"Erotic Stories" Obsession

Erotic Stories Obsession
The obsession with this woman is incurable. She is a widow and had been a widow for 14 years before the night of August 25, 2004. She is very attractive and a little plump but she does not have one line or wrinkle. She is 5'6" tall with matronly 38 D cup tits that look like the heads of twin rockets when she wears a bra. Her legs are shapely and her short hair is a beautiful salt and pepper. She was 54 years old and I was 21 that night in 2004. That was the night that I could not control myself. I was obsessed with the thought of fucking her at any cost. I dreamed about it and planned it, even though she was my mother.

My s****r had married and moved from the house on August 20th. Prior to that, all three of us had lived together. The house was paid for and we managed very well. I had plenty of money but I had very little time for a social life. I really didn't care because I was consumed with making love to my mother. It was the only thing I thought about and the single most important thing in my life. I convinced myself that she felt the same way.(Erotic Stories)

She constantly fawned over me and hugged me when we said hello and goodbye. She always referred to me as the only man in her life and would marry me in an instant if I was not her son. She and everyone else say I look exactly like my father. My obsession with her began when I was just a c***d. The sight of her in bra and panties or in the flimsy nightgowns she always wore made me crazy with lust.

The day my s****r married, I walked into Mom's bedroom without knocking; she was completely nude standing and admiring her body in the full length mirror. The sight of her huge tits and the big black furry pussy made me swoon and I somehow I managed to control the urge to grab her and make love to her. I almost passed out. I could hardly breathe. She slowly covered herself up as she turned around and scolded me for not knocking. I know she saw the bulge in my shorts.

That afternoon at the wedding reception, I could not wait to dance with her. We danced three or four times. I had a perpetual hard on. After a few drinks, I told her how beautiful she looked especially earlier in the day. I told her it was the most beautiful sight in the world. She finally told me, "no more dancing, the booze is getting to you and everyone is staring at us."

We all stayed at the hotel where the wedding was held and that night my aunt shared a room with her. My aunt stayed with us for five days and nights after the wedding. I was f***ed to bide my time. I managed to control myself because I knew as soon as she left I would seduce Mom.

The night of, August 25th, we were finally alone. I watched porn on my computer as usual, until about 10:00 PM. I watched the site where all the women appeared to be over 50 years old. I didn't jerk off because I knew tonight I was going to fuck her no matter the consequences. I went into the f****y room but she had fallen asl**p watching TV. It was the chance I was waiting for. She was lying on the sofa on her side and was wearing a flimsy night gown barely covering her. In my mind I could see that big beautiful black pussy. I longed to suck and fuck it.

I slowly removed my shorts. My prick was so hard it hurt. I walked to the couch and in one motion I pulled her to the floor and had her left arm pinned under my right shoulder joint with my arm under her neck and head with my right hand tightly grasping her right wrist. She was pinned in a crucifix position. My left leg was between her legs. She could thrash with her right leg but she could not move her left leg at all. She was as helpless as I had planned.

She was startled when she woke up and started to struggle. When she saw it was me.

She yelled for me to stop. She screamed, "I'm your mother you bastard. You're crazy. Stop it right now. You're crazy. "

With one swift yank I tore her night gown open from top to bottom.

She screamed, "Dear God what are you doing? I'm your mother. Mother and son!!!!!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!! This is dirty and wrong. Oh baby, please stop this. Please stop."

I tried to kiss her but she would not give her lips to me. She was sobbing and yelling and cursing me. I kissed her neck and ears. I sucked her neck and softly bit it. I told her "You can scream but no one can hear you. You can fight but you can't get away. Have me arrested in the morning, but tonight I am going to fuck you. If I have to tie you up I will. I don't care if I go to jail."

She fought like a tiger but her struggles were exhausting her. She begged me to stop and told me she wouldn't tell anyone if I let her up. I lowered my mouth to one of her big tits and started sucking it. She was breathing heavily from exertion. My prick was rubbing her legs and her body as she struggled. I continued to suck her tits and they soon betrayed her as tits so often do. Her nipples began to respond. They hardened and she started to shiver. This made me even wilder.

