"Erotic Stories" Pat

Erotic Stories Pat
Pat and I got together when we worked at the same firm. She was the boss’ secretary and worked in a lovely office with the secretaries of two of the other directors. I fell for her immediately. We were both single and she was tall and with legs to die for. At thirty three she was in her prime and had a figure that was just designed for clothes. She didn’t wear them. She modelled them. At five feet six tall she had a figure that most women would die for and most men would want to die to get hold of.

What the hell she saw in me I haven’t the faintest idea. I and five feet ten and have the physique of a sloth. My friends called me the pirate because I had a sunken chest. I wear glasses and am, to the world of women, an afterthought.

But the one thing I do have is a sense of humour. I could always make her smile. In fact I could always make anyone smile.(Adult Stories)

I came into the office on a transfer from the shop floor and the others there, men especially, felt that I was an interloper. If I worked on the shop floor then I had to be a thicko. They had come straight into the office so they must be better.

The one thing they didn’t know was that I had a degree in psychology and could out-think them in my sl**p.

Pat was different. She laughed at my jokes and one day, plucking up all my courage, I asked her for a lunchtime drink.

I should also explain that I am as nervous as hell of the opposite sex. My tongue gets like a piece of leather and my brain tends to turn to mush and when I meet a stunning woman, like Pat. So it was a rushed gabble of ‘fancyadrinkatlunchtime?’

Amazingly she tilted her head to one side, smiled and said she’d love to. I was over the proverbial.

And even more amazingly, we talked and laughed and totally forgot that we had taken nearly two hours for lunch which got me a bollocking from my boss but Pat’s was in a meeting and she got away with it.

We slowly got more and more involved and one evening, as I walked her to the station, I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the lips. If the truth is to be told, I was expecting it all to be over then and there but as we kissed, she put her arms around me and kissed back. Tongues fought and bodies writhed together.

That was the start of it. We moved in together a week later without telling anyone at the office. It was the two girls she worked with who first found out and they were happy for us. No feeling that she was lowering her standards to be with me.

I have always had a heightened sex drive and Pat was the same. We went from strength to strength with our fantasies and adventures. We developed a dare strategy in which one would ‘dare the other to do things and it was this that led us to the ‘Day of Submission’. One day a month for each of us when the sub would have to do whatever the other said. This had to be done without complaint and instantly. No argument. Our dares got slowly more and more outrageous. Ever chopped wood naked in January? It’s cold and although the garden is not overlooked, you never know who is watching.

It was one of these occasions that it happened. I was the sub and she wanted me as her servant for the day. Nothing unusual in this. We’d done it often and I happily made breakfast, washed her and did everything she asked.

“Shave,” she said.

“I have…..” I began to say, having sc****d the face earlier that morning.

“Shave your prick and bollocks!” she said.

She watched as I lathered all around the area and worked the razor over it. Although I say it myself, it was pretty good. I love my prick shaved. Makes it look so big.

She inspected and then did one thing I hoped she wouldn’t. She splashed it all over with her favourite after-shave. If you’ve never done it, don’t! Unless you’re a masochist. It fucking well stings.

But it was finally done and I went to the kitchen to make coffee.

It was exactly eleven o’clock and the doorbell rang. Now normally, if this happened, the one wearing clothes answers the door. No sense in frightening the natives.

“Answer the door,” she commanded. I was a bit flummoxed. This had never happened and I soon realised that she had arranged this. So off I went to the door and opened it. Shock horror! Jill and Janet, the other secretaries, were standing there grinning at me.

“Come in, girls.” Pat said. “You know my servant.”

There was nothing else for it. I had to comply. Those were the terms of our game and despite the shock horror, I loved the game and my prick responded well.

Taking their coats, I ushered them into the lounge and prepared drinks, serving them on a silver tray. Jill was eyeing me in particular. She was in her mid forties and about five feet two but with a forty inch bust and thin bra. I could see her nipples bulging and knew Pat would have noticed that. We often talked about our friends and she had said a number of times that she’d like to see Jill with her tits out. I made sure my cock was close to Jill’s face and I noticed the flush on her neck and chest. She was excited.

Janet was older and more sedate but the mere fact that she was here showed me that she wasn’t against the party. She was taller and slimmer with very little chest but a nice slim figure nevertheless. I stood before her to offer her some nibbles and she gazed directly at it. A little twitch of the muscles and it nodded to her. She smiled and charmingly blushed.

“Girls,” Pat said. “He is our slave. Treat him as one and he will do whatever you want him to do and if I tell you he has often spoken of bending both of you over your desks and licking your cunts til you scream, you’ll get the idea.”

“Well,” Janet said and grasped my cock tight, pulling me to her. “Let’s see if we can make him scream.”

She pulled me closer and with her other hand grabbed my balls and squeezed then, opening her mouth and bending forward, she engulfed my knob, her teeth just wide enough to rub against the head. It was exquisite. I wanted to place my hands on her head and push it all the way into the hot mouth but knew I mustn’t. But I didn’t have long to wait. She could resist no longer and with a sudden suck, my prick was at the back of her throat. Despite looking like a sedate, middle aged business woman, Janet knew fellatio and she sucked it beautifully.

“Any rules?” I heard Jill ask.

“None,” Pat said.

“Good,” Jill replied. “Cos I want my arsehole licked. I was once told it was nice but I’ve never found anyone who will do it for me.”

“Slave!” Pat said. I turned to see that she was sitting with her skirt round her waist and fingering her bald cunt. “Jill wants you to lick her arsehole.”

Reluctantly, Janet let me go and as I turned to Jill I saw her unfastening her skirt. I knew that by the time I’d pleased her friend, she would be naked.

