"Erotic Stories" The night my girlfriend and I will never forget Pa

Erotic Stories The night my girlfriend and I will never forget Pa
I always liked the idea of my girlfriend being bred. Which is why I was open to the idea of having three or four black guys come over and have their way with my girlfriend. This originally was Anna's idea she wanted Jim and some of his friends to come over and fuck her until the sun came up. Jim knew the right kind of guys that would be down to fucked Anna, fill her with come and could go all night. The deal was that on Friday night Anna and I would be home, Jim would show up with all his friends and the party would begin.

Anna was excited and so she started that afternoon getting ready make sure to pamper herself appropriately for all the men she was about to entertain. She had shaved her pussy, shaved her legs, put on a very sexy outfit, and prepared herself to be taken in all holes. Anna liked being a little schoolgirl and she loved having skirts on when she was getting fucked so she put on Harry Potter costume, which had a nice little skirt in the nice short top that barely held back her large breasts. She put her hair into ponytails, put on stockings and nice fuck me pumps. Around 930 there was a knock on the door and I opened the door to find Jim, Bruno, Chris, and Tim. I had never met Chris at Tim, but I could tell there were going to be a lot of fun and enjoy my girlfriend.(Porn Stories)

They all circled my girlfriend and introduced themselves admiring my girlfriend and her sexy body. My girlfriend asked, "Who wants to go first?"

I suggested that maybe they should all get naked and you can decide for yourself. Anna agreed and so they all stripped. Anna liked what she saw four naked black men, four cocks, swollen balls, and all of them aching for Anna's pussy. Jim probably had the most impressive cock of them all, he was big and thick and we knew he could use it. Bruno is probably the next most impressive, while he wasn't thick he was certainly long. Tim had the most average size Dick, but the pair balls he had on him made up for that and while Chris wasn't long he was certainly thicker than anyone else there. 

Anna decided to go with Chris first and signaled for him to come closer as she started jerk him off and suck on his balls. The rest of the guys seemed somewhat jealous, but waited their turn and knew they all get a chance.

Anna got on her knees in front of Chris and started taking each of his balls in her mouth and jerking off his thick dick was moaning like she had never moaned before. She eventually started to suck his cock unable to take a majority of his cock into her mouth. She moaned and moaned as she tugged on his balls rubbed his cock and sucked on the head while finally Tim became too impatient and approached her with his cock. She reached out and grabbed Tim's cock and started jerk him off while she sucked on Chris's cock. She started going back-and-forth between Tim's cock and Chris's cock for over 15 minutes before Chris said he was going to cum and Anna reacted by placing her mouth over the head of his cock and with both hands jerking him off. She sucked and jerked him off until she felt the first flash of cum hit the back of her mouth at which point she stuck her tongue out under the head of his cock open her mouth and let Chris watch as every shot of cum shot into her mouth and eventually watch her swallow it. Chris fell back and moaned about how good and I could suck cock. 

Bruno stepped up to this time and Anna began to suck in jerk off Tim and Bruno just like she had before. Bruno reached down and untied the front of her shirt exposing her huge breasts which Jim and Bruno both fondled while receiving blowjobs. Bruno, being that his dick was so long and thin and was quite flexible, was able bend down Anna's throat quite easily, which made him the next to cum and when he did Anna didn't even taste his cum. Bruno said he was going to cum and when he did he pushed his cock right down Anna throat and shot his load straight into her stomach, when he was done he pulled out of her throat and Anna gasped for breath and let Jim take Bruno's place. 

Anna kept taking Tim deep and it was only a matter of time before he came. When he started the moan really heavily Anna took her hands and tugged on his balls and jacked him off right in her mouth. Anna was overwhelmed by Tim's load, it was by far the biggest and most impressive; she had to swallow three or four times to keep from gagging or spilling some and when she was done she had a huge smile on her face from having to swallowed the biggest load in her life. 

Jim was the last one and he made everyone wait. He enjoyed having a nice solo blowjob and milked it for every second. After nearly 10 minutes he finally was going to explode and Anna tilted her head back opened her mouth and jerk him off with every rope of his come going in the back of her mouth. She waited until Jim said it was okay to swallow as she sat there with her mouth open playing with his come in her mouth on her tongue like a good slut.