"Erotic Stories" Nurse Andie

Erotic Stories Nurse Andie
It all starts off rather blurry. But it always starts the same way. I can hear sounds in the distance, sounds like cars and trucks driving to and from. As my blurred vision starts to emerge into a clearer picture I soon realise I am cold. So I look down and I see that I am completely naked. Not a piece of clothing on me. I start to look around and see that I am in a middle of a field. It’s dark and windy but the more I search with my eyes the more I am drawn towards a light. The closer I get to the light the more apparent what the light is. It’s a porch light. I’m next to a farm house I soon see.

I’m scared but I knock on the door gently and wait for an answer. I hear foot steps coming closer and closer towards the door. And eventually the door swings open and as it does I fall into the house with exhaustion and fear. 

A little while later I wake to find a woman sitting by my side and stroking my face gently. As I begin to get my eyes focused I can see this amazingly sensual looking lady in her mid forties with a very tight and short silky robe on. Her breast were so round and soft looking. Her long wavy auburn hair just all let loose and free. (Sex Stories)

She notices that I am awake and staring intently. Not with fear but with a school boy lust. She is not scared. She looks into my eyes and says, “How are you feeling sweetie?”

“Err … Fine. I think?? Where am I?” I reply.

“You’re safe. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take good care of you till you are better.” She said softly.

So I then go to ask “Well can you tell me your name?”

“Yes. How rude of me. I’m Andie. And you are?”

I reply “I’m Jay. Thanks for taking care of me Andie”

She gives me a warm smile and turns to get up but accidentally catches my covers with her hand. It partially pulls the covers away to reveal my fully erect manhood. While talking to Andie, I couldn’t help staring at her enormous tits and imagining my cock between them slowly sliding up and down them. 

She looks straight at me solid member with disgust. I start to speak but only stutter at an apology, “Aaaanndie, its .. its not what you think. I err …”

Not able to get an explanation out she changes her expression from disgust to a sexy lustful look.

“You what? Come on Jay tell me. Explain to me why your cock is hard and thick?” said Andie softly.

I get confused and startled. One minute I was trying to explain the next she seemed like she wanted something. So I decide to come clean.

I started to say, “Well you are so beautiful and well I don’t know these naughty thoughts just started coming to me.”

“What naughty thoughts” she teased.

I just came clean and told her I wanted to fuck her big titties oh so badly and to spunk on her large breasts and on her beautiful face. She egged me on to tell her more of what I wanted to do.

“I would like it if you could give me a slow and sensual blow job first just teasing and massaging my swollen balls. Then before making me cum you could lube up your lovely tits for me to fuck. And to finish off you would open your mouth and let me ejaculate my hot man juice deep into your mouth and down your throat.” I told her sheepishly.

Andie smiles innocently and me and then reaches out and slowly strokes my cock up and down up and down. She maintains this for several minutes which starts to make my cock grow even more. My willy is starting to throb slightly from all the stroking. I grimace in pain.


“Oh Baby am I hurting you? Would you like me to kiss it better?” Andie asked lovingly.

“Hmm mmm that would make it a little better” I replied.

She stops stroking my throbbing manhood and kisses her way down my neck and snakes her tongue down my chest towards my pubic hair. My stomach draws in and I try to catch a breath. Just as I do she engulfs my entire cock in her mouth and as she reaches the end I felt the head of my penis touch her throat. She begins to suck hungrily and messily on my now enormous dick. Every now and again she gags on my cock which brings me a little closer to what I know will be an orgasm to remember. 

Soon I could feel the urge to spurt my sperm into her mouth, “Andie, you’re gonna make me cum soon”

At that instance she stopped what she was doing and smiles at me. “Not yet your not Sweetie. I want you to fuck my boobies.”

With that said she pulls me to the edge of the bed and lubes up her beautiful boobs and wraps them around my quivering cock.

Andie looks at me and says “Are you ready Baby? I can feel you’re ready to cum.”

She pumps my hard cock with her big tits for a few seconds and without any warning to her what so ever I start to shoot my load. 

“Arrggghhh Andie, I’m fucking cumming hard for you. You dirty old slut.” I yelled.

Thick ropes of cum just shot out of my cock one after the other. It was a hard and intense orgasm. The first strand of cum got her square on the chin, then I got her eye her massive tits her auburn hair, everywhere. She moaned excitedly. Trying hard to lap up every last drop of semen. Determined not to let a drop go to waste.

When I stopped cumming she looked at me face covered in my spunk and said, “Thank you Sweetie”

She then put my dick in her mouth and sucked me till I fell asl**p.