"Erotic Stories" Niece Katy’s Surprise Visit

Erotic Stories Niece Katy’s Surprise Visit
“Bye, honey, have a great week!” I yelled to my wife, as she headed out the door to her car. It was all packed and ready for her trip to the beach house that she rented with her s****r. I was home alone for seven glorious days, and I was going to make the best of it. I sat down on the patio with my newspaper and glass of scotch, even though it wasn’t quite noon yet. The waterfall gurgled in the background, and the shade from our maple tree kept the thick, sultry summer humidity at bay. It was sheer bliss for about ten minutes, until I heard the crunching of stones growing louder as a car made its way up our long, winding driveway. I was immediately pissed off, even before I had a clue as to the identity of this uninvited interloper.

As the car came nearer, I stood up and looked over the fence. To my amazement and delight, it was my foxy young niece Katy. She got out of the car and waved as she walked towards me. “Hi Uncle Billy, surprise!” she greeted me with a big smile. “Well, this IS a surprise,” was all I could think to say, as I took in her slim lithe figure, covered only in a bikini top and a denim miniskirt, with high heeled sandals. She threw her long brown hair behind her back, and kissed me on the cheek. As we both sat down, she explained that she was headed to the beach house for a few days, but she thought it would be nice to stop by and see us first, as our house was on the way.

“Where’s Aunt Barbara?” she inquired. “You just missed her, sweetheart, she left not too long ago,” I replied. “Well, I’ll catch up with her at the beach,” Katy said, “She and mom will be surprised to see me too. They don’t know I’m coming. (Porn Stories)

What are you drinking, Uncle Bill?” “Scotch,” I replied. “Can I try it? You know I’m 21 now, so I’m all legal!” she exclaimed proudly. Her face scrunched up when she tasted the liquor, but she bravely asked for her own drink anyway. I told her to keep my drink, and I got up to get another glass and the bottle of scotch. 

“Oooh, is it all right if I dip my toes in the pond,” she asked, as she leaned over to unbuckle her sandals, exposing her firm breasts for my apparent viewing pleasure. “Go right ahead, cutie, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back,” I called over my shoulder, as I bound up the steps and hastened to my bedroom. I emerged back onto the patio with a bucket of ice, another glass, and the scotch. D****d over my shoulder was a backpack. “What’s that for, are you going camping?” Katy asked, giggling. “Camping?” I asked. “It looks like you’ve already pitched your tent,” she laughed, as she pointed to the hard-on that was pressing against my shorts. “This is my bag of tricks,” I said, as I dropped it next to the table, ignoring her sly reference.

As I filled her half empty glass with ice, I couldn’t help but notice her matching bikini bottom folded neatly next to the pond. I tried to maintain my cool demeanor, but I already knew she had some mischief in mind. She playfully kicked about in the pond, as she leaned forward with her glass, nodding for me to refill it. It was obvious that she exaggerated her lean so I could glimpse her perky young tits once again. Ignoring her bold advances, I admonished her, as any responsible uncle would: “You know, Katy, I don’t mind you drinking, but I can’t let you drive to the beach d***k.” “I know, Uncle Billy, I’ll just hang out with you until later, when I sober up, if that’s okay with you,” she said, sipping on her scotch. “That sounds like fun, pumpkin, I’d like that. Now, how about if we take a little walk together?” I suggested. “You’ll have to put your sandals back on, because we have to cross the stone driveway.” 

I watched as she bent over her sandals and fiddled with the buckles. Her lively breasts barely managed to stay inside her top, and she gave them a good jiggle when she was sure I was watching. I took her by the hand and led her towards the bamboo garden, carrying my pruning shears in the other hand. She was already a bit tipsy, and she held onto my arm for support. “It’s so quiet and peaceful out here,” she sighed, looking over the vast acreage before her. “You could scream real loud, and no one would even hear you,” she added. I just smiled. “Here we are, why don’t you pick out a nice bamboo stalk?” I suggested. She giggled, and gave me a puzzled look, as she pointed to a tall, slender stalk. I cut it at the base, and handed it to her. She accepted it graciously, as if I just presented her with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. “Why thank you, Uncle Bill,” she said, curtseying provocatively before me. “Now I think it’s time for another drink,” she declared, and we made our way back to the patio.

I refilled our glasses with fresh ice and scotch, and we sat down at the table. As she shared some stories about her delightful three year old daughter, I went to work on the bamboo stalk. I stripped the leaves from the top, and cut a three foot long section of the thin upper shaft, and laid it on the table. Then, I cut another section from the thicker bottom part, placing it next to the thin piece. Katy didn’t even notice, as she went on with her tales. I calmly got up and walked behind her as she drained her drink. I untied her bikini string, and lifted the bra away from her breasts, which now swung free. “Uncle Bill!” she exclaimed, in mock innocence.