“Would madam care to kneel on the sofa?” I said and Jill moved. She was wearing a flared skirt which easily folded up to her waist and the thong presented no problem. The seams gave easily and left her bare buttocks free for me. I knelt behind her and parted them to see a pink cunt with soft, blonde hairs. And above it the tight pink puckered arsehole. The room was silent as I bent my face to it and extended my tongue. Slowly, ever so slowly, I rimmed it and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath and a low moan from Jill. I extended my tongu a bit more, pushing it into the little indentation and she squirmed. A few more seconds of this and I placed my middle finger there and pressed. I felt her muscles tighten briefly then relax and it slid into her. I pumped it back and forth a few times as I licked the middle finger of my other hand and pressed it alongside the first and pushed. 
“No,” she said throatily. “I can’t take two.”

I thrust hard and the finger penetrated and she squealed.

“I think you can, madam,” I said.

“Oh, FUCK!” was her only comment. She tightened up and went to pull away. I pulled her open and put my tongue to the gaping hole. She was moaning loudly.

Pat moved to her friend.

“Looks like he’s opened you up, Jill,” she said. “Want him to bum-fuck you too?”

Jill just nodded and I pulled back and stood. Janet was next to me.

“Let me make sure it’s nice and slippery for you,” she said. She was naked and placing one foot on the sofa next to Jill, she pulled me against her and quickly guided my prick between her legs. She was wet. Very wet and my prick slid easily into her. A few gyrations of her hips and I could feel her juices flowing over my balls. When she’ got me as wet as she felt was necessary, she passed me back and I stood behind the kneeling Jill. Placing the tip of my cock to the soft puckered hole, I pushed and she opened up for me. It was tight but with Janet’s lubrication I was soon belly to buttocks with her and pounding her. Jill straightened up and I used my left hand around her to cup and fondle her right tit while I used the middle fingers of my right hand to frig and finger her cunt. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came but I wanted to make sure that she’d had an orgasm before I did and she was so bl**dy turned on that she came within a few moments. Loudly, violently and exhaustingly. Her come was covering my bollocks and that did it for me. I shot my load deep up her arse. She sighed and rested back against me.

“Come on, slave,” Pat said. “You haven’t finished yet. There’s another lady to service.

She pulled me away and bent down. My hard-on was still there and she slipped a strap around the base of it and pulled tight. We’ve often used it and it keeps a nice hard cock for ages.

I turned to Janet.

“On your back, you little fucker,” she said and pointed to the floor. I lay down and she straddled me. Her legs were good for a woman her age with no veins and well shaped muscles. And very long. She had a small thatch on her mons but hardly any on her cunt lips which were puffy and hid the pleasures within. As I gazed she used her hand to part the lips and I saw a dark pick cunt with a hard little clit. She gently lowered herself and I guided my cock to the indentation of her cunt. She was actually dripping. It slid easily in and she was soon riding me like a stallion. I wondered if Pat thought the same and would go find her riding crop. She used it on me often enough.

Janet too was very very turned on and it wasn’t long before she was moaning and sighing as she rode me. I knew I’d never come again in so short a time.

It must have taken five minutes before she came and when she did, she went for it. Not only was she screaming but calling me all the dirty fucking wankers she could lay her tongue to. This was a total shock to me as I’d never even heard her use the word damn before. Then it hit her and I thought she’d gone into an epileptic fit. She was shivering and shaking through her whole body. It was a total surprise and turn on and I shot another load. 
It came as a bl**dy shock to Pat, too. I often came a few time during our love-making sessions but that was over the whole time we were shagging which could last for hours. But she’d never seen me come twice in succession like that. I saw the look on her face which told me she was going to do something about that in the future.

When she calmed down, Janet stood on very shaky legs.

“Not bad,” she said. “Not bad at all.”

The cum was dripping from her and landed on my chest and I felt shattered but I knew the day wasn’t over yet.

“Where’s the loo?” Janet asked. “I need a pee.”

“You’re standing over it,” Pat said. “It’s that big hole between his nose and chin.”

I saw the flash of pleasure in Janet’s eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said, once again squatting over me. This time over my face. I opened wide and my tongue found the spot just before the golden stream began. I swallowed hard and quickly trying not to spill a drop. As the flow finished, I licked along her wet cunt and was rewarded with another dollop of my cum and a lot of sweet tasting woman juice.

Janet stood and Jill was eager to get in on the action and with Pat standing to just one side, I knew that thirst was not going to be a problem for me for a while.

So the day went on and I had things squirted on me and licked off me and inserted in me and eaten out of me. Finally, they left and Pat kissed me on the forehead and told me I’d been a good little slave. Midnight was only a minute away and the day would be finished and I could sl**p. Tomorrow was Saturday and I could relax.

The following week at work was exciting though none of the girls mentioned it but we all knew the thoughts going around in our minds.

Pat especially because she knew her turn would be coming up and she knew I would make her pay for today. I knew she had the hots for a couple of my mates and they had often said they wouldn’t mind a night giving her the sort of seeing-to that she would appreciate because they didn’t think I could. It’s the sort of things fellas say.

A fortnight later and Pat was the slave. She bustled around from seven in the morning happily complying with everything I asked and at ten the doorbell rang. She gave me a big grin and walked over to it and opened it wide.

And her jaw dropped.

“Ah, Janet and Jill,” I said. “Do come in. I think you may need these.”

As they stepped inside, I handed each of them a huge strap-on dildo.

The slave is all ready to do whatever you wish.”

Pat turned to me and grinned. They were not the strapping lads she’d expected but they were very big dildos!