"Erotic Stories" Our trip to California

Erotic Stories Our trip to California
I had to go to California last summer and Jeannie wanted to go with me to visit her s****r whom she’d not seen in almost two years. Her s****r was completely different than she was. Jeannie is a little short, with big breasts and brownish blonde hair and an infectious smile. While her s****r Heather is a tall leggy blonde with dark skin and smaller breasts. When we got there we picked up a rental car and drove to her s****r’s house.

My wife rang the doorbell several times and we both knocked but there was no answer. Her s****r had a typical California house with a pool and a sauna. My wife and I went around back thinking she might have been by the pool and unable to hear us. As we reached the fence in the back we heard muffled noises. Jeannie peeked through a small hole in the fence and quickly pulled back with a look of shock on her face. I leaned in to take a look at what she’d gasped at and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my wife’s s****r, Heather, face down on some pool furniture getting fucked from behind by a well-built, black man. Seeing Janet’s s****r, Heather, her face buried in a beach towel was not what had surprised me. The black guy fucking her had the biggest cock that I’d ever seen. I’ve watched plenty of porn and this guy could have been a porn star. His cock was as long and thick as my wife’s arm and three times as large as mine. (Porn Stories)

There was her s****r Heather getting fucked by this monstrous black cock obviously using the beech towel to try and not make too much noise. I looked at my wife and saw her starring, eyes-wide, at the scene before us. She watched fascinated and neither of us could tear ourselves away from the scene. We watched like that for a while before we slipped away for a cold drink giving us some time so that we wouldn’t cause Heather any embarrassment. 

When we returned we acted like we just got there and even made up a story about getting lost. Her s****r greeted us warmly as we carried our luggage in and unpacked. Jeannie and Heather talked for a while and caught up on things with each other. The young black guy from earlier in the day was nowhere to be seen, but right before dinner he came in carrying some groceries. Heather introduced him as Todd, her boyfriend, and apparently they had been dating for a while. I was shocked and I think Jeannie was also surprised; Heather had always been a little wild but I didn’t know she was into black men.

As he moved into the kitchen I could see Jeannie was trying hard not to stare at him. I could see why Heather was attracted to him; he was tall, athletic and he had a muscular build. He was pretty much your California muscle guy with black hair and brown eyes and he was very charming. As Todd was cleaning up dinner Heather suggested we go for a swim before bed, she seemed to enjoy having a jacuzzi to offer her guests. Jeannie and I went and changed into our swimsuits and went outside to meet Heather and Todd by the pool. I wanted to caution her about Todd but I didn’t know what to say.

My wife was wearing a bikini that accentuated her big breasts and highlighted her tight little ass. I thought it was too revealing, but when I saw what Heather was wearing my jaw dropped in amazement. Jeannie had the same reaction that I did because she was shocked by her s****r’s tiny bikini. It barely covered her nipples, and left the rest of her C-cup breasts and half of her areoles exposed. The bottom piece was even smaller; you could see all of her ass. There was only a small string down her ass and around her hips, holding a tiny piece of cloth over her pussy and it was obvious she shaved her pussy.

“What are you wearing?” my wife asked her s****r. “No one can see in the back yard,” Heather explained, “All my bikinis are this small because I get better tans this way.” I had to agree everything I could see indicated a full tan. I suspected Heather didn’t wear anything when she tanned. This seemed to calm Jeannie down but everything I knew about her f****y had been conservative. Todd came out of the house wearing a bathing suit, the kind that runs down to your knees but in his suit it was obvious how enormous his cock really was. It looked like he had a small baseball bat in his shorts. I mean it wasn’t hard but when he walked you could see it swing from side to side, straining the material of his suit. Heather smiled at Todd as he approached but my wife was doing everything she could not to stare.

I looked away to avoid being caught staring and glanced at my wife who couldn’t take her eyes off Todd’s crotch; she was trying not to be obvious. If Todd noticed he didn’t say anything and didn’t seem to mind at all. My wife’s reaction surprised me. I’d stared to, but she continued looking long after everyone else. Her quick acceptance of Heather’s tiny bikini and her fixed gaze at the huge bulge in Todd’s shorts were out of character for my wife and worried me. I didn’t know if it was the wine from dinner or what we’d witnessed earlier but my wife was acting strange.

