"Erotic Stories" The Night After

Erotic Stories The Night After
Recently my husband and I had decided to dabble in swinging, we were feeling a little stagnant and decided to liven things up. So we got together with a couple that we were friends with and took a shot at full swap. We all got together one night and had dinner and drinks and at the end of the night, I went home with my friend, Amanda’s husband and she went home with mine. It was exciting and kind of dirty; it felt a little like having an affair, but without the worries of getting caught. None the less, we were interested in trying it out some more. I am not very experienced in the world of kink, as I have not really had much experimentation. When I was younger I was always protecting my reputation and innocents, which is short for “I missed out on the fun stuff.” So after I got married, I was often nervous about embarrassing myself with my husband so I kept a lot inside, I didn’t want him to think I was a freak or anything. But swinging was like “no rules”, all bets were off. I could be as nasty as I wanted to be with my partners, if I ever went too far I didn’t ever have to see the guy ever again. So I realized this was an opportunity to explore my darker side. For the first time in my life I could be the slut at the party and not care, you know the chick that is the” absolutely craziest fuck” everyone wants to try. 

Anyways, one day I was out with my husband, James, and we were at a local bar called, The Loft. It was always a good time, the bar tender’s name was Laura. She had jet black hair that always managed to look windblown. Laura was beautiful; she always dressed a little bit Goth with the dark eyeliner and red lipstick and the almost white skin complexion. Tonight she was wearing a white, thin tank top with a black bra, and black cargo pants. Her pants were a little loose and sat low on her hips; I could see the top of her butt crack when she turned around to grab drinks. Laura was beyond sexy, her boobs were either a big C cup or small D cup, and her butt and hips accentuated her hourglass shape. Laura was one of those girls; she had a strong reputation for being the wild slut at the party. She always got ripped out of her mind, even when she was working. She was very unpredictable, you never knew what she was going to do or say. Almost every one of my friends had her at one point or another; it was always just a matter of time. Including my husband, back before we were serious, he had said she was insane in the sack. (Erotic Stories)

So I was at the bar ordering another Yeager Bomb, when Laura poured two and said we were going to do it together. As we both pounded one down, I noticed Laura’s eyes were already part way closed showing she was already one foot in for the night. When she sat her glass down she looked at me and said, “You know you are beautiful… we should go out some time.” I coughed or choked is more like it, “Laura, I am married, remember, so I’m straight.” Laura just licked her lips and said, “mmmm… pity.” I walked back to my seat in shock, I had never been hit on by a woman before. I had thought about it, but felt like it was one of those lines that you just can’t cross. What would my man think after all. When I got back to the table, I told James what had just happened. He looked at me in shock and said “really, now that’s a nice mental image.” I slugged him in the shoulder, and he closed his eyes and smiled, for which I slugged him again. “Excuse me, I am a nice girl remember.” He laughed and kissed me on the cheek, “baby, I love you, and nothing could ever change that.” “Not even if you were a really, really naughty girl… in bed with Laura… mmmm sexy” I slugged him again for good measure. “So you would be happy as a clam if I took Laura home tonight.” He smiled slyly and said, “As long as I get to watch.” I sent him for my next couple Yeager bombs. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. Actually, the more Yeager I drank, I think the more in my head it got. 

Around one in the morning, I knew we would be coming up on last call. James was in the bathroom and I wanted another shot. So I headed to the bar somewhat tipsy to order another Bomb. When I got there Laura was there and she gave me the shot and one for herself while she was at it. We through them back, she looked at me and said, “You look like you’re feeling it.” I responded “I feel great, wanna feel me,” and then cracked up laughing. Laura was smiling at me and said, “So just how straight are you, Lexi?” I replied, “not sure, excuse me, I have to pee.” I reached over and hugged her as I get affectionate when I am d***k. Then I headed to the bathroom. Laura followed me; there were two other girls in the bathroom by the sink. I stepped into the last stall and Laura followed me in, I pulled my skirt up and my panties down and hovered. When I was done I stood up, but before I could pull up my panties she pulled me into a kiss. It was strange to me; we both had on lipstick so our lips were extra moist and soft. Laura pressed her tongue into my mouth and spun it around my tongue. When our lips parted, I giggled. Nerves I guess. Then Laura reminded me that my panties were around my knees by running her hand across my pussy giving me a bit of a start. I made a “wooo” sound and started giggling again. Laura pulled me in closer and kissed me again, but this time her finger pressed in between my pussy lips and started rubbing over my clit, I was surprised to find I got wet pretty quickly as her finger was sliding around inside my pussy like a slip & slide with in less than 30 seconds. I moaned and kissed her deeper. I felt nice, I had forgotten we were in a bathroom with other people. So much for my reputation. When we parted, I was breathing a little heavy and Laura said, “You’re right, you do feel great.” She started to open the stall door and I blurted out, “that’s it.” Laura looked at me and said, “hey you’re the straight one remember.” “If you want more, you know where to find me.” My pussy was soaking wet, and I decided I wanted more, or the Yeager bombs decided. Anyways, I took off my panties, they were pink lace and I rubbed all the juice off of my pussy with them and I balled them in my hand. When I got up to the bar, I ordered one more shot and when I gave her the money, I also gave her my panties and my number, “You can return them later tonight, if I am not to straight for you.” I then went and got my husband and we left. I live literally right around the corner from the bar.

