"Erotic Stories" Old man Dave gives Katie Sex Ed

Erotic Stories Old man Dave gives Katie Sex Ed
I saw Dave nearly everyday as I walked home from secondary school - he'd be out in his front garden waving to me and a few of the other girls as we passed his house. He lived a few doors down to me, and was quite old; probably around late 50s, early 60s, balding and quite chubby. Nonetheless he was always nice to me, though some the other girls called him a pervert. Being 16 and naive I didn't really understand what this meant, so I never had a bad word to say about him. 

Me? I was 16 years old, fresh faced and slender. I was a good girl, didn't drink, smoke, do d**gs or have sex. I didn't really have time for boys as I studied hard and trained to keep fit for my netball team constantly. 

One day I was walking home alone and upset having argued with a friend at school. As always, there was Dave sitting in his garden, watching the people as they passed. Seeing that I was upset, he asked me if I was okay, and I explained the situation. 

"Well," he said, "Lets see if I can cheer you up. Do you want to come in and I'll get you a drink?" Dave was always so nice to me, so I agreed. I sat down in the dark, dingy living room while he limped out to the kitchen. Dave hadn't aged well, it was obvious he had some trouble moving around, I thought as I watched him. I felt sorry for him, he was such a nice old man. (Erotic Stories)

He quickly scurried back in with 2 glasses in his hands. "Do you like wine love?" he asked. "Um...I...I dont know...I've never really... d***k alcohol before" I stuttered. "Oh! well a little won't hurt, go on!" I sheepishly took the glass from him and sipped; I didnt wan't to be rude. It turns out it wasn't half bad. 

"It's alright ain't it?" he said with a grin. "Now then, lets forget about those girls and have a nice chat, okay?" And we did; we talked idly for half hour about nothing in particular. I sipped the wine more and more, starting to become light headed. "you like that don't you?" he chuckled, as he went off to get a refill. I was feeling great and forgotten why I was even upset. 

He came back with my glass and sat back down, this time next to me instead of on the opposite sofa. "So love, any boyfriends in your life? You must have all of them after you" he asked me. "No..I've never had a boyfriend before" I replied timidly. For some reason I felt embarrassed admitting this to him. "Oh! why not? I bet they're lining up to take you out!" he said with a smile. "I just..never really thought about boyfriends or anything like that.." I could feel my cheeks glowing, so i buried my face in the wine glass. Despite the sudden shame I was starting to feel really loose from the booze. 
"But...wouldn't you like to know what it's like?" Dave asked me. I admitted that I was quite curious, but unsure about how everything is done - sex ed in school was terrible and left me with more questions than answers, and I wouldn't dare ask my parents about it. 

"Well, I could teach you a few things if you'd like. You know, so you'd be ready for when you get a boyfriend" Dave said as he licked his lips. "What kind of things?" I asked completely innocently. "Oh I don't know, a few basics maybe. What do you think?" I agreed, after all he was right - it would benefit me when I decided it was time to get a boyfriend. 

"Okay great!" he said eagerly. "Now lets get right to it. Have you ever seen a penis before?" I started blushing again and shook my head. "No problem" he said as he started unbuckling his belt. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his limp dick. "Here it is. But Before you get started, the penis needs to be hard. It's your job to make it hard." he said as he stoked his cock. "Wh-what do I do?" I stuttered. "Well, men get excited by loads of things. Try touching it like this." he took my hand and ran it up and down the shaft of his dick, up and down, then grabbing his balls. It felt strange but I was intriuged and wanted to know more. "Okay.. what else?" I asked nervously. "Men like visual stimulation too, so you could take off your clothes?" I nodded and undid my shirt as Dave stared and stroked his cock as i undid each button to reveal my C-cup perky boobs. "Nice" he grinned. "How about you leave the skirt on, just take off the panties" Again I did as he said and took them off. "What next?" "Lie down on the sofa and let me take a look at that pussy" he told me. 

I did as he told and laid on the sofa, legs open across his lap. "Very nice" he grinned. He asked if he could show me what men do to pussies and I agreed, getting more and more intriuged by what has happening. He thrust a finger into my pussy so quick I had a shock. "Woah, you're soaking! You must be enjoying this a lot!" He was right, my pussy was dripping wet, I didn't know why, I had hardly experienced getting wet before. He kept thrusting his finger in and out of my pussy, gathering up speed and f***e. I was so wet he managed to get a second finger inside me without too much pain, and started thrusting as deep as possible. I let out a quiet moan of pleasure. "Look, it's working!" he said as he pointed to his now hard cock. I was surprised at how big it had grown. 

"Onto the next step" he announced, and motioned for me to join him at the other end of the sofa. I sat next to him as he explained: "Oral sex is next on the list, do you know how to do it?" I shook my head, keeping my eyes fixated on his dick. "Well, put your lips over my dick, and I'll walk you though the rest" I did what he said and bent over him, taking his dick in my mouth, awaiting his next move. He started thrusting us cock further into my mouth and back down again, pushing the back of my head as he went. "Now suck it as you're moving up and down" he commanded, and of course, I obliged. 