“Stand up,” I commanded sternly, and she responded immediately. I proceeded to pull her arms back, and I tied her wrists together with the bikini string. I kissed her neck from behind, and cupped her hard tits in each hand. She let out a deep sigh, but she didn’t protest. I spun her around, and leaned forward to kiss each one tenderly, taking them into my mouth, sucking and licking until her nipples stood out erect and proud. She was woozy with alcohol fueled lust. “Oh, Uncle Billy, that feels so good. I knew if I came here today, you would make me feel good,” she confessed. “Oh, so this was your plan all along?” I asked, feigning ignorance. Standing in her high heeled sandals, she was almost as tall as I was. I picked up the thin bamboo rod, and began to run it all over her aroused tits, finally snapping it sharply on the bottom of each one. “Ouch! That really stings!” she bellowed, and tried to get out of the way, as I reddened her flesh with several swift flicks. “Don’t move!” I ordered, and she obeyed, to my delight. I stung her all over those luscious young breasts, and Katy stood bravely, hardly even wincing. I felt each one, squeezing and groping and making her breathing become rapid and shallow. Then, I plucked two ice cubes from the bucket, and applied cold “first-aid” to her steamy nipples, rubbing her tits with the ice in ever larger circles. She gasped, but she stood her ground. My cock was ready to detonate, but it would have to wait awhile. There was much to be done beforehand.

I reached into my “bag of tricks”, and pulled out a set of leather restraints. I attached one to each of her ankles, then spread her legs far apart and attached them to the table legs. “Lay down across the table,” I said to her firmly. She complied willingly, laying face down. I tied a length of rope from the front table leg, over the back of her neck, and secured it to the other table leg. She was now completely immobilized in the most delicious position. I couldn’t help but to try out this convenient situation. I pulled my cock free of my shorts, and held her head in my hands. She opened her mouth without any prodding from me, and eagerly accepted my shaft into her hot mouth. I allowed myself this pleasure for only a few seconds, as I had more work to do.

I walked behind her, marveling at her long, athletic legs, her thin waist, and her voluptuous ass and hips. I pushed her miniskirt up to her waist, and began to gently massage her sensitive ass, damp with perspiration, with my unsteady hands. She moaned and wiggled her ass under the deft touch of my strong fingers, as if to silently urge me on. I knelt down, and proceeded to kiss and nibble her smooth skin, and I lightly touched her moist slit with my tongue. She groaned audibly, and shook her head from side to side. I spread her cheeks wide, and twirled my tongue around her forbidden entrance, until she shook with desire.

Then, I stood up. I picked up the thicker bamboo stick, and brought it down sharply upon her helpless buttocks, and she shrieked. “Ow, Uncle Bill, what are you doing?” Smack, smack, smack, was my response. She struggled, to no avail. Whack, whack, whack, whack, I continued, watching her pretty butt cheeks redden with each new contact of the bamboo stick. It was the perfect whip: thick enough to sting and redden her ass, but thin enough so that it didn’t leave welts.

I bent over to kiss her smooth buttocks and make them all better, and they were very hot against my lips. So, I iced her ass down until she was calm again. I switched back to the thinner stick, and teased it up and down her crack, finally snapping her exposed clit with it several times. She groaned in response, more out of excitement than pain, so I stung her tender pussy lips with several more short flicks of the thin bamboo whip. She squirmed and writhed, and I could see her juices begin to drip down her inner thighs, mixing with her sweat. 

I pressed two fingers to her slit, and slid them in as far as they would go. She shuddered as I worked them in and out of her wet pussy briskly and roughly. I could feel her involuntary contractions squeezing my invading fingers, and she exploded with her first orgasm: “OHHHHHHHH! Uncle Bill! I’m CUMMMMMMMMING!” she yelled out shamelessly. Her body lurched and buckled against my f***eful thrusts, and I kept finger fucking her to the hilt for as long as she reacted. It was the longest orgasm I had ever seen…or it was a series of smaller orgasms, I’m not sure. But, I knew it was time to take care of my aching cock. 

I walked around the table and firmly held her face straight out, gripping two fistfuls of her long hair. Her mouth opened willingly, and I held my two slickened fingers in front of her lips. She licked them clean without protest. I face-fucked her harshly, and without warning. She gagged at first from the initial shock, but soon she was gulping down every inch of my stiff flesh, humming and grunting with exuberance as I pounded her throat with no regard for her comfort. As my strokes got quicker and more f***eful, I could see her eyes tear up as she struggled to accept my spewing bursts of spunk down her throat. I held onto her head for dear life, and I pumped my stiff rod into her mouth until she had sucked me dry, and I had gone soft.

I let her relax for a few minutes and catch her breath, as any loving uncle would do for his darling niece. I walked around behind her and sat down. I pulled out some new “tricks” from my backpack. The first one was a medium sized red plastic vibrator. I turned it on, and teased her clit with it, lightly stimulating her back to arousal again. When she moaned and squirmed, I ran it up and down her crack, then back onto her clit. My other hand pulled a thick pink dildo out of the bag. I moved it into position, and worked it between her glistening pink labia, then thrust it deep into her waiting love canal. I pulled it back out slowly, and watched her thighs shiver with excitement and anticipation. I shoved it back in and she jumped with a****listic lust, begging for more as I slid the pink intruder back out ever so slowly.