For the first bit my wife and her s****r swam, then they moved to the jacuzzi and shared more wine. I was sitting on the side of the pool and talking to Todd about my work. Eventually Heather got out of the pool and came and sat down by me, drying herself off with a towel. Todd got up and into the pool, while I talked with Heather as she dried off. After a few minutes, I realized that I’d become so engrossed talking to my s****r-in-law that I’d forgotten that Todd and my wife swimming. 

When I looked over I saw Todd and my wife against the side of the pool. Jeannie was facing the wall of the pool and Todd was right behind her. They were whispering and Todd was very close to my wife pressing against her with his ebony chest. I was about to get upset that they were touching each other and not swimming anymore. I was going to say something to Jeannie when Heather moved up to me and pressed her body against mine. My s****r-in-law’s almost naked body against mine was distracting, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife and Todd. I couldn’t tell what they were doing to each other under water. That thought stirred up a number of different emotions in me that I couldn’t understand. I didn’t know why my dick was as hard as it5 had ever been in my life. When Heather said to me, “You know, I think Todd really likes Jeannie. Todd and I aren’t really swingers but we like to experiment with other people.”

I was shocked and I really didn’t know what to say. I could barely stammer and I had difficulty thinking. My attention was diverted from my wife and Todd as they rubbed against each other when Heather placed her hand on my face and turned my head to look at her. Glancing at Heather I noticed that one of her mauve colored nipples had slipped out of her bikini top and was only inches from my mouth. 

My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn’t understand my feelings. Heather saw I was having trouble as she said, “I don’t know how you and Jeannie feel about it, but Todd’s been aching to get his hands on Jeannie’s big tits all night.” As Heather said this I looked back at the scene in the pool. Todd had his hands out of the water and they were caressing my wife’s sides, slowly running up and down her naked stomach and flirting with her bikini covered breasts before moving away again. From where I sat, I could see my wife’s long hard nipples straining against the thin material of her bikini and I knew they only got like that when she was excited. She leaned her head back resting against him as he whispered something in her ear. 

Turmoil was running through me, I was having trouble breathing. My wife and I had always been faithful to each other, we’d never spoken about doing anything like this, and surely my wife wouldn’t go for anything like this. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, anger, confusion, hurt, hell, hell I wasn’t even sure what Heather was getting at but it was obvious that she and Todd must have some kind of plan worked out. That’s when Heather reached out and put her hand on me. She turned my face to hers and her hand grabbed my raging hard-on through the thin material of my bathing suit. I nearly jumped, but was too surprised to react. I couldn’t believe that I was so terribly excited. For some reason watching Jeannie and Todd turned me on more than I had ever been in my life. What was wrong with me? Why had my cock become so hard watching my wife with another man, a black man at that? “Come on, it will be fun. And besides, what are vacations for if not fun?” Heather said. With that Heather kissed me and her tongue slipped into my mouth.

I tried to break her kiss and turn back to see what my wife’s reaction would be. Surely she’d be angry that her s****r was playing with my cock and she’d just kissed me, but the scene with my wife and Todd hadn’t changed, my wife hadn’t even noticed. They were closer now; her small white body pressed against the side of the pool beside his muscular black body. His hands were still running up and down my wife’s alabaster sides and across her flat stomach, and he was whispering something in her ear. Her head lay against his chest and I could see her eyes were closed. This position made her big breasts look even larger as they proudly stuck out from her chest, rising up out of the water completely making them readily accessible to him. My wife wasn’t paying attention to her s****r or me as she offered her breasts to Todd.

Heather took her bikini top completely off, not that it was hiding much at this point anyway, which immediately pulled my attention back to her. Her small, shapely breasts and hard, erect nipples hung there inches from my mouth. I could se that she did sunbathe nude because she didn’t have any tan lines. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her breasts; her nipples were hard and pointed from the effect of the water and the cool night air. My cock jumped in her hand and conflicting emotions run through me as my s****r-in-law slowly stroked my throbbing penis. Heather must have taken my reaction as a clue because she turned her head toward the pool and loudly asked, “Todd, what does Jeannie think?”

Todd turned his head slightly to look at Heather for a second and he grinned lewdly, before he turned back to my wife and he put his head next to hers. I could see her whispering something into his ear, never opening her eyes or moving her body away from him. Todd didn’t look at us as he ran his hands up my wife’s sides and made a small circling motion on her stomach and then his big black hands cupped her full breasts. I was hurt, I didn’t know what my wife had said to him but it was obvious she wasn’t resisting him. I watched them helplessly as this tall, muscular, black man massaged my wife’s big breasts through the thin material of her bikini occasionally pausing to pinch and then pull her long, erect nipples away from her tits. 

