"Erotic Stories" Outdoor Fun

Erotic Stories Outdoor Fun
I love a bit of daring sexual fun outdoors, so I thought I'd tell you about one of the best experiences (actually, probably was THE best!) I ever had...

I'd been seeing this girl for a while. She had youngish k**s so time alone was at a premium. Her parents took her and the k**s on holiday for a week, and I took a day off in the week to go and meet her. Her parents took pity on us and said we could have the day together without the k**s.

She wore a lovely flowing knee-length skirt and a white blouse. She was certainly not an unattractive girl, but I have to say she looked stunning on that day.

We got in the car, unsure of what we were really going to do for the day, but we went into the local town and walked about for the morning, then got back in the car and drove off. We went through a wooded area and we pulled into the designated picnic area. If was a clearing in the woods that was about 100 yards across, and had all-in-one picnic tables and benches dotted about. There was a f****y with a camper van at one end, and near to them was a man reading a book. We wanted to be alone so we went to the other end of the area.(Porn Stories)

We got comfy, and then more comfy, and then we were kissing, and before long my hand was over her breasts (inside and outside the blouse!). We were both massively turned on!

I got her to sit in front of me, her on the table with feet either side of me sitting on the bench. I parted her legs, with some difficulty because she was shy of being seen by the others. I was able to run my hands up and down the inside of her legs, and this lossened her up a bit.

I then was able to touch her panties. I thought at first touch they were wet, but couldn't be sure, but after being able to properly get a finger on them I could tell that they certainly were - dripping wet in fact. After a short while I managed to encourage her to allow me to remove her panties, all the time both of us checking to see if anyone was watching us or could see. We were sure people know what was happening, and whilst nobody stared we thought the adults were sneaking a quick look whenever they could!

When I had her panties off I put them in my pocket, and proceeded to play with her lips. They were soaking wet and I could swear my finger was almost slipping inside of her! I was running my finger up and down her lips, over her clit, teasing her all the while. She was now really getting into this, and was desperate for me to really make her cum, so I worked a little harder on her clit with my thumb and at the same time slowly worked a finger inside of her. Within seconds she came. She really didn't know what to do with herself - she desperately wanted to make a noise but knew she couldn't, and she deperately wanted to move and squirm but again knew she couldn't!

As she came I kept gently playing with her clit and my finger continued to dance it's magic inside of her. Seconds after the first orgasm (or at least it seemed like seconds...) she came again, this time even more violently - but again she knew she had to exercise some control!

All in all I think she came 6 or 7 times. At the end of it she so desperately want to satisfy me, but in such a public place there really was no opportunity. But hey, read my profile - I am all about GIVING satisfaction - to me that is the greatest sexual reward I can get - seeing that satisfaction!

We eventually packed up and got back in the car and drove off. After a mile or so she told me to pull into a field entrance, whewre she did unbuckle me and... well, I'm sure you can figure out what she did to me!

That is my most wonderful sexual experience outdoors. I have often dreamed of trying it again but my current 'partner' simply isn't into that sort of thing. I WILL have to find someone who is!!!