"Erotic Stories" The Photo Shoot P3

Erotic Stories The Photo Shoot P3
Jason's eyes were wide and he just watched while I noticed a bulge starting to grow in his pants. Tim kept taking pictures. Suddenly Jason sat right next to Tim ... right in front of me. I wanted to stretch my legs so much so I lifted both feet and placed one on Tim's shoulder and one on Jason's in such fashion their heads were on the inside of my feet. Uhhhh, that was comfortable! Their eyes bulged out at my suddenly willingness to be exposed. I looked into their cameras as they took picture after picture.

After a while Tim moved a bit to the side, edging himself away from Jason spreading me a bit. I looked at him and he stopped. Now Jason did the same and when I looked at him he stopped as well. They took a few pictures of my pussy from that angle and Tim moved again spreading me more. They had my legs spread open further than ever before and because my legs were straight out and I was tied up, my knees locked in that position. Even if I wanted to bring them together to hide my explicit exposure, I couldn't. I felt so exposed ... looking down at my breasts I saw my nipples standing straight out full of erotic excitement and for some strange reason I wished ... I wished one of those boys would reach out and twist them ... oh god ... twist them until I felt pain!

Jason moved next taking pictures. They kept alternating and taking more pictures until I was almost doing the split ... still tied up ... still excited ... still waiting for them to do more. Jason grabbed my foot and sliding forward bent my leg at the knee and placed my foot back on his shoulder. I tensed! God, if Tim does the same!(Porn Stories)

Tim's eyes lit up and he moved up bending my other leg and placing it on his shoulder. I was so spread open I was afraid I beginning to show my ass and my tiny little rear hole! I felt my pussy lips pull apart and I quickly looked in the mirror just to see my dripping lips apart, my hole showing my pink insides and right below that I could see my asshole peeking out. Oh my god, I looked like a porn star spreading for a photo shoot! I felt like that too!
"Oh my god you are so hot Kate!" Tim exclaimed staring at my pussy.
"Thank you," I whispered looking into his camera.
"Kate, can I put your top back on you?" Jason suddenly asked.
"What? No, leave it down," Tim chimed in.
"Please, I know what I'm doing."
I looked at him and shrugged.
"Sure, do what you want."

Shit, that one slipped out, I didn't mean to say that but neither boy caught the double meaning in my words. Jason walked up and stood between my legs, slid a finger under each one of my breasts tucking them under the fabric of my top and slowly pulled the top up over my breasts. His fingers pressed into my breasts sliding along them until he had the top in place.

I gave a startled look but he seemed not to notice, he was entranced in what he was doing. He backed up a bit looking at his handiwork and bringing the camera up took photos.
"Kate, now turn your head to the side and look at the ground."
I was still a little shocked from our accidental contact but did what he said.
"Now lift your feet and bend your knees," Jason directed and I complied.
"Now press your knees to your breasts," He whispered.
I swallowed hard and did that.
"Oh yesssss," Tim hissed finally realizing where Jason was going with this.
I realized it too. It made me look like I was exposing myself for the camera knowing how wrong it was and being ashamed of doing it. Together with my makeup it was a really hot pose.
"Kate, bring your feet down."

I was glad Jason was done because my feet were getting tired. I watched him waiting for what was next. I couldn't believe I actually waited for him to tell me what to do! This eighteen year old k**! Why was I so easy ... so inappropriate ... such a slut?

He walked up to me and stood between my spread open legs watching me. He slowly bent down and slid his fingers under the top edge of my top. I felt his cold fingers touch my breasts and had to fight really hard not to make a sound. Jason pulled the edge down a bit but it was not sliding evenly. He had to slide his fingers towards the middle lifting on the fabric sliding it down until my aureoles showed and my nipples were halfway out. That's when I felt his fingers touching the bumpy skin of my aureoles.

"This will do," He whispered and took his fingers out of my top.
I looked in the mirror and saw a long drool of moisture hanging from my slightly separated pussy lips dripping down to the floor below. Tim saw it too, both boys immediately taking pictures of me in this state. I was sure no one looking at those pictures would ever recognize me with the amount of makeup I had on but I could not help but think how dangerous this was.
"Kate, look down at your nipples," Tim requested.

I tensed hearing him say that but looked. The edge of my top covered half of my extremely erect nipples barely clinging to them, the other half was exposed, my full breasts heaving with excitement.
"Oh god, no," I moaned.
I heard their cameras capturing the scene of my concern.
"Now spread your legs wide and lift your feet off the ground like before," Jason was fully into this, his words coming out as passionate whispers.
"No, don't do it. Don't let these k**s see you like this!" My mind screamed.
I watched my legs slowly spread open and my feet lift off the floor until my knees touched my tits.
"Uuugggmmm..." A frustrated sound came out of me.
More pictures.
"Now look down at your pussy," I heard Jason's whisper.
"I can't! I shouldn't! It's so wrong!"
My eyes uncontrollably looked past my tits and saw my clit peeking out from between my spread open legs with traces of my spread pussy lips barely visible to me.
"No, no, no, no, why am I doing this?" My mind questioned what I was doing.
"Like that?" I heard myself ask with a trembling voice.

Jason didn't even look at my face; he was only watching the complete scene and my exposed body.
"Yes, just like that," Jason softly answered.
"Oh Jesus..." I whispered with sexual intensity and shocking surprise at what I allowed them to photograph.

