"Erotic Stories" Our Little Secret

Erotic Stories Our Little Secret
It was almost nine PM. She was asl**p on the couch. I could see her nipple poking through her night gown and her dark areolas were visible. Such a nice supple pair of tits on her. As my eyes wandered down she moved her legs and to my amazement she spread them open exposing her panties. Her black pubic hair peeked out the sides of her sheer panties. I could see her black hairy muff through the fabric. 

My cock began to throb. She mumbled something but I couldn't tell what she said over the sound of the television. We were in the great room and she usually fell asl**p on the couch like this every night. I began to notice she was wearing more skimpy and revealing night clothes lately. One night she wore a see through deal that I had to keep from starring at. But tonight I was given an opportunity to look her over good. At fifteen I had not yet seen a naked woman yet. I was still a virgin. I hadn't even jacked off yet. But as she mumbled her hand slid down into her panties. Her hand began to rub her vagina and I almost gasped out loud. Instead I pulled my gym shorts down and released my straining cock. It popped up in a massive erection. It was dripping pre-cum and I stroked it a few times. Mom was mumbling and then she blurted out, "Oh baby! Yes! That's it baby! Fuck me!" Her panties began to be wet and I had no idea what was happening. (Sex Stories)

Was she pissing? What the hell was going on? I was so naïve. I stood up and moved next to her. I took off all my clothes and got very close. I could smell her perfume and then I could smell her womanly scent. It made me desire her. I began to caress her inner thigh. Then she pulled her hand out and reached for mine. She pulled it to her crotch. I rubbed her and she moaned. "Oh yes!" I decided to be bold and I pulled her panties down. After they came off she spread her legs and I got between them. She reached down and pulled my throbbing cock into her soaking wet cunt. As I slid in she groaned loudly. "Oh God! Fuck me baby!"

I began to move in and out and I only lasted a minute and shot a huge load up inside her hot hairy pussy. I could feel her gush as she screamed out and squirted all over me. She came around and opened her eyes. "Oh my God Jack it's you!? My cock was still hard and buried deep inside her. "Oh Jackie! Oh my God! You fucked me!" She had a confused look as she began to realize just what really happened. But then her desires took over. "Well it's too late to worry about it now. Go ahead and fuck me." She pulled down and held me pulling my ass cheeks in with both hands. I started moving and she coached me and told me how she wanted me to do her. After about ten minutes she whispered. "Lets go to my bed." I stood up and my cock was rock hard. Mom sat up and she held my cock in her hand and began to suck on my cock. 

I could have never believed something like this would have ever happened. After a few minutes she came off and stood up. "Let's go." I followed her back to her bed. She pulled back the covers and slid in. She looked so mature and sexy as she pulled her legs over. Her black hairy bush looked so hot. She got in the middle of the bed making room for me. She told me to lay down on my back. Then she climbed on top of me and straddled my cock. As she slid down she looked me in the yes. Her face had a serious look of determination. "I'm gonna ride your cock Jack." She began to moved her hips back and forth. She leaned forward with her hands on my chest. Her tits began to sway back and forth right in my face. She moved in such a way as to put one of her nipples right in my mouth. I began to fondle her beautiful breasts. She began to make passionate sounds of moaning and such. She screamed out as I felt another gush from her pussy. By now the room smelled of her musky scent. It drove me crazy with desire. She rode me for over an hour before rolling over. Then she instructed me to get behind her. She bent over the edge of the bed standing up. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide open and told me to fuck her. I held her hips and began to slide in and out.

"Harder Jack! Harder! Fuck me! I want you to cum!" I began pounding into her and her dirty talk turned me on. I began to holler out as I came again. "That's it baby Fuck me! shoot it!" Finally my cock began to soften a little. As I slid out of her she turned around and I could see cum dripping out of her pussy and all over her bush. She knelt down and began to clean off my cock licking up any cum. She looked up at me as she took my entire cock down her throat making me hard again. "You're not done yet." She laid back on the bed and slid her elbows under her knees spreading her beaver wide open exposing the hottest pussy I have ever seen to this day. We ended up fucking almost all night. 

The next morning she woke me up after almost two hours of sl**p. "Come on. You have to go to school today." She handed me a cup of coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. "Last night is our little secret. No one ever has to find out and I certainly won't say a word to anyone. Are you okay?"
"Yes. It just feels weird I guess."
"Well it felt really good last night didn't it?"
"Yea." She smiled and then she pulled back the covers to find my cock throbbing hard again. 
"See. You liked it, didn't you?"
"Good. Maybe we can have some more fun tonight. Would you like that?"
"Okay. Good. Now let's get ready and I'll see you tonight."

That night we fucked like rabbits again. But we went to bed at a decent time. I slept in her bed and the next morning I woke up to her riding my cock. I never dated much at all after that. Why bother with some inexperienced prudish school girls when I had the hottest pussy around at home?