were dealt, and everyone tried to focus on the hand, plopping chips onto the table, betting, and raising each other. ‘Pearl’ came back in with a tray of hot dogs and rolls. She distributed the plates around the table as provocatively as she could. On Mac’s plate, next to his hot dog, was her silky black thong. He immediately reached under her skirt, as if to confirm it was one and the same thong. Katy groaned when his rough fingers touched her soaking wet slit. She gripped the table with both of her hands, steadying herself. 

Encouraged, Mac continued to explore her slick pussy with his fingers. At once, Dan slid his hand under her miniskirt, and began squeezing her ass cheeks, while Butch reached out and took her two twitching tits into his big hands, gripping them firmly. I just sat back, as I marveled at how beautiful my niece was when she was aroused. Her moans got louder, and she encouraged the men on. They unfastened her pearl necklace, and untied her apron and dropped it on the floor. They cleared away the cards and the poker chips, and pulled her body across the table by her hands. Mac stood behind her, pushed her black skirt up over her hips, and attacked her ass with his mouth. He spread her cheeks, and licked and munched her brown hole. Dan stood in front, pulled her pigtails toward him, and attacked her willing mouth with every inch of his thumping cock. Butch fondled her taut breasts with one hand, and pushed several fingers into her glistening cunt with his other hand. I couldn’t just stand by any longer. I got up, took my hot dog, and shoved it into her pussy, eliciting a gasp from her. Butch took over, and fucked her with the hot dog, as I grabbed an empty beer bottle. 

“Pearl, my beer is kind of cold; maybe you could warm it up for me?” I asked, as I shoved the long -necked bottle into her saliva lubed ass hole. She let out a shriek, which was muffled by the stiff dick fucking her throat. Butch took over the beer bottle as well, and continued to fuck both of her holes, increasing his stroke as he went along. Dan groaned, and pulled his rod out of Katy’s mouth, and shot his load all over her face, and down her chin. As he stepped away, Mac took his place. He rubbed his cock all over Katy’s messy face, then, he plunged his cum covered manhood into her awaiting mouth.

I decided to liven up the party by slapping her ass cheeks sharply with my open hands. Mac roughly kneaded her reddening tits, as he continued to pound his cock down her throat. Butch pulled the bottle and the hot dog out of her holes, grabbed her hips, and aimed his big thick cock at her tiny pussy. His helmet parted her slick pussy lips, and he pushed into her with some difficulty. He worked slowly, allowing her insides to stretch open to accept his considerable girth. He grunted in ecstasy when he finally bottomed out inside her, and began slowly and methodically fucking her pussy in long, f***eful strokes. Soon enough he was riding her with such energy, he exploded into her just as Mac was gripping her pigtails and filling her throat with his hot spunk. 

I could hardly stand it by now. I pushed Butch out of the way, and slipped two fingers into her protesting ass, and finger-fucked her vigorously, as she writhed wildly underneath me. When Mac stepped away from Katy’s face, I f***ed my two fingers into her mouth, so she could get a good taste of her own ass juices. I pushed my throbbing cock into her gaping ass in one motion. Katy took it with just a whimper, and then pushed her ass back towards me. I grabbed her arms, and pulled them behind her back, as I continued to violate her ass. I pulled her body up off the table, arching her back, and exposing her bouncing tits to the leering men. The three of them took turns slapping each one, pinching her nipples, and squeezing her tits until they were red and stinging. Her body bucked and twisted from so much stimulation, and she clenched her fists, and let out a low, guttural sound…”I’m Cumming!!! Oh God, it feels so gooood!!! OOOOOOOOOH! YES!! Fuck me just like that! I’m Cumming again!! MMMMMMMMM!!”

I kept pumping her ass with total abandon, holding onto her shivering body, as she jerked in response to wave after wave spasms washing over her. When she finally stopped thrashing about, I pulled out of her ass, and presented my slimy cock to her mouth. “Stick out your tongue, darling,” I said. I lay my screaming rod onto her outstretched tongue, and stroked it back and forth four or five times before my cock spewed forth so much cum, I was afraid I might drown her. Surprisingly, she swallowed my offering with little difficulty.