My face must have showed the confusion and shock because they both begun taking pictures from all angles. I felt both boy's eyes staring at my ass as if they wanted to see the rest of my tiny rear hole. At first it was embarrassing but the embarrassment quickly turned into kinky excitement of having two teenagers staring at my ass. It was dirty but so exciting! I watched them with my breasts lifting from my heavy breathing, my nipples hard and my pussy dripping juice to the floor below. I could see it in the mirror, because my ass was at the edge of the chair, my pussy spilled it's moisture to the floor below.
"Oh god boys, I can't believe you're taking my pictures in this way..." I moaned.
Both of them looked up at me; ready to stop this.
"Do you want us to stop Kate? Just tell us and we will." Tim said.
Yes, I should stop! I was a lady, a Mother, their friends Mom ... god, I was old enough to be their Mom! I should stop them; this was so un-lady like ... so perverted.
"No," I whispered.
"Not yet."
I could have sworn my face turned completely red but the make-up I had on hid it well. Why didn't I stop this? I acted like a slut! Oh god, a tied up helpless slut!
"Ughmmm..." I moaned again as my thoughts registered and my pussy dripped more clear love nectar to the floor below.
Jason pointed the camera at the pool of my juice on the floor and took few shots.
"Kate, can you keep your feet up like this and your legs spread?" He asked me.
"I don't know, I'll try," I answered him looking into his camera.
"Tim, move away and take the pictures from behind me. I'll lay down on the floor," He directed.
I was surprised how quickly Jason took charge. They both moved away and I kept my feet in the air where they were. Jason laid down on the floor and Tim stood right above him. Their cameras were snapping some pretty explicit photos of me but I wanted more ... I wanted to be more explicit. Looking at them I lifted my legs as high as I could touching my knees to my chest and slid forward. I stuck my ass out at them! I knew I was showing them everything including my asshole.
It took a few moments for them to start shooting again, their eyes wide; they wanted to absorb my explicit pose first. I couldn't believe I did that. My mind kept screaming at me: SLUT! But I kept my legs up truly enjoying the erotically perverted scene. I think the only reason why I did it was I wore that make-up which made me look like someone else. After a long minute of this my legs were so tired I had to put them down on the floor. Tim and Jason looked very disappointed.
"Maybe we should stop this. Tommy and Gina will be coming back soon," I said looking at both of them.
"Sure Kate but can we take few more shots with you standing up?" Tim asked.
"Ok, but just a few. I don't want Tommy to see me like this, not until I have a chance to explain," I said looking for their reaction.
I wanted them to understand I was still Tommy's Mom and it would not be ok for my son to see this or know about this. I would have to discuss that part with them after the photo shoot.
"Of course Kate, let's do it quickly," Tim said and both boys quickly untied my hands.
I stood up stretching, letting bl**d flow freely in my arms and noticed my skirt slid down hiding my pussy and my ass. Tim and Jason looked disappointed but didn't say anything. I smiled, I could see right through them. If they had their way I would be completely naked and bent over in a nasty position. Instead, they both sat on the floor in front of me watching, taking shots from time to time.
I turned the chair around and putting my hands on the back of the chair turned away from them bending over. I spread my legs and kept them completely straight. I thought that would make a good pose. I looked back over my shoulder making a seductive face and posed. Tim and Jason's cameras were clicking away and I'm sure they were getting shots of my still dripping pussy from the floor below wearing that tiny skirt and the platform shoes which made me taller than before.
"Kate, can I adjust your skirt up a little?" Jason finally said.
I looked in the mirror behind me and saw my ass was covered.
"Sure, you're the director."
I could tell that reply made him very excited. He swallowed hard and getting up stood right behind me. I watched in the mirror as he slid his fingers under my skirt pressing them to my ass and slid the fabric up until my ass was half exposed. I got a secret thrill from the touch of his hands.
"There, now look back at us again."
I did and they took more photos of me showing my excited pussy between my legs.
"Beautiful, you look great Kate, now look into the camera."
I did and saw Jason practically laying down on the floor underneath me. He was so close to me, taking shots of my pussy and ass I felt like I wanted to rip my clothes off and tell them to fuck me! I was so wet and so excited I needed release! For a moment I hesitated ... almost asked them to, but then I remembered Tommy was coming back soon. Maybe he would fuck me when we got home.
"Ok boys, I think we should quit now. I don't want to push my luck with Tommy and Gina." I said and stood up straight.
Tim got up and Jason followed. I looked at them for a while. They were still excited, Jason sporting an obvious hard-on in his pants and so was Tim which they tried to hide turning their bodies to the side. I wonder how big they were for a moment.
"Tim and Jason ... these photos are very explicit. Although my face is made up so no one can recognize it Tommy or anyone from my f****y still could. I would not want my son to see me like this," I started still standing in front of them with my top down and breasts exposed.
Giving myself a quick glance in the mirror I noticed my pussy was showing with my pussy lips still dripping but my clit was barely hidden under the fabric of my skirt. I kept my legs slightly spread as well giving myself a thrill from being so naughty.
"I allowed you to take those pictures but you'll understand that you cannot do anything with them, they're too explicit."
Tim scratched his head looking at me. I knew he was desperately thinking of a way to talk me into letting them use the pictures.
"Please Kate, no one will recognize you."
"I said no Tim," I said gazing at the teenager.
"Ok, they are definitely too explicit for our web site," Tim said slowly trying to think of something which would make me change my mind.
"Definitely too explicit for our web site but what if we create one for Kate?" Jason said smiling.
He still had the bulge in his pants but stopped trying to hide it.
"My own web site?" I couldn't believe he said that.
"No, no, hear me out. We would not use your name, we would give you a ... a stage name, I don't know, something like ... Geisha. We would build the site based on that using the photos we took today, it would be a porn site but just dedicated to you Kate."
My own PORN SITE?!?!
"Damn Jason, you sure have some good ideas sometimes."
Tim slapped his friend on the shoulder.
"Wait a minute..." I started to say but the phone rang and Tim quickly picked up.
He listened to the phone for a minute and then answered.
"Ok, but hurry up, we've been waiting too damn long," He said and hung up.
"Tommy and Gina will be here in ten minutes," He said and looked at me scanning my body from head to toe and stopped at my pussy just staring.
"Ten minutes! Oh my god, I have to get dressed. Jason, come with me, you'll help me with these clothes. Tim, put everything the way it was and not a word of what I did to anyone and that includes Tommy and Gina. You better hang on to those photos and don't do anything with the web site, we have to discuss it first," I barked out commands to both of them and grabbing Jason's hand ran for the bedroom.
Because I still had the platform shoes on it was more like fast walking with my hips swaying excessively and my ass exposed. I knew Jason was looking at my ass the whole time but I didn't mind, I just needed to get changed.
We walked into the bedroom and quickly closed the door. I walked up to the bed and pulled my top and skirt off. I was completely naked in front of Jason and sitting down on the bed stretched out a leg towards him.
"Quickly Jason, help me with those damn shoes," I said.
I don't know why I picked Jason. He was quite but sure of himself, in a way he reminded me of Adam from the strip club. He was well built and still had that damn bulge in his pants! I looked down at it wondering if it was real.
"You mean you don't own a pair of these?" He laughed.
I looked at him and busted out laughing as well. Taking that opportunity I spread my legs a bit more showing him the length of my slit. I immediately noticed his eyes lock on to my pussy and he licked his lips. My god, he licked his lips as if he wanted to taste me!
"You think every woman should own a pair of these?" I said and brought my foot up trying to place it further apart on the bed. Because the shoes were so tall, I couldn't and my foot dropped to the floor in a clumsy way further apart then before.
Jason looked at me and laughed.
"You should leave them on so you could get some practice wearing them," He said and kept on stealing peeks of my spread open pussy.
I was getting a secret thrill from him watching it!
"Sure, and I should stay naked the whole time spread open like I am right now," I laughed too.
He looked at me and then slowly moved his eyes down over my breasts down my stomach until he reached my pussy. He kept them there staring. I was amazed how my body reacted to his eyes! I felt as if his eyes had hands and he was gently caressing my body with them.
"I wouldn't mind watching you all the time Kate, you're very beautiful," He said softly.
Uhhhmmm ... I was beginning to like him more and more.
"Nice, thanks but you really should take my other shoe off now," I whispered giving him a warm smile.
He fumbled with the remaining shoe directing more glances at my pussy and finally had it off. I stood up in front of him, my pussy inches away from his face since he was still kneeling down and stretched my hands up above my head. I knew I was close to him ... very close to him but I wanted to tease the young man a bit more. When I thought he had enough, I brought my hands down and looked down at him.
Jason was kneeling in front of me and his face was only a couple inches away from my clit and my very wet pussy. His nostrils were flaring as he inhaled my aroma and I saw his tongue come out and wet his lips.
"Jason, will you help me wash my make-up off?" I asked but did not move.
He looked up at me, his eyes slowly focusing on my face.
"Of course Kate, just tell me what to do," He managed to say.
I turned around in the same spot I stood spreading my legs more and bent over to grab my top I threw on the bed. I stuck my ass out in the process so he could see me from behind. I don't know why but having him look at me in such an intimate way was turning me on.
"Oh my god Kate, I wish I had my camera right now!" He exclaimed.
I turned my head to the side and looked at him. He was so close to my ass...
"Why?" I asked, I very much wanted him to tell me.
"Your ass ... god I love it!" His voice trembled while saying it.
"You really like my ass?" I asked.
"Yes," He whispered back.
"Would you like to see more of it?"
My god, I was such a slut! His eyes shot up at me wide as saucers.
"Yes," He mumbled.
I trembled from the thought of what I was doing. I spread my legs as far as I could short of doing a complete split, bent my knees a tiny bit, leaned forward on the bed supporting myself with one hand and stuck my ass out at him while arching my back. I looked back at him just to see his face with expression of wonder and excitement I haven't seen before.
"You like it?" I asked barely able to speak.
He couldn't peel his eyes away from it to look at me.
"Y ... yesss."
"Do you ... do you want to see more of it?" It was my turn to mumble.
He peeled his eyes away this time, looked at me and just shook his head up and down while my face turned completely red. I looked straight ahead of me still deciding if I should do it. Part of me didn't want to, the part which was a wife and a mother but the other part ... the slut part won.
Without looking back at him I reached back with my hand and placed it on my ass cheek. I knew my pussy was dripping from the excitement I felt, excitement from ... from showing myself in such a slutty way to my son's friend. I ... I slowly pulled my ass cheek away from the other! Inch my inch, fraction by fraction I was exposing my asshole to Jason.
"Ohhhhh myyyy goddddd," I heard him whisper and I knew my asshole was exposed and he was looking at it.
"Oh my god," I whispered as well.
I pulled a bit more but that was as far as I could get it apart with one hand. I turned my head and looked back at him. He was so close ... so close right behind me ... looking ... inspecting. I looked down at his crotch and saw the outline of a very long cock! Oh my god, how big was he?
"Do you like it?" I asked in a seductive voice.
"Yes ... god yes."
I took a deep breath.
"Would you like to see more Jason ... do you want to see more of me ... more of my ... my ass?" I asked making sure we both knew what he was looking at.
He looked at me, his chest heaving from the excitement.
"Jesus yes ... please Kate ... show me," He begged.
He really didn't have to beg, I would have shown him anything he wanted to see at that time. I let go of the bed and stood up still slightly bent over with my knees bent, back arched, one hand pulling one of my ass cheeks apart. Reaching behind me I placed my other hand on the other ass cheek and twisting my head looked back at him while pulling the remaining ass cheek apart as far as I could.
"Oh my god, it's so beautiful," He whispered.
I was dripping; I knew I was dripping insane with excitement, my juices running down the inside of my thighs. I wanted him to take me right here, right now ... I wanted him to fuck me ... to use me like a slut in any hole he wanted!
Suddenly I heard a loud knock on the door and we both jumped. I quickly turned around bumping my pussy into Jason's face as he struggled to get up to his knees. The result was both of us losing our balance and falling to the bed behind me, with Jason being on top. I felt the long cock in his pants press against my slit.
"Yeah!" I yelled.
"They're almost here, hurry up you two," Tim's voice came muffled from behind the door.
"Ok, we're almost ready!" I yelled back.
That's when I felt Jason's hand on my breast. He didn't move it there; he accidentally put it there when we fell. Another revelation was my legs spread open around Jason. How could I have done that?
"Jason ... you have to let go of me now," I looked down at my breast meaningfully.
He didn't move and I felt him inch his finger tips towards my nipple.
"Jason dear, I have to get up, please let go of me."
I felt his finger tips reach my nipple and looking down I saw he was beginning to pinch it. I frowned knowing how that affected me but before I could say anything, his fingers closed around my tender nipple. The pain from the pinched nipple ran like an electric current down to my pussy and I involuntarily rolled my eyes arching my back.
"Uhhhhmmmmmmmmmm..." I let out a long moan.
The hard cock in his pants pressed more into me spreading my pussy with its thickness. I felt my pussy lips spread apart and his hardness press right between them driving me insane. My hand was beginning to inch its way down towards the fly in his pants to release his cock ... to fuck me with it ... to use me like I longed to be used, but ... but he let go of my nipple and got up. I lay there looking up at him with my legs spread open ... my pussy dripping and waiting for his cock but he got up!
"Kate, we have to hurry," He said.
His words woke me up from the sexual trance I was in and I slowly got up noticing his crotch had a considerable wet spot from where he pressed it into my wet pussy. I was a little mad at him for not finishing what he started but understood why he stopped.
"You better take care of that," I said to him pointing at his crotch and walked into the bathroom.
I closed the door behind me and planted my hand on the counter top supporting myself, barely able to stand. My god I was so close to having him fuck me! Another moment and I would have dug his cock out of his pants and put it in me! I looked at myself in the mirror frustrated I did not get my release and noticed it wasn't me looking back. I quickly washed off the makeup and using what I could find in the bathroom put on new makeup. It wouldn't be the same as before but no one but Gina would notice it. I would just have to figure out how to explain it to Gina. I walked back into the room. Jason was gone. I picked up my clothes and put them on. Giving myself one last scan to make sure everything was in order, I walked out to the living room.
Tommy and Gina were already there and Gina was taking her clothes off, I was surprised she was doing that in front of everyone but quickly realized she had the new bathing suit on.
"We had to go all the way to the North Mall to get this thing but I think you guys will like it. It fits Gina perfectly," Tommy tried to explain why it took them so long.
He looked at me and frowned.
"Sorry it took so long Mom."
"It's Ok, what kind of bikini did you pick up?" I quickly changed the subject.
"Kate, you're going to love it, I almost picked one up for you," Gina said sliding her pants off.
Because her pants were so tight, she took extra long taking care her bikini panties did not slide off with it. When she finally had it off I saw it was yellow and pretty small. It covered her pussy but stopped maybe an inch above her clit. The fabric was narrow too, I could see the skin on the side of her pussy showing tan lines.
"Wow, that is nice," I said.
Gina smiled and gave me a knowing wink.
"Ok, Gina, take your place."
For the next hour and a half the boys went through the rigorous routine of photographing Gina in multitude of positions until the poor girl was worn out. Throughout the whole session Tim and Jason looked at me excitedly but never said a word regarding what we did earlier.
I kept thinking of the pictures they took and the idea of my own web site ... my own secret porn web site. As much as it was dangerous, the idea thrilled me and gave me little goose bumps all over my body as I watched them circling Gina taking photographs. I needed time to think and definitely see the pictures before I decided yes or no on the porn site idea. The very thought of it made me tense with goose bumps all over my body.
It took the boys over an hour to get all the pictures they wanted while Gina posed for them. I could tell it excited her just as much as it excited me when they took my pictures. The boys were busy little photographers at times bulling each other for the best angle to take the shot from but eventually they were done. It was time to go home.
Before Tommy, Gina and I left for the evening; I discretely told the boys I wanted to see the pictures first and they were not to post any of them without my approval. I told them I would be in touch.
After coming home from the photo shoot with Tommy's friends, I took another shower getting cleaned up. I logged on to my private email and left Tim and Jason another message telling them I would come by Tuesday to review the pictures and they were not to do anything without my approval.
The thought of those pictures being placed on the internet was very exciting but a little unnerving. There was something within me beginning to stir when I thought of thousands of perverts masturbating to my pictures. The most important thing however, was making sure no one would recognize me. I had to be involved in the selection of these pictures.
I prepared a tasty dinner for our f****y which produced lots of compliments for my culinary skills with Tommy giving me secret looks of lust making my nerves on the edge while talking to his dad at the same time. Even Kristy came back early from meeting her mysterious friend Barb and joined us at the dinner table. Kristy of course had her eyes on her dad and talked and laughed while giving him innocent but sexy looks. I did not believe one bit in her innocence and tried to puzzle out what she was planning. The only logical thing which came to my mind was she planned to seduce her dad which to me seemed extremely dangerous and could ruin a lot of things.
"Mom!" I suddenly heard.
Turning to my son I realized I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn't hear what he said.
"Ha? What?" I mumbled turning my attention back to him.
I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Kristy leaned over the table to pick up the salt. I could barely see John's eyes dart down to her chest for a moment after which he gave me a quick look.
"I need to stop her ... I need to stop her before she ruins everything?" An angry thought flashed in my mind.
Since the blouse she had on was low cut my husband most likely saw the expense of our daughter's cleavage.
"So are we going to have our f****y photo shoot tonight or are you all too tired?" I blurted a first thing which came to my mind.
John's eyes peeled away from Kristy's cleavage and he immediately recognized the murderous look I was giving him. His face turned crimson as he sat back in his chair. Kristy's eyes narrowed as she looked at me but she sat back as well. Phew! I think I was able to distract her from trying to seduce her father.
"Of course, why don't we do it right now."
I gaped at my son who picked up on so quickly what I managed to blurt out.
"Dad and I will do the dishes as you two gorgeous ladies go upstairs and get ready. Right Dad?"
John stirred as if woken up from a dream but at least his face wasn't colored anymore. I didn't feel sorry for him at all since he was caught looking at our daughter's cleavage, something he shouldn't be doing.
"Yes of course, you two go get ready," He said getting up.
"And wear something sexy, we want you two to look your best."
Tommy quickly followed him to the sink carrying some of the dinner dishes and Kristy slid out of the chair. I could not believe my son just said that. Sexy! Me, his Mom, wear something sexy? And my husband didn't even say anything!
"Well Mom, we can't disappoint the MEN. Let's put on some sexy clothes."
My daughter was up the stairs before I could stop her. The only thing to do was to follow her lead. I walked up the stairs and knocked on her door.
"Kristy, open the door."
I needed to have a chat with that girl. After a few moments the door swung open and my beautiful daughter was standing on the other side of it completely naked. Her full breasts heaved with anticipated excitement and her pink nipples were hard ... very hard.
Kristy smiled as my eyes darted down to her freshly shaved vulva and turned around walking away. I swallowed hard and walked in shutting the door behind me.
"Kristy, what are you doing?" I asked standing there watching her bend over and rummage through the bottom drawer of her dresser.
Her young slit was perfectly visible and her ass cheeks would move from time to time teasing me with what was between them.
"I'm looking for the panties I want to wear, what do you mean what am I doing?" She answered without changing position.
"With your Dad Kristy! What are you trying to do with your Dad?"
She stiffened up for a moment then stood up and looked at me.
"Nothing Mom. It's just that Dad keeps looking at me, he keeps looking at my breasts every chance he gets."
"He's looking at them because you're teasing him with them. Just don't tease him."
She stood there looking at me completely naked, looking into my eyes. Suddenly she took a step towards me swaying her sexy hips and my eyes slid down her body towards her naked sex but only for a moment. When I looked back into her eyes I notice a small smile cross her lips.
"Mom, you know, when you let me watch you with Dad for the very first time I was so amazed not only at you and your gorgeous body but also at Dad ... and ... and his cock."
She took another step towards me and my eyes moved down to her sexy hips no matter how hard I tried to keep them on her face. Her tender pussy lips were just peeking out from between her legs.
"And then you let me ... you let me taste it ... you let me taste Dad's cock. Since then I craved it, masturbated thinking of it, I dreamed of it Mom."
She was close to me now, almost next to me and I still watched her sweet pussy lips between those milky thighs.
"Kristy, I know baby but you can't seduce your Dad, it might end a lot of things for us," I whispered.
She came up to me now and grabbed my neck bringing her lips next to mine, she looked deeply into my eyes.
"I know Mom but I want him. And if he takes that step, if he takes that step and wants to fuck me ... I'll let him."
Before I could protest my daughter smashed her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Her tongue snaked it's way into my mouth drowning any please for her to stop and quickly found mine enticing it to a passionate duel. My mind filled with a mental image of my daughter fucking my husband and I moaned uncontrollably into her mouth.
"You can't stop me Mom, he can fuck me anytime he wants to just like you do ... just like you can fuck me anytime you want to."
She kissed me again but didn't take her eyes off of mine.
"Do you want me right now Mom? Do you want to fuck me?" She whispered.
I didn't answer. I was afraid to say anything because I was afraid I would say the wrong thing. She smiled knowingly.
"You don't have to say it, I can see it in your eyes."
She kissed me again, passionately exploring my mouth with her tongue while I held on heavily breathing from the excitement I felt. Finally she pulled away, her own breasts heaving, nipples hard.
"You can have me tonight Mom if you want. You can fuck me, eat me or do anything you want to me. But now we have to get ready ... go get ready Mom," She whispered and went back to rummaging through her drawers.
I looked at her one last time and walked out. Everything she said was true, I would have fucked her right then if she would have let me, I couldn't deny it. I even felt excitement when she said she would let her Dad fuck her. I had no choice; I would have to let whatever happen, happen.
Once in my bedroom I realized I had no idea what to wear and furthermore didn't know what Kristy was going to wear. I walked into her room to ensure she would not wear anything provocative and came out totally confused. At least she said she was going to wear panties so I started there.
Unfortunately the panties I had were all provocative and I needed a modest pair in case I showed them. After a while I decided on a pair of white cotton panties which were small but at least not see-thru. I pulled them up and noticed the skin on the side of my pussy was showing and there was a definitive crease in the middle where my slit was.
I shrugged and put on a short but loose skirt, high heels along with a lacy bra and a sexy blouse with spaghetti straps. I put my hair up added a touch of fresh make-up and a pair of long earrings and I was ready.
Taking a deep breath I walked downstairs. Everyone was already there and I immediately noticed Kristy sitting next to her Dad. To my surprise she had a knee high skirt on and a blouse which did not show that much. She was ... she was dressed decently.
Suddenly my throat became dry knowing I showed much more skin then her. For some reason I thought my daughter would out due me in this department but now I looked like a slut and everyone's eyes were on me! Trembling I walked down and took a seat next to Tommy noticing my husband's eye widen a bit.
"Ok, great, wow Mom you look great," Kristy broke the uncomfortable silence.
"Yes Mom, perfect."
My son's eyes were wide and roaming all over me, especially my cleavage which due to my reveling blouse showed all the way down to bottom of my breasts. Suddenly Tommy got up and I thought he would start taking pictures but Kristy quickly got up too and walked up to him. The skirt which I thought was modest was actually pretty short.
"What does this button do?" She asked leaning into Tommy looking at the camera in his hands.
Her short skirt which left her knees and part of thighs exposed and a simple pull-over sweater covering her firm breasts but leaving a trace of cleavage for viewing pleasure were pretty seductive. I was surprised to notice Tommy's eyes dart to that cleavage for a second before answering. I didn't think anyone else but me noticed.
"That is ISO change button mostly used for quick changes you need to make in difficult lighting situations."
Kristy looked at him with a clueless look in her eyes.
"Oh, and what does that mean in English?" She smiled at him.
Tommy rolled his eyes.
"You just need to know this button," He pointed to the tiny thing.
"It's called: AUTOMATIC."
Kristy pursed her lips at him and narrowed her eyes into slits.
"Oh, and you think I'm totally dumb about taking photographs?" She said in a dangerous tone.
"Well ... maybe not entirely," Tommy answered and putting his camera up to his eye snapped a picture of his s****r.
Kristy shook her head but didn't answer.
"Tommy, how did the photo shoot go today?" John asked
My stomach immediately jumped to my throat. Although I knew no one but Tommy's two friends knew about how I exposed myself today, I looked at John surprised. Did he know?
"It was great Dad," Tommy answered taking another picture of Kristy.
He actually knelt low while taking the pictures.
"Gina was a sport, we took tons of pictures and a lot of them will end up on our site."
"Wait a minute, you mean your girlfriend was the model you guys used?" John said surprised.
My body became tenser as the conversation progressed.
"Yeah, of course."
It seemed Kristy wasn't even listening to the conversation; she stretched right in front of Tommy. John and I didn't see anything improper as her small skirt lifted with her extended body but I wondered if Tommy could. He still knelt low on the ground and could probably see further up his s****r's skirt than us.
"Oh, I thought you wanted bikini pictures."
Tommy snapped a couple of photos of Kristy while she stretched. I made a mental note to review the pictures later to find out what he saw.
"We did. Nice Kristy, very nice. Now why don't you stand by the fireplace," Tommy pointed towards it.
Oh boy, that's where he took my pictures and managed to convince me to take all my clothes off a while back.
"Wow, were you ok with it? I mean, letting your friends photograph your girlfriend dressed only in a bathing suit?" John became more interested in the photo shoot.
Kristy walked up to the fireplace and made a pose placing her hand on the mantle and looked into the camera.
"Of course Dad. See, that is what photographing art really is. It's being able to see anyone and in any situation as a subject of art and not as a girlfriend or a s****r," He said pointing to Kristy.
John looked at Kristy and Tommy walked up to her, put pressure with his hand on her lower back, twisted her a bit so her ass was now facing us and moved back. Kristy was now in a very sexy pose, her skirt slightly lifted showing muscular thighs to right below her butt level.
John gave me a look but I didn't say anything, she was not showing anything inappropriate.
"Hmmm, I guess I haven't thought of it that way."
John was silent for the next few minutes watching his son direct Kristy to twist, raise her chin, move her arms and basically pose for him while he took pictures. I could tell Kristy enjoyed the attention and knew from experience she was probably excited right now.
"Can I get one of you to pose with Kristy? I want to try multiple subjects," He turned to us.
John and I looked at each other neither one of us wanting to be the one on display at the moment.
"Come on Dad, pose with me," Kristy chimed in extending her hand towards her Dad.
John sighed and got up. I gave her a look and begun questioning her motives.
"Sure thing pumpkin."
John was dressed in his casual shorts and a tea shirt. Unlike Kristy and I who tried to look nice, he decided to show up for the picture session totally casual. His shorts were the older short-shorts style which he still loved to wear despite the current trend for baggy shorts.
Kristy's face lit up and her eyes were all over her Dad. When he walked up to her she pressed her back to his chest looking at Tommy's camera. Tommy snapped a couple of pictures.
"Good you two. Now Kristy, pretend like you are hiking a football to Dad. Dad, you pretend to receive the football from Kristy. This should be a fun pic."
I gave Tommy a concerned look but he did not pay any attention to me. Kristy immediately bent over and spreading her legs pressed her ass out towards her Dad. Her skirt moved further up to the point where it was barely covering her ass. John casually bent over behind Kristy and put his hands between her legs as if ready to "receive the football".
I held my breath, it was a fun picture but also very provocative. Kristy was bent over and her low cut sweater barely able to contain her full breasts while her DAD had his hands between her sleek, long legs!
I moved my head a bit to see where exactly my husband's hands were and exhaled with relief seeing them an inch or so away from the insides of her thighs.
"Perfect, this is going to be great!" Tommy said after taking several pictures in that position.
"Now Dad just stand straight and Kristy lean against Dad but this time put your hands around his neck as if you were hanging there for support."
What? Why was he doing this? This was going further then just an innocent f****y photo session and I knew I had to break this up. Just as I was about to protest, Tommy chimed in again.
"Ah Tommy, that's far enough," I mumbled shaking my head in disapproval.
"Don't you think that's taking it too far?" I gave my son a meaningful look.
He smiled and studied me for a moment.
"Mom, in normal circumstances you would be right, but here we are taking artistic photos of Dad and Kristy. There is no attraction between them simply because they are related and this is ART," He emphasized the last word.
"Again, this goes along the same lines of Gina posing in tiny bikini in front of my friends. It was sexy, racy and whatever else you want to say about it but I was fine with it. Why? Because it was art and she was a model. Here, Dad and Kristy are models and we all should be fine with it."
I looked at John and saw him shrugging his shoulders. Kristy smiled and leaning against her Dad put her arms up and wrapped her hands around his neck like Tommy directed.
"I really don't mind Mom; it's actually kind of fun, right Dad?" Kristy said and gave John a look while hanging on to his neck.
I'm sure she didn't mind clinging to her Dad especially after giving him a secret BLOW JOB the night before!
"Sure pumpkin, it is fun."
John failed to look at me while I stared at him in amazement. Did he mean it? Did he enjoy taking the pictures or his daughter clinging to him?
"Ok, Kristy look into the camera, yes like that. Stick your breasts out as much as you can, beautiful now arch your back. Yes, hold it,"
Click, click, click.
Tommy's new camera captured the scene while Kristy's ass was pressed hard into her Dad's groin. I could tell John had a hard time breathing in a controlled manner.
"Good, now Dad put your hands on Kristy's hips."
John slowly moved his hands and put them high on Kristy's hips.
"Kristy, bend your head back and look at Dad upside-down. Dad, hold her so she doesn't fall."
Kristy bent in such a way the top of her head was touching John's chest while she looked at him from below. John held on to her hips tightly and looked down at his daughter. I noticed, with some envy, his eyes slid down to her very much exposed cleavage showing considerable amount of soft breasts.