“Looks like everyone wants to have some fun”, Heather said to me. She moved and sat straddling me, her breasts inches from my face. “Relax”, she said, “just enjoy yourself. I know Todd’s wanted to get at Jeannie’s big tits since he met her and I’m sure she wants to get at his huge cock just as much.” I was going to offer some kind of protest, I wanted to and not just at Heather’s crude language, but Heather cut me off, “it’s California”, she said as if that explained everything. I sat stunned as Heather untied her bikini bottoms, throwing them to the side with her towel. She did shave her pussy and she had an all over tan. 

The thought of Heather’s body lying naked in the sun, oil and sweat running down her breasts, her legs and her pussy made my cock even harder. I couldn’t believe the thoughts I was having or the feelings that ran through me. That though made me look at my wife and Todd as I tried to get a handle on what was happening. Jeannie was still pressing against Todd but they had moved to the shallow end of the pool down by the jacuzzi. Her back was to him, the water at their waists, and their bodies pressed hard against each other. The contrast of her small white body pressing against his large black body was so erotic. The red bikini top I’d purchased for her was gone and her big breasts were free to Todd and his big black hands were all over them. His thick fingers pinched her nipples and he massaged and kneaded her tits as she threw her head back against him. Her eyes were closed and it was obvious that she enjoyed the feelings his hands were giving to her.

I hoped for a moment she’d changed her mind. I thought she’d change her mind and cover herself run to the house and later blame it on the wine she’d consumed. We’d get a hotel room for the rest of the week and this whole situation would end right there. Instead, she took Todd’s head tenderly in her hands and guided his mouth to her full breasts and long erect nipples. I could see his tongue snake out of his mouth, working his way around her breasts before sucking her swollen nipples into his mouth. She leaned her head back against him and closed her eyes and her mouth hung open and I could hear her soft moaning. I knew her breasts were very sensitive. She loved to have them fondled and especially to have her nipples bitten and sucked. Todd was really doing a number on them and it was obvious she was more turned on than I had ever seen her in my life. He continued sucking her nipples and as they parted a little and then I saw his huge black cock. His swimming suit was gone and he was naked behind her. 

My wife must have sensed this because she brought her head forward and looked at Todd sucking her nipples and kneading her breasts. Heather was taking my trunks off as I watched my wife reach down and grasp Todd’s big cock in her tiny white hand. I wanted to say something but the situation was hopelessly out of control. Jeannie’s small hand stroked Todd’s enormous black cock and she pulled it down under the water and I watched her hand moving up and down under the water. She was beginning to jack him off!

Heather started sliding back from me, “I want to suck your cock”, and she kneeled in front of me, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to take a cock into my mouth. Todd’s dick is too big for me to suck; I can’t get it into my mouth, I always end up choking on it. It will be nice to have a smaller cock for a change, one that I can put in my mouth”, she finished and she lowered her head to my throbbing penis. I didn’t know whether she was complementing me or not. My wife doesn’t suck my dick very often and when she does she always kisses me after I cum in her mouth so that I can swallow my semen. She enjoys watching me swallow my cum and now I’ve learned that I love the taste of my semen. I knew Heather would swallow my load; I wouldn’t get to swallow it this time.

Once I felt the pleasure of my s****r-in –law’s mouth sliding up and down my dick I looked back towards the pool. Todd was standing between my wife’s legs as he helped her sit on the edge of the pool steps, never breaking their passionate kiss. His oversized cock was sticking out in front of him and bobbing lewdly at my young wife while she stroked it furiously. She had both of her small white hands on it and I could only see a little of it. She was sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs spread widely apart as he stood between them. 

Heather turned slightly without taking her mouth off of my cock so she could see what I’d been staring at. Upon seeing the position that my wife and her boyfriend were in she brought her head up off my cock long enough for her to say, “He really does have an incredibly large cock, doesn’t he? And, he really knows how to use it, too”! Heather’s words hurt but not as much as watching my wife and Todd. He backed up and his big cock slipped out of her grasp and she opened her eyes and gave him a little pouting look as he looked down at her and smiled knowingly. He kneeled in front of her and pulled off her tiny bikini bottoms and lowered his face as she reached up and grabbed his head and pulled his face to her pussy with a hungry look on her face. 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; my c***d bride was guiding a black man’s face to her pussy. She’d never been that eager with me, I thought to myself. I’d paid for my wife s to have dermabrasion and her pussy is as smooth as a little girls. I could see her pussy lips were swollen and enlarged and I could see her clit sticking out from where I was. I only got a brief glimpse before Todd’s head blocked my view and the last thing I saw was his tongue headed straight for my wife’s clit. 

