"Erotic Stories" Our first night

Erotic Stories Our first night
I lay in bed, unable to sl**p, my mind racing and my heart pounding. I couldn’t stop thinking about what my wife was doing and all the things I imagined just made it worse. My s****r-in-law was lying on the far side of the bed from me, both of us naked under the covers and from the sound of her shallow breathing I could tell she was sound asl**p. My wife, on the other hand was still out back getting fucked by my s****r-in-law’s black boyfriend. The image of my wife, wantonly swinging her legs to hook her knees around the arms of the huge black man fucking her was still locked in my head. Her expression had been one of total lust.

More surprising than hearing my wife cuss and moan, cum and fuck like a whore was my reaction to it. I was so turned on that my cock was swollen, almost painfully, even laying here in bed having cum in my s****r-in-law just minutes earlier. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed since we’d come inside, it could have been minutes; it could have been an hour. I couldn’t help it I had to relieve the sexual tension that I felt. I silently slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom and began jacking off furiously even though I had cum twice earlier. As I stroked my penis I thought of that huge black cock dominating my young wife’s almost virginal pussy and almost immediately I began shooting my cum across her s****r-in-law’s bathroom. (Sex Stories)

I slipped back into bed and quietly lay there thinking about what I was going to say to my wife when she came in for the night. I was hurt, I was angry; I wanted to scream at her. I almost wanted to leave her, but deep inside I knew I never wanted to lose her. A big part of me was excited at what had happened inside my wife. In our ten years together I had never seen her so lost in lust as she was tonight…with another man, let alone a blackman! My heart sank again and I fell back into despair and anger. 

I heard the sliding door facing the pool open and close. My wife and Todd had come inside, I could hear their muffled voices through the door; they were sneaking through the house trying to be quiet. I sat up in bed listening to them moving through the living room and heading toward the bedrooms. I quickly put on a pair of shorts, suddenly ashamed that my wife my see me naked in the same room as her naked s****r. I ran my hand through my hair trying to compose myself but as Todd and my wife moved closer to the bedroom I began to shake violently. My emotions took control of me and I was having trouble breathing as my thoughts deserted me.

I lay there trying to calm down and waited for my wife to come into the dark bedroom. I heard them outside the door. Things were quiet for a minute and then I heard the sounds of kissing. After everything that had happened listened to my wife kiss him goodnight didn’t seem all that bad. The kiss lasted longer than I’d expected, I stepped a little closer to the door straining to hear better. I realized my erect dick was throbbing again and I heard a thump against the wall as if someone had leaned against the wall off balance. I could hear them kissing again and my wife began moaning again.

Uncertain what was happening, they had been outside the door for almost five minutes and it was apparent that their good night kiss had become heated. I was furious and hurled curses at the door, I was too stunned to even move. My wife had just fucked this black man for who-knew-how-long outside by the pool where all the neighbors could hear what was happening and now she was on the other side of the door doing who-knew-what with him. The sounds grew louder, her moaning, their lewd kissing sounds and the sounds of flesh rubbing against flesh.

I slumped back and sat on the edge of the bed with my dick pointing upward towards the ceiling. I felt helpless and defeated, yet terribly aroused. The kissing sounds stopped and I was certain my nightmare was over. They were whispering to each other but I couldn’t quite make out what was being said. Finally, I heard my wife softly say, “yes”, and then there was another thump like sound. The thump sound had come from the floor and was followed by a groan from Todd and then soft slurping sounds. My wife was sucking his huge black cock just a few feet away from me. 

All I could picture was my wife in her red bikini that I’d purchased for her on her knees in front of the tall muscular black man with his enormous cock in her mouth. I didn’t think she’d be able to take him into her mouth so she’d probably be running her tongue up and down the length of his penis before moving to his plumb-like head as she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. I heard him groaning softly and every now and then my wife made loud gagging sounds. 

A good night kiss was one thing, but a blowjob was different. They were getting louder now and I could hear my wife using her hands to jerk Todd’s huge ebony cock followed by a long sigh when her tongue returned to his shaft. I could hear her muffled gags as she took him into her mouth. I could hear Todd’s muffled groaning and from his groans I knew that my wife was giving it her all. I momentarily wondered if she was sucking his lemon-sized balls, too. 