Tommy on the other hand was kneeling and taking pictures from the ground up. Because Kristy was so bent back she spread her legs for greater stability but her b*****r now had a view up her skirt.
"Dad, kiss Kristy on the forehead."
John instinctively closed his eyes and planted a kiss on his daughter's forehead like he did a thousand times before.
"Good, now hold it."
I had to admit, Tommy managed to create a fascinating pose. He took photos from the front, sides and even climbed on the chair in front of Kristy and took one from above.
Suddenly he gave me a quizzical look and a weak smile, then dropped to his knees and lay down in front of his s****r and snapped a few photos up her skirt.
I gasped at him. That wasn't art; it was Tommy being a pervert! I was just about to say something when he got up.
"Good, you can relax."
Kristy turned and gave John a hug.
"That was fun Daddy, we should do this again."
"Yeah, sure it was," John answered hugging her back.
He looked at me.
"Now what about your Mom and Tommy, we need to take their pictures as well."
Kristy turned looking at me with wide eyes. Suddenly her eyes narrowed and she strolled up to her b*****r.
"Daddy's right, your guys' turn."
She took the camera out of his hands and pointed to me.
"Go sit with Mom."
My heart pounded in my chest and I didn't know how to stop it. I knew I needed to look natural and not tense but I could not help it, I was tense.
Tommy scratched his head, looked at his Dad and shuffled over to my couch dropping down beside me. He sat a few inches away leaving space separating us.
Kristy immediately began taking pictures pretending to be like Tommy and taking them from the sides and from the floor while awkwardly holding the camera in her demure hands. Her sweater, seemingly tight at the moment, slid up exposing some of her midsection and parts of her hips in a provocative way. I saw John watching her from the side, his eyes absorbing what his daughter was doing and probably what she showed.
Tommy shook his head at Kristy.
"No Kristy, that is not how you hold it," He said as father might scold a c***d.
He quickly got up and positioned himself behind his s****r who was keeling in front of me.
"Hold it firmly like this."
He leaned over and grabbing her hands squeezed them tightly.
Kristy just giggled.
"All right, I will."
It almost looked like Tommy was staring down his s****r's sweater but I couldn't tell for sure.
"Look, a photographer needs to look at all angles because you never know where the best shot will come from. So, after you decide on the general vector of the shot move a little from side to side and determine what the best shot is."
Placing his hands on her shoulders, he moved her to the side. Kristy lost her balance and fell to the side obscenely spreading her legs to maintain balance. Her efforts were futile; she fell on her side protecting the camera while her legs were spread apart. Her short skirt rode up and all of us watching her were greeted to a wonderful sight of my daughter's tight panties.
"Tommy! What are you doing?" She yelled.
Her panties were tiny, barely big enough to cover her sex. What I noticed right away was a crease in the middle of them signifying where her slit was and a dark, wet spot! It was so visible Tommy and John had no problem noticing it.
"Ooops, sorry," Tommy murmured, his eyes on her panties.
I looked sharply at John and noticed he was staring but quickly looked away when I looked at him.
"Tommy, help your s****r up," I snapped displeased by how this turned into a perverted peeping-tom session.
However, deep inside me I felt the tense, erotic excitement at the sight of them watching my daughter.
"Oh Jesus, what is happening to me?" I asked myself.
I couldn't understand it, it was so morally wrong but yet, that wrong situation managed to turn me on. I swallowed hard to clear my throat.
Kristy rolled to her back, legs spread facing Tommy and John, and extended her hand to him. I watched Tommy bend down and grabbing her hand, he pulled her up. His eyes were on her crotch the whole time.
John was no better. His eyes were roaming over our daughter's long, smooth legs and her exposed crotch which showed an intimate impression of her pussy. He must have been embarrassed by what he was doing due to his face changing color but he still looked on as if he did not have any control over his eyes.
Finally, when Kristy was up, Tommy casually walked over to the couch and sat beside me. I watched him with wide eyes ready to chastise but he made sure not to look at me.
Kristy begun to take more pictures without pulling her skirt down so her long legs were completely exposed up to her butt and no one said anything. No one, not even me!
"Oh my god, this isn't happening!" My mind whispered.
Kristy's face was flushed and she spread her legs apart a bit more and leaned forward knowing her Dad was right behind her watching. Her skirt crept up more and the bottoms of her ass cheeks were now showing.
Tommy moved up close to me and putting his arm around me placed his hand on top of my shoulder, his fingertips resting on the strap of my top. I wore a simple white blouse with spaghetti straps and a bra underneath along with my skirt.
Click, click.
Tommy's fingers begun playing with my strap, pulling it from time to time and then sliding it to the edge of my shoulder as if he wanted to push it off. He did it in slow movements, barely noticeable as if what he was doing wasn't premeditated.
I looked at him and then at my husband, both had their eyes peeled to the strap which was now dangerously close to coming off my shoulder. Even Kristy was zooming in on the strap.
Suddenly I felt it slide off down the side of my arm slowly peeling that side of my blouse off to expose the lacy bra underneath. I froze knowing my husband watched and my daughter took pictures of this.
With my heart beating hard in my chest I looked down to see what I showed. The edge of the bra stopped about an inch above my nipple, hiding it but leaving considerable amount of skin and cleavage exposed.
Tommy's hand begun playing with my bra strap just as it was with my blouse and I knew if I allowed him to slide that off my shoulder, my breast would become exposed.
With my heart beating hard I slowly put my hand on top of his stopping him from sliding my bra strap off.
"Kristy, don't you think we should try a different pose now?" I asked with a trembling voice.
Kristy blinked and shook her head in agreement as if my words woke her up from a spell. John took a deep breath and running his fingers through his hair turned around. Tommy just smiled at me.
"Ok Mom, what did you have in mind?" He asked.
I stood up on trembling legs. I could not believe how far this went! Tommy slid one side of my blouse off my shoulder in front of them! Both, my husband and my daughter watched and didn't say anything! I tried to decipher what that meant but didn't have time as I had to pay attention to Kristy directing me.
"Mom, stand right there and Tommy, you get behind her and hug her, you know ... one of those mother/son hugs."
Tommy complied and I was soon wrapped up in his strong arms. It felt good regardless of the situation making me smile for the camera.
John watched and gave Kristy and her exposed legs a long stare from time to time as she moved right and left, knelt, bent over and even lay down on the carpet taking photos.
"Now Tommy, slide Mom's blouse strap off just like before," My daughter suddenly said.
"Kristy, no way!" I immediately yelled shocked at what she said.
"Mom, it's just like Tommy said, ART."
Art was one thing but getting me naked in front of my husband and k**s was something else.
"No, this is going too far."
"Dad, tell Mom not to be such an old prune. I mean we all understood what Tommy said about ART. It's not like we are getting you naked." Kristy said turning back to me.
Old prune? Old prune?
"Honey, it's just a strap, I think it would be Ok. Let Kristy express herself," John said while his eyes moved to Kristy's ass for a moment.
Old prune! I couldn't believe she said that, I was shocked!
I felt Tommy's hands on my shoulders and suddenly my top slid down on one side again. I felt my son behind me but I did not pay any attention to what he was doing because of being so distraught about what Kristy said.
"Nice, now the other one," Kristy blinked.
"I'm far from being an old prune c***d."
I used those words because I knew Kristy didn't like to be called a c***d. She wrinkled her forehead and gave me a displeased look. Good, it worked.
Before I realized Tommy slipped the other strap from my shoulder and my blouse fell down half way which exposed the top of my bra underneath. The only thing which held my blouse up on my breasts were my very erect nipples.
"Oh yeah Mom, prove it."
She kept on taking my pictures and I couldn't understand why she doubted me. I no longer cared about my breasts. Obviously it was all right with everyone here that they just hang out! I reached behind me and grabbing Tommy's hands brought them down to my thighs.
"Mom, what are you doing?" I heard him whisper.
I gave John one final look, the look that said if he was going to stop me now was the time. He sat behind Kristy watching her but now his wide eyes were glued to our son's hands. I slowly dragged Tommy's hands up the outer sides of my thighs, until I begun lifting my skirt with them. Looking into the camera I gave my daughter the sexiest look I could muster.
"How is that for an old prune?" I whispered.
Kristy watched forgetting to take pictures. My blouse slid off of my breasts completely bunching up around my waist and I felt one of my bra straps slide as well. I knew Tommy didn't do it, he wouldn't dare, but the strap must have loosened by itself. My heart beat hard as my breast became more and more exposed.
I gave it a quick look and noticed the edge of my aureole on that side showing. Somehow my hands continued to pull Tommy's hands along my thighs as I stared daringly at my daughter. This was no longer a photo session, this was a dare session between a Mother and Daughter. Her eyes narrowed when my skirt was up to the point of showing my panties. That's where I stopped; I just couldn't go any further.
Tommy was pressed against my ass and I could feel his hardness beginning to grow in his shorts. If I went higher and exposed myself more or if I allowed him to ... to touch me, his cock would get fully hard and I couldn't do that. Not here, not in front of my husband.
"I think it's enough fun for one night, don't you think?" I said and pulled away from Tommy.
Although his cock was not fully hard, it did make an impression in his shorts which Kristy was now staring at. Tommy realized he was showing his semi hardness and quickly turned around while I pulled my skirt down and rearranged my blouse.
Everyone was quite for a moment, I'm sure we were all thinking of what just happened and how it made us feel. Tommy was the first one to snap out of the trance.
He walked up to Kristy and took the camera out of her hands.
"You're dangerous with this thing."
She just smiled at him.
"I'm sure you hated every moment of it," She whispered and gave his crotch a meaningful look.
Embarrassed he looked away from her while I walked out of the room heading for the kitchen. I poured myself a tall glass of wine thinking of what I did. My hands still trembled from the excitement I felt.
My mind was unforgiving.
John walked into the kitchen and leaning on the countertop beside me gave me a weak smile. He suspected I was upset but he had no idea I was excited, and how fucking wet I was at the moment.
"John, I..." I started but he interrupted me.
"Don't, I know you are upset and whatever it was between you and Kristy is over now." He said referring to our dare session.
My chest rose and fell steadily with excitement and taking a deep breath I was able to come down a bit. He seemed at ease with what just happened but concerned for me.
"John, it's not ok, we need to talk this out," I whispered.
He gave me a long look and shrugged his shoulders.
"You mean you letting Tommy feel your thighs? Or Kristy letting me watch her ass while her skirt was up around her waist?" He suddenly asked.
The boldness of his words startled me but he managed to hit it right on the nail. I hung my head low embarrassed at what I did.
"Yes ... both..." I whispered.
He laughed. HE LAUGHED!
I was about to say a few nasty words when he stopped me again.
"Don't you realize how much I love you?"
His soft eyes and his words melted all my anger at that moment.
"So you showed a bit of cleavage, so what? How many women these days show so much more than that? And think about the families who take their k**s to nudist colonies, who take off all their clothes along with their k**s and prance around on the beach with others."
His eyes shone with passion and his tense voice told me he really believed in what he was saying.
"John, this was a bit different then nudist colony. We're in our living room and I let Tommy touch me," I whispered still concerned with what I did.
John stood in front of me and grabbed my arms while looking deeply into my eyes.
"Kate, remember about ART, remember why we were doing this, besides ... there is nothing which could come between us, nothing."
All I saw was his handsome face and then his lips pressed to mine in an intimate kiss. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in, slowly circling around it with mine playing the passionate duel. I felt my knees weaken and if this continued for a moment longer, I wasn't sure if I could stand anymore.
When he pulled back I let in a deep breath and surprised at the intensity of his kiss looked at him. All I saw was love.
"I love you too," I whispered pulling myself to his chest.
"Besides, Tommy just touched your thighs. Kristy however, showed me a totally new side of her," He chuckled.
I looked up at him and laughed as well.
"I know, that little slut," I whispered lovingly about our daughter.
"She was ... she was ... wet," He whispered.
"John, you shouldn't talk about your daughter like that," I said but continued to nestle myself in his arms.
"I know Kate but ... I couldn't help but to look at her ... her..."
"Ok John, I know," I interrupted him.
"You think that makes me a horrible person ... a horrible Dad?"
"No, of course not. She shouldn't have showed you so much of herself. I don't blame you at all. John, what are we going to do? What should we say to the k**s?" I asked.
I was concerned about our relationships. John took a deep breath and hugged me.
"Nothing, we should say nothing because nothing happened. Everything we did was normal in my book."
I looked up at him trying to decide if I should just let it go.
"Don't worry Kate. Things have a way or working themselves out. Just give it time."
I pressed my cheek to his big chest thinking about us and our k**s.
"Kate," John whispered.
He didn't answer for a moment, hesitating.
"Can we ... can you ... ah..."
"John, what is it?" I asked after he stopped.
Again he took a deep breath.
"Can we have sex again tonight?"
"Of course," I smiled.
"The way ... the way we did the other night?"
The other night? Did he mean with Kristy?
"You mean with the girl?" I whispered.
"I don't know John, I don't know if she's available," I whispered.
"Ok, I thought perhaps it might be fun..."
He hugged me and kissed my hair as we stood wrapped in each other's arms for a long moment. He wanted to have sex with Kristy again who in his mind was some e****t I hired. I know he loved me, that much was evident but he liked what Kristy and I did to him last time and wanted more.
I Knew Kristy would love another opportunity to suck her dad's cock and I was horny as well. It might be fun.
"I'll make the call and find out if she can come over later tonight," I told him pulling away.
"You're the best babe," He said, his eyes already wide with excitement.
Tommy and Kristy were already in their rooms so I pretended to make a call on my cell and inconspicuously headed up to Kristy's room.
"Hey, can I come in?" I said after knocking on her door.
"Sure," Came a reply.
I opened the door and walked in. Kristy was laying in bed so I took a seat next to her.
"Nice show you gave your Dad today."
"It was nothing compared to yours," She responded.
"I only did that because you called me an old prune."
"Oh, and I guess I'm still just a c***d."
This wasn't going anywhere. She was hurt and so was I, somehow we needed to put our hostilities behind us.
"Kristy ... I wondered if you want to have some fun tonight?" I said cautiously.
She lifted her head and looked at me.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean what we did the last time ... with your Dad."
Her eyes widened and she sat up in bed grabbing my hands.
"Oh god Mom, really?"
I smiled at her. She was such a nympho.
"Yes, tonight, that is if you want to."
"Yes, yes, yes, I do."
"It will just be oral, you can suck your Dad's cock but that's all. Understand?" I looked at her sternly.
She was a sight of innocence fluttering her eyelashes at me with a smile.
"Of course Mom."
I got up and walked up to the door.
"Just be ready at 11, I'll come and get you," I told her and left.
Hmmm, I couldn't wait to play with my daughter again while fucking my husband. Looking at the clock I noticed I had about an hour so I decided to take a bath and shave my pussy really good for the occasion. I told John the girl was willing to come out at about 11 and everything was set. Of course he was very excited and stripping down jumped in the shower.
After my bath I took my time to dress in a sexy pair of panties watching my husband shave and put tons of cologne on making me laugh. Finally it was ten minutes till eleven; it was time to tie John up.
"Honey, are you ready?"
He walked out of the bathroom with his shorts already tenting from a hard on he had. I put a hand to my mouth in a surprised fashion.
"Oh my, is this all for me?"
"Jesus Kate, I just can't help it," He muttered and walked up to the bed.
I already had the ropes ready. I walked up to him and with one strong pull had his shorts down around his ankles. His large cock bobbed up and down in front of me. I grabbed the hard shaft and stroked it a couple of times.
"Hmmm, you want me to fuck this thing don't you?"
I felt the excitement coursing through my body and saying those words only intensified it.
"Oh my god, yesssss."
I pushed him towards the bed and when the back of his legs hit the mattress he fell backwards, his hard cock slapping against his stomach. I moved in between his legs spreading them to the sides. I was naked save for a tiny pair of panties.
I leaned over him and grabbed his cock stroking it. I ran my other hand along his leg down to his knee and pushed hard on it until it was spread open. I did the same to his other leg constantly working on his cock with my hand. He watched me the whole time, his face flushed, his eyes wide and full of excitement.
I tied both of his feet with the rope and letting go of his cock moved up to his arms crawling over his body. I stretched his arm out while my breast hung low over his face, my nipple just mare inches away from his mouth.
He lifted his head trying to reach my nipple with his mouth but I pulled away teasing him. I tied his hands and put the blindfold on him. He was ready. It was eleven o'clock.
"Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back," I whispered to him.
Since Tommy was still in the house I put my robe on and walked out into the hallway closing the bedroom door behind me. The hallway was barely illuminated by a lonely nigh-light plugged into an electrical socket in the middle.
I thought of going straight to Kristy's room to get her but that might be too obvious, too quick. I decided to go downstairs and at least pretend like I'm letting someone in.
I made my way downstairs and walked up to the front door.
"Hey Mom, where are you going?"
I jumped at the words. It was Tommy. He sat on the couch watching me, a remote for the TV in his hand. He must have been ready to turn it on.
"Jesus Tommy, you scared me!" I exclaimed.
He quickly got up. He was only dressed in shorts.
"I'm just making sure the front door is locked," I added so he wouldn't suspect anything.
Tommy walked up to me and grabbing my hips pulled me to him.
"Mom, I missed you so much," He whispered.
I placed my hands on his arms and looked up at him just to receive his lips on mine in an intimate kiss. I kissed my son back and opened my mouth to allow his wet tongue to slide inside while his hands fumbled with my robe.
Suddenly I felt cool air around my front and knew he had my robe open. I gave him a push to stop the kiss.
"Mom, I want you so bad," He whispered, his chest rising and falling with heavy breathing.
My robe was opened in the front and my breasts with very hard nipples were showing along with the tiny pair of panties I wore.
"Tommy, we can't, your Dad is upstairs," I whispered to him.
"And he's tied up ready for me to fuck him," I thought in my mind.
Tommy pulled me back into him and begun to work on my robe trying to pull it off.
"He's probably asl**p Mom, please, I missed you so much."
Again he smashed his lips to mine and I felt my knees weakening while one of his hands found my breast. I felt my robe sliding off of me and unable to stop him, allowed my son to push it completely off of me. The robe fell to the ground.
"Oh my god, look at you," He whispered taking a step back.
He quickly kneeled in front of me and pulled on my panties sliding them off of me.
"Tommy, Jesus son, we shouldn't do this right here right now. Your Dad and your s****r are home," I pleaded.
He didn't listen and soon had my panties around my ankles. He looked up at me expectantly and my legs lifted by themselves stepping out of the wet panties. Wet, very wet panties!
I thought of John tied up on our bad and knew I had to get back. Kristy was probably waiting for me to get her and here I was with Tommy getting naked. I had to stop him and get away!
He stood up and kissing me, wrapped his hands around me squeezing my ass, rubbing it and working it in all different directions making me squirm with pleasure. I wanted to tell him to stop, to let me go but nothing came out of my mouth except for small whimpers of pleasure.
"Mom, I have to fuck you, please I have to have you now," He whispered.
We were near the stairs, right under my bedroom door but out of the direct view from the top. He spun me around and holding on to my hip, pushed on my back until I was completely bent over. I knew what was coming, I was about to receive his big, hard cock.
"Tommy, not here, what if Kristy comes downstairs? Let's go int ... awwwhhh!"
He penetrated me with one smooth motion, one stroke and his cock sunk to the hilt in my very wet pussy.
"Ohhhh Tommy, ohhhh ... my god ... uhhhhhhhhhhhh" I moaned.
His cock was hard, very hard; I felt every inch, every vein of the shaft which begun pumping in and out of my tender love chute. Bent over as I was all I could do was spread my legs more, get into a comfortable position and hang on.
"Oh yeah Mom, you feel so fucking good," He moaned.
He held me by my hips and drove his big cock in and out of me with f***e slapping my clit with his balls every time he drove into me. I held on giving out small moans of pleasure afraid to make more noise.
I don't know how long he fucked me for, must have been minutes, but suddenly I saw light on top coming from the hallway. I quickly straightened out pressing my ass and my back against Tommy and reached back for his neck grabbing it. His cock was buried deep in my pussy.
"Shhhhh, someone's coming," I whispered.
We both froze in this position and I watched with panic and anticipation. I knew it was Kristy since John was tied up on the bed.
Tommy's hands slid along my stomach up to my breasts cupping them. I turned my head a bit to give him a warning but instead, received his lips on mine and soon his tongue in my mouth. I instinctively kissed him back, our tongues playing the erotic duel inside my mouth while my eyes stayed glued to the hallway above us.
Suddenly I saw a shadow, Kristy's shadow stop by my bedroom door just when Tommy's fingers found my erect nipples twisting them in a firm fashion. A low moan escaped me into my son's mouth which I hoped Kristy didn't hear.
My bedroom door opened and light flooded the hallway above letting me see Kristy. She was completely naked peeking into my bedroom.
"Oh God, John, he's still tied up!" My mind screamed.
I looked at Tommy but he didn't pay any attention, instead, he pulled my nipples outward stretching them and slight pain emanated from my breasts. I couldn't concentrate. I needed to stop my daughter from entering my bedroom, but didn't know how. I needed to stop my son from fucking me, but didn't know how.
Pleasure from my son's cock deep inside my pussy mixed with slight pain from his treatment of my nipples clouded my judgment. I fought my hardest not to make a noise while my daughter slipped inside my bedroom and closed the door behind her.
"Oh god Tommy fuck me, fuck me hard," I whispered back at him as soon as Kristy closed the door.
I didn't have to say it again, my son let go of my tits, grabbed onto my hips and started driving his pulsating cock in and out of me. The f***e with which he fucked me reverberated around us with sounds of his thighs slapping against my ass and his balls slapping against my clit.
My only hope was he would come soon but knowing Tommy, it would take a while. He already managed to curl my toes with pleasure and the deeply tense erotic feeling begun to build up in my pussy radiating to my whole body.
I only imagined what my daughter was doing at that moment with my husband. He was tied up and unable to see and she wanted him so bad. Was she fucking him? Did she crawl up on the bed and guiding his hard cock lowered herself on top of it like a slut? I needed to know so bad!
"Oh fuck Tommy; you're going to make me cum!" I yelled forgetting we were so close to my bedroom.
My comment only managed to make my son fuck me harder. He took me with f***e like an a****l driving his manhood into me as I held on like a slut taking his punishment.
"A SLUT!" My thoughts kept me in a state of high sexual arousal.
"Oh yes ... oh fuck yes ... Mom, your pussy's so fucking hot!" He moaned.
I felt him sweating, dripping his sweat on top of me, on top of my ass. I was tense, ready to cum and when Tommy finally yelled he was Cuming, I thought of my daughter fucking my husband. A picture of Kristy, spread open, mounted on top of John fucking his cock popped into my mind and I released all that energy built up inside of me in a wave of sexual orgasm.
"Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm..." I clamped my hand over my mouth and came.
At that moment I felt my son's cock explode inside of me while he moaned right behind me. We both tried to be quite and enjoy this wonderful moment.
Tommy's cock squirted a lot of cum inside of me, I felt some of it f***ed out of my pussy run down the insides of my thighs while I squirmed in my own ecstasy.
When it was finally over I fell forward on top of the stairs twisting around so my butt and back hit the rough stairs. Tommy's big cock came out of me with a sucking sound and hung above me still semi hard and very wet.
My pussy was full of cum and I didn't want to make a mess so I squeezed my thighs together hoping it would not drip out of me. I sat back watching my son, my hands at my sides supporting myself up.
Tommy watched me and as incredible as it was, his cock was still semi-hard. I shook my head unbelievably watching it and saw my son take a step forward. I gave him a look of curiosity but didn't say anything.
Tommy took another step and placed each foot on my sides, his wet cock inches from my face. I saw right through him.
"Son, what do you want?" I asked although I already knew.
He smiled and I could tell his face turned red. Amazing, he was eighteen, able to fuck me whenever he wanted and still embarrassed about asking me to suck his cock. Or was it because his cock was covered in his cum?
"Mom, just thought you would ... would ... you know," He whispered.
I gave him a smile as well.
"Thought I would do what?" I asked without mercy.
He closed his eyes for a second and sighed.
"I thought you might want to perhaps ... ah ... suck me," He stumbled.
God, for some reason this was turning me on.
"Suck you? After I let you fuck me and cum inside of me, now you want me to suck your cock and lick your cum off of it like some slut?"
Uhhhhmmmm, it felt so kinky to say that! He watched me for a moment; he could see how heavy I breathed and knew I wanted him to call me a slut.
"Yes, Mom, suck me."
He lowered his wet cock to my lips.
"Suck me ... Mom ... be a slut for me," He whispered intensely watching me.
Although my daughter was in my bedroom probably screwing my husband I gave out a low moan of pleasure from being called a slut. Tommy bent his spread open legs and lowered his cock until the wet tip touched my lips smearing the cum across them.
Without changing position I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth.
"Oh, that's a good slut, now take my cock and suck it," He whispered.
Again, my son managed to curl my toes from pleasure of hearing him call me that. It was weird but I loved to be called a slut.
Without saying anything I allowed him to slide his wet cock into my opened mouth until the big head pressed against the back of my throat. That's when I wrapped my lips around the warm shaft and sucked hard.
"Uhhhhmmmm, I love it Mom, you're such a SLUT," He whispered emphasizing the magic word.
"Uggghmmm," I moaned from around his cock.
I sucked and licked until his cock was completely cleaned that's when I allowed him to pull it out of my mouth. He took a step back and I stood up while keeping my legs close together so nothing would drip out.
I was ready to go upstairs but yet I hesitated. Being with Tommy meant so much to me. As if sensing my thoughts he walked up and hugged me.
"Thank you Mom, it was so special. Every time I'm with you it feels so right, so amazingly wonderful, I just can't describe it. I wish we could be together more often," He whispered in my ear.
I hugged him back with all the love I felt for my son.
"I love you son, I feel the same way, I love being with you."
Determined I pulled myself away from him.
"But now it's time for your slut to go upstairs and take care of your Dad," I whispered.
He smiled.
"Mom, you're not mad I called you that are you?" He sounded concerned.
"Are you k**ding me? I love it, you did everything right. Can't you tell? I came hard."
I gave him one last kiss and walked upstairs.
When I walked up to my bedroom door I stopped for a moment and listened. I heard muffled sounds and what sounded like moaning coming from inside which could only mean one thing, my daughter was fucking my husband.
Taking a very deep breath I opened the door and walked inside closing it right behind me. I was surprised at what I saw.
Kristy was in exactly the same position as last time she was here, between John's legs sucking his cock. Her young mouth worked his engorged member with perfection keeping him on the edge but not letting him cum.
She looked at me when I walked in and smiled continuing the blow job she was giving her Dad.
"Kate? Is that you?" John asked when he heard the door.
He was still tied up and blindfolded, he probably only suspected it was someone else giving him a blow job.
"Yes honey, enjoying yourself?" I asked him and walked up to the bed.
I sat down beside him watching Kristy handle his cock. Her blowjob skills have definitely improved.
"Oh god, you have no idea. Your friend here is very mysterious ... Ohhhh yeah ... she would not say a word no matter how much I tried to get her to say something."
Thank god! I gave Kristy a silent thank you.
"She likes it that way, less talk and more action."
Watching her suck her Dad's cock was making me hot.
"She is so good ... ohhhhh ... nice ... uhhhhhh."
"So John, did you ever have two woman give you a blow job at the same time?" I asked ready to join the action.
"Oh my god! That is one of my fantasies! Honey, please take that blind fold off, I have to see this," He pleaded.
"No, no, no ... If you want this you'll have to keep it on."
"But why?" He asked frustrated.
"Because it's your daughter who's sucking your cock right now!" I wanted to say.
"Because it's more intense this way," I said instead.
I slithered down to lay beside his cock and watched Kristy's mouth suck and lick. She watched me for a moment and then took John's cock out of her mouth. She leaned over and planted a wet kiss on my mouth sliding her tongue inside. I returned my daughter's kiss forgetting I just sucked her b*****r's wet cock and some of his cum was probably still in my mouth.
When Kristy put John's cock back in her mouth I brought my mouth closer and extending my tongue, licked the slick shaft.
"Oh my god ... yes..." John whispered.
He felt my tongue on him while Kristy's mouth was wrapped around his cock. I twisted my head to the side and pressed my lips to his cock opening my mouth enough so my lips wrapped half way around the shaft. I sucked while my daughter bobbed her head up and down in a constant blow job.
We continued this for several minutes then switched. I swallowed his cock while Kristy sucked the shaft from the side. This continued until I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed to fuck him.
"Ok, god Ok, I want it, I want that cock," I shouted.
I was so hot, my pussy so wet I just wanted to fuck again. I moved up and straddled John, my feet on either side of him facing Kristy who was still between John's legs. Since I was reclined and supported by my hands I looked at my daughter meaningfully.
She grabbed her Dad's cock and positioning it at the entrance to my pussy hole held it there until I lowered myself a bit. The head of John's cock slid into my love tunnel spreading my lips apart with its thickness.
"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned.
As soon as my daughter let go of it, I collapsed on top of that cock impaling myself with one motion until my pussy lips were touching his balls and the tip of his cock touched my cervix deep inside me. I brought my feet up and placed them on top of his knees, spread open as far as his legs were and supporting myself with my hands in the back I lifted my ass up.
"Oh fuck," My husband moaned as his cock slid out of my pussy.
I kept the head of his cock inside my hole just barely.
Kristy watched amazed with wide eyes, she had a front view inches away from the action taking it all in. Again I dropped my ass until I felt his balls on my pussy lips and the all familiar ticking in my cervix.
I begun the laborious effort of lifting myself up and dropping down, fucking myself in front of my daughter who intensely watched the action from inches away.
My pussy felt so slippery and his cock so moist it took no effort to take all that meat inside me.
Kristy moved up a bit, right between my opened legs. Her face and mouth were about an inch away from my pussy and suddenly ... suddenly my dear daughter's tongue thrust out of her mouth and raked across my clit.
"Ahhhhhhhh..." I moaned watching her.
I felt the wet slithery tongue touch my love button and even slide down a bit between my wet lips. Would she ... would she eat me while I fucked John? Oh god, this was so kinky!
I lifted myself up and held there for a moment until she looked up at me from between my legs. She placed her tongue on her Dad's shaft and held it there while I slowly pushed myself down on top of the cock.
When my dilated hole reached her tongue she did not flinch, she kept it there sliding it across my slit until her tongue reached my clit. That's when she enveloped my clit with her mouth and sucked hard.
"Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy fuckinggggggg goddddddddd!" I screamed.
Being deeply impaled on top of a cock and having my daughter suck the shit out of my clit at the same time put me to the top of the erotically extreme feeling building inside of me.
"Oh Jesus honey, what is happening, god tell me!" John couldn't see a damn thing.
"ohhh ... ohhh ... ohhh ... she's ... she's sucking my clit, oh fuck!"
Lifting myself up I watched my young daughter let go of my clit and run her tongue along my slit until she came to her Dad's wet cock. That's when she wrapped her mouth around the shaft sucking hard.
"Oh fuck!" John moaned.
I realized Tommy's cum I had inside of me must have dripped out and Kristy was probably sucking it but I didn't care. I intensely watched my slut daughter as I lowered myself down again letting her tongue slide across my slit and her mouth clamp around my clit.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I'mmmmmmm ... cummmmmmming!" I screamed and released.
I couldn't take it anymore. I opened up and let go of everything letting the fastest orgasm I ever had take over my body. I heard my screams as if in the distance and felt my daughter's mouth and tongue lick, lash and suck my clit while I enjoyed the incredible feeling.
After a few crazy and erotic moments I was done. Weakened I slumped to the side letting my husband's cock slide out of my wet pussy. Kristy immediately took his cock into her mouth.
"Oh Kate, you came so quick, ahhhh ... uhhhmmmm," John moaned while our daughter sucked him.
I weakly got up and slid down off the bed taking up a position on the ground beside my daughter. I watched as she lovingly sucked her Dad's cock. After a moment, she smiled and offered his cock to me. I smiled back and took it in my mouth. We took turns sucking him for a few moments.
I had his cock in my mouth when suddenly I noticed Kristy get up and straddle John getting herself into position I was earlier.
I looked at her shaking my head from side to side in a silent "NO". I could not allow her to fuck her father.
Kristy gave me begging look without saying a word and hovering over her Dad slid down a bit. Her hairless pussy was still few inches away from John's cock and my mouth but I gave her a dangerous look.
She didn't listen, she moved down a bit more watching me, pushing how much she could get away with. Her pussy was moist, with her lips slightly separated showing me her pink insides. I was fascinated by it and the situation forgetting for a moment what she wanted until those moist lips touched the cock I had in my mouth.
"Oh god NO!" I thought in panic.
My daughter's and my husband's sexual organs touched for the first time. Even though my lips were wrapped around the head of John's cock, I was able to look up at my daughter and notice her eyes rolled to the back of her head in a display of pleasure.
Her pussy pressed against the hard shaft made her lips spread apart wrapping themselves around the hard meat with moist tenderness.
"No, I have to stop this, this is so wrong!" My mind continued a futile attempt to take action.
But I didn't, I stayed with the cock in my mouth waiting to see what my daughter would do next. She smiled at me from above and very slowly, almost unnoticeably, moved her pelvis up and down sliding her pussy slit along the length of John's cock. Her moist pussy quickly coated his cock with her wetness.
"As long as I have my mouth over his cock she can't fuck him," I thought to myself.
As time dragged on her movements became more pronounced and soon her pussy slit was sliding up and down with eagerness the whole length of his cock.
"Ohh ... ohhh ... uhhhmmm ... ohhh ... uhmmm..."
Kristy begun whimpering with sexual pleasure in a low tone. Suddenly she brought her slit up to my lips smearing her wetness across them.
"Oh God..." I moaned, I wanted so much to let go of John's cock and lick my lips!
She did it again this time she pressed those hot pussy lips against my mouth for a moment. I couldn't stand this anymore. I let go of the cock and swept my tongue against her wet slit. I noticed the head of John's cock press against her pussy folds as she hungrily searched for it with her love hole.
I pulled his cock back at the very last moment and put my mouth over the wet cock head tasting my daughter on it.
Kristy grimaced and again pressed her pussy against the shaft sliding up and down. I knew she wanted to fuck him but I couldn't let her.
Suddenly Kristy lifted herself up and hovered over the cock, right in front of my face.
"She wants me to eat her! Oh god, she wants me to eat her pussy!"
I let go of John's cock and slid my tongue the length of my daughter's dripping pussy until I reached her clit. I wrapped my mouth around it and sucked just like she did to me.
"Ohhhhhh ... uuuhhhhmmm ... yessssssss..." She moaned.
I knew it was dangerous for her to say anything but John was probably in heaven at the moment and probably didn't notice.
When I let her go she slid down along John's cock making another whimpering sound and looked at me placing her feet on John's knees in the same fashion I had earlier. She was pressed against his cock so hard her pussy lips almost entirely wrapped around his shaft. Her legs were obscenely spread open and the head of John's cock was sticking out from the top of her slit making it look like it was her cock!
"Oh God!" I moaned and pressed my mouth to her pussy.
I started licking my daughter's pussy and my husband's cock at the same time slithering my tongue up and down the pussy lips and shaft which was wrapped in those lips with uncontrollable lust. I wanted more of her ... I wanted more of him! I licked and sucked.
John begun slow thrusting movements while his cock was sandwiched between my mouth and our daughter's pussy. He was ... he was fucking us!
Kristy raised herself up again, her pussy sliding higher and higher very slowly while pressed against him until the tip of John's throbbing cock was pressed against the opening of her fuck-hole. I watched as his slow thrusts dilated that fuck hole allowing the tip of the cock to slide in.
For some unknown reason I ... I continued to lick her pussy, watching as if hypnotized as my husband's cock slid inside our daughter. Inch by inch he slid inside of her while I twirled my tongue around her clit until she was firmly impaled on top of him. I stopped bringing her pleasure and looked up.
"Oh yes ... oh yes ... you feel so damn good," My husband moaned.
"Now fuck me whoever you are."
Kristy's eyes were wide with disbelief as were mine, neither one of us expected this but could not stop it due to our sexually excited state. We both looked at each other but knew what was about to happen.
The turmoil inside me made my mind spin. The slut versus mom were clashing in a battle of wills. Kristy looked at me questioningly, as if asking if she could. Instead of answering, I lowered my head back down to her pussy and begun licking her while she rose and fell on top of her Dad's cock fucking herself.
"Ummm ... ohhhh ... uhhhh..." She whimpered with the rhythm of her movements.
It was uncomfortable to follow her constantly moving pussy so I planted a wet kiss on the insight of her thighs close to her sex. I sensually licked and sucked her skin and then moved over to the other side.
"Ohhhh ... ohhh ... uhhmmm..." She moaned watching me.
"Ahhhhhh ... fuck ... more, fuck me more..." John moaned.
Kristy heard her Dad's moans of pleasure and dropped down hard on top of his cock, then pulled herself up just as hard but misjudged the distance and John's cock slid out of her pussy and smacked with a wet sound against his stomach.
"Uhhhhmmmm..." Kristy gave out a frustrating moan.
I grabbed his wet cock and instead putting it back inside my daughter, I brought it to my mouth and slid my tongue the length of it savoring my daughter's juices. Kristy watched me with wide eyes full of lust.
When my tongue reached the tip I opened my mouth and took John's cock deep inside licking and sucking until his cock was completely dry except for my saliva. I placed the tip of his cock at Kristy's fuck hole and she slid on top of it.
Her face contorted with pleasure she fucked herself for few more moments increasing in speed until their juices were foaming at the base of his cock. That's when she stopped.
Kristy sat her ass on his stomach; legs spread wide apart, the tip of his cock still partially inside her. She did not move, she just watched me.
I licked her juices off his balls slowly moving up until my tongue licked the foaming mixture of juices at the base of his cock. From there I made my way up, licking the shaft of his meat until I reached Kristy's pussy impaled on top of it. That's when I kept going like a slut and licked my daughter's clit making her squirm. It was erotic, very erotic to be able to lick my husband and my daughter at the same time.
"Ohhh ... Mo ... ahhh..." She almost called me Mom.
I stared at her shaking my head in disapproval while she begun fucking herself again. When she stopped with his cock still in her, I licked. I licked from his balls to her clit in one smooth, lapping motion drinking their juices.
The next time my slut daughter did that I licked past her pussy, brought my face up to hers by climbing on top of John's legs and kissed Kristy allowing her to taste her own juices. Kristy moaned hard at what I did.
"Ohhh, you like that?" I asked her.
"Uhmmmm..." She moaned.
"You want to taste more of your pussy on my mouth you little slut?" I moaned forgetting about my husband.
"Yes, oh god yes," Kristy moaned.
"Oh Jesus Kate, please take those blindfolds off of me," John moaned.
I realized with shock I just told my husband I liked her pussy. As erotic as it might seem, my husband now knew I could go both ways, a fact I wasn't sure I wanted him to know. Sharing him with my daughter might not have been such a good idea but I just couldn't stop.
Ignoring him I slid down again and allowed Kristy to fuck herself while I licked his balls and her pussy at the same time coming up from time to time to let her taste it.
I talked dirty to her every time I did that.
"More slut? You want to taste more?"
"Yes please ... uhhhhmmmm ... yes," She would answer me in a sultry voice.
No man could last through this!
John moaned hard and I felt his balls tighten up. He was Cumming.
"Oh fuck yessssss ... I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhh..." He yelled.
"No! Not inside her!"
I grabbed the base of his cock and tried to pull it out of her but it was fully wedged inside my daughter and would not come out.
"Ohhhhh ... yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..." Kristy screamed.
Now she was Cumming! I tried to push her up but she was firmly seated on top of it and wouldn't budge. John's cock shot load after load inside our daughter and I could not do anything about it.
"Oh god, not inside her ... she can't get pregnant!" I thought in panic. Although I knew she was on birth control pills there was always a chance.
Kristy lay back on top of John's chest and wriggled with pleasure as she let her orgasm overcome her. John's arms and legs pulled hard on the thick cords binding him as his body tensed and his cock shot loads of cum inside our daughter's pussy until she could not take more inside her. That's when some of it leaked out from around his cock and ran down to his balls.
With resignation I brought my face down between their legs and licked the cum off of his balls. I realized it was too late to stop him from Cuming inside her and I really wanted to taste his cum. I licked until they both settled down and Kristy slowly slid up allowing John's cock to come out of her.
I lustfully licked his cock to his encouraging words.
"Oh yes babe, you feel so good licking my cum and her pussy off of my cock. God, I just wish I could see it," He moaned.
Kristy's hole was slightly open and some of my husband's cum begun to drip out of it to his stomach below. I slithered closer licking his stomach and then made my way up to my daughter's dirty fuck hole.
She watched me as I slowly ran my tongue up her slit, tenderly touching her pussy lips and spread them to the sides exposing her hole completely. I moved my wet tongue down from her clit to her hole and extending it as far as I could, slipped it inside her warm hole and begun tongue fucking her.
It was like opening a faucet, as soon as my tongue slid in and out of her pussy gooey liquid came out right into my mouth. I swallowed knowing it was my husband's cum and I ate it out of my daughter's pussy.
"I'm such a dirty Slut!" Dirty words ran through my mind.
As perverted and dirty as it was, I loved doing it! I was astonished by it but the more cum came out of Kristy and into my mouth, the more turned on I became.
"Ohhhhhhhh ... yessssssss..." I moaned.
It was a bit different taste than tasting John's cum directly, it had a slightly sweeter taste signifying Kristy's cum was mixed in with it. I loved it! My tongue slid in, out and all around her hole and pussy lips and clit making her moan with pleasure.
Eventually she was dry as a bone and no more cum came out of my sweet daughter's pussy. I looked up at her just to see her looking down at me.
John stirred and by lightly pulling on his cords let me know he wanted to be released. I pressed my finger to my lips telling Kristy to be quite while she got off her Dad.
"Honey, I'll be right back," I whispered to him giving him a kiss.
Our kiss lingered a bit as my husband enjoyed our daughter's taste on my mouth.
"Uhmmm, she tastes good. Will you ever let me know who that is?" He whispered.
How could I?
"Maybe John ... maybe," I whispered back and walked away.
Inside Kristy's room my daughter plastered herself to me.
"Thank you Mom so much. Dad was wonderful, I loved every second of it and you," She breathed in my mouth while squeezing my naked ass.
"You were the best! I wanted to scream MOM so many times! I don't know how I made it through the whole thing without saying it," She laughed.
"Kristy, you can't. You know it would ruin everything and would probably tear this f****y apart," I held her tight.
"Promise me you'll never do anything that would jeopardize that and quit teasing your Dad around the house. Don't think I didn't notice you wearing skimpy panties while flashing them around when he's near you."
Kristy pulled away from me pursing her lips at me.
"Mom, I don't know what you're talking about."
I rolled my eyes in resignation and walked out. Getting back to the bedroom I untied John and we both snuggled in bed. He wanted to know who that was so much, I could tell from his words, from questions he asked about why I didn't want him to know.
I answered him the best way I could while keeping Kristy's identity a secret. Eventually he fell asl**p and I lay in bed thinking of our daughter and our son, the tangle of f****y i****t I managed to get myself involved in. I thought of Gina and Elaine, Raven and Adam, Betty and even Suzie who hunted my dreams from now and then. I thought of Jason and Tim, my son's horny friends who wanted to photograph me in ever changing and explicit ways.
Soon I fell asl**p and my dreams took me to my son's room where I had sex with him, Gina and Kristy at the same time like a slut while my husband watched, masturbated and cheered me on.
Tuesday came around quickly and I called Jason first thing in the morning to make sure it was Ok to come over. I needed to ensure both boys knew which pictures they could post on their web site. I thought about it for a moment. It was my website, I would be the one sprawled naked for thousands of people to watch.
I wondered who would see me like that. Some lonely men? Maybe husbands who did not find enough pleasure having sex with their wives. Maybe even young men like ... like my son. The thought was exciting but this was no the time to think about it.
"Jason? Hi, it's Kate," I spoke as soon as I heard his voice.
"Hi Kate, I'm glad you called."
"I wanted to make sure it was all right to come over today and go over the pictures."
"Today is perfect Kate, both of my parents are at work, can you make it here at noon?" He asked.
"Yes, noon would be fine, is Tim going to be there?"
"Yeap, he's coming over at 10."
For some reason I felt a slight hint of disappointment which surprised me. I liked Jason especially after spending a bit of time in his house teasing him but not enough to be alone with him. But still ... I felt disappointment that Tim was going to be there.
"Ok, then I'll see you two at noon."
I hung up and thought about it for a moment. Was it the right thing to do? Should I let them post those explicit pictures? What if John or Tommy happen to stumble across the site during their internet searches and recognizes me? What would they think of me? How would they react?
Those questions and more were running through my head as I begun cleaning up the house a bit. Soon, the melodious sound of our door bell filled the house and wondering who that was I looked out the side window. John was at work, Kristy and Tommy in school and I had no friends scheduled to come over.
I tightened up the tea shirt I had on, made sure my shorts were snapped and shuffled over to the front door.
Two men stood on the other side of the door, both of them Hispanic, one was muscular and wearing a plaid shirt with cutoff sleeves which showed his considerable biceps. And the other was shorter, skinny and wore a bandana across his forehead.
"Hi, can I help you?" I asked surprised.
"Hi miss, we're with Suburban Pool Construction Company and we're here to start on your pool."
The muscular one was doing all the talking but I've noticed the shorter one's eyes were scanning me up and down.
'How rude, ' I thought.
I ignored his rude behavior and clapped my hands with joy.
"Oh my god, it's about time! Do you guys need to come in or something?" I asked opening the door wider.
"No ma'am, we can do everything from the side yard, just wanted to let you know we were going back there. We're also going to have a bobcat digging there and a dump truck in the front."
Again the muscular one did all the talking. The shorted guy's eyes were fixed on my breasts now.
"Ok, help yourselves, the side gate is unlocked and let me know if you need anything ok?"
"Yes ma'am, thanks."
Before leaving I saw both of them give my breasts a long look. I closed the door and walked up to the mirror scanning my breasts.
Shit! No wonder they were staring. My simple tea shirt was wet from cleaning the shower and the material was clinging to my breasts! What made the matter worse, my nipples decided to stand at attention the entire time!
I shook my head but decided not to make a big deal out of it. So what if they looked and got an eye full of my breasts! Pretty soon my entire body will be on display for thousands to see.
Every time I thought of that it made my heart race faster in my chest and my breathing quicken. Just a few months ago I would not dare think of exposing myself in such a way but now ... now things were different. I've gained more experience and understanding of what it was I really wanted.
I took a long bath making sure I shaved my pussy and any hair that was in the area and applied moisturizer to all shaved areas rubbing it with long, smooth strokes. I peeked out the window at the same time and saw with excitement the construction of the pool has started.
There was a miniature digging machine on wheels; I guess that was what the muscular guy called a bobcat, which was tearing our yard up while one of the men was marking things on the ground with a can of spray paint. There was a guy who I guessed was a Forman hunched over a set of plans rolled out on our picnic table directing everyone like a concert director. From the second story window I could see the shape of the pool we picked out marked with the spray paint and realized how well it will fit in our back yard.
"Uhhmmm..." I moaned and realized one of my fingers found its way inside my pussy.
"God I can't, not right now," I thought and looked at the clock.
It was eleven, it was getting late. Frustrated, I promised myself to masturbate as soon as I got back from Jason's house and put on my clothes. I decided to wear a short mini skirt with long boots on and a buttoned down the front shirt. Since it was hot outside I decided to go without any panties or bra on.
Smiling I looked forward to feeling the cool breeze tickling my pussy hidden right under the edge of the skirt. I knew I would get such a thrill from knowing I had no panties on while talking to other people. And wearing that skirt would add to the feeling because it was so short and it would be so hard for me to keep my freshly shaved assets hidden.
Excited, I slipped on my skirt, buttoned up my shirt, put my knee high boots on and walked downstairs ready to head out to Jason's house. Just in case, I decided to tell the foreman I would be gone. I walked out to the back yard and instantly everyone's eyes were on me. There were about a dozen workers, mostly Hispanic men.
I froze for a moment knowing all men were staring at me. Although they kept doing what they were doing, every one of them stared at me. Conscious of their hungry looks and the fact I had no panties on under my skimpy clothes, I took a step forward. My legs separated and cool air swirled around my sensitive pussy right under my tiny skirt. I felt my pussy lips throb producing sweet moisture while my ass cheeks swayed with the step. I swallowed hard and took another step.
My pussy lips ground together when my legs crossed giving me a pleasurable sensation and again cool air tenderly touched my already moist pussy. I thought I was going to cum from the stares I was getting. With my heart beating hard I walked my sexy walk between all the men to the other side of the yard where the foreman was. By the time I reached him I was thoroughly wet and afraid the juices were running down the insides of my thighs.
"Hi, how are things going?" I asked to start the conversation.
His sharp eyes gave my body one last scan and he took a deep breath.
"Good ma'am, we're just getting started," He answered.
I noticed his voice was a little tense.
"I can see that, you guys are doing a lot of work tearing up my yard, thank you. I have to leave for a few hours and I wanted to make sure you don't need anything to continue your work. I believe you have my cell phone number so please give me a call if anything comes up."
His short friend with a bandana across his forehead made his way towards us and was now staring at my breasts again hidden under my shirt.
"Yes ma'am, I have your number."
He paused for a moment and I noticed his eyes slid down to my breasts and the quickly back up to my face again.
"Can I show you something? It's the location for your pump assembly; just want to make sure it would be all right with you."
The guy with the bandana was brazenly looking at my hips and legs now. I felt like telling him to go back to work but I didn't want to make a scene. Instead I nodded my head and followed the foreman.
Because the funny looking machine on wheels, the bobcat, already tore up the yard there I carefully placed step after step and tried to follow the foreman. At one spot I had to get over a large hole already dug in the yard. The foreman already made his way across and turned around extending his hand to help me. I knew this would be dangerous in heeled boots and a tight miniskirt but decided to try after all.
I leaned forward stretching my leg out to place it on the other side and immediately realized the hole was bigger than I thought. Because I was already committed with most of my body moving forward I had no choice but to stretch my leg out as far as I could just to place that foot on the other side without falling into the hole.
In panic, I reached out with both hands towards the foreman and immediately felt my miniskirt snap above my hips exposing my ass and freshly shaved pussy. My long legs stretched out and I jumped over the big hole landing in the outstretched arms of the foreman. My weight carried me forward crashing my breasts against his chest and knocking us both to the ground. I landed on top of him while he managed to hang on to me saving me from any harm.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I whispered embarrassed at my clumsiness.
That's when I felt where his hands were. Both of his dirty palms were clutching my bare, and very exposed ass cheeks. There was something else, my legs were spread open and my knees were touching the ground on either side of his legs as if we were in a nasty sexual position. I immediately realized my wet pussy and probably my asshole were in plain sight of every worker behind me.
"Oh no," I moaned in horror and pushed away from the foreman.
Suddenly I heard whispers and whistling behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw every worker there was staring at my ass, some of them abandoned what they were doing and were making their way towards me to get a better look.
I quickly pushed myself up and pulled my skirt down covering my pussy and ass. My face was beet red from humiliation. I heard a lot of talking in Spanish, some men even laughed still watching me.
"Are you Ok Miss?" The foreman asked getting up.
I turned away from the crowd of workers and facing him with red face and humiliation answered.
"Yes I'm fine. Can you please show me what was so urgent?"
He turned and pointed to a spot behind couple of rose bushes. My Gardenias I planted last spring were trying to come to life there.
"Oh no, is there any other spot?" I asked concerned for the plant.
"No ma'am, anywhere else would be an eye sore."
"Ok, fine, just replant it somewhere else and you can use that spot for the damn filter."
I really didn't want to stand there any longer and discuss this especially when everyone here saw my private parts. Even now the workers were all staring at me with hungry eyes.
"Pump ma'am. Where should we plant the gardenias?"
More questions. I looked around to see if I could find a good spot and saw all workers, young and old, staring at me. Actually, they were not staring at me but rather at my body. God those looks were hungry, if they only had an opportunity to do what they wanted with me ... so many of them ... could I ... could I take on so many???
I shook my head. I was letting the slut side of me take over again and had to snap out of it. I pointed to a spot beside the house and walked around the big hole in the ground this time to get out of there. And just in time too, my excited nipples were hard as rocks making a big impression in my tight dress. I was a little concerned about how easily I allowed my mind to drift into the erotic zone. God I was beginning to fantasize about all those Hispanic workers taking turns on me!
SLUT! Am I just a slut and nothing else?
I got into the car and drove off heading to Jason's house. The mental picture of those men was in my mind the whole way to his house. By the time I pulled up in front of his house my legs were spread open, my hand was feverishly rubbing my wet pussy and in my mind I was on my fours in the middle of my back yard while worker after worker were fucking me from behind as I sucked cock after cock that came out of my wet pussy.
Again I had to shake my head and with frustration and pull my hand away from my wet pussy. I opened the car door and got out instantly pulling my dress down since it was way above my hips. I hoped no one saw my clumsy and very revealing exit from the car and quickly walked up to the house.
I rang the door bell and waited. A moment later Jason opened the door and invited me in. I walked in enjoying the shy looks he gave me and headed for the living room feeling the wetness between my legs. Tim was already there hunched over the lap top on the coffee table and as soon as he saw me walk in got up, extended his hand and welcomed me.
"Hi Kate, glad you're here."
His eyes gave me an excited once over from my head to my toes stopping at my long exposed legs for a moment. I pretended not to notice his excited look and shook his hand.
"Hi Tim. So is this where the pictures are?" I asked pointing to the lap top and taking a seat in front of it.
"Yes they are," He said quickly and took a seat beside me.
Jason came around the table and sat on the other side of me. Both boys were close enough so our elbows touched form time to time. Tim leaned over and taking command of the lap top clicked on something. Instantly a page appeared which had a picture of me naked in the background and a bunch of small thumbnails in the middle of the page. The naked me was of course the Geisha me with tons of makeup which hid my identity.
"Wow, nice," I murmured.
Since the lap top was directly in front of me he had to lean into me a bit to operate it. Out the corner of my eyes I saw his nostrils flare as he inhaled deeply, that's when I realized he could smell my wetness. Even though I closed my legs really tight, it excited me to know that young boy was able to smell my pussy.
Time didn't say anything, he clicked on the first small thumbnail and immediately the screen was filled with my picture. I was half naked in it showing my full breasts. I noticed how hard my nipples were in it, an obvious sign I was extremely excited while it was taken.
"Oh my ... it's so ... so clear," I mumbled shocked at the state of my nipples.
Everyone looking at it would know I loved having it taken.
"I know Kate, and the camera loves you. That's why I think this site will be so successful!" He said clicking the "next" button.
Another picture came up, this time of me tied to the chair and my legs partially spread open teasing everyone with my barely visible pussy. We went over picture after picture some of them shocking, some of them erotic and sexy. All of them showed me in various erotic stages but none of them revealed my identity. I was pleased about that and at the end praised both boys.
"Thanks for sticking to the plan and not showing anything that shouldn't be shown."
I got up and stretched holding my hands up above my head. I knew my mini dress moved up a bit and not having any panties on was dangerous but these two boys already saw everything there was to see on me and I needed the stretch.
When I looked down at them I noticed they were both staring at my hips with wide eyes. My dress moved up enough to reveal the sides of my hips and I had no doubt my pussy was showing. I leisurely pulled my dress down smiling at them.
"You two are so bad."
Jason was smiling while Tim had a serious face. He was thinking about something, I just knew it.
"Kate would you be willing to pose for a quick pictorial?" He asked watching me.
I made my way from between them and leisurely walked up to the fireplace. My mind vaguely remembered showing myself to my son in front of such fireplace and then...
"What, you mean now?" I asked intrigued.
"Yes, even though we have a good start on the web page we're missing the content. Simply said Kate, we need more pictures."
Both boys looked at me with hope in their eyes waiting for my answer. I thought about the last time I posed for them tied to a chair and helpless while they circled around me with their cameras taking explicit photos of my pussy, tits and ass. I thought to the moment I had with Jason in his bedroom while he helped me clean up after the photo shoot.
"Sure, but you will have to put that make up on me again," I said looking at Jason.
"Great! Jason you take Kate to your bedroom, get her ready and I'll set up the back drop. Thanks Kate, we really appreciate it."
Jason got up smiling.
"After you, you know where it is," He pointed down the hallway.
I walked towards it already excited telling myself to come down and don't do anything stupid. We walked into his bedroom and he closed and locked the door. I was surprised he locked the door but didn't think much of it and standing in the middle of the room looked around.
It didn't change much from the last time I was here although I noticed a new sketch on the wall, something between a big butterfly and dragon. Jason really had an artistic touch.
"So how are you going to make me up today?" I asked innocently.
He looked at me for a long while thinking, probably visualizing in his mind how he was going to do me and then snapped his fingers.
"I got it, I know exactly how I'm going to do it! Go ahead and sit on my bed and I'll get the paint."
He ran off to his closet and I took a seat on the bed thinking back to the last time I sat there while Tim interrupted my little show for Jason. We both lost our balance and Jason ended up on top of me, his long hard cock in his pants pressed against my wet slit. God I wanted to fuck him at that moment!
"Ok, I got everything I need but it might be messy," He came back holding tubes of paint and some paint brushes.
"Oh Jason you have to be really careful so you don't get any on my dress," I said thinking if there perhaps was a better way to do this.
"Well, you can always take your dress off," He whispered shyly.
I smiled knowing what his teenage mind was thinking.
"Ok, but you just think about painting and not me being naked in front of you," I told him.
He shook his head agreeing vigorously and waited watching me. I stood up and slowly pulled my dress above my hips exposing my pussy to him. I immediately saw his eyes widen as he caught his breath. I pulled the dress further up and finally pulled it over my head and tossed in aside. I was completely naked in front of him and took a seat back down on the edge of the bed while keeping my legs together. I placed my hands on my knees and waited.
Jason moved up and set up his paints on the floor beside him then kneeling in front of me begun painting my face. Of course I couldn't see how he was painting it, all I knew was that he predominately used black and white colors.
"There, I'm done with your face but I wanted to try something different today," He finally said.
"What? What do you want to try?" I said with interest.
"Do you trust me Kate?" He asked instead.
"Yes, I suppose..."
"Then don't say anything, just let me do it."
I watched him for a moment. He was so eager to do this.
"Ok, go ahead," I said calmly but inside I was quite excited.
He smiled and leaned over painting my neck with careful strokes of his paintbrush. I had no idea what he was painting there and as much as I wanted to know, I kept quite. There were few times where he accidentally brushed against my hard nipples with his arm sending shivers through my body.
When he was done he leaned back admiring his handiwork.
"Can I see?" I asked eager to get up.
"No! Not yet, I'm not done yet," He quickly answered.
His next move surprised me. He leaned on my knees and bringing his paint brush to my nipples begun painting them. I quickly realized he painted big nipple rings on me. Then he started painting down from them which I didn't understand.
Little by little my knees gave way until I spread them allowing his body to slip between.
"Lean back Kate," He whispered.
I did, I leaned back on the bed and supported myself on my elbows watching him work. Suddenly I realized what he was painting. From the large nipple rings he was painting a metallic chain, one from each ring extending down towards ... towards my pussy!
His brush strokes were making their way past my belly button now and this k** ... this teenager was hunched over my spread open legs getting an eye full of everything I had between them. I knew I was wet, nothing could stop that, and I knew he saw that.
Excited I waited until he began painting on my naval. His face close to my pussy, so close I could feel his breath on my lips but yet he exerted tremendous amount of self control. I could tell he was excited and almost drooling but he kept painting.
Suddenly I felt his paint brush tickle my clit.
"Uhhmmm ... what are you doing young man?" I asked enjoying his touch.