My phone rang at 2:45AM. It was Laura, she sounded alluring and hungry. She said she was coming over, so I gave her directions and she was there in ten minutes. My husband was so excited at the prospect of bagging Laura and I in the same night. I answered the door and invited her in, she was definitely feeling it as was I. We sat on the couch and started to make out, then James suggested we go up stairs. When we got on the bed Laura pulled off my shirt and kissed me again, she pushed James down on the bed and said he could watch. Then she peeled off her shirt and pressed her boobs into my back and reached her hands around me and started rubbing my boobs, twirling my nipples with her thumbs and fore fingers. Then she kissed me on the back of the neck and pressed her right hand down my stomach and into the top of my pajama pants shoving the front down as she went. I was still wet from the bar and thinking about it, so her fingers slid in between my pussy lips easily. It was like she had a map, she knew all of the best places to play with. Laura’s finger moved deftly throughout my cracks and crevices, it was nice, she never stayed anywhere to long. Just when I got used to one sensation she found another one to play with that was a complete surprise. I loved it, James did too. He was vigorously masturbating to our show. The shaking of the bed brought me out of my lull. I realized we were not alone! I was letting a woman finger me in front of my husband. I became self conscious again and pulled back from the edge of orgasm and turned to kiss Laura and create some space. Then we both started to mess with James. We gave him the ride of our lives, he was right, Laura was a demon in bed. She did not care what people thought of her, she was just in the moment. She was a real slut. I had never seen anyone fuck like that. She liked it rough and sweaty. And she did not stop and nothing was off limits with her. We went at it for a couple of hours. Every now and then we would give each other a little kiss or lick; at one point she even licked my clit while James fucked me. I was so turned on by how utterly raw and uninhibited Laura was. This was what I was looking for, I wanted to tell her but I was embarrassed. 

Finally at about 5 o’clock in the morning we all collapsed in a heap and went to sl**p, at 10 o’clock James got up and went to work. He would be working out of town that day and would be gone for the weekend. I gave my man a kiss and thanked him for the great night. I said, “Laura is really out of control isn’t she?” James looked at me, “Don’t judge her too harshly, she has had a rough life.” “She honestly doesn’t feel like she has much to offer anyone, which is why she is so self-destructive.” “Deep down, I think she is just looking to be loved baby.” James then asked if I wanted him to clear her out, but I said “No, let her sl**p, I’ll be fine.” Then James left for the airport and I went back to bed, Laura was still laying there sprawled out on the bed completely naked. She was a beautiful woman, her curves were perfect. I couldn’t get the night out of my head, I still felt a little bit tipsy. I was torn between wanting her to wake up and wanting to let her sl**p. She was lying on her stomach, so I ran a finger lightly over her back and to her butt and then down to her thigh. Laura’s skin was so soft, she smelled like sweat and sex. I had never had a woman in my bed like this before, and I was uncertain of the proper etiquette. I decided to let her sl**p, and fell asl**p myself lying up against her. It was erotic lying next to her touching the length of her body. She was so warm and soft, I was relaxed and I quickly floated off to dream land. 