I dropped my hand to her pussy. I could feel her clit through her curly coarse hairy lips. Without entering her lips, I massaged and gently rubbed it between my thumb and fore finger. She continued to struggle but the lips of her pussy were beginning to swell. Eventually, just as I had planned and prayed she started to open her legs. She began to reluctantly give up. Soon her iron will was gone. She started to respond.

Her pussy was now taking control of her mind and body. She finally allowed me to kiss her and then she opened her lips and began kissing me wildly. Our tongues were like darts as we sucked each other's lips and tongues.

She moaned, "Just do this baby. Play with me. This is soooo fucking dirty. It will be our secret. Just do this, play with me, I'm your mother. It will be our secret. I won't tell any one. Just do this baby."

I slid my finger into her cunt and it was dripping wet and she started to moan. "Just do this baby. Finger fuck Momma. Finger fuck me baby. It will be our secret. My pussy is so wet. Agghhh....my baby is getting me so fucking hot. Momma is going to explode. Does Momma's big boy like getting her so wet and hot?"

I said "I want you to suck my prick and I want to fuck you. I am going to fuck that gorgeous cunt all night."

She said "I'll suck you off baby. I will suck your prick, but please don't stop honey. Momma's big boy is driving her crazy. It's wrong but this is so fucking good. "

I said, "I want to suck that beautiful pussy do you understand that? I love you. Don't you understand I love you as a woman? I love you and I want to eat your pussy."

She gasped "My god-you want to suck Momma's pussy too. Oh my God, that is so dirty. Oh baby do whatever you fucking want. Just don't stop. This is wrong please fuck and suck Momma. Does Mamma's big boy like to hear her talk dirty?"

I loosened my vise grip and slid down to suck her pussy. She didn't move. She was possessed by the heat inside her pussy. It was a magnificent sight. Her black cunt hair was coarse and so curly it looked like black lace and it grew slightly down the inside of her thighs. The hair on the inside of her upper thighs by contrast was soft as down. Her magnificent full bush was drenched with her juices. The thought of sucking the cunt I came out of drove me to new heights of passion.

The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating. I finally got a view of her pussy lips and the pure pink treasure they concealed. I slipped my tongue between her swollen lips and the taste nearly made me faint. I took each lip in my mouth gently one at a time. I licked her cunt from her ass hole to the top of her pussy hair. I flicked my tongue lightly over her clit and she grew wilder with passion.

When finally I took her clit in my lips, she opened her legs as wide as she could and started to grind her pelvis. She growled, "Ohhhh.....Just like that baby suck Momma's clit. Eat me baby- pleaseeee....suck me baby."

She was coming up off of the floor. She was fucking my face with her pussy. Her moans and her groans became louder and louder. When she came I thought she was having a stroke. She had spittle on her lips and her eyes rolled back and looked dazed and empty. She was shaking and shivering. My face was covered with her juices.

I jumped up and had my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I rammed my cock into her and started to fuck. I kept repeating "I love you Momma- I love you." Her pussy was so hot and wet and tight that I knew I would come quickly. so I slowed down and I let my prick come all the way out until only the lips of her pussy were clutching the head of my prick and then I slowly slid the entire length of my cock back in. Mrs. P. taught me this teasing stroke. She loved it and so did Mom.

She was moaning, "Yesssssss fuck meeee baby. Oh fuck! Fuck me! Momma needs to be fucked. It's been so long. Please don't tease Momma. Fuck me baby."

I brutally drove my cock into her cunt as her tits wildly bounced in every direction. She came first and when I shot my load, we both fell asl**p exhausted and completely satisfied. I woke up first and started feeling her up and finger fucking her again. She woke up and groaned with pleasure. She kissed my neck and lips and fucked me with her tongue.

She slid down and started to suck my cock. She stopped for one instant and said, "This is what you wanted? Or do you want me to stop?" We soon were in the 69 position and tried to suck the life out of each other...