He looked up at me and smiled.
"I'm painting a ring on your clit."
Again his brush touched my clit and made me shiver from excitement. I instinctively spread my legs wide ... as far as I could. My breathing was becoming more difficult and hiding it from him was as well.
"Ohhhhhh ... you know if you continue treating me like this I might act very un-lady like," I whispered.
He turned his wide, excited eyes at my face and grinned probably wishing I would act un-lady like. His excitement was beginning to show down in his pants, a large bulge appearing down the inside of his leg.
"Impressive." I thought looking at the growing size.
He went back to tickling my clit with his paint brush while I sat still barely able to control myself. I would ... I would not cross that line of making the first move although at the moment, I wanted very much to have his cock inside me. Something, a last thread of being a Mom I suppose, stopped me from loosing total control.
"What would Tommy think?" My mind whispered at the thought of having sex with Jason.
"Are you guys ready?" A muffled voice from behind the door woke both of us up from the world of sexual thoughts.
"Yeah, we're coming out in a moment," Jason answered giving my pussy one last look.
"I have to dry the paint now, are you Ok with it?"
I shook my head up and down wondering how he would do it. I sat on the bed with my legs wide apart while he knelt on the ground, his head in between my spread open legs.
He smiled and placed his hands on my ankles. Swallowing hard he gently lifted my feet off the ground. I watched as slowly my bent knees came up on either side of me and my feet were placed on the bed beside me spreading me even further. In this position there was nothing to hide from him. I was embarrassed that I allowed this young man, my son's friend, to do this but at the same time insanely excited.
He moved his face closer to my already wet pussy and blew air making me shiver. I couldn't look away, he was so close. I hoped ... I wished he would go even closer, that he would make that move, that he would taste me and start what I hoped for so much at the moment.
He shifted his eyes and looked into mine, his face merely inches away from my pussy. We were both breathing really hard, obviously excited beyond imagination. In that tense moment his silent stare was actually a question.
"Should I continue?" His eyes asked.
I knew it, and I knew that if I didn't answer ... if I didn't move it was giving him permission to go on. I didn't move a muscle, I just stared back.
He focused back on my pussy and moved his face closer, maybe an inch away. I saw his tongue come out and lick his dry lips, I felt his hot breath on my tender skin. I tensed ready for the swipe of wetness I was so eagerly waiting for.
"Alright guys, we need to move on with it or we're going to run out of time," Tim's voice came through the door accompanied by a loud knock.
Jason jumped back and my feet slid off the bed landing with a thud on the ground. The magic moment was broken replaced by a sudden panic and guilty feeling of almost doing something I should not have been doing.
Jason's bulge was large stretching down his inner thigh. He stood up and turning away from me adjusted his pants. I smiled; he was still a k** shy to display the wonderful manhood he was blessed with.
"Alright, we're coming out," I shouted to break the silence.
I put my 'signature' platform shoes on, took a deep breath and opened the door. My heart pounded in my chest as for the first time I walked out of Jason's room completely naked.
The living room was almost the same as before with one exception, the couch seemed to be the center of the layout. The tripod with the camera was positioned directly in front of it and lights on the sides. It almost seemed like a professional photo shoot and not two horny teenagers trying to get away with things with their friends mom.
"Wow Kate you look gorgeous, please this way," He said pointing towards the couch.
I walked on stiff legs swaying my hips while both boys watched me with hungry eyes. When I got to the couch I looked at Tim who silently moved his finger in circle indicating he wanted me to turn around.
I did and I did something else, I leaned against the back of the couch spreading my legs apart a bit. Tim leaned behind me taking pictures while Jason licked his dry lips watching my full tits hang down from the sides. I gave him a weak smile and throwing my head to the side looked back into the camera.
Tim didn't waste any time, he took picture after picture but Jason didn't, he just stood there watching me. His looks were exciting me more and more. To know I was being photographed like porn star was one thing but being watched by a teenage boy in obviously lusty and desirable way was another.
"Jason if you're not going to help take pictures then at least help Kate with posing. Why don't you make sure her hair stays out of the way, I want to be able to get a clear shot of her tits each and every time."
Jason woke up as if from a dream and moved towards me, his face colored a bit when he looked at me. It just so happened that my long dark hair was covering my breast while my hand was on my hip and I was half way turned around posing. Tim made me hold that position while Jason came up to move my hair out of the way.
Jason reached out and gathering my hair managed to run his fingers along my breast long enough to make that nipple stand at attention.
"Good, now move out of the way," Tim directed.
I gave the camera a lustful look and held the pose.
"Jason move Kate's leg a bit to the right."
Moving my leg 'a bit to the right' as Tim put it would expose my pussy more to the camera. Jason moved unsure giving me a questioningly look and moved up behind me. I watched excited as the teenager kneeling behind my ass moved my leg further apart while being so close to my pussy and ass. I watched him the whole time while breathing heavy.
Click, click, I heard the camera.
"Wow, this might be something ... you two make ... make a good picture together."
I shook my head. Shit, that's all I need is a teenage boy in the pictures with me.
"I think not Tim, Jason would be recognized right away," I said quickly.
"No, no Kate. Of course not like this ... but if we painted his face as well..." He let the statement hang while we all digested what he said.
Jason and I in pictures together would probably lead to some compromising poses. I shook my head trying to get a picture of his hard cock hidden behind those tight jeans out of my mind.
"I don't have the time for this; I have to get back home."
But the idea was already planted in our minds. We continued the photo shoot with just me posing. It did not feel like the last time anymore, this was me willingly showing everything to the camera. I did everything Tim asked, bent over in numerous positions, spread my legs as wide as they would go, show my ass to the camera spreading my cheeks ... EVERYTHING!
After a while I knew I was getting wet, the moisture built up between my throbbing pussy lips begun dripping down my legs. I gave Jason a quick look and saw him watching it with his mouth open.
"Should we take a break?" I asked knowing I should wipe some of it off.
"No way," Jason responded quickly with the camera glued to his eye shooting pictures.
Great! These boys will see I'm excited, that it excites me to pose for them ... that I like when they look at me with hungry eyes while I show them everything!
"Ummm..." A low moan escaped my lips.
I was bent over, back arched, knees wide apart showing my ass to the camera when Tim moved really close, about a foot behind me.
"I'm doing a macro shot, Kate don't move."
"What's a macro," I mumbled.
"It's a really close shot, now don't move."
I held my breath as Tim manipulated his camera from about a foot away. I tuned my head and looked back.
"What are you taking close ups of?" I asked without thinking.
He stopped taking pictures and looked up at me.
"Your asshole," He whispered.
Oh God No!
I looked away for a moment trying to figure out how to respond to this.
"Please don't," I finally whispered without looking at him.
"Kate, you don't know how hot your ass is, I have to ... please," He begged.
Again I heard the mechanical snap of pictures being taken. This boy ... my son's friend was ... was taking pictures of my ass ... hole. It seemed so dirty ... so dirty but yet ... so exciting. I swallowed hard.
"Don't ... it's embarrassing..." I whispered back to him.
He didn't listen, he continued. I felt the camera on my ass and strangely, knowing how dirty those pictures were, it felt good. But still I couldn't get over WHO was taking those photographs.
"Tim ... no..." I whispered again but did not change position.
He only looked at me.
"Kate, spread your ass for me," His voice trembled when he said that.
"I ... I can't..."
He licked his lips thinking if I would allow him to do it.
"Fine. Jason, I think it's time to bring out the rope again."
Jason immediately whirled into action and produced heavy black rope from under the couch. Seems like they rehearsed what they were going to do to me.
"Rope?" I raised my eyebrow.
Suddenly my cell phone rang. I jumped a bit surprised by the muffled noise coming from my nearby purse. To my surprise Jason got my phone and handed it to me.
"Hallo?" I said a bit nervous.
"Hey Babe it's me, are you still out shopping?"
It was John, my husband. I vaguely noticed Jason coming around to the back of the couch while Tim continued to take pictures.
"Hi Honey, no ... I'm still out."
Oh my god, I was talking to my husband while completely naked in front of two teenage boys and their camera! It felt so dangerous, so forbidden!
"Listen, Jeannine called and invited us to a small get-together at their house tomorrow night. They're going to be people there I haven't seen in ages and it sounded really fun so I said we'll be there."
Jason was in front of me and now took my free hand and begun wrapping the heavy coils of the black rope around my wrist. I leaned against the back of the couch letting my heavy breasts press against the pillows and allowed the young man to do that while Tim was shooting pictures from behind.
"Oh, tomorrow, I think Tommy was talking about going to that too."
I watched Jason's crotch as he wound the rope around my wrist and tied it to one corner of the couch. Gently he took the phone out of my hand and laid it on the couch beside my ear so by turning my head I could still put my ear to it.
"Yes, I'm sure he'll be there with Gina. So it's set then, when will you be home?" He asked.
Jason stretched my other hand and coiling the rope around my wrist tied it to the other post. I was now tied and stretched on the couch. I gave both ropes a firm tug and realized I was effectively immobile now ... or ... helpless would be the better term to describe my situation.
"Oh, a little later, maybe in an hour or so."
Suddenly I felt a hand on my ankle urging me to move it apart. Shifting my weight I did and was now very much spread open. I knew both boys were right behind me taking pictures.
"Ok Honey, see you then."
He hung up and I lifted my head looking back. Tim was kneeling right behind my ass, his camera pointing at my pussy and Jason stood behind Tim taking in the whole sight. I must have looked like a tied up slut slave to them.
"Jason can you hang up my phone?"
He moved but slow, he didn't want to leave the sight he was looking at. When he reached the phone he picked it up and hanging up put it away. Now he was looking at me from where my head was right down my back. I'm sure was looking at my ass.
Oh God, I can't get away from these boys! Whatever I do they can see every inch of me ... every crevice...
I was subconsciously noticing little things about my situation and the fact Jason's crotch was near my head. I stole a quick peek at it and noticed that sizable bulge again while my face turned crimson. It was still embarrassing to look at his crotch!
"Jason, I really need you to be in this picture! Get a wig on and some glasses and get back in here. Now!"
Tim said that with such authority and confidence that Jason immediately walked into his bedroom to look for the items Tim mentioned. I bit my lower lip trying to make myself say something. I mean, it would be inappropriate for me, completely naked, to be in the pictures with a teenager!
And the bulge under his jeans was sooooooo big...
I chastised myself for thinking like this and took a deep breath ready to stop this from developing any further. That's when I saw Jason.
He wore a red wig which typically would go good on a clown and dark sunglasses. I smiled looking at him and didn't say anything. He was unrecognizable as long as he kept the wig and glasses on.
"What tha Fuc..." Tim stopped himself and after a few seconds rolled his eyes and pointed towards the couch I was tied up on.
"It will have to do," He said shaking his head.
"Get behind the couch and leaning forward, put your hands on Kate's back."
I stiffened, that means he would have to touch me! A million reasons told me I shouldn't allow this. Improper, indecent, slutty and wrong just to name a few. But one really big reason kept my mouth shut. Jason would be touching me!
During the time I hesitated Jason came around the couch and standing in front of me leaned over. His crotch came within an inch or two or my mouth and suddenly I felt his hands on my lower back which sent shivers all over my body. My mind screamed STOP but my mouth would not open to utter the words.
"Oh Kate..." Tim whispered.
I didn't know why Tim said that, I could only suspect my pussy did something different now and I strongly suspected I was getting extremely wet. Tim took his pictures while Jason's hands lightly touched my back. I knew Jason would be a gentleman but I didn't know to what degree. I didn't have to wait long, very slowly his hands begun to slide towards my ass!
I twisted my head and looked up at him in surprise and concern he might go too far while he looked down at me ... his fingers just beginning to graze the soft skin of my upper ass.
"Perfect! Hold that pose!"
Click, click, click!
My knees were spread enough to expose all my private parts, I was wet and a teenager was almost touching my ass while his buddy was taking pictures of it all! What the hell was I doing!
Jason's hands slid an inch further and his fingertips were now resting on my ass. I ... I wanted to stop him but instead ... I enjoyed his touch. For some strange reason I arched my back while my face turned totally crimson again. His hands kept slowly sliding down until he firmly held both of my ass cheeks in his hands.
No! No, what is he doing? Doesn't he know he should not do that?
Embarrassed I looked back at Tim. He seemed to have been waiting for that to take pictures. Now that I was looking into the camera he was snapping one after another. I sighed totally embarrassed, I didn't intend for any of this to happen. I told myself he was only touching my skin, nothing more.
Suddenly Jason's fingers pressed firmly into my ass cheeks and I felt him starting to move his hands apart! My head whipped back with sudden quickness looking back to see where Tim was with his camera. He was right behind me.
"Jason..." I whispered turning my head towards him.
By the time I was able to look at his excited face he had my ass cheeks spread apart.
Click, click, click. I could hear Tim's camera snapping away.
"No, stop..."
I knew I was too late but I had to let them know that what they were doing was wrong.
"Oh fuck, look at that," Jason said amazed looking down the crack of my ass.
"I know, I'm getting as many pictures as I can."
The camera was constantly snapping pictures and neither one of them acknowledged my protest. I instinctively pulled on the ropes binding my wrists to the couch but they held firm.
"Boys, please stop, not that. Jason let go," I said looking up at him.
Jason's face was flushed with excitement when he looked down at me. He didn't say anything but he did not let go of my spread apart ass cheeks.
"Kate, your ass has never looked better, let us photograph it," Tim murmured while taking more pictures.
Oh god, they're not listening ... they have me tied up and they're not listening! What if they want to fuck me next!
I twisted my head the other way and looked back at Tim just as he begun taking pictures of my spread open ass with my face in the background looking into the camera.
"My ass yes ... my asshole no. That's so dirty."
I enjoyed a secret little thrill from saying 'asshole' and 'dirty'. I don't know why, it just felt naughty in front of these two boys. Tim didn't stop either, he kept taking pictures.
"Nonsense Kate. Your asshole is beautiful and you look hot when Jason spreads your cheeks open so everyone can see it."
I tensed. Yes, everyone would see it starting with these two.
"I don't imagine anyone wanting to see that, only you two, you're a typical teenage perverts."
"Not true Kate. I bet anyone and I mean anyone would love to see your ass. Jason, spread it wider."
"Jason no!" I gasped tugging at my bounds to no avail.
Jason did not listen to me, he spread my ass with ease for Tim's camera.
"Oh god no..." I whispered.
"Don't fight it Kate, no one knows it's you and these pictures will be so hot!"
"That might be so, but you two can see everything," I whispered looking at him.
"We already saw everything."
I hung my head low. He was right, they did, they already saw every inch of my body. What's the use pretending to be modest when I felt enjoyment from the excited looks they were giving me. I looked up at Jason with resignation trying to figure out what he would do next and what he did surprised me. Silently he let go of my ass cheeks and untied my wrists.
"I think that's enough Tim," He said and sat down on the couch.
I was surprised at his determination and self control. He was a good k**, he would not let anything bad happen to me. Tim slowly lowered the camera and sat down on the carpet in front of the couch. I turned around and sat down with my legs close together rubbing my wrists to bring bl**d circulation back to them.
"I'm sorry Kate, of course I should not have tried to influence you in any way," Tim said.
"Thanks for understanding. Thank you Jason."
I reached over and put my hand on his thigh squeezing it affectionately. I just wanted to let him know I appreciated what he did but for some reason it came out a bit more intimate than I intended it to be. He smiled at me and I could tell his breathing increased.
"Hope we can still take your pictures," Tim whispered.
I felt so at ease with them at that moment, so trusting. I smiled at Tim as well, they both turned out to be gentlemen.
"Of course, how do you want me?"
"Just like that, don't move. Just open your legs a bit."
My hand was still on Jason's thigh but I opened my legs. Tim was right between them, shooting his camera from below.
"Now Kate, sit right next to Jason."
I slid right next to Jason and my leg touched his while my hand which was on his thigh rested on the length of his leg now. I felt him shiver.
"Good, now hold it, look into the camera ... spread your legs more ... more ... that's it."
This was getting me excited again! The touch, the camera, being told what to do ... my pussy was becoming moist again and my breathing labored. My knees were about two feet apart and my slit was showing.
"Now put your left foot on top of the couch, good. Now lean into Jason a bit ... more ... yes like this."
I leaned so far into Jason my back was pressed against his chest.
"Jason I want you to look straight with no emotions, I want you to make it look like you don't care what Kate is doing right now."
Of course with the wig and the big pair of sunglasses he was wearing no one would be able to tell if he was excited. Jason leisurely spread his hands out on the back of the couch.
"Kate lift your left leg and place it on top of Jason's arm on the back of the couch."
Ok, I could do that.
"Keep your right leg on the floor Kate."
Oh my god, that would be hard. That would spread me completely open, no wiggle room. My heart beat hard in my chest when I did what he asked. I took a quick peek down my front. My big tits rolled to the sides, my nipples hard. My soft stomach lay flat and between my explicitly spread legs was my wet pussy. My clit was already engorged and erect, my lips spread open with moisture trapped between them.
"Look into the camera Kate. Don't look anywhere else but the camera. The camera is where all the men are who will be looking at you, admiring your body while they pleasure themselves ... yeah I can see that excites you," He said quickly noticing my suddenly arched back.
"Oh Tim, that's not fair," I moaned.
"Just imagine Kate, hundreds ... no ... thousands of men pumping their hard cocks while they look at you. What do you want to show them Kate? What do you want them to see?"
He moved all around me and Jason taking the pictures while I creamed inside from what he was saying, my mind seeing hands pumping heavily veined and large cocks. I didn't think I could spread my legs anymore but I did.
"Oh my, look at you. Look at your pussy, it's so wet! You want me to take pictures of your wet pussy so everyone can stoke their cocks to it?"
"Y ... yessss..." I whispered looking straight into the camera.
"Pull on your nipples Kate, let them see you love to have your nipples pulled."
I moved my hands towards my throbbing nipples but Jason caught them and wrapping his large hand around both of my wrists, held them over my head. I looked at his face surprised but very excited.
He placed his free hand on top of my left breast, for the first time ever touching my private area as I rolled my eyes in pleasure enjoying the touch. His fingers squeezed my excited nipple with firmness making me moan.
I watched with fascination no longer aware of the camera as my nipple was painfully squeezed. Then he pulled it and pain and excitement shot through my body down to my already wet pussy.
My breasts rose and fell, my face felt hot and I felt like my whole body was perspiring but watched ... I watched with excitement and anticipation what he was doing to me.
"You love it Kate, I can see that, now show it to the men who will be watching you soon. Look into the camera and show you love it."
Tim's voice came to me as if from afar, it hypnotized me even more and looked into the lens of the camera ... no longer at him but at the inside of the lens. I moaned even more.
"Uhhhhmmmmm ... yessssss..."
Jason let go of my wrists and wrapped his hand around my other side cupping my breast. His fingers soon found my other nipple and squeezed hard. I brought my hands down, my left fell around his neck, my right hand fell on his legs with my hand dangerously close to his crotch. I was sprealled across his chest, my legs wide open. Jason's head was under my left armpit as he was sqeezing my nipples.
"That's beautiful Kate, now you're doing it ... now you're doing it. Look into the camera Kate."
I did but that's when Jason let go of my left nipple and slapped my breasts hard.
"Ouuuuucccchhhh ... uhhhhhhmmmmm..."
Pain and pleasure mixed inside my mind and shock, shock that he did that. My eyes were wide, my mouth open as I watched the camera Tim held. Tim moved a bit to the side and my eyes followed. Jason went back to pinching my already throbbing nipples making wet even more.
Oh Fuck! He's slapping my tits!
He let go of my other breast and slapped that one. Dry, smacking sound reverberated around the room followed quickly by my squeal. But I watched the camera, I didn't take my eyes of off it as my face showed mix of emotions ranging from shock to slutty desire for more rough treatment.
Tim moved to the front of the couch again taking his photos from the side.
"Yeah Kate, stroke his cock, you want it don't you?"
With shock I realized my right hand found Jason's cock and through his pants I rubbed it making it grow. He was already hard, big and thick!
Suddenly Jason slid his right hand down my stomach, past my navel and stopped it at the inside of my tight very close to my creaming pussy. I jumped at that, this was his boldest move ever! I needed to stop him but I couldn't, the excitement of having his fingers soooooooo close to my pussy was driving me insane.
Tim saw that and moved directly in front of me, in front of my wide open legs snapping pictures. My eyes followed him as my mind vaguely registered that I was still rubbing Jason's cock.
Stop it Kate, you need to stop it before these two boys have their way with you...
My mind whispered. And I would ... I would ... but the camera held me captive. The camera and the knowledge thousands of men will stroke their cocks to this and ... cum!
Jason lifted his hand and slapped the inside of my tight with f***e making me shiver, jump and yelp! With my mind picturing white sticky cum squirting out of cock after cock my hand reached for Jason's zipper and unzipped it.
My heart beat so hard in my chest, my mind was confused at what I was doing but would deny the pleasure I felt showing myself to the camera and being treated rough by Jason. My trembling hand reached inside Jason's pants and I felt his hard cock through the thin material of his underwear.
"Uggghhhmmm..." I moaned from the pleasure of being able to touch his hard meat.
Jason ran his hand under my spread leg and squeezed the inside of my tight, spread his fingers wide until his fingertips reached my wet pussy lip on that side. His finger slid across the wet skin with ease playing with it.
As wrong as it was I allowed him to do that without changing position, still looking into the camera, still spreading my legs, still touching his cock.
Suddenly I realized touching his big cock through his underwear would not be enough for me. After all, he was touching me directly. I pulled my hand out and undid the button. Now I had more room to explore.
"Yeah Kate, pull his cock out and ... and do what you want with it. Let everyone see you love cock," Tim's inviting voice teased my mind.
I twisted my body and looked at the outline of Jason's cock. A thick and long shaft was hidden under a white pair of underwear. His cock lay to the side, stretching across his stomach until the tip hung over his hip. His cock was so big and hard it filled and stretched the material of his underwear to the max. I moved my eager hand over the length of it amazed at the size. One little movement of my hand would release it ... one little movement...
Jason moved his hand a bit and his fingers grazed the other side of my wet and tingling pussy sending waves of pleasure through my increasingly tense body. I tensed from the touch and involuntarily wrapped my whole hand around his thick shaft.
Tim saw that and moved a bit photographing it. The effect was a picture of me laying across Jason's body, my legs spread while his hand was between them playing with my wet pussy and me ... my hand holding on to his big cock through his underwear. I knew my face reflected slutty desire I felt at the moment.
"Nice Kate, I want more, more Kate ... just let yourself go, do whatever comes to your mind. Show everyone what you really want."
Cock, I want that cock, I want to taste it so bad. My mind screamed.
On the outside I pretended to fight a battle which both boys could see. I closed my eyes and with great difficulty pulled my hand away from that amazing cock.
"I can't boys, you know I'm married ... I can't do that."
"Kate, you're just posing, nothing else and it's considered art. Some models would kill for this opportunity."
He said that very calmly and went back to taking his pictures. I looked at the camera now poised between my legs and rolled my eyes. My hand reached out and touched Jason's cock again.
"Yes Kate, do it," Tim whispered.
I knew exactly what he wanted me to do, I just had to get up the courage to do it.
"Ok, just for the art aspect of it," I said looking at Tim.
He just smiled and patiently waited knowing eventually I would give in.
Ok, I think I'm Ok to do it in front of these boys
Do what? What was I planning on doing? I was confused, excited and a bit embarrassed but with trembling hands I hooked my fingers in the waistband of Jason's underwear and carefully lifted. I held my breath as Jason's massive cock sprung free from the confines.
"Oh my god..." I whispered looking at it.
It was huge, at least 10" long! This was an 18 year old k** with such a huge cock! My trembling hand automatically wrapped around the heavily veined shaft. He was so thick my fingers could not meet holding the circumference of it. I gently pumped the shaft and Jason moaned slightly arching his back.
I begun gently stroking him watching the purple mushroom-like head totally exposed so close to my mouth. Matter of fact, my mouth was heavily salivating watching the huge cock. I noticed some pre-cum forming at the tip and I instinctively licked my lips. That's when I realized Tim had his camera pointing at my face taking pictures.
"Tim, no..." I whispered confused and embarrassed he was photographing this.
"Do it Kate," He whispered.
Oh my god, he wanted me to suck it! He wanted me to suck his buddy's cock so he could photograph it! Me, thirty five year old woman who could easily be their mother. I trembled at the seductive thought and wasn't sure if I should.
Oh they know I'm a slut now, they probably know I'm a slut so I should just do it!
I pumped Jason's cock almost convinced I should suck it when he tensed and moaned ready to cum! I was so surprised I opened my mouth to shout at him not to when his cock stiffened and a stream of white sticky cum shot out of the tip and into my opened mouth. The stream hit the back of my throat with such f***e I choked for a brief moment and swallowed.
The next stream of cum hit me square on my closed lips while I swallowed the first. It splashed against them and splattered all over my face. I felt the hot cum all over my cheeks, chin and even my nose. In shock I opened my mouth again to say something just in time to receive his next load which did not let up on f***e and intensity. The salvo hit the back of my throat tickling it and I instinctively swallowed that one too.
I realized I was still pumping his big cock probably making him cum even more. I looked over at Tim who held the button of the camera continuously making it shoot one picture after another never missing a beat. My face turned crimson from the embarrassment of having this photographed and I looked away from the camera, that's when I felt another stream splatter across my face. It laid its sticky trail across my forehead, nose and cheek.
"Oh my god Jason, how much more do you have?" I said. No, I moaned.
"Ohhhh, oh Kate, oh Jesus," Jason moaned, his head back, eyes rolled back.
I thought he was done so I pumped his cock the length of it. That's when his hips moved up and another stream shot out of his cock splashing along my forehead and hair. Some of it dripped down to my lips so without thought I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and licked it. The lens of the camera was pointed straight at me.
Oh god, this is so fucking good!
That's when I came. A wave of ecstasy hit me and quickly spread throughout my body.
"Uhhhhhhmmmmmmm ... oh fuck yeasssssssssss..." I moaned coming.
I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and pumped Jason's cock waiting for more precious cum. He didn't disappoint me. Another stream of cum shot out of his cock and right into my mouth. I swallowed desperately as if it was a precious liquid which my life depended on and pumped his cock for more. I knew I was a mess, a slut covered in cum wantonly opening her mouth for more and being photographed but I didn't care anymore. I wanted more cum.
But he was spent. The next stream was weak and barely able to reach my chin. I felt the cum drip off of it and right onto my tits. The next one was so weak it barely left his cock so I moved up ... moved up so close I could have extended my tongue and licked the tip of his cock. I wanted to so much! I was ready for this. I was ready to show him what my mouth can do so I opened my mouth wide.
"Shit! Wait! FUCK NOT NOW!"
I pulled back a little and looked at Tim with surprise registering again that he was there. He was on his knees right in front of the couch, sort of between Jason's spread open legs looking down at his camera.
"Shit! My memory card is full," He looked at me with desperation.
"Kate, wait just wait, let me download this. I'll be right back, don't move."
He ran to the coffee table and quickly connected his camera to the lap top. But the moment has passed and my breathing was coming back to normal. I realized suddenly what I've done. I nearly put Jason's cock in my mouth.
"Oh Jesus..." I whispered letting go of Jason's cock.
It slapped his stomach slowly becoming semi soft. I moved up and sat straight beside Jason who was looking at me with a red face.
"I'm sorry Kate," He whispered.
"Oh, you don't have to be sorry about anything," I said feeling more of his cum dripping to my lips.
I smiled and extending my tongue licked my cum covered chin. He watched me mesmerized. I smiled at him and used my hand to wipe cum from my forehead and then my cheek. He watched my every move. He probably wanted to see how slutty I could be. Well, I wouldn't disappoint him. Seductively, I slipped my cum covered fingers into my mouth and licked them clean.
That's when my phone rang again. It lay right beside me so I picked it up and answered. It was John again.
"Honey, how much longer are you going to be?"
I used my other hand to get more cum from my other cheek.
"Hmmm ... not much longer sweetheart, I'm almost done."
I put my wet fingers in my mouth and sucked. Both Jason and Tim were watching me.
"Tommy and Kristy were asking me if tonight is a good night for taking some f****y photos."
I stiffened and my heart begun beating faster. I remembered damn well what happened during our last 'f****y photo sessions'.
"Maybe sweetheart, I'll have to see if I can get dinner done on time."
Both Tommy and Kristy were asking which meant only one thing; they wanted to get me into more compromising positions. The Mom in me dreaded it but the Slut in me was already getting excited. And it seemed like my husband was eager to have it happen, I could feel it in his voice.
"Thanks Honey, I'll let them know you might be game to do it tonight. Oh, and come home soon so we can wrap up dinner."
He hung up while I sat naked and covered in Jason's cum thinking about what might happen tonight. How far should I allow things to develop?
"God Kate, you should see some of these pictures, you look so hot in them," Tim moaned scrolling through the pics on his lap top.
I thought about how erotic it would be to sit down completely naked and look at them with both of those boys next to me. How erotic it would be and how dangerous, in my current state of sexual arousal I might even let them...
"Sorry Tim, I have to go, f****y duties call. You guys look at them and..." I hesitated for a moment, "And post the ones you think should be posted," I finally finished.
I put a lot of trust into them but I was sure my make up would hide my identity well. Both of them looked at me and shook their heads vigorously.
"Kate, we will, we won't post anything which could jeopardize your identity. We promise, you can trust us." Tim's voice carried lots of reassurance.
"I know, just send me a link to the site once you're done and I'll take a look. I have to clean up, Jason you don't mind if I use your bathroom..."
Jason didn't mind and I did the best I could under the circumstances wiping his wet cum with a tissue. I wanted to hurry since I was already late for dinner with my f****y.
Ten minutes later I was out the door and heading to my house. A slight scent of Jason's cum remained about me so I promised to take a shower before I would start on dinner.