My s****r-in-law’s movements in bed surprised me as she rolled over to face the door. She was naked and her movement exposed her tanned breasts. Her nipples were as hard as little berries, she was obviously aroused as her hand moved slowly back and forth between her thighs. My s****r-in-law was turned on listening to my wife sucking her black boyfriend off. I opened my mouth to say something but Heather reached up with her hand and slipped her fingers between my lips. “Don’t interrupt them”, she commanded, “I want to hear if your wife she can suck him off, I’ve never been able to”.

My anger swelled and Heather could see the change in me. She sat up in bed and moved against my back and I felt her hard nipples poking into my back. Her hand reached around my waist and encircled my swollen penis. “I can tell you’re enjoying what’s going on”, she whispered in my ear, “you like Jeannie fucking big black cock, don’t you”? Let’s get off together”. I’d been watching her over my shoulder as she began stroking my erection while her other hand returned to her pussy. The sight of my s****r-in-law fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit while jacking me off was one thing, but I knew that the sounds from the hallway were what excited me.

The slurping and gagging sounds my wife made sucking Todd’s awesome black cock were becoming louder now. The sounds stopped and I heard Todd make a grunting sound. The sounds my wife was making had ceased and I knew she’d finally made him cum again. Did he cum in her mouth or had he pulled out of her mouth at the last minute and shot his cum in her face and hair? The thought of Todd’s cum all over my wife’s big white breasts heightened my arousal… and then I panicked. My wife was going to walk through the door and find her s****r with me. 

I pulled away from Heather as I watched her lying back upon the bed with two fingers in her pussy as her other hand rubbed her swollen clitoris as she began cumming. I heard a door open but to my surprise it wasn’t the door to our bedroom. It was the door to the master bedroom, and then through the adjoining wall I heard the door close. 

My wife and Heather’s black lover had gone into the master bedroom and locked the door. I couldn’t figure it out. I opened the door and peeked into the hallway to see what was happening. There was no one there, but as I looked down my wife’s red bikini and Todd’s swim trunks lay on the hallway floor. That’s when I heard my wife and Todd’s voices though the adjoining wall. There were sounds of them kissing as they moved across the master bedroom. I sank back onto the bed in despair. How much longer was my wife going to be a victim of this horrible set up that my s****r-in-law and her black boyfriend had engineered? 

The next sound was a squeal of excitement from my wife, then the sound of someone crashing onto my s****r-in-law’s bed followed closely by someone’s knees hitting the floor. I was surprised how well the sounds traveled through the wall. Moments later I heard my wife moaning and I could barely hear a slurping sucking sound. Heather’s black friend had my wife on the bed and he was eating her pussy for the third time tonight! At the sounds of her s****r getting eaten out Heather fingered herself to orgasm again cumming loudly and causing the bed to squeak. I could hear my wife’s moans as they intensified from the other room. “wait”, I thought, “does my wife know I’m not fucking her s****r”?

Heather lay down in bed as her orgasm subsided, relaxed. She rolled over obviously to get back to sl**p as she shot me a look of surprise. She looked at me and saw my penis at half-mast once again. “You’re already turned on, again?”, she asked. My penis was throbbing when she said, “Well you let me get myself off, so you can get yourself off”, Heather said before she covered herself with the blanket. My hand was on my dick again as I began stroking my penis, furiously. My hand felt so damned good on my aching cock!

“Ooohhh! Aaaahh! YES! YES! OOOOOHHH FUUCCCKKK! , I heard my wife scream through the wall. Her orgasm was so explosive, so intense that I could hear the bed shaking. I didn’t know how many times my wife had cum tonight, but it was more than I’d ever seen her cum in one night ever. She continued to orgasm loudly, screaming as the bed squeaked, loudly. Occasionally, I could hear her say, “Yes…eat my hungry pussy! Ooohhh…” Every word was like a dagger in my heart, every sound was another step of despair for me. I couldn’t understand why I was so turned on listening to another man fucking her. I lay back down after I’d cum again and tried to sl**p but it was like a bad dream. 

I listened to my wife cum five more times before begging Todd to fuck her. “Come hear…fuck me. Fill me with your huge black cock. Fuck my hungry pussy. Please fuck me with your beautiful black cock”, I heard my sweet wife Jeannie begging. I could picture the pouty look on her face she’d shown Todd earlier. She wasn’t just enjoying the sex; she was enjoying her whole experience. She was teasing Todd as he climbed into bed with her and the sounds my wife made when he entered her were louder than before. She moaned and screamed at the top of her lungs. Everything that came out of her mouth was lewd and obscene and it excited me. “FUCK! UHHH…UGH…OH FUCK! my wife continued. 