“Fuck me good, Uncle Bill, I want to feel it harder and faster…give it to me!” she demanded. I increased my stroke, no longer gently. I gave it all to her, and pulled it back out quickly, again and again, as she worked up to another round of orgasms. My face was only inches from her crotch, and I delighted in watching my beautiful young niece shaking and thrashing around, urging me to dildo-fuck her with all my might. 

Just as I brought her to the brink of exploding, I pushed the red vibrator to her vulnerable ass hole, wiggled it around some, and plunged it into darkness. Katy let out a whoop, as I stood up now, and double fucked her holes with my toys, slick with her sweet girl juices. “Oh, Uncle Billy, keep fucking me like that, I love having both of my holes filled at once…oooooooh, I’m getting ready to cum again…OOOOOOOH, YES! YES! FUCK ME UNCLE BILLY!!!!!!!”….and I did my best to grant my sweet niece her wish. I was also hard as a rock again. I pounded the young girl with plastic lovers until she blew her exotic juices all over the table, and down her legs.

When she finally went limp, I slipped the toys out of her holes, and I could swear I saw steam coming from them. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, because I had something more urgent to tend to: I stood behind her, spread open her cheeks, and swiftly buried my hot member into the young girl’s rectum. Her body jerked up like she had an electric shock, but her legs wilted underneath her, and she only had the option of taking whatever I was giving without resistance or complaint. I held her hips tightly in my rough hands, and pounded her ass mercilessly for a long time. I had already blown my first load down her throat, so now I could exercise some self-control, and fuck her properly, like the young girl deserved and expected.

I continued to pound her ass for so long, her sphincter muscle started to relax its grip on my ramrod, so I pulled it out, and slammed it into her surprised pussy in one quick motion, without missing a beat. She let out a low, guttural groan, as I drilled her overworked pussy, thrusting upward into her with such f***e, that her sandal-covered feet lifted up off the patio. I was impressed that I could keep fucking her with such conviction, and for so long, without blowing my load. 

To my surprise, Katy started twitching again, and I could feel her sex muscles contracting against my intrusive cock, and she moaned her way through another orgasm. When her legs went limp again, I switched back to her rejuvenated asshole, and fucked it hard for several more minutes. When it was time for delivering my load, I went around to her head, and she was already waiting for me with her mouth wide open and her tongue out. I held my quivering cock out in front of her, and let her lick it up and down. I shoved it into her mouth a few times, then eased it out and placed my helmet onto her outstretched tongue, and moved it back and forth ever so slightly, until it welled up and blasted a load of cum onto her tongue and down her throat. Having provided a sufficient amount of lubrication for her, I gripped the sides of her head, and slid the entire length of my manhood down her throat, and just held it in there, cumming again as she choked and gagged on my unyielding shaft. I pulled back finally, and throat fucked her until I had nothing left to give her. I slipped out of her mouth, and collapsed over top of her bound body.

As we caught our breath together, I figured I was probably the luckiest uncle on earth. I got up and quickly unfastened the rope that held her neck down, and I untied her wrists. Katy pulled her hands together, and massaged her wrists while she flexed her neck. I released her ankles, and helped her to sit down and regain her composure. “I’ll be back with some ice water,” I told her, as I got up. “And another drink,” she added.

As we sat together sipping our scotches, Katy told me she’d like to take a shower, and maybe have a nap before she left for the beach house. “That will be fine,” I told her, “but I’d like you to do one more thing with me before you go.” “Listen, Uncle Bill, I’ve never had such wild sex as I’ve had with you, but to be honest, I’m pretty sore everywhere right now,” she confessed. “I assure you that what I have in mind will involve no pain,” I answered. 

I reached into my mysterious bag of tricks once again, and pulled out a black blindfold. I tied it into place despite Katy’s weak protest. “Okay, now, stand up and spread your legs,” I ordered her. She responded quickly. “Now, hold onto the table, and squat down slowly,” I commanded. I slipped under the table and lay on the floor face up and directly under her squatting legs. The sight of her bare legs, shaved young pussy, and tight round ass coming towards my face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“Uncle Billy, this isn’t very easy for me in these heels, you know, and besides, what is with the blindfold, and OOOOOOOOOOH! Uncle Billy!” she cooed, as my hot tongue licked up her slit and twirled around her exposed clit. I grabbed her ass with both hands as it descended onto my waiting face. I wasted no time licking my niece’s now open vagina, and alternating licks over her sweltering anus. “OOOHHH, YES!” she yelled, as she ground her pelvis into my eager mouth, biting and licking her sweet young snatch, and sucking her ass hole wantonly.

“OMG, I’m CUMMMING!!” she screamed out, as her thin body rode my mouth furiously, like a bull rider. She covered my face with her hot juices, mixed with her sweat. I licked her rapidly and with fervor, and gripped her ass firmly in my hands as she writhed on top of me with wild abandon, cumming all the way. 

Finally exhausted, she slumped onto my face, with no energy left in her spent body.