I felt so dirty driving home, couple of times I actually checked to see if Jason's cum was still on me. He came so much! And I allowed it to get into my mouth!

Slut Reverberated through my mind.

Calling myself a slut just added to my already aroused state. I had an orgasm when Jason sprayed his cum all over me but I still felt unsatisfied. One thing was for sure, I was so glad both boys behaved themselves and didn't cross the line. I knew that if they did it would complicate things so much. I was their friends Mom and not a slut they could just fuck whenever they wanted. True, I couldn't help to think and fantasize and maybe...maybe deep inside wish Jason would take me and fuck me right there on the couch in front of Tim and his camera but that was all, just a fantasy. Would I ever let those two boys do anything more other than just take nasty pictures of me? Only time would tell but I promised myself I would do all I could not to let them take advantage of me.

When I finally got home I noticed the house was a mess. The construction crews were already done for the day but left piles of dirt all over the back yard and a huge hole where the pool was going to be. Kristy ran up to me quickly and after giving me a quick hug pointed to the back yard excitedly.

"Mom, did you see the pool?"

"Not much of a pool yet sweetheart, unless you want to swim in a mud hole," I said giving her a sideways look to see if she noticed the smell of cum on me.

She was so excited about the construction of the pool she didn't even notice.

"I know Mom but its starting! It should take them what, a week to finish? I can't wait! Are you going to go skinny dipping with me?" She said seductively grabbing on to my waist and pulling me to her.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed, after all John and Tommy were both home.

"Let's just wait for the pool to get done before we even think about anything like that."

I gently pushed my daughter away and gave her a smile. Her lips pouted for a moment and then her eyes narrowed.

"Maybe you'd want me to come over later and visit you and dad? Would that help you make up your mind about skinny dipping with me?"

She leaned against the wall, licked her finger and moved it down to her thigh. She wore a skirt which stopped right above her knees. Her wet finger was now slowly raising that skirt in front of me exposing her soft thighs.

"Kristy stop," I whispered.

"You mean you don't want me to come to your room tonight? You know how dad loves it."

She was right. John learned to expect that special treat thinking it's a call girl I brought to our bed to spice up our love life. He was blindfolded and tied to the bed when she came over and little did he know it was his own daughter who sucked his cock so many times now. And I, her mom, allowed her to...to fuck him while I ate her pussy. Oh god, what was I becoming?

She raised her skirt enough for me to see her panties with her pussy underneath. I swallowed hard from the temptation I felt to drop to my knees and eat her.

"I'm going to start dinner and you better come down young lady. I want you to behave yourself tonight."

She laughed and seductively licked her lips watching me. She was so bad. As soon as she heard footsteps she pulled her skirt down and gave me a wink. Tommy burst into the living room looking at both of us.

"Mom, you're home, great. When is dinner going to be done?"

He looked out the window as Kristy and I admired his behind. Only after he turned around and headed to the kitchen I realized Kristy watched him the same way I did, with hunger. I shook my head and headed for the kitchen where I started on dinner. I would have to watch her so she didn't do anything stupid. After all, he was her b*****r and I didn't need to have both of them jumping into sack together.

Dinner came out great, everyone was hungry and we ate at the dining table like always chatting about small things, teasing each other and laughing. Throughout the whole dinner I got the feeling of being a little rushed. Everyone was a bit short and ate their dinner quick. I had the feeling dinner was just a formality as if everyone waited with anticipation and wanted to get the meal done and over with.

Kristy and I cleaned up the table and did the dishes while John and Tommy opened a bottle of wine and poured 4 big glasses. I was surprised as we generally didn't allow k**s to have alcohol.

"Just this one time babe," He winked at me when I gave him a questioning look.

We drank and laughed and soon opened another bottle.

"Phew, at this rate you guys are going to get me too d***k to do anything," I said feeling the effects of the alcohol.

"Oh Mom, you only had three glasses, don't tell me you're such a lightweight," Kristy said and hiccupped loudly immediately putting her hand up to her mouth.

"Ooops," She said and we all laughed.

"You know, this is probably the first time we have ever done this," John laughed watching his daughter try not to hiccup again.

"Yes it definitely is, and talking about lightweights," Tommy looked at his s****r meaningfully, "I am tempted to get my camera and document this."

As if everyone was waiting for someone to bring up the photo subject John and Kristy immediately chimed in.

"Yes, why don't you son. It would make some interesting photos."

"Yes, get it, we were going to take pictures tonight anyway. But first let me and Mom get ready. There is no way I'm going to let you take my photos looking like this."

Kristy got up and grabbing my hand pulled me behind her. She led me upstairs and locked the door to my bedroom as soon as we were inside. She looked at me for a moment calculating something and I got the uncomfortable feeling she had something daring in mind.

"Come on, let's take a quick shower and get decked out," She said laughing and pulled me behind her.

"Kristy, no we don't have to, let's just put some make up on," I protested but she would not have any of it.

Soon we were both in the shower washing our hair, soaping up and watching each other. Kristy was beautiful, a split image of me with long dark hair, tight stomach and ass and nice pair of tits. I of course had some years on her which showed in softer curves, a soft stomach and wider hips.

I closed my eyes and soaped up my hair but suddenly felt Kristy rubbing soap over my breasts.

"Kristy, what are you doing?" I said surprised.

"Just making sure you're clean for the photo shoot."

I shrugged my shoulders and washed my hair getting a secret thrill from my daughter's touches. Soon I felt her hands slide down to my stomach and then my pussy.

"Uhhhmmmm...Kristy, stop," I whispered feeling my excitement beginning to build.

"Mom, we have to make sure you're clean there too just in case the camera gets a shot at it."

"No way young lady, there will be no shooting that," I answered playfully.

I tried to wash out the soap out of my hair and eyes as quickly as I could but she managed to thoroughly wash my pussy even sliding her soaped up hand down the crack of my ass and touching my asshole.

"Uhhhmmm...Kristy..." I whispered breathing heavy.

"Oh Mom, you like that?" She asked excited.

She rubbed my ass with one hand and my pussy with the other soaping me and driving me insane. Having my pussy and ass rubbed at the same time somehow made me spread my legs apart and her movements increased.

"Ohhhh daughter please stop, we have to get back downstairs," I whispered finally able to look at her with no soap in my eyes.

She planted a long, wet kiss on my lips and pulled away.

"Why didn't we ever take a shower together before?"

I could tell she was getting excited herself. Her movements were long and sensual and she was putting more pressure on my ass and pussy. I was afraid she might penetrate me with her fingers soon so I twisted out of her grasp and soaped up my hands.

"Your turn," I said breathing heavy.

She smiled and turning around put her hands against the shower wall high above her head. She spread her legs and stuck her perfect ass out.

"I'm all yours Mommie."

I bit my lower lip watching her ass and started soaping her lower back. Her skin was so smooth! I ran my hands around to the front cupping her breasts lightly and soaping them, then slid them down to her stomach and soaped that area. I then ran one hand down to her puss and one down the crack of her ass to her tiny brown hole touching for the first time.

"Oh Mom, you're turning me on so much. Maybe we should skip the photo session and stay up here for a while."

The photo session! John and Tommy were waiting while we...

"God we have to hurry," I said and started rising off.

Jesus how could I forget what we were supposed to do so quickly? Must have been the wine. Kristy panted but rinsed off as well. I knew she wasn't satisfied and neither was I. We quickly put make up on, dried our hair and stood there in the middle of the bedroom completely naked.

"Mom, you're going to have to go first. We'll have to deck you out so the guys are drooling."

I watched her with curiosity already buzzing from the wine I drank when someone knocked on the door.

"Honey, I got some wine for you guys and a question. How much longer?" I heard John's impatient voice.

"Wait a second," I said and put my robe on.

I cracked the door and took the two glassed from him. He tried to take a peek inside but I blocked him.

"How much longer?"

"I don't know, we're trying to decide what to wear."

"Well wear something sexy and hurry," He managed to say before I closed the door on him.

I handed Kristy a glass and took a deep drink from mine.

"Ok, you heard Dad, he wants sexy. First we have to get you a pair of hot panties."

She walked up to my drawers and after rummaging through them held up a pair. I swallowed hard.

"Kristy, those are small."

I shook my head from side to side and she shrugged her shoulders and threw them at me.

"Put those on Mom. Dad wants sexy."

I picked up the tiny pair and turning them over in my hands put the glass of wine down. I stepped into them and pulled them up. The solid white panties covered my crotch area and my pussy but stopped right above my clit leaving the rest bare. The white waist band followed up over my hips and disappeared between my ass cheeks. My whole stomach and pubic area which was cleanly shaved were exposed.

"No way," I whispered looking at myself in the mirror.

Kristy already had something out of my drawer and handed it to me. It was my white see-through lingerie teddy. I shook my head at her but decided to play along and slipped it on. The teddy only covered my top and stopped at my hips leaving my panties exposed. The front was split in two with sheer, see-thru material covering my breasts and then joining at the bottom covering my pubic area right above my panties. The two pieces covering my breasts were tied together below my breasts to keep them from spilling out. The back was exposed with thin strings holding the pieces together and same strip of see-thru material above my ass joining together. The result was my whole ass exposed with only strings of white panties between my ass cheeks.

"There is no way I'm going to wear this in front of Tommy."

"Mom, Dad wants sexy and this is sexy."

I shook my head. As much as I wanted to wear this for Tommy I couldn't. It was too much for a Mom to show herself like this in front of her son.

"This is more than sexy Kristy. I...I need something else."

I pulled off the teddy and quickly decided on a plain white shirt buttoned down the front which extended past my hips covering my panties.

"Ok, if you're going to wear this, you're going to wear only this," Kristy pushed her ass against the drawer closing it.

"Now, on to the shoes."

She pulled me along behind her and picked out a red pair of high heels. After slipping them on I looked in the mirror. I was relieved to see most of my body parts were covered sufficiently. The tiny pair of panties will be under my shirt and if I was careful enough no one would see them.

"Ok, this will do. Now what about you?"

She was still naked so we quickly picked out a similar outfit for her complete with a pair of black high heels and walked out of the room. I complained that the panties she wore covered her much better than mine but all she said was that we were not going to show the men our panties so it didn't matter. I was not so sure but played along.

As soon as John and Tommy heard us walk into the living room they both looked in our direction. Tommy's eyes were wide and his mouth dropped open as he watched me and his s****r walk in dressed only in loose shirts. John only smiled and licked his lips watching Kristy.

I was on pins and needles. I never thought I would walk into the room dressed the way I was where my husband and son could see. I was dressed sexy...very sexy...daringly sexy. One careless move, one moment of distraction and I stood a chance of exposure.

Of course exposing myself to my son or my daughter was no big deal but not in front of my husband! He could never know that his son fucked me so many times in so many different ways!

"Wow girls! You both look great! Nice outfits, will make it for a very interesting photos."

John was the first to regain his composure and walked up to both of us with another glass of wine. He reached around me and squeezed my ass gently while giving me a kiss.

"Uhhmmm...honey, you look amazing."

"Don't get your hopes up," I whispered back to him knowing he would love to see ma naked instead.

Tommy picked up his camera and begin directing right away.

"Mom, you stand there, good let your hair fall over your left shoulder, yes like that."

I moved and stood the way my son told me, sipping on my glass of wine which by now was making me more than a little tipsy, and enjoyed how his shining eyes looked at me. It was that same hungry desire I saw in them when he took very first photos of me in our garage and on top of his bike. God, that was so long ago.

"Kristy, you stand next to Mom, yes just like that, hand on your hip, now both of your look into the camera."

Kristy and I made pretty faces and looked into the lens of the camera, the same lens which already seen every single uninhabited inch of my body. It was déjà vu all over with the exception that now my husband and my daughter were seeing it.

Tommy laid down in front of us and begun shooting from the floor. I gave John a quick look but didn't see him object in any way. Just to be on the safe side and not show my panties I turned sideways to him and faced Kristy. My daughter immediately slid closer to me and put her left leg in between my opened legs so her hip brushed against my pelvic tickling my pussy.

"That's great, now mom put your hands around Kristy's waist."

I swallowed hard and did what he asked. Kristy brought her hand around my waist as Tommy shot us from below. I could feel my daughter's hand on the lower part of my back sliding down until it stopped on the upper part of my ass. It was provocative and appeared to be making hell of an effect on my husband and son. Their eyes were widening and their breathing increasingly difficult. I smiled. How typical of men to want to see two women in a sexy pose. I just imagined what seeing a Mother and Daughter in a sexy pose was doing to them.

I felt Kristy press her hip into me more and looking down I noticed she spread her legs. Giving Tommy a peek I saw he was shooting up. I quickly realized she wanted to show him her panties. I knew that after watching her b*****r and his girlfriend having sex she looked at Tommy differently, and it wasn't as her b*****r anymore. Would she ever give him an opportunity to fuck her? Knowing Kristy, she probably would and I should probably try to prevent this but for now, seeing Kristy try to expose herself to her b*****r was actually turning me on. What a bad Mother I was.

Licking my lips I moved the edge of her shirt up a bit. Kristy immediately gave me a look of surprise but quickly went back to looking into the camera. I felt her whole body stiffen up a bit as Tommy shot us from below. Kristy's shirt was up enough to show her pink panties and with her spread legs her b*****r had a good view of them. The material of her panties wasn't one to show her wetness but it was hugging her enough to show her camel toe. The slight crease in the middle indicated exactly where her slit was. I swallowed hard and putting my hand under the edge of her shirt, tugged on the waist band of her panties. For some wicked reason I was getting a kick out of showing my daughter off like this.

"Oh god..." I heard an almost inaudible whisper from Kristy.

Tommy's eyes were bulging out and so was John's. John moved up and sat on the couch directly behind Tommy watching us intensely. I pulled harder digging her panties into the pouch of her young sex until all intimate details were plainly visible underneath the thin material. The camel toe she showed was very pronounced and showed the length and size of her slit with excruciating detail. I noticed her face becoming red but she stayed in this position as her bother took her pictures and dad watched.

Suddenly I felt the hand she had on my ass move sliding my own shirt up, exposing my ass. I held my breath as she very slowly lifted my shirt up until we stood there in the middle of our living room in a sexy embrace, my ass exposed, my daughter's panties showing with a big camel toe, with my son taking pictures of us. Giving Tommy a look I quickly realized he was watching my ass and even rolled to the side where he could take pictures of my exposed ass.

I looked at my husband unsure of what he would think of this but all he was doing was staring at our daughter's exposed panties. I had nothing to worry about but didn't know how far to go. Kristy seemed impatient. She twisted and faced me, her eyes shining with sexual excitement watching my lips so close to hers. For a second there I thought she was going to kiss me, so I instinctively grabbed her hair and pulled her back keeping her from kissing me. She melted in my hands, she put up no resistance!

Could I...could I do whatever I wanted? Would she let me? How much more should I show her b*****r?

Dirty questions reverberated through my mind as my breathing became progressively labored. I pulled her hair back hard and made her face the camera. For the first time I saw concern on her face mixed with shock and pleasure. Her hands dangled limp by her side as she stood there waiting for what I would do next. I glanced at Tommy and my husband and smiled, they were riveted in their positions with wide eyes waiting...waiting like hungry puppies.

Holding my daughter's hair I brought my other hand to the top button of her shirt and slowly worked it free exposing some of her cleavage, giving the camera sexy looks. I could feel her breathing heavily and watching me, watching my lips. It was obvious what she wanted. I brought my face close to her and felt her push towards me. I waited until her lips almost reached mine and pulled on her hair pulling her head back.

"Ugggghhhhmmmm..." A frustrated moan escaped her lips.

I heard the clicking of the camera and John adjusting, no doubt with a big hard on in his pants. This was so crazy! They were all watching me at the edge of their seats. I enjoyed doing this, I enjoyed keeping them there. And something else was extremely enjoyable, I realized. It was controlling my daughter, it was manipulating her and dominating her! I gave the camera a sexy look and begun playing with Kristy's other button. The first one was no big deal but this one would expose much of her cleavage. She looked down at my hands scared like a little girl, wide eyes, cheeks blushing wondering how much she would show to her b*****r and Dad. Suddenly the button came free and her cleavage became exposed past her breasts.

"Uhhhhhhh...oh Mom...ahhhhhh...oh Mom..."

Again she looked at my lips, she wanted me, she didn't care her b*****r and Dad were watching she just wanted to kiss me. I kept her at bay but her hand came up and rested on my hip seductively playing with my bare skin. I looked at Tommy, he was taking pictures. I looked at my husband, he was sitting up watching us with his mouth wide open and an obvious bulge in his pants.

How far should I go? How far?

Looking at her cleavage I though perhaps one more, one more button would expose her stomach but should keep her breast hidden. I felt Kristy tremble when I lifted my hand resting it on her stomach, searching for that one button which could expose her.

"Oh God Mom, are you going to...are you going to...do it?" She whispered, no one else heard it.

I looked at her and pulled her hair hard making her stick her breasts out. She was panting from excitement, chest heaving. I pulled on the button and looked at what she showed. Kristy's shirt opened down to her panties where it was only held together by one last button. Her breasts were nearly exposed; the edges of her shirt covered her pink nipples but barely, the brown prickly skin of her aureoles slightly showing. Her tight stomach shone with smooth skin and slight perspiration exposing her down to her pink panties and that wonderful camel toe.

Oh fuck...I have her almost naked.

I didn't know what my husband was doing, I didn't know what he was thinking watching this but I knew I loved what I was doing. Her young body trembled in my grasp and I controlled it. I could smell my daughter's excitement, her sex, I knew she was wet and was probably showing it to her b*****r and his camera but so was I. I was excited and wet. With one last move I slid my hand up the front of her shirt and grabbing her panties pulled hard.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhmmmmmm..." A long sensual moan came out of my daughter as an orgasm overtook her.

She came! She came from my grasp...from exposing her to her b*****r and her Dad! I looked at Tommy who stopped taking pictures and watched Kristy's panties. So was John. When I looked down I saw the panties no longer showed a camel toe, I pulled them up so hard they slid between her pussy lips and were wedged in her slit. I practically exposed her whole pussy!

I had to stop, I had to stop somewhere! Taking a deep breath I let go of her panties and her hair and hugged her. She embraced me and held on for a few moments, breathing deeply and trying to calm down. That's when I heard the clicking of the camera again. Tommy regained his senses and was taking our pictures again.

"Thanks, now my turn..." Kristy whispered to me pulling away.

"Wait...what do you mean..." I whispered back but it was too late.

Kristy already had both of my hands pinned in the back, fingers lacked in such way I couldn't fee them and pressed against my ass. She slipped to the side and looked at her b*****r and his camera.

"Ready for Mom?"

All Tommy did was shook his head up and down watching us with wide eyes. I gave my husband a look and saw he was pretty much in the same state, anticipation to see what Kristy was going to do to me. I felt a bit of panic knowing how Kristy can be, knowing what she did in Betty's sex shop, she was capable of doing anything at this moment.

She started slow and slid her hand along my waist until she was firmly pressed against me and hugging my waist, her head pressed against my shoulder.

"Uhhhhh...that's nice," Tommy whispered taking pictures.

After a few seconds her hand squeezed me harder and slid up a bit settling right under my breasts. I felt cool air hit my hot pussy and knew I showed my tiny panties to my son's camera. I dared not to look at my husband; I didn't know what he thought of it, what he thought of me, a Mother showing her tiny little panties to her son.

Kristy moved directly behind me and pulled my hands down forcing me to stick my heaving breasts out. I felt my fingers press against her pussy in the back which was hidden from my husband and son. Kristy's hand slid around my waist, up my stomach until her young fingers touched the very top button of my shirt. I stiffened up looking at what she was doing.

"Ughmmm..." A low moan came out of my mouth as she freed that button.

I couldn't hold it back as I saw my deep cleavage and parts of my breasts expose. Kristy pressed my fingers against her panties and whispered.

"I know you like it, now pose for Tommy."

I tensed hearing her words but knew she spoke them low enough so no one else could hear them. I...I did what she asked, I posed with parts of my breasts exposed. I heard her breathing deepened when she realized I did what she said. I was dying to see the reaction on my husband's face but just could not bring myself to look.

"Nice, your tits are almost showing and Tommy's taking your pictures..." Kristy whispered again sending shocks of excitement up and down my tense body.

Her fingers found the next button and begun to work on it. I looked down and knew if she released that one I could potentially show more breasts then I ever had.

"No, stop..." I whispered back to her and tried to wiggle my hands free.

All I succeeded in doing was dig my fingers deeper into my daughter's panties which felt quite clammy. Suddenly I felt the button release and my shirt slid further to the sides.

"Ohhhh..." Another audible moan which I hoped no one but my daughter heard.

Kristy smiled into the camera and I'm sure noticed how wide her b*****r's eyes were, how tense he was watching his Mother's tits coming into view of his camera. Kristy loved it. I could tell. She gently slid her index finger down my skin until she hooked it on the NEXT button. My breathing was now coming in gasps. My tits were exposed enough, and she was about to bare them even more. If there was ever a time to stop what was happening, it was now.

"Kristy...oh god, what are you doing?" I whispered.

True, I exposed her a bit but nothing like what she was doing to me. In response I felt her press her cunt into my fingers allowing me to feel the dampness between her legs. Her index finger wrestled with the button for a moment and then it was done. The button slipped through the hole and my shirt opened more. I was afraid to look down but I could feel cool air around my nipples. I bit my lower lip in panic and looked at my son. Tommy's eyes reflected what I was afraid I showed excitement...shock...wonder. I looked at my husband afraid of what I might find there but his expression was even more excited than our son's. He was even licking his lips watching what our daughter was doing to me.

I finally found the courage to look down at my tits to see what I showed. The shirt was pushed to the sides and only held by one button at my crotch level. My big tits were exposed down the middle INCLUDING my nipples!

"Ohhhhhh...Goooooddddd..." I moaned.

Click, click, click.