Exhausted, and sweaty, we all sat down and watched over Katy’s recovering body still sprawled across the table. “Let’s all go outside for some air,” I suggested, “I have to take the flag down, anyway.” Mac and Dan helped ‘Pearl’ stand up, and we made our way out to the patio. We all stood in a semi-circle around the pole, as I lowered the flag and folded it up. “That gives me an idea,” Butch said, as he began to wrap the flag pole rope playfully around Pearl’s wrists, finally tying them tightly together. Then he pulled the rope up the pulley, and we all watched as Katy’s arms rose up above her head. He didn’t stop until her high heels were barely touching the ground. Then he tied the rope off to the pole.

“What do we have here?” Dan asked, as he spotted the four bamboo switches that had been left on the patio from my incredibly hot afternoon encounter with Katy. He passed them out, and we began to tease Katy with light taps on her ass and tits. “Hey, guys, that stings!” Katy yelled out, as she tried in vain to avoid the irritating blows, which were administered more f***efully as the situation grew more intense. The bamboo switches found their way between her legs, stinging her inner thighs, and finally, her juicy pussy lips. She instinctively closed her legs when the first swat stung her. Mac swung his stick with some power across her tits. “Spread your legs!” he commanded. She opened them reluctantly. He applied one sharp whack on her swollen pussy, and she snapped her legs shut again.

“Okay, that’s it!” Mac announced, rather perturbed. He grabbed hold of her garter belt, and pulled her fishnet stockings off. He picked up the broom standing in the corner of the patio, and grabbed the length of rope that had been left on the picnic table. “Hold her legs apart, men,” he commanded. He tied each of her slender ankles to the broom handle, raised her wide-open legs up, and tied the broom to the flag pole. Katy was now completely vulnerable and helpless, as she pulled against the ropes in protest. 

The poker players proceeded to grope her smooth young body. They took turns rubbing and squeezing her tits, grabbing her tight ass, and running their fingers in and out of her holes lustily. They f***ed their wet fingers into her mouth, as she began to groan in pleasure once again. I was almost frantic by then, as I watched my poker buddies have their way with my stunning niece. I teased her playfully with my bamboo whip, and the others resumed whacking her suspended body as well. She moaned, and writhed under the stinging attack of bamboo stings over her ass, tits and wet pussy. 

The sight of ‘Pearl’s’ slender body suspended from the flagpole was more than I could bear. She looked so vulnerable, dressed now in just her sexy black mask and black heels, being mauled by four horny men whose erect cocks were throbbing once again. 

“Guys, please let me down now, I have to pee,” Katy said. “Hold on a minute,” Butch said, as he hurried into the house. He returned quickly, carrying an empty potato chip bowl. He held it under Katy’s exposed pussy. “Okay, Pearl, fill it up!” he ordered. She began to protest, but a few sharp swats of the bamboo whips across her tender tits changed her mind. Soon her hot piss was flowing out into the bowl as all the men watched intently. I encouraged her by slipping my index finger into her soaking wet ass, finger-fucking her vigorously, as she squirmed and groaned. When she finished peeing, she asked again to be let down. “Drink this bowl of piss first, then we’ll think about,” Dan demanded. More swats with the sticks persuaded her to comply, and soon she was gulping down her own salty piss, much to everyone’s delight.

“Man, I’ve got to fuck her again, let’s bring her down, boys,” Mac suggested. Apparently everyone had the same idea, and Katy was quickly released from her bondage. The men led her over to the lawn, and made her kneel down on the soft grass. Her hands were tied behind her back, and Mac pushed her face down until it rested on the ground. Dan wasted no time being the first to plunge his stiff rod into her reddened pussy. Butch sat down in front of her, lifted her head up by her pigtails, and fed his twitching cock into her mouth. He gripped her hair tightly, and pulled her face sharply down onto his slimy cock again and again, causing her to gag.

