"Erotic Stories" Officer

Erotic Stories Officer
“Suck hard bitch!” 

I tried to do as he said, but it was hard when he was fucking my face so hard that I couldn’t get it together. 

“You Slut! Suck harder!” he screamed at me. 

I relaxed and pressed down on his shaft sucking in as he pulled out. 

“Oh yeah! That’s more like it, I knew you could do it you slut.” 

I kept on doing this as my mind drifted away. How did I end up like this? Just minutes ago I was driving down the interstate, music blaring, trying my best not to fall asl**p. If it hadn’t been for the blue lights I would have never noticed the cop pulling me over. 

At first I hesitated to stop, it was very dark outside with few lights around, but it would be miles until the next exit. I couldn’t have let him follow me that long. With caution I pulled over to the side of the road. My mind raced, was I speeding? I certainly didn’t think so. I looked in my side mirror as the officer approached. He was an average guy with a good solid built. I couldn’t help but notice how nicely his trousers hugged his massive thigh muscles. In spite of the situation I felt myself getting hard, quickly I tried to think of something else. (Sex Stories)

I handed him my license and registration, careful not to let him see that I was fully erect. His crotch was inches from my face and it looked like a good-sized bulge. As hard as I tried I could not help but stare, my mouth watered at the thought of his cock between my lips. He proceeded to tell me how fast I was going, but I wasn’t paying attention, which only infuriated him. Before I knew what was happening he was yelling for me to get out of the car. I got out and spread against the car like he commanded. His hands searched my body for weapons but the only thing I was packing was a rock hard erection. 

“Are you fucking hard? Is my searching you fucking turning you on?” he yelled at me. 

I turned to answer, but he squeezed my nuts and cock tighter. 

“You’re a nasty slut aren’t you?” 

My mouth opened but nothing came out. He let go of my erection, unzipped my pants, stuck his hand down my fly, and pulled out my love tool. I was oozing with pre cum which he spread all over my cock as he pumped it for more. His touch made me cream more and more; if he didn’t stop stroking me I would have exploded. 

He turned me around with f***e. His face inches from mine I leaned into him thinking of nothing but tasting his sweet lips, but instead he f***ed me to my knees and pushed my head into his crotch. I unzipped his pants and he pulled out his sex. It was about 6inches long, cut, and very thick. It dripped with pre cum. I ran my tongue over the spongy head and tasted his sweet juice. I licked his slit clean and he moaned in response. 

“Mmmm my wife never gives me head, I always have to go looking for cum hungry sluts like you,” he said as he f***ed me to take his whole cock at once. 

With his hands firmly on the back of my head he started to pump my face full. Harder and harder he pounded into me, his hairy nut sac full of cum slapped my chin. 

“Suck hard bitch!”… 

I was just getting the hang of it, and he was enjoying it fully, when a car zoomed by forcing him to pull out of my hungry mouth. After the car was gone I tried to take him back in my mouth but he made me get up. He pressed his body against mine pinning me to the car, our erections rubbed together. 

“Stay,” he commanded then walked back to his patrol car. 

He turned of the blue lights and came back to where I was standing. Grabbing me by the arm he pushed me into the woods. It was dark and spooky in there, but I was so horny that I didn’t care. All I could think about was having his cock in my mouth again. 

We walked far enough into the woods that our cars were no longer in sight. He stopped and I got to my knees and took him in my mouth again. He had gone soft, but not for long. I stroked him with my tongue until he was fully erect and once again fucked my face with full f***e. After several minutes of it he pulled out of my mouth stroking his cock in my face. I stuck my tongue out and awaited my reward. 

“We’re not done yet slut,” he said as he slapped my face with his cock. “Now get on all fours bitch!” 

Gladly I got on all fours and stuck my ass in the air. He got on his knees and with f***e slapped my ass hard. 

“You know what’s coming don’t you, you cum hungry whore,” he yelled and slapped me again and again with such f***e that it was sure to leave an imprint for days. 

I braced myself as he positioned himself on top of me, sliding his fat cock in my ass, he didn’t stop until I felt his pubes against my ass. 

“Oh fuck yeah!” he yelled out once he was all the way in. 

He was not too big, so it was easy for me to grab a hold of him and squeeze him out as he pushed in creating a sensation that he couldn’t get enough of. Quicker and quicker he thrust into me, each time with more f***e he fucked me. He had very little compassion for me thinking only about how he felt. 

“Oh you’re so fucking tight, you slut, you have such a nice tight ass” the more he talked the harder I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles. 

Finally after what seemed like the longest time, his thrusts slowed down, tightening his grip on my waist he let out a yell and I felt it. A steady stream of cum filled my center. It was hot and sticky and sent me over the edge. My body was overcome with orgasmic waves and I blew my own load all over the cold damp grass. 

He continued to fuck me until we were both completely spent and soft. Not until then did he pull out. Having blown a load the tough cop became a completely different person. He even helped me up and walked me to my car. Once we were at my car, I grabbed his notepad and wrote down my number and address. He thanked me with a smile. Looking closely at him he was actually quite attractive when he was not being bad cop. From then on it was rare that I would go home without police e****t.