Everything inside of me made me want to scream at that point but before I could I was interrupted. A surprised, “Ah!” escaped my wife’s lips signaling that Todd’s thick red tongue had made contact with her pussy. She’d never taken her eyes off him or removed her hands from his head and it was apparent his first contact had startled her as her eyes widened and her body twitched uncontrollably. Her mouth dropped open slightly and she began moaning as she moved her hips upwards against his mouth. She was fucking his face! Todd’s mouth and tongue were skillfully working their way up and down her pussy, and though I couldn’t see for sure but from the way she was squirming Todd had at least one and maybe two fingers inside her pussy while he sucked her clit.

My wife began moaning louder which caught the attention of her s****r. Heather came up off my cock and turned to see what my wife and her black boyfriend were doing. When she saw her boyfriend’s head buried between my wife’s thighs lapping at her pussy, Heather became excited and said, “Oh! We should do that, too”. I didn’t have time to say anything before my s****r-in-law stood, and moved her pussy into position over my face. I suddenly realized that in this position I wouldn’t be able to watch my wife. I tried to turn so that I could see what my wife was doing, but Heather lowered her pussy to my mouth.

As my s****r-in-law began to grind her pussy against my face I strained to see what was happening to my wife, but Heather’s leg blocked my view. I began snaking my tongue inside her pussy and, parting her lips and teasing her clit. I wanted to make her cum quickly so I could see what Todd and my wife were doing. Heather made small moaning sounds as she rocked her hips moving her pussy back and forth over my face. Her moans were nothing compared to the sounds that my wife was making. Even with my head between my s****r-in-law’s thighs I could still hear my wife moaning and making loud, out of control, whimpering sounds. She was already louder than any other noise we’d made all night. If the neighbors were home they would know what was happening 

“I’m cumming! Oh I’m cumming!” my wife yelled. My wife never talks like that when we make love, I thought to myself. It had always been a mystery to me when my wife was cumming. I could usually feel her body tense, but she never made any noise or said anything. My wife continued her chant of “I’m cumming…I’m cumming”, for a while before she trailed off into a stream of soft continuous moans. I could hear splashing water and just past my s****r-in-law’s legs I saw Todd getting out of the pool. My s****r-in-law lifted herself off of me, I wasn’t sure that she’d cum; I wasn’t paying attention to her. When Heather moved I saw Todd leading my wife out of the pool to some towels that were spread out by the jacuzzi, his huge black cock bouncing menacingly in front of him.

“You have to watch this,” Heather said to me. She’d moved from my face as she positioned herself over my cock and lowered her pussy upon my cock easily as she said, “Todd is awesome with his gigantic cock, it doesn’t look like it, but he’ll be able to get the whole thing inside your wife”. I watched helplessly, pinned down by my s****r-in-law with my cock buried inside her. My wife stepped gingerly onto the towels and lay down by the jacuzzi. I realized that Todd and my wife were exactly where we’d seen Heather getting fucked earlier in the day, they even looked like the same towels. 

Heather didn’t move, just sat there holding me inside her as we both watched Todd lay my wife down upon her back. The whole time my wife never removed her hands from Todd’s body, never shifted her eyes from his huge cock. Todd knelt between my wife’s spread thighs, her pale breasts rising above her petite frame, holding himself up with one muscular black arm on either side of my wife. His cock dangled over my wife’s pussy, moving slowly toward her horny gash as he moved above her. I wondered for a moment if he was going to get a condom, I wanted to cry out and make this whole thing stop, but I feared that my wife wouldn’t stop, that she didn’t want to stop; any sense of hope that I had was destroyed by my wife.

She put one hand on Todd’s shoulder as she reached down with her other hand and grabbed his huge cock as it dangled inches above her wet pussy. My wife held Todd’s cock tightly in her small hand dashing any thoughts that he was going to move away or that she didn’t want to be fucked. My wife guided his huge cock to her pussy. “Put it in me”, I heard my wife say. “Please put your big black cock inside me, I need it so bad”, she begged as she looked into Todd’s eyes with the same pouty expression on her face. It was the first time I’d ever heard my wife talk dirty. Todd grinned lewdly at her and moved himself forward the last bit as the bulbous head of his huge cock pushed between my wife’s pussy lips, stretching her open. 