At about 3 o’clock I woke up and realized that Laura wasn’t there, I heard something in the bathroom and realizing that I had to pee, I went to investigate. The bathroom door was wide open, as I entered I stopped stunned, Laura was sitting on the toilet with her legs wide and was peeing. She was still totally naked and I was mesmerized by the site. Then I realized what I was doing and covered my face in my hands and apologized. Laura just giggled and said, “I’m just peeing Lexi, no big deal.” She got up and walked to the sink to wash her hands as I sat down and started to pee. Laura turned around and watched me. I figured it was my punishment for staring at her. When I finished I dabbed myself off and went to the sink. Laura scooted over a little but not much. She was pressed up against me while I washed my hands. She spoke first, “So last night was fun.” I shyly responded, “it was very nice, you are amazing.” I could not make myself look at her. “So tell me what happened to you, I felt like we had this amazing connection, and you were really into it, then it was gone?” I didn’t know what to say, “I don’t know, I just got caught up in my head.” “Then I got self-conscious and embarrassed.” Laura frowned at me, “Embarrassed of what?” “Me?” “Because you don’t need to worry about me, I like you a lot.” I leaned on her a little more and kissed her cheek lightly, “I like you too, I can’t explain it, I just get worried about what my husband or you might think and I get shy.” Laura leaned in to me and gave me a light kiss on the neck, “Well your husband is not here right now.” “You want to give it another try.” I was slightly embarrassed to say that I really did want to give it another try more than anything in the whole world at that moment. “Can I rinse off in the shower first.” Laura smiled, “Only if I can join you in there.” 

Laura turned on the water and stepped into the shower and I followed. She started soaping herself up and I grabbed a body wash and did the same. Once Laura was covered from head to toe she turned and leaned her body against me and pulled me into her. We were both so wet and slippery, there was no friction for her hands and they just slipped and slid where ever they wanted to. Laura was so passionate, she kissed me hard pushing her tongue into my mouth and ran her hands down my back and through my butt crack. Her hand kept pressing through and over my pussy, sliding easily inside me and then she slowly pulled it out and up butt. Her fingers were intrusive and fast, as her to fingers slide through my booty they were massaging and pressing all of my secret places. I jumped when she slowly pressed the tip of her finger in my butt and then withdrew it. When we broke the embrace we washed off and headed for the bed. I toweled off and grabbed the lotion on my bed stand and started rubbing it into my arms and legs. Laura took the lotion and started rubbing my back and tummy, then across my breasts. She pushed me down on the bed and massaged my legs and then rubbed my feet, I became lost in the pleasure. I even forgot I was laying there naked till I felt a kiss on my pelvis just above my pussy. The kisses kept coming and started to move down and then she kissed my thighs on both sides just below my butt. I moaned and then Laura placed a single kiss on top of my clit. I had instant goose bumps. Laura pressed her lips over my clit and started to suck on it with a slow, long sucking motion. I laid my head back and closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation. Then I felt a light tickly feeling as her finger lightly slid over my slippery pussy lips. Then Laura pressed two fingers deep inside my pussy and started fucking me with them. Her tongue sped up on my clit, licking me harder and faster. I felt my pussy start to contract over and over again and then I was cumming in a flood of feelings. It was so intense, Laura’s fingers were making a squishing sound from all of the juice I was releasing. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I reached around grabbing her hand and stopping it from moving. Laura pushed her fingers in as deep as they would go and let the waves pass over me. When I was done I was totally wasted, I felt like all of the energy I ever had was sucked away from me. Laura laid on top of me and kissed my neck and cheek. “See now isn’t that better, Lexi.” I just sighed, content to let Laura lay one top of me. I fell asl**p totally happy and content. 

When I woke up Laura was still on me but her hand was between her legs and she was moving her hips rhythmically. I pushed her over and said “here let me help you.” I want down on her and was hit with a tangy and musky smell of her sex. I carefully licked her pussy and clit savoring the taste of her. Laura moaned and said “oh please eat it.” I recalled how she buried her face in me and decided to do the same. I wanted to be just like her in so many ways. So I clamped down on her clit and started sucking on it and fingering her. Laura bucked her hips and asked me to do it harder. I was digging my fingers in to her pussy as deep as they would go. After a couple of minutes she started to cum crying out noisily at the intensity of it. I could feel her pussy contracting and trying to crush my fingers. It was all so erotic to me, I was doing something that was really dirty and I was in love with it. My arm was sore from fucking her with my fingers. Laura laid against me and just slowly and petted my pussy with gentle strokes. I was in heaven, nothing could make this moment more blissful. Afterwards we laid there the rest of the day and had sex a number of times. Laura ended up staying the weekend and I don’t think we even thought about putting on clothes even once. I wanted her to stay naked and pressed up against me every minute. It was the most intimate and lazy, sexy weekend I had ever had, it was absolutely wonderful in every way. For the first time in my whole life I felt like the woman I was supposed to be. At the end of it, I decided that James was going to have to make peace with all of this because I didn’t think I could honestly ever give it up.