I heard the sound of the camera taking my pictures. I looked up at my son who came closer taking photos of my exposed and very hard nipples, my heart pounding, panic in my mind, but an unstoppable excitement coursing through my body.

"Uhhhmmmm...you like that, don't you?" My daughter whispered and pushed my hands down making me stick my tits out more.

The edges of my shirt were f***ed to slide further apart, a good inch past my nipples when my big tits stuck out.

"No...no I don't..." I squealed back to her.

Of course my reply to her was a lie but I didn't want her to know, I didn't want my son or husband to see it. My tits rose and fell from my heavy breathing.

"Don't lie to me, tell me you like it."

Suddenly I felt one of my fingers slip between the fabric of her panties and slide into the wet folds of her hot pussy. I quickly looked at my son and husband to see if they noticed, but they were too busy looking at my tits.

"Oh God Kristy...oh god..." My excited whisper came out as my face begun to warm up.

"Tell me you like it...like it like a slut..."

Hearing my daughter whisper that in my ear in the presence of my son and husband was incredible! Pleasure shot through my brain and my body reacted by arching my back and sticking my tits out more. My daughter smirked at me.

"I know you do...I can see it..."

"Uggggghhhhmmmm...oh god Kristy...I...I do...ohhhhh god I like it."

"Mom, you look beautiful."

I looked at Tommy with a blank stare, barely registering what he said. Kristy brought her hand to my last remaining button and begun working it free. John cleared his throat and leaned forward watching our daughter's fingers with sexual anticipation. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't answer my son, I just watched as my daughter undid the last remaining button and my shirt fell to the sides completely exposing my tits.

"Oh My God!"

This time I moaned aloud, I couldn't help it, I couldn't stop it. Now they all knew how I felt about what was happening to me. John's look was that of a slight surprise but definitely approval. Tommy looked like he wanted to get closer and bite my nipples. Kristy added fuel to the fire.

"Good Slut...stick those big tits out so your son can see," She whispered in my ear and I was so glad no one else could hear.

My face already felt warm but hearing her call me a slut made it feel like it was on fire.

"Now Kristy, take Mom's shirt completely off, it's not doing anything anymore," Tommy directed. Surprisingly his voice was calm.

My daughter obediently slipped my shirt off.

"Now face Mom, open your shirt and try to cover Mom's breasts with your shirt, then both of you look into the camera."

Kristy reacted coming around, facing me and opening her shirt. Her tits and hard, excited nipples came into my view. I licked my lips as she stepped closer and suddenly our nipples touched. An electrifying feeling ran through me and I could tell my Daughter felt the same thing. Did my son do this on purpose?

"Nice, just like that."

My breathing increased as soon as our breasts touched and when Kristy leaned into me her breasts smashed into mine with tender sexuality. Tommy tried to peek in on his s****rs tits but could not get a good look. I was left standing in front of my son and husband in a tiny pair of panties.

"Great Kristy, now take your shirt off but keep your and Mom's breasts covered as much as you can with it. I know its touch but just have fun with it."

Kristy looked at me excited; her b*****r definitely wanted to see more of her and was showing more and more interest. She started to unbutton her shirt but Tommy stopped her.

"Wait, let Mom do it."

Oh I see where this was going and I was very surprised at my son. For a guy it was exciting to see two women undressing each other and flashing their tits but he was taking this to the next level of perversion. Nevertheless, I gave him and my husband a cool smile, wiggled out of my daughters embrace and got directly behind her. It was payback time!

Kristy tensed up when I reached around her and begun working on her button. In my aroused and foggy mind clouded by alcohol I drank, it was time to get my daughter to the same state I was in. Topless!

Tommy's camera snapped away but I don't know how good the pictures were because he was busier looking at his s****r then looking through the lens of his camera. I saw John adjust in his seat watching us. Oh god I was about to show him our daughter's tits!

"Good little Slut," I whispered in her ear.

"Your b*****r can't wait to see your tits, and your Daddy...your Daddy's cock is so hard right now...you know...the cock you sucked so many times now..."

"Uhhhhmmmmm..." A frustrating murmur came out of my daughter as I undid her button.

Looking down I saw her nipples exposed and as hard as they could get. I immediately undid her last button holding her shirt together and slid it to the side exposing her tits completely.

"Good little slut. Now show your slut tits to your b*****r..." I whispered in her ear.

Amazingly saying those dirty things to my daughter was thrilling! It shot perverted excitement coursing through my body making me wet.

"Ohhhhhh Goooooddddddd..." She moaned and this time I'm sure her b*****r and dad heard her.

"Nice, oh man, very nice."

Tommy kept taking pictures but without looking through the camera, he was more interested of seeing this moment without obstructions. John's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. His pants sported a huge hard on visible to me and Kristy. As crazy as it was all of us were excited beyond belief!

Without saying a word I slid Kristy's shirt off until she stood in front of me completely topless like me. This was a huge moment which to my surprise was so tense, so charged with sexual excitement that I was sure all four of us were getting wet at the same time. I could tell my husband and son's cocks were leaking pre-cum and Kristy's panties were soaked.

To my surprise no one said a word to stop this, no one said 'enough, we've gone too far, we're a f****y and we're not supposed to do this'. Instead, we all roamed our eyes over the scene and each other's bodies and enjoyed the moment.

"Now Mom, stand beside Kristy," Tommy said, his voice trembling very noticeably.

I knew why, my panties were so tiny I would look extremely exposed in them. But...I did, I came out from behind my daughter and stood beside her. My tiny panties pressed against my wet sex, the waistband riding high over my smooth hips.

"Kristy, pull Mom's panties up just like she did to you," Another chocked up request from my son.

Kristy readily complied and I felt the material digging into my slit, spreading it open, making my pussy lips fall out to the sides.

"Good, now keep that pose."

Kristy and I did, without a single protest, topless and with panties dug deep into our wet pussies, flushed and panting while my son hovered around us taking pictures from numerous angles. He must have taken a hundred pictures before he finally stopped. I could hear his heavy breathing.

Suddenly the door bell rang and we all froze! I looked at my husband and I could tell he felt the same thing I did. Panic. Who could it be?

"Are we expecting anyone?"

No one answered my question, but everyone had the 'deer in the headlights' look. Hmmm, probably because my daughter and I were almost completely naked and being photographed.

"Ok, Kristy and I will...put some clothes on. Tommy, can you answer the door?"

I grabbed Kristy's hand and dragged her upstairs.

"God, this went way too far!" I exclaimed as soon as we were in my bedroom and shut the door.

I was angry at myself for allowing this...this photo session to go that far. Kristy just shook her shoulders and played the whole thing off.

"Why? We didn't do anything, just showed some skin. Mom, people show more by just going to a nude beach."

I didn't buy it; I knew she had special interest in steering this whole encounter towards something sexual. And I could bet it was her father what she was after.

"Nude beach is one thing, posing practically naked for your b*****r and YOUR DAD is something totally different. And YOU! Making all those innocent eyes at your dad..."

She knew I saw right through her. Kristy smiled and leaned against the wall giving me her little girl look.

"Well if you don't let me have him when he's blindfolded, then I'm going to have to try something else."

So that was the reason. She wanted to make sure I kept inviting her to our late night bedroom encounters! And if I didn't she was going to seduce her dad without my permission!

Although she kept looking down with an innocent look, I felt as if she was manipulating me. I really needed to do something about my daughter.

"Ok, I'll see if your Dad feels like having some company tonight."

She immediately looked up excited.

"Would you Mom? Please?"

She walked up to me, grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"I love you both so much; I just want to be with you both."

She pressed her breasts against mine and putting her hand on the back of my neck, pulled me towards her until our lips pressed together in an intimate kiss. Ahhh...I loved when she did that. Her lips were so soft, so delicate and tasty; I could kiss her for a very long time. Feeling her tongue snake its way into my mouth sent sexual excitement coursing through my body.


I tried pulling away from her but couldn't.

"We have to...ahhh...we have to check who came in...ohhhh..."

I felt her hand beginning to caress my hips making its way towards my crotch. Then she stopped and pulled away. I was panting and...disappointed she pulled away!

"Mom, I have an idea. And you really have to do it!" She exclaimed excited.

"What, what do you mean?"

"I tasted Dad, and I love his cock. But...but he never tasted me."

She kept looking at me excited and I could tell she was still working out the details of...of whatever it was that popped into her head.

"I don't think Dad is going to taste you sweetheart. He doesn't even know it is you who suck his cock," It felt so perverted to say it that way.

"I know I know, but you can make him taste me."

I was lost and couldn't understand what she was talking about. She shook her head.

"Ok, the plan is simple. We put our clothes on but before we go downstairs...you eat me."

What? I was a bit shocked by what she said. She smiled seeing my reaction.

"You eat me to where I'll cream into your mouth and then we go downstairs and you kiss Dad, tongue and all and make him taste me."

She pulled me to her again, seductively. Our faces were so close...

"Make Dad taste me. Make him taste his Daughter Mom," She whispered.

For some reason I was trembling.

"Oh god, this is so crazy," I whispered back.

"Is that why you're trembling? You're so excited knowing you would make your own husband taste his daughter's cum? And...and he wouldn't even know about it."

Each word she said felt like a whip of pleasure punishing my pussy. Suddenly my breathing was very difficult, my face was hot and my pussy was wet. A look of recognition and understanding spread across my daughter's face.

"Oh that really excites you doesn't it? Are you ready to eat me? Are you ready to deliver my cum to him?"

As perverted as it was and as much as I should have said 'NO', I didn't.

"Ok, let's put our clothes on first."

She was like a little girl playing a mischievous prank on someone; her eyes were gleaming and her face showing excitement. We both put light, summer dresses on with nothing underneath. She turned to me scanning me up and down, noticing my heavy, excited breathing and smiled. Turning around she simply lifted her dress up exposing her long legs and perfect ass, placed her foot on the rear by end table, bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

My mouth instantly watered seeing my daughter's cleanly shaven and moist pussy.

"Come and get it Mommie! Oh god, I'm ready to cream in your mouth right now...just...just from the thought of what you're going to do with it..."

My mind was in a haze, I was about to lick my daughter's pussy like some starved slut. And then...and then have my husband taste her justices???!!!

I moved slowly, watching her perfect form and exposed, smooth skin. I noticed her tiny rear hole...I don't know why...it's not like I was going to touch it...it would be so...so dirty!

Oh god, what's happening to me?

I dropped to my knees right behind her and placing both hands on her ass cheeks, leaned forward. My tongue gently grazed her wet pussy lips and I felt her arch her back and moan from the intimate contact. I savored the sweet wetness which flowed into my mouth, my daughter's wetness.


I licked her, I liked her pussy with intimate tenderness driving her crazy. I felt her hips begin to move up and down, I thought perhaps it was just a involuntary movement due to what I was doing to her. I kept my face still and extended my tongue out as far as I could. She felt I stopped moving and begun moving her hips up and down, sliding her pussy up and down my face.
"Oh fuck yeassss Mom...I'm going to cum! Fuck I'm going to cum!"

She was fucking herself on my tongue now, moving up and down and stopping when my tongue reached her hole. At that moment she would push herself on it and move up and down as if she was fucking a cock. I was just a tool to her...a dirty fuck toy she was using for her pleasure.

Her movements became more pronounced, more f***eful as if she wanted to cum...to orgasm on my face at that very moment.

"Mom! Oh my god Mom! I'm cumming! Hmmmmmmmmmm..."

She let out a long, muffled moaned and came flooding my mouth with her juices. I opened my mouth but didn't swallow. I...I just sucked.


She tried catching her breath while pushing me away.

"Ok...let's go downstairs...Mom...Mom..."

My tongue was buried deep in her hole and she wanted me to stop?! I disengaged for a moment giving her a bewildered look.

"Kristy now?"

I was panting like a bitch in heat, barely able to talk.

"Yes Mom, remember our plan," She said turning around.

She knelt with me and wiped my mouth a bit.

"Ok, you're ready; make sure you give him a long, deep kiss. I want to see it."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her while I did my best to calm myself down. John was standing near the dining room table when we walked downstairs. I didn't see where Tommy was or whoever it was that came in. Excited, and knowing my daughter watched me, I walked up to my husband and grabbing his neck gave him a deep, passionate kiss snaking my tongue inside his mouth which I, less than a minute ago, fucked our daughters' pussy with.

John's tongue immediately begun exploring my mouth with passion and I have to say, a little bit of curiosity. He probably wondered what came over me. One thing's for sure, he didn't realize he tasted our daughters' pussy.

"Ok you two, get a room."

Panting from excitement I pulled away from my husband and looked around. Gina stood few feet away smiling at me while Tommy looked over her shoulders. All eyes were on me and I felt my face become warm.

"Oh hi Gina, I didn't know you were here," I mumbled hiding my embarrassment.

She wore a short pair of shorts with a very tight pink top which buttoned down the middle and hugged her firm tits like gloves. It was so tight the buttons were barely holding it together and she showed skin in the middle. It was obvious she did not wear a bra underneath. I couldn't help myself and my eyes slowly drifted to those luscious tits of hers. Gina of course noticed that right away.

"Please don't let me stop you Kate, looked like you were doing a great job. Maybe I can learn a thing or two..."

Now she took the time to scan me up and down, her eyes resting on my tits which of course were making a nice outline underneath my light summer dress. I was pretty sure my nipples hardened as Gina's eyes rested there. However, what she said bothered me a bit.

"Oh I'm sure you do fine on your own, I don't hear Tommy complaining." I fired back.

She looked at my face and smiled.

"Who knows, your techniques might be better and Tommy might like it better."

I tensed. I knew she wasn't talking about kissing anymore. She watched me suck Tommy's cock in her hot tub and I was pretty sure she was referring to that. Did she...did she know about anything else? I tried to come myself down.

"Oh ok, if you insist."

I turned to my husband and planted another kiss on him. I could hear Kristy sigh and Gina whisper 'nice'. After considerable amount of time I let my husband's head go and turned to Gina. Putting my hand on my hip I gave a cold smile.

"Learned anything?"

She stood eyeing me, her breasts were moving up and down to the rhythm of her excited breathing. She was about to say something nasty and even opened her mouth when Tommy wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back.

"Ok Gina, I thought we were going upstairs to listen to some music."

I was really looking forward to hear what she was going to say and now my son spoiled it. There was no doubt in my mind she was going to continue this word game with me dropping the subtle innuendoes. Maybe it was better to have her go upstairs with Tommy. Either way, I needed to talk to her and set things straight. She needed to realize what happened between us was done and over with and she should not bring anything about it up, especially with others around. I promised myself to have that talk with her next time I see her when no one's around.

Tommy and Gina went upstairs to Tommy's room and Kristy went to hers as well. I turned off all the lights and followed my husband upstairs.

Later that night I snuggled up close to John lying in bed. The lights were out and I could barely see the outline of his face in front of me.

"John, about today..."

He stirred and I could tell his eyes opened searching for me in the darkness.

"We should talk about it," I whispered.

His heavy arm wrapped tighter around my waist.

"Yeah babe?" He murmured.

I could tell this was going to be more of a one sided conversation which aggravated me but I promised myself to remain calm. I needed to 'Air things out' even if it meant I did most of the talking. I took a deep breath.

"John, you know what I'm talking about. It wasn't exactly normal what we were doing today. I don't think parents should act the way we acted...the way I acted," I paused giving him time to consider my words. He still wasn't saying anything.

"John I showed my breasts for crying ou..."

"Shhhhhhh," He whispered and placed a finger to my lips stopping my outburst.

I was on the edge of losing my temper with him. I needed him to focus and talk this out with me!

"So what? So you showed our k**s your breasts, big deal babe. Hundreds of parents do that every day. They're called 'Nudists' and as far as I'm concerned it's no big deal. Honey, you have a wonderful body, hell, you have a hot body that everyone I know envies. Men look at you with desire, even women! It makes me a hell of a lucky man. As far as me...I enjoyed our little show today tremendously, I vote for doing it again."

"John, even if it means me showing my body to our k**s?" I asked and waited for his answer with great anticipation.

I was so glad for the darkness that way he couldn't see the expressions on my face, the expressions of desire...desire just like his for the photo-shoot to happen again. He took his time but finally gave me a hug and whispered.


I placed my lips to his and kissed him passionately. No more words were spoken but both of us had a definitive understanding between each other. I fell asl**p that night wondering what the next few days might bring.

Slut Mommie Ch.19
We pulled up to the two story house at the end of the secluded cul-de-sac and my heart begun beating faster. This was the same house where few weeks ago I was seduced into giving my son a blow job in front of his girlfriend and her friend. The images of that erotic night were currently flashing in my mind distracting my conversation with my husband.

"Ok honey, we're here, let's go and party!" My husband said with apparent excitement in his voice.

He didn't know anything about my special relationship with our son, so being in the same spot with my husband where I sucked off our son was going to be weird.

"John just please promise me you won't drink a lot," I said knowing he liked drinking exuberantly at such parties.

He looked at me hungrily running his eyes over my body. I wore a very fashionable short black dress that stopped about mid tight revealing my smooth, tanned legs. The front of the dress was low cut leaving a wide area between my firm breasts exposed, teasing his eyes with a partial view of my soft breasts. Although my nipples were covered, the material stopped just an inch away from them barely covering my big aureoles. The dress had a zipper down the whole front that stopped at my pussy level. The small zipper handle had a loop attached to it as if it was meant for someone to hook their finger through the loop and open my dress. I wore it because he begged me to once he saw it in our closet.

"John, wake up and promise me you won't drink a lot," I snapped my fingers at my drooling husband.

"Hah...yeah, sure, just a few," He mumbled getting out of the car.

I looked down at my cleavage making sure everything was in order while my husband walked around and opened my door. I shivered seeing my partially exposed breasts! I never showed that much before! What possessed me to do that? This was just a get together with some friends not a wild night on the town with bunch of girlfriends! The only explanation I could come up with at the time was Tommy! I knew he was going to be there and I knew he loved seeing me dress provocatively

"My son's Slut...I'm his Slut," My mind uttered the seductive words.

I also wanted to discuss my relationship with Gina, my son's girlfriend, if I had the opportunity. I was definitely attracted to the young, raven hair beauty but she was my son's girlfriend and I needed to stop any sexual relationship with her. Unfortunately, the dress I wore was hardly the attire for discussion with a young girl to try to discourage her from having sex with me.

Jeannine, Gina's mother was throwing the party and asked my husband and I to come. I refused at first out of guilt of what I did with her daughter, but she kept calling and finally convinced me John and I absolutely had to be there. After all, we were friends for a long time. After a few days of constant telephone assault, I accepted her invitation with great reluctance.

The door clicked and my husband opened it like a true gentleman. I placed my right foot far enough to clear the gutter which was full of water and vaguely realized that spreading my legs that wide made my small dress snap above my hips like a rubber band. I pretended to be surprised and looked at my husband giving him "Oh gosh, I can't believe this just happened" look.

My husband stared at the tiny pair of pink panties I wore under my dress. The panties were tiny, when I bought them the young salesman that was helping me out called them micro panties due to the fact that as he put it "they were designed to only cover the vaginal opening and nothing else", god I got wet just from hearing him say that.

Now seeing my husband looking at them, I decided to give him a little show and kept my legs open for a moment letting him admire the bulges my pussy lips were making in the thin fabric, what was it called, a camel toe?

Taking my time, I slowly crawled out of the car and landed in his arms. I placed both of my hands on his shoulders without pulling my dress down so my ass was exposed.

"I can't believe I'm that clumsy..." I whispered looking at him.

He was breathing hard so I knew what I did excited him as well as me, the fact that I stood there with my ass visible to anyone that might accidentally look made me shiver.

"Babe, oh my god your panties, holy shit that looked so fucking hot," He whispered back to me.

I felt his hands slide down to my ass and squeeze both cheeks with surprising firmness.

"Jesus your ass is bare, show me those panties again!" He said excited.

"What do you want me to do, lay down on the hood of our car and spread my legs open for you like some slut? Right here in the street? Honey, what if somebody sees me?"

I hoped so desperately that he would say yes, that he wouldn't care who saw me like that, my mind and the feeling in my pussy were ready to rip all my clothes off for him at that time!

"You're right, maybe we shouldn't, let's get you covered up," He answered looking around.

With that he pulled my dress down. I stood there looking at him frustrated and disappointed. I wanted him to use me, to treat me dirty like a...slut and he just didn't understand! I needed this! I needed to be used!!!

He pulled me along behind him towards Jeannine's house and I followed frustrated, disappointed and very unhappy.

My friend Jeannine sensed my mood right away as we walked in.

"Oh oh, is everything alright?" She said looking from me to John.

He just stood there not understanding and I waved a hand in resignation.

"Ask me some other time and I'll tell you."

We both walked in and immediately started talking to other people we knew, friends, acquaintances and people we haven't seen in a long time. It was a typical dinner party, well dressed couples, drinking and catching up on things.

Once during the party I spotted Gina as she walked into the kitchen. As she passed the living room packed full of her mother's guests, she briefly looked around. There was a moment when her steady gaze stopped as she looked at me and...smiled giving me an inviting wink. She walked into the kitchen and I stood listening to my heart pound in my ears, my eyes fixed on the door leading to the kitchen.

Why did she affect me that way? Is it because I had sex with her and loved it? True, I let the girl control me and make me do things I wouldn't usually do but did she think she can just wink at me and make me run to her and let her do anything she wants with me? NO, I wouldn't! The girl needed to be put in her place and I needed to do it now!

Determined, I excused myself from the conversation leaving my husband talking and casually walked into the kitchen where Gina was. She had the refrigerator door open and as soon as I walked in, she bent down on stiff legs pretending to look in the bottom drawer sticking her ass out towards me. Unfortunately for me, the skirt she wore rode up on her legs and I had a flash of her tiny white panties under her skirt.

Wait, what was I going to do walking in here? I stared at her shapely ass admiring the tanned thighs and the two ass cheeks that made her whole ass look so enticing. God that girl had a hot body!

"Gina, I wanted to talk to you," I said tearing my eyes away from her exposed ass.

She slowly turned her head to face me without moving her bent over body.

"Oh, hi Kate. Are you having fun out there?" She asked.

Although her face was serious, I saw laughter in her eyes. The girl was obviously playing with me by teasing me with her ass.

"Yes thank you. I wanted to talk to you in private where we couldn't be interrupted."

"Oh, talk to me, what about?" She asked innocently.

I felt my body tense up. She knew what I was talking about but yet she decided to pretend as if she didn't.

"I think you know exactly what we need to talk about young lady," I said in a serious tone.

She smiled again, straightened up and closed the refrigerator door.

"Follow me," She said.

I followed the young girl up the stairs leaving the party behind and all I could think of was how I was going to approach the whole situation of her, Elaine and Tommy few weeks ago in their hot tub. As I thought about it I realized that I was still watching Gina's shapely ass swaying in front of me as she walked up the stairs. The girl's skirt was so short that I could see the pink pair of panties wedged deep in between her ass cheeks as she walked up the stairs. The site of her ass gave me goose bumps and sudden dryness in my mouth.

Swallowing hard I followed her through the upstairs hallway and into the room at the end of it determined to put her in her place. It was her room, I could tell from the pink colors of the d****ries, bedcovers on her bed and light blue paint on the walls. Besides the bed, there was a low couch opposite of the bed. Looking at the bed I saw Elaine sitting there reclined reading a magazine.

"Oh Hi Kate!" She said startled as soon as she saw me walk in.

I didn't expect her there; I wanted to talk to Gina alone before having a conversation with this young girl and the fact that both of them would be there during the talk made me feel slightly at a disadvantage. But maybe I could kill two birds with one stone.

"Hi Elaine," I said walking in and put on a serious face.

I stood in the middle of the room and watched Gina close the door, walk over to the bed and sit down beside Elaine facing me. Her short skirt rode up and barely covered her panties as she half lay there watching me. Elaine looked at Gina and sensed what her friend was doing because she reclined in the same fashion letting her milky smooth thighs be visible. Both of them wore tiny school-girl skirts which didn't help matters any.

I immediately recognized what they were doing, they were teasing me. Both girls being teenagers, very promiscuous and sexually conniving were trying to control me by their actions. I had a feeling Gina was a ring leader in this and Elaine followed what she did.

Well although the site of these two gorgeous girls exposing themselves that way was exciting, I had other things I needed to accomplish here. Determined and slightly excited I put both hands on my hips and looked into their eyes.

"Girls, I wanted to talk to you about, ah...the time we spent together few weeks ago in the hot-tub."