I didn’t feel Heather rocking back and forth on my lap, but she was grinding her pussy back and forth, rocking my cock inside her while she watched her boyfriend enter my wife. I could hardly feel her pussy and I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife. I watched despairingly as Todd slowly worked more and more of his huge black cock into my wife’s tight pussy. She had balled her hands up into tiny fists and was beating them softly on his chest, a look of pain and concentration on her face. Every now and then she would whimper and moan, “Oh god…oh god…it’s so big” as more and more of his cock disappeared inside her, but she didn’t ask him to stop. It looked like that just when my wife was beginning to get comfortable Todd would push more of his huge cock inside her until she winced and beat her fists against his chest again.

My wife’s pussy was stretched beyond belief. I couldn’t believe it but now Todd had most of his humongous dick inside her. Heather stopped moving on my lap as she stared intently at my wife and her boyfriend. Unlike my wife, who’d not stopped making noise since Todd had begun fondling her breasts, Heather had not moaned at all. Heather leaned back and whispered to me, “Watch this, Todd’s about to bottom out inside your wife’s pussy”. And when she said that I watched the last bit of his massive penis disappear inside my wife’s gaping cunt. As his balls slapped against her exposed her asshole, I heard her moan. 

For a minute my wife lay there on her back with her eyes closed, her hands on his back as she breathed heavily. Todd began to move his cock inside my wife and she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist with a look of surprise upon her face as she tried to keep him from moving. She locked her ankles behind him as she dug her heels into his tight black ass, holding him in place as she stared blankly into his eyes.

Heather began bouncing again, fucking herself on my cock. When I looked back at my wife she was wriggling under Todd and her motions slowly pulled and pushed his cock in and out of her stuffed pussy. While his huge cock was only sliding in and out of her pussy a little bit she was moaning louder than she had been all night. Todd began to move his hips faster as he ground into her and she exploded into orgasm, “OH! OHH! Oh God!” she screamed. She continued to cum as Todd began moving his cock in and out of her, fucking her faster. 

I was distracted with Heather bouncing again as she fucked herself on my cock as she came, but I turned my attention back to my wife when I heard her cum for the fifth time. “OHHH! Ohh fuck! Ohh fuck!” my wife was yelling. Todd was pulling his thick black cock out of my wife’s pussy all the way to the huge bulbous head of his gargantuan cock before he slammed it back inside her. Their fucking was becoming more intense with each thrust and each time Todd bottomed out inside my wife she screamed loudly. Jeannie was having one orgasm after another and it seemed almost like each time his cock hit her cervix, she climaxed. The rhythmic fucking sound of their bodies slapping against each other was matched by my wife’s obscene grunts, “Oh…Oh…Oh…”

The scene was incredibly erotic, Todd’s tight black ass rising and falling and his cock slamming into my wife’s swollen white pussy as her big tits bounced back and forth. The sight of Janet fucking another guy in front of me like this was too much. It was raw, primeval fucking unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life and I blew my load into my s****r-in-law’s pussy. What turned me on so much was the sight of Todd’s monstrous black cock dominating my wife; Heather’s fucking left a lot to be desired. Once I’d shot my wad into Heather’s pussy she got off of my dick and said, “It’s probably time for bed.” She reached down and pulled me up by my hands from the pool lounge. 

Holding her hand we walked towards the house and as I walked past my wife and Todd they didn’t look up. I looked back at my wife as she shifted her legs unlocking her ankles from Todd’s ass. Instead of placing them flat or moving she hooked them over Todd’s arms. The new position lifted her hips higher and changed the angle that Todd’s cock entered her. His thrusts in this new position made her cum almost immediately, much harder than before and my wife started yelling again, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh…fuck my pussy…she needs it so much!”

Heather shut the door and led me o the guest bedroom where my wife and I would be staying in for the week. I’d heard my wife curse more this evening than at any time since we’d been married and each time it had been with another man’s cock thrusting into her. It was later than I had thought and I knew that I would have to get up early and go to work, but I couldn’t go to sl**p. My wife was outside fucking a black man who was hung like a mule as she cursed and moaned like a whore. 

I was thinking about what was happening when Heather came into the bedroom, “Let them have their fun, you and I should get some sl**p,” Heather said, “I’ll keep you company.” She was still naked and she reached around and placed her hand on my hard dick. It wasn’t Heather who had made my dick hard; it was the image of Todd fucking my wife outside.