“YES! YES! Fuck me with that big black cock!” my wife shouted, “Make me a black cock whore like Heather. Put your whole cock inside me! Stretch me deep! Shove it in me! AAAHHH! OH FUCK”! I could hear the slapping sounds as their bodies slammed into each other, and that monstrous black cock bottoming out deep inside my wife’s pussy. Unlike earlier by the pool when she held him in place and wouldn’t let him move for a while, this time there wasn’t any hesitation. The rhythmic fucking sounds started right away matched by the sound of the bed’s springs and my wife’s loud gasps of unmistaken pleasure. I listened to her as she began to orgasm almost immediately.

I don’t know how long I lay there in the dark, at least an hour. I was f***ed to listen to their raw a****l-fucking coming through the wall. Jeannie came at least six times, perhaps more; I couldn’t be certain because she was moaning so damned much. I could hear everything though, the six times they changed positions, the sound of my wife riding Todd, my wife on her hands and knees getting doggy fucked while he slapped her tight ass and her screams of pleasure every time he slammed into her cervix.

The sound of his grunts when he finally emptied his cum into her pussy signaled the end of their lewd coupling. I checked the alarm clock on the bed and it was 1:30. We’d gone to the pool right after dinner which meant Heather’s black friend had been fucking my wife for hours. The noises from the next room had subsided so I thought my wife would join me now in our guest bedroom. I didn’t know what I would to say to my wife I was just numb.

I heard the sound of someone getting out of bed and a door opening and I heard someone walking outside; from the weight of the steps it had to be my wife. I heard the door and thought how I would confront my wife. A short time passed and I figured that my wife was picking up her bikini and then I hear the door shut again. I was confused until I heard the bed shift in the next room and my wife climbed back into it. Was she going to spend the night sl**ping with that black man?

That was the cruelest insult of the night. My wife had not only fucked him but now she was snuggling up next to him to go to sl**p. I could imagine her naked body pressed up against his and the paleness of her freckled flesh contrasting with his black skin. Perhaps it was emotional overload, but I fell asl**p.

My sl**p was all too short as I heard noises coming from somewhere. As I struggled to wake up trying to make sense of things the noises became clear. Gentle moaning at first and then loud fucking noises emanating from the master bedroom. Heather woke up next to me and asked me, “What the fuck, why did you wake me?” The sounds from the next room intensified and Heather heard them, too.

“That’s Todd for you”, Heather said. “His appetite for sex is incredible, and he never has a problem getting hard. As turned on as he was with your wife’s tits, he’ll be rock hard all night and he’ll fuck her until she can’t walk.” I must have had a pained look on my face. “I hate to say this but after tonight he’ll own your wife’s pussy. Jeannie will fuck him whenever he wants her and I think he really enjoys fucking your wife”! I just lay there silently and continued to listen to them.

The sounds from the master bedroom were intensifying. I heard my wife say, “lay back”, and then the familiar sounds of their bodies slapping against each other. It took only a minute before I couldn’t stand it and I knew I couldn’t sl**p as long as I heard my wife getting fucked. Her rhythmic “Oh…Oh…Oh…” noises were keeping time with the smack of her body coming down on his enormous black cock and the image drove me crazy. Worse than that my cock was throbbing painfully again. Why was I so turned on listening to a black man fucking my wife, I wondered to myself. I got out of bed stoking my erect cock again, it felt good.

There was a brief pause next door before I heard my wife say, “Yes, put your big black cock in my tight, white pussy. Put it in me…Ooohhh…” With that I left the guest bedroom and headed toward the living room. My wife’s bikini and Todd’s swim trunks were still piled up by the door just as they had been earlier. I found my way to the couch and sat down. I could still hear them fucking and my wife screaming every time she had another orgasm as I began masturbating.

I didn’t get any more sl**p as my wife and Todd fucked for at least another hour while I listened to a constant stream of dirty words and lewd noises coming from my wife’s mouth. The last time I heard her she was screaming, “Yes…Yes…cum in my pussy again, I want to feel you cum in my pussy again! Cum deep in my pussy… Cum in me! Ooohhh Fuck! I can feel you cumming inside me.” I lay there a little longer and then my alarm clock went off and I had to get up and go to work. I snuck out of the guest bedroom without waking my s****r-in-law up; I didn’t want to disturb her. Heather was sl**ping soundly in the guest bed, still naked with three fingers buried inside her pussy. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to disturb her. I just didn’t want to talk to any of the three people in the house; I didn’t want a confrontation after my night of torture and I quietly slipped out of the house to go to work.