Both girls gave me their blank stares and I noticed Gina's legs separate a bit.

"What we did should never have happened and I'm blaming myself for allowing it to happen. Women should not act this way, especially an adult like me. I mean, I'm old enough to be your Mom...hell, I'm friends with your Mom Gina."

As if sensing Gina's actions, Elaine's legs parted and I received a peek of her white panties. My own heart started beating a bit faster and I tried my hardest not to stare between her legs.

"What you two girls witnessed between me and my so...and Tommy was...was wrong. I was weak allowing it to happen but I need to tell you it will never happen again. As far as what we did together that day was wrong. You girls might want to experiment with your sexuality, as is very common between girls your age, but I cannot. I'm happily married and I love my husband very much."

"There, I said it! Oh god, I can't look at their panties!" I thought to myself satisfied with the progress of this conversation so far.

"I know Kate, everyone is allowed to be weak sometimes," Gina said getting up.

I've noticed Elaine place her hands on her sides and grabbed the edges of her skirt giving me a weak smile. Her legs were moving together and then apart just to the point of making her panties visible to me as if to the rhythm of the music playing form the nearby stereo.

"Oh no, I can't let them do this to me...god I can't!" My mind kept sending warning signs to me but I stood there riveted watching Elaine.

Gina took the opportunity to walk up to me and place her hand on my shoulder.

"Kate, what happened between us was very hot...you know Elaine and I do that all the time and it was just great that you joined us. As far as you and Tommy...well...let's just say if I had a son with a cock like his, I would be all over him as well."

She gave a seductive smile and ran her hand down my arm to my elbow grabbing it. She brought my arm around her waist and put her hand around mine.

"Gina, I know you like my son, you're his girlfriend. But what I did is inexcusable and should not have happened. I was weak from d**gs that night and I promise you...it will never happen again," I told her weakly looking at what she was doing to me.

"I know Kate, for now let's not worry about what happened and enjoy the present. I feel like dancing, don't you Kate?"

Things were happening so fast I couldn't react fast enough. My mouth went dry watching Elaine pull her skirt up to the point where her panties were plainly visible now as she continued moving her legs apart and then together again. Staring at Elaine's panties, I noticed a dark spot right where her slit was began to appear and realized with astonishment that she was getting wet. I barely registered what Gina was doing and when I finally realized she was so near me, I felt my hand on her ass and her hands on mine!

I jerked my hands away really quick as if her ass was on fire.

"No, Gina, you're not listening to me. I can't do this...I'm not like that, that's what I'm trying to tell you," I mumbled realizing that her cleavage was now more visible than before. Did she unbutton some buttons without me noticing?

"Is that why you're looking down at my tits right now?" She asked playfully.

What? Jesus she's right, what the hell is happening to me. My brain became fuzzy from the alcohol I drank earlier and I felt manipulated again.

Suddenly the door opened and we all looked at who interrupted us.

With a relief sigh I noticed Tommy peak his head in.

"Hey guys, what's happening?" He asked looking around the room.

He immediately noticed Elaine with her skirt up showing her panties and Gina and I in a close embrace in the middle of the room. We must have looked like deer in the headlights, frozen with wide eyes, because he slipped into the room closing the door behind him.

"Hey guys, I didn't mean to interrupt."

"You're not interrupting anything Tommy, we were just talking," I said trying to save my dignity.

Elaine pulled her skirt down and got up walking up to me and Gina while Tommy slowly walked to the couch taking a seat. OK, now I had all three of them there, maybe that would be a good time just to let everything air out.

"Tommy, I was talking to Gina and Elaine about what happened few weeks ago...you know...with all of us in the hot tub," I said meaningfully without actually recounting the events.

"Oh, I see Mom."

For some reason his eyes were wide and it looked like he was excited about something. I concentrated on Tommy so much I didn't even notice when Gina pulled my hands up placing them on her shoulders.

"I told both girls how wrong it was what we did."

Tommy's eyes were riveted to us, watching. I felt Gina's body move to the rhythm of the music as Elaine walked up behind me. I had to admit, the music was catchy and I even felt my own body move a few times to the rhythm but I had to stay focused on what I had to do.

"I should never have allowed things to go as far as they did, it was wrong of me...it was wrong of all of us to do what we did."

I felt Elaine right behind me and her hands on my hips as she moved her body to the music as well. Almost u*********sly, my own hips started moving in unison with the girls as I stood there sandwiched between them.

"Now, we all need to understand that what we did will never happen again."

I watched Tommy as his jeans begun to swell in the crotch area making my heart beat faster. I also felt a pair of hands on my ass squeezing it lightly. I looked at Gina who smiled at me seductively and pressed tightly against me.

"No, please..." I whispered.

"Relax Kate, we're just dancing," She said giving me a warm smile.

I realized that yes; we were just dancing, provocatively but just dancing. I figured this must be how young people dance now in clubs and decided not to make a big deal out of it. This wasn't exactly what I came up here for but it gave an opportunity to talk to them.

"So Tommy, you like watching us dance?" Gina said looking at my son with a smile on her face.

All he did was just nod his head in approval and I saw his hands jerk instinctively towards his crotch, stopping himself at the last moment from touching his growing cock.

"Oh my god, he's getting a hard on just watching us! I have to stop this!" I thought.

Gina smiled at him and visibly ran her hands up and down my ass giving me a thrilling, lewd kind of sensation. I took my hands off of Gina's shoulders and placed them behind me so Gina wouldn't be able to squeeze my ass but I found Elaine's round hips instead. It startled me so I grabbed them to steady myself as this situation was slowly getting out of hand. Elaine's arms came around mine pinning my arms to her sides and she ran her hands slightly over my stomach as we moved to the slow, catchy beat.

"Your Mom's so hot, isn't she Tommy?" Gina cooed.

My eyes were on my son. Up until this point I have not heard him express any feelings towards me in front of these two girls. As our eyes met I could see he was highly aroused, breathing shallow breaths watching us. Was he going to confirm his feelings for me? No I had to stop him.

"Yes she is, she's extremely hot," Tommy said before I had a chance to stop him.

"Would you like to see more of your Mom?" Gina kept on going as her hands explored my ass.

I gave her a sharp look. She smiled and looked down at my breasts licking her lips. I tried to free my arms but Elaine had them firmly pinned. I knew I could free myself if I really wanted by pulling really hard but that would look too much like a struggle, too much like a fight which I needed to avoid.

Now, Elaine's hands traveled up to my breasts and softly touched the bottom of my swells.

"Ahhh...please...stop," I mumbled giving Elaine's hands a look.

I began allowing the two girls exactly what I just told them I would never allow them to do.

"I must break this up," My mind continued to produce correct thoughts; I just didn't seem to act on them.

"Oh Kate, this is too hot, just go with it," Gina whispered in a low tone which only Elaine and I heard.

"Yes, God I'd love to see more of her," Tommy almost shouted.

Alarmed I looked at my son giving him a disapproving stare. In return he merely shook his shoulders giving me a pleading look intended only for me.

"Uhhh...you would, wouldn't you! Your hot, hot Mommie! Would you perhaps like to see her tits?" Gina purred glued to me looking seductively at my son.

Again I whipped my head back to her and shook it vigorously.

"No, Gina, I just told you I would not do something like that!"

She looked into my eyes with such a sexual intensity that it almost made me moan with excitement.

"But we're not doing anything, we're still just dancing," She moaned and looked at my lips as if she was about to kiss me.

As if that was a cue for Elaine, the young girl pinning my arms touched my zipper in the front of my dress playing with it. I jerked my hands afraid she wanted to pull on it but Elaine had them pinned down, not hard, but seemed like I didn't try to break free hard either. Alarmed, I looked down watching her hands.

Gina looked down too and smiled while Elaine pulled on the zipper slowly inching it down. I watched in panic as the zipper made its way past the middle of my breasts exposing them more.

"No! Stop, you can't! Not in front of my son!" I looked at Gina pleadingly.

"But he wants to see them Kate...and..." She paused studying my face"...yeah, you want to show them to him don't you?"
I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head from side to side in weak defiance wishing I didn't drink all that wine earlier.

"No, how can you say that, he's my son. He shouldn't look at my breasts..."

I gave Tommy a quick glance for help but he just sat there rubbing his big cock through his pants.

"Even Moms have secret fantasies," She whispered but everyone heard it.

My face turned red hearing her say that from embarrassment. Yes, I loved what my son did to me and I loved being his slut but I couldn't let these girls know that!

"No, no...oh god, Gina please let me go."

It seems like I forgot about Elaine and now I felt cold air around my nipples. Looking down I saw the fabric of my dress covering only half of my nipples, the top half with my big aureoles were visible!

I glanced at my son and then back at Gina shaking my head while my pussy shivered from the excitement I felt. Gina read my excitement and gave me a smile then looked at Tommy.

"Would you like to see more Tommy?"

My son sat riveted to the couch, his bulging cock making a very large impression in his pants.

"Yes," He whispered after a few tense moments.

"Oh god, this is getting out of hand, I have to stop this."

Elaine immediately pulled the zipper further down and the edges of my black dress fell to the sides exposing my cleavage and my hard nipples. I felt my face warm up further knowing both girls could see how hard my nipples were. I tried protesting to what they were doing but my body betrayed me with signs of excitement.

"Girls, please stop, this isn't right..." I pleaded.

Gina's face was flushed while she watched my nipples so close to her face. Elaine pulled the zipper until it stopped at my belly button and then slid her hands up moving the fabric completely off of my breasts.

"Oh god Kate, they are so beautiful!" Gina's voice trembled.

I looked down and saw my breasts completely exposed. I looked at my son and saw he was sitting up, one hand on his crotch rubbing it, the other at his jaw. His eyes were wide and his breathing heavy.

I looked at Gina, my own breathing coming in labored, and waited. Part of me wanted to pull free and cover myself but the stronger part kept me from moving. It was the part of my secret fantasies...the part which made me a slut.

While Elaine's hands cupped my breasts from the bottom, Gina moved her hands and placed them over my breasts covering my nipples. I faced Tommy but now Gina moved completely to the side so my son would see me unobstructed.

"You want to see your Mom's hot tits Tommy?" She asked.

"Oh god no...don't," I whispered to her but she didn't even look at me.

"Yes," My son replied.

Slowly she took her hands off of my breasts and Elaine followed. Tommy watched me with hungry eyes as I chastised myself for being so weak.

Elaine pulled on my zipper as far as it would go and opened my dress past my belly button. Now I felt cool air around my naval and wondered if I showed my tiny panties. Everyone was excited staring at me with wide eyes astonished at the situation.

Gina stepped in front of me putting one leg between mine and I immediately felt her crotch press to my thigh. The panties she wore felt damp.

"You're so beautiful Kate," She whispered pressing her body to mine.

"Gina...Elaine...girls," I breathed with excitement.

"I can't let my son see this."

I felt I didn't have any control and if this continued I could do things I might regret later. The music played and the three of us swayed our hips sexily to it in front of my son. I just couldn't stop what was happening. Why? Why did I allow being in this situation again? Was it the excitement of doing something this erotic in front of my son? He had a perfect side view of us as he watched his own Mother provocatively sandwiched between his two young friends!

Suddenly I felt Elaine's hands grab edges of my dress and started raising it up. I felt her go higher as I looked at Gina with alarm who kept massaging my ass until my skirt was half way up my hips. I quickly looked at Tommy and with my freed hands grabbed Elaine's wrists stopping her from going any further.

"No, I can't, I told you it's not right." Although I felt like going further, I didn't want to come off as a total slut in front of these girls. There had to be a limit to this...

Gina just smiled and brought her hands to the front cupping my breasts.

"Kate, you are so sexy," She simply said and ran her thumbs over my already hard nipples.

So now I was effectively holding off Elaine from going any further but that allowed Gina to have unrestricted access to my breasts which she took full advantage of by squeezing them and fondling. Looking over at my son, I saw he was truly enjoying the show, his cock making a visible outline in his pants.

Gina looked in his direction as well and arched her back seductively sticking her ass out while pressing her sex to my thigh and fondling my tits. I saw her lick her lips in a seductive fashion as her head neared my breasts.

"Nooooooooo...I can't let her!" My mind shouted.

I let go of Elaine's wrists and grabbed Gina's taking them off my breasts and holding them to the sides. As soon as Elaine's wrists were free, she pulled my dress above my hips and bunched it up around my waist exposing me to them and my son. I immediately felt her hands roaming all over my hips and ass.

Oh no, I forgot I had the micro panties on! They were only meant to be seen by my husband not these...these k**s! I let go of Gina and tried to bring my skirt back down but Elaine grabbed my wrists and held them tight. She brought my hands up raising my arms, and placed them behind my head holding them tight in her grip. Being powerless sent shivers through me and the all familiar warmth spread throughout my pussy.

"Girls, please, you have to let me go," I whispered pleading them to stop without my son hearing it.

I trembled as Gina looked at my exposed breasts with admiration and licked her lips in anticipation of playing with them while a mischievous twinkle appeared in her eyes. Grabbing my hips she pressed herself to me and seductively kissed me smashing her tits to mine.

All I felt was her wet tongue in my mouth exploring, twisting and touching places that sent excitement racing through me. I didn't feel when she twisted me around to face my son, I was so engrossed in her irresistible kiss. Suddenly she peeled away from me and I was facing my son.

"Oh my god, no, not again!"

Tommy's eyes were wide and his hand glided across the surface of his pants stroking the hard cock underneath. Gina walked around and pressed herself to Elaine's back wrapping her arms around the young girl and placed her hands on my hips pushing us in Tommy's direction. Elaine still held my hands behind my neck.

I awkwardly shuffled to stand within an arm's reach of my son, my dress almost peeled away and above my hips, my tiny micro panties the only thing hiding my sex from him. He watched me with deep excitement in his eyes.

"No...no...no..." I whispered to myself shaking my head from side to side knowing what that look meant.

Under normal circumstances I would love it but not now, not with Gina and Elaine there.

"Oh Kate, you know you want to show him what you've got," I heard Gina as if from afar.

Waking up from this hypnotic dream I looked back at her.

"Gina, you...you have to let me go," I said.

"Why? Doesn't this feel good?"

"Jesus, he's my son...please understand...I can't..." I whispered.

While Elaine continued to hold my hands, Gina walked around and placed another kiss on my lips. I loved when she kissed me and lost myself in the moment until I felt her tugging on my dress.

"Gina stop, please..." I pleaded while she pulled my dress down.

The black material fell around my feet and I stood there completely naked except for my micro panties and my high heels.

Looking from face to face I realized every one of them was intoxicated with sexual desire including me. Deep down inside I was ready to do anything at that moment...ANYTHING!

Gina tugged on the dress and I instinctively lifted my feet allowing the young girl pick it up. She held in her hands for a moment thinking and walking up to Elaine, whispered something in her ear. Elaine reluctantly let go of my hands.

I relaxed a bit and brought my arms down covering my breasts in modesty. Gina came around to face me and stood there admiring me.

"Kate, you really are a beautiful woman. You're what we call a first class MILF."

I didn't know why but her words made me feel sexy.

She sat down with a smile next to Tommy and Elaine soon followed them sitting down on the other side of my son as they all stared at me standing in front of them.

I realized my modesty was way too late and these k**s saw plenty of me already. I slowly took my hands away from my breasts and put them at my sides.

"Good girl, she's beautiful isn't she Elaine?" Gina admired me.

"I love her, can we have her now?" Elaine responded.

Looking down at myself I realized that my tits were fully exposed and the tiny micro panties were misplaced and wedged inside my slit exposing me even further. The tall high heels made me look arousing and very sexy.

"Gina, please let me have my dress, I have to get back to the party."

I didn't know why I asked so politely, I was the adult here and should have controlled this situation. The only thing I could think of was Tommy.

As if reading my thoughts, Gina placed her hand over the bulge in my son's pants and started stroking it in front of me. My eyes darted to her hand and she smiled knowingly.

I watched as her small hand methodically worked his meat through his pants to a full raging hard on erection. My mouth watered at the site of the strained buttons in his fly. Elaine pulled his tea shirt up and started licking Tommy's nipple purring softly and watching me. This was the first time I saw her take any interest in a boy.

Tommy's hands traveled to both girls asses and pulling their skirts up, he started massaging their firm ass cheeks.

"Would you like to see what this big meat looks like out of the pants?" Gina asked seductively.

"Yes, god yes I want to see it and suck on it." My mind screamed.

"No Gina...please...I can't...you shouldn't," I protested weakly.

She smiled and loosened his belt.

"And what do you want me to do with your son's big cock Kate?"

Not trusting myself in this vulnerable situation, I shook my head from side to side without saying a word so the wrong words would not come out. Although I longed for the taste of my son's cock, I could not fall into the same trap again. Gina fumbled in his pants a moment and pulled my son's big hard cock out stroking it seductively.

"Oh god, look how hard he is," The slut me whispered in my thoughts.

"Come on Kate...what should I do with this...huge cock."

"S...Suck it..." I whispered and quickly shut my mouth.

It slipped out, it just slipped out and I couldn't stop the words from coming out. She smiled.

"What was that Kate? What did you say you want me to do to your son's cock?"

She knew I couldn't stand her flaunting his cock in front of me like that, she knew I was losing control.

"Suck it." I clearly said looking into her eyes.

"Uhmmm...you want to watch your own son's cock get sucked...that's so naughty. Would you like to get a closer look while I do that? Just step closer, it won't bite," She smiled at me and without waiting put her head down and took Tommy's cock into her mouth.

I watched while trembling with excitement as she sucked his cock in front of me. Eventually my knees gave way and I collapsed down between Tommy's stretched out legs.

Gina's mouth expertly worked my son's meat sucking and licking the whole length of his cock coating it with her spit. Some of it ran down the shaft, over her knuckles of her hand with which she stroked him while giving him head, and down to his balls making a mess on the couch below. I hungrily watched her and my desire to join her grew.

Tommy watched Gina giving me looks from time to time. His eyes were full of pleasure indicating he loved what was happening to him. Elaine smiled at me and reclining a bit lowered her head to my son's lap. She watched Gina very close licking her lips and waited for an opportunity to take Tommy in her mouth.

This was the whole new side of Elaine. Up until now I thought the girl was totally gay and had no interest in boys. Seeing her wait for my son's cock I was becoming convinced she was only Bi.

"Oh you little slut, you want to help?" Gina finally noticed her friend.

"Uhhhhmmm..." Elaine moaned.

Gina moved Tommy's cock in her direction and the young girl quickly wrapped her pink lips around it sucking hard. She turned to me and winking smiled at me.

"You wana taste?"

I stiffened up and fought hard not to say yes and was barely able to keep my mouth shut. Gina lowered her head and licked the base of my son's cock while Elaine had her mouth wrapped around the head of it.

"Are you sure?" She teased me.

My full tits rose and fell to the deep breathing caused by my excitement. I pretended to resist but knew the girls saw how hard my nipples were, how hungry I watched them suck my son's cock and I'm sure my face was full of desire. What was the use denying it and pretending I didn't want him.

"I shouldn't..." I whispered.

Gina immediately recognized my weakening will. She raised her head and grabbing my hand gently pulled it in the direction of my son's cock.

"Ok, then maybe you can help by just holding it..." She said.

Her eyes were already widening in her own excitement knowing I would touch my son's cock. For some reason it extremely excited her to see me do it.

"I...a...Gina...I shouldn't," I mumbled confused at what to say.

Suddenly I felt my hand touch a warm, pulsating and very wet cock...my son's cock.

"Oh no...what are you girls making me do!" I whispered watching my fingers close around the shaft.

Gina's face was already flushed from excitement.

"Uhhhmmm...yes Kate, just hold him for us."

Gina started licking the shaft and alternating with Elaine sucking the head of the cock. Both girls seemed lost in this moment and paid attention only to their task. Tommy's head was tilted back and his eyes closed as he enjoyed what they did to him.

Suddenly I felt my own hand move up and down pumping my son's cock very slowly...seductively while I watched the girls suck him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Tommy moaned.

Gina felt what I did and gave me a seductive glance.

"Oh yes Kate, help us, uhhhmmmm..." She moaned and went back to sucking him.

I noticed that from that moment she glanced at me from time to time. My hand continued its sexy pumping action as it stroked my son's huge hard on. I still couldn't bring myself to joining the girls.

Gina pulled up for a moment to wipe her chin and placing her hand on my neck pulled me in her direction until my lips pressed against hers.

"Thank you for helping with your son Kate," She whispered and planted a wet, seductive kiss on me.

Her tongue slipped inside my mouth and I immediately tasted Tommy.

"Ughmmmm..." I moaned into her open mouth.

She smiled knowingly and went back to sucking my son's cock. The kiss just intensified my desire to taste Tommy. Did she do that on purpose? Probably, she was very conniving and I wouldn't put it past her.

I moved closer and opening my mouth stopped just inches from their mouths and my son's cock. Gina noticed it and moved away with Elaine doing the same leaving Tommy's huge cock in my hands and inches from my mouth. Both girls quietly watched me, I knew why, I was losing control and was about to go down on my own son again.

"Kate! Are you there?"

I froze with my mouth open hovering above the head of my son's cock. It was my husband's voice! I quickly pulled away and clamped a hand over my mouth in horror. Gina and Elaine pulled away as well.

"Gina? Hallo, anyone in there?"

We heard a knock on the door. I got up and scanned the room in panic to find my dress. Gina put her finger to her lips telling me to be quite.

"Yes I am, no, Kate isn't here," She yelled.

"Thanks Gina, sorry for disturbing you," My husband yelled from behind the door.

"That's Ok, I think I saw her heading to the back yard," She yelled again.

"Ok, I'll take a look, thanks."

My heart was still beating hard in my chest but I gave her a thankful look.

"My dress," I whispered to her.

"Kate, you're not going to leave now, are you?" She asked.

"Oh yes I am," I told her and grabbed my dress from behind her.

Gina got up and embracing me pressed her well-developed tits to my bare breasts.

"Please Kate, don't leave. I...I was really looking forward to...to you staying."

It seemed she was very sincere and didn't want me to go. I knew why but I wanted to hear it from her.

"Why?" I asked.

She looked down just to find my tits pressed to her.

"Because I wanted to see you suck Tommy," She whispered.

It was barely audible and neither my son nor Elaine heard it. I watched her and suddenly recognized how much it meant to her.

"Maybe I'll come back, but I have to see what my husband wants," I whispered to her in the same tone.

She looked up at me with hope and gave me a more intense, longer lasting kiss. Finally I was able to pull away from the girl just to find Elaine sucking Tommy's cock again. Gina smiled and walked up to the couch dropping beside Tommy.

The last thing I saw after putting my dress on and walking out was Gina's head bobbing up and down on my son's big cock.

I quickly walked downstairs looking for John but didn't see him anywhere. The main room seemed more crowded now and there were people there I didn't recognize. Finally I saw Jeanine talking to someone and walked up to her.

"Where did all these people come from?" I asked in her ear.

"Kate, where were you? John's looking for you, he's in the back yard. Ah the people, they're my husband's buddies from work who decided to crash the party. Apparently my wonderful husband opened his big mouth regarding our little get together."

She spoke in a low voice so the people around her wouldn't hear. I could tell she was stressed out but still managed to keep a smile on her face.

"I'm going to look for him," I gave her a reassuring squeezed on her arm and walked away.

Heading in the direction of the back yard I saw more booze on the table. There were bottles of rum, whiskey, vodka and who knows what else. Shaking my head I walked out in the back yard.

I saw John talking to Jeanine's husband and a couple of other guys I didn't know. I walked up to them thinking of what to say to John but he seemed to already forgotten I was missing.

"Kate! There you are babe, come on over here and let me introduce you. This, fellas, is my wife Kate," John said proudly.

I appreciated his admiration and the fact he was proud of me but I could already tell he was intoxicated.

"John, honey, having a good time?" I asked him while he put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.

He reeked of alcohol.

"Yes babe, very much, this is a great party. George here knows how to throw one," He pointed to Jeanine's husband.

George was little older than me and my husband but in good shape. His dark hair and thin, dark mustache gave him a look of a Spanish conquistador.

"I only wish my wife would agree. She's a little pissed off at me right now for inviting all my friends from work. I don't know why, this is a party after all."

George laughed and holding his glass up, proposed a toast. All men held up their glasses and took a sip of their drinks.

"George, we need to get Jeannine here with us and having fun and she'll forget all about it." One guy said.
"Yeah, I can make her a drink that will put her in a very good mood quick," The other guy I didn't know laughed.

My dear husband raised his glass up and