“Okay, everyone, let’s all cum on her face this time,” I suggested, as I reached under and manipulated her perky tits with both hands. Mac finally couldn’t take it any longer, and pushed Dan off of her shuddering body. “You heard the man, go jerk yourself off on her face!” he exclaimed, as he shoved his fuck-piston into her well-lubricated young cunt. He reached out and grabbed Katy’s pigtails, lifting her face up to accept the men’s offerings. Butch went first, pulling out of her mouth, and spewing his cum all over Katy’s face while Dan waited in the wings, cock in hand.

As Mac fucked her sharply and mercilessly from behind, Dan added his sticky spunk to Katy’s face, covering her mask with his jizz. Now, it was Mac’s turn, and he stood in front of her while I straddled her upturned ass, and held her face up to him. He delivered a massive load, squirting shot after shot all over her exposed face. When he finally sagged to his knees, I mounted her tight ass, standing up behind her, and plunging my raging cock into her forbidden passage. She let out a yelp at first, but soon settled down and accepted my ramming cock like a pro, as Dan worked her bobbing tits, squeezing and pinching her solid nipples between his thumb and fingers. Katy moaned long and low, and I could feel her body tense up, and her ass clench tightly around my cock. Mac reached under, and swirled his fingers around in circles on her clit, as her body jerked and jumped in orgiastic revelry. I pulled out of her ass and took my position in front of her face. Butch immediately began violating her now vacant ass hole with the broom handle, and Katy went completely wild. Her thin young body bucked and writhed out of control as Butch punished her tender rectum with the broom handle. The sight of my sweet niece taking the broom up her ass so eagerly was too much for me, and I splashed my hot cum all over her already glistening face.

“Okay, now we wash her down,” Butch announced, once her body slumped over lifelessly following her wickedly decadent orgasm. “But first we have to get her ready,” he continued, as he eased the broom handle out of her abused brown passage. The men helped him pull her up into a kneeling position, with her hands still tied behind her back. Butch took another piece of rope and wrapped it around the top of her head, and down her back. He wove the coarse rope between her ass cheeks, and up between her legs, tying the rope around her waist. He reached under her body and made sure the rope had passed between her sore pussy lips.

Katy knelt in her place, almost oblivious to her newest position. Her face looked upward toward the sky, and she was helpless to move. The four of us then gathered around her face in a half circle. “Pearl’s face is all slimy, gentlemen. The least we can do for her is clean her up,” Mac suggested. Dan chimed in: “Her mouth is probably dirty too! Open your mouth wide, Pearl!”

As Katy complied with Dan’s order, we all started our inevitable piss streams together. Four beer-filled bladders started emptying rapidly on Katy’s face, and into her mouth. “Keep swallowing, Pearl, your throat’s probably dirty too!” Butch demanded, as we watched the slimy cum slide off her face and run down her tits. There was so much piss that Katy’s hair was soaked, and her face and tits were washed free of all that accumulated cum she had received.

When we had nothing left, Katy fell over sideways onto the lawn, exhausted. We looked at her lying there, bound and drenched in sticky pee. “It must be getting late,” Mac mumbled, breaking our silence. We left Katy on the lawn, and filed back into the house. The poker players dressed and left, but not before leaving a generous $200.00 tip on the table for ‘Pearl’, for her excellent service.

I went out back and helped Katy onto her knees again. She looked so helpless and vulnerable, still tied up, with her head bound, and looking up at me. I was instantly aroused, as I grabbed her head by her pigtails, and dangled my newly stiffened cock in front of her face. “Oh, Uncle Billy!” she whispered, as she opened her mouth wide. I slid my ramrod into her beckoning mouth one more time, and pushed my pulsating cock down her hot throat inch by inch. She gagged instinctively, but recovered quickly, and held her position while I fucked her throat deeply and deliberately. The sound of my balls slapping against her chin was all that could be heard in the silence of the dark night.