I started sucking and moving up and down his shaft on my own, and I could tell he liked it by his moans. He pushed my head harder and thrusted faster, causing me to choke as his dick slipped down my throat. I didn't mind though, I was enjoying being taught the ropes, plus he seemed to love it even more when his dick was halfway down my throat, as he moaned "yeah that's right suck it love, take it all in, good girl." He reached over me and started thrusting his fingers inside of me while I licked and sucked his throbbing cock. I was still getting wetter by the minute and I didn't really understand it. He explored my pussy with his fingers, rewarding me by thrusting harder and deeper everytime I managed to get his cock down my throat again. I really liked the feeling of his fingers inside me.
He pulled his fingers out from inside my pussy and started flicking his finger over my clit. I had never felt anything like it, and writhed in pleasure. "liked that did you love?" he chuckled, and rubbed my clit harder and faster. The feeling was so intense, I thought I was going to go crazy. I sucked his cock the best I could, to show him how thankful I was for the pleasure I was getting from him rubbing my clit. 
"Time to move on to the big stuff now love" he said as he stopped pushing my head down on his cock. I sat up, legs shaking from the pleasure. "What you need to do now, is get on my lap". I climbed over lifting my skirt up, and sat on his lap like instructed, facing him, feeling his dick graze my pussy as I sat. "Thats good, now lift yourself up and lower yourself back down so sit on my dick" I did as I was told as he held his dick, ready for me to take it inside me. 
"FUCK!" he exclaimed as he felt my tight pussy wrap around his dick. I winced in pain; I had known I have a tight pussy, and his cock was much bigger and thicker than having his fingers inside me. "that's it, good girl" he said as I completely lowered myself and sat there on his cock. He immediately started thrusting my pussy like a crazy man, fucking me so fast I didn't even have time to feel the pain of being penetrated for the first time. I took his huge dick deeper inside my pussy as he thrusted as hard as he could. It felt strange but I liked it, I liked it so much juices from my pussy were running down my legs. He stopped suddenly and panted "your turn to do all the work now love, old mans out of breath" he chuckled. I wasn't too sure what to do, so I started going up and down on his cock slowly and gently. "That's it, faster now, there's a good girl, ride my dick, f***e it deep inside you, there you go, harder!" I did as he said and pushed his cock into my pussy balls deep. He rubbed my clit as I rode his old dick like the world depended on it. I was spasming from the pleasure of him rubbing my clit, and bouncing up and down on his cock at the same time. I never wanted this feeling to end. 

He grabbed my waist suddenly and I stopped while sitting balls deep on his cock. "Do this" he said, and moved my hips, grinding my pussy in circles. He rubbed my clit even faster, and I felt like I was going to explode. "Time for a position change" he said, so I obliged and got off his cock. He took me into the dinning room and told me to lay on the edge of the table. Being the good girl I was, I did as he said. He disappeared for a few minutes then came back holding a small silver thing. "This'll make you feel good" he said with a grin. I wasn't sure what it was, but went along with it anyway. 

As I lay at the edge of the table, he went inbetween my legs and put his old dick back inside me, going deep and hard inside my tight pussy, faster and faster. I could hardly catch my breath he was pounding me so fast and hard. He moaned; "fuck yeah, you're a good girl, take uncle Dave's cock in your tight pussy, god you feel so fucking good." hearing him say those things just made me even more wet, I loved pleasing him. He stopped for a minute and reached over to the silver thing he'd brought back with him. He pressed a button on the top and it started buzzing loudly, I still wasn't sure what it was. 

He started pounding my pussy again, bringing the silver toy closer to my pussy. Suddenly, it touched my clit and I jolted, tensing every muscle in my body. It was unbelievably pleasurable. "OH FUCK!" he moaned as I tensed up. He put what must of been a vibrator back onto my clit as he pounded my pussy, sending a million volts of pleasure through my pussy. I shook and tensed up, I couldn't bare the amazing feeling "pull my cock into you! That's right, keep tensing, cum all over my dick" he shouted as he thrust his cock so hard into my pussy it hurt a bit. I was about to let go all over his dick, with each spasm my pussy muscles pulled his dick into me further tighter as i tensed up. "pull my dick into you!" he shouted again, as he pounded my pussy so hard I thought I was going to break. I tensed and spasmed from the vibrator rubbing my clit. "you're gonna make me cum by doing that" he moaned as I tensed my pussy and pulled his cock deep inside me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and moaned in pleasure. "Cum all over my dick!" Dave shouted, still thrusting his cock deep into my pussy and holding a vibrator to my clit, "pull my dick into you, be a good girl and make me cum too" he shouted, I could tell he was going to explode with the pleasure too. He must love my tight pussy. 

I couldn't take it anymore, it was too much. I let go, a wave of pleasure rolling over me as my cum gushed out my pussy. "FUCK!" he shouted as my muscle spasm pulled his dick into me. "good girl, thats right, you're good to uncle Dave...I'm gonna cum!" he shouted, my pussy still pulling his cock deeper inside as I writhed in pleasure. He moaned louder with each spasm, thrusting as fast and hard as he could, when finally he panted and groaned, shouting "good girl, take my cum!" He pulled out his cock, and then with the biggest, deepest thrust pounded it back in, and I felt him explode inside me. 

We stayed there for a minute, out of breath and recovering from the amazing pleasure. "How'd you like your lesson?" he asked with a grin. "I loved it, a lot" I replied with a cheeky giggle. He slowly pulled out his cock, his cum and my cum gushed and dripped out my pussy. 

"I've got plenty more where that came from" he chuckled as he rubbed the cum all over my pussy. I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of "Uncle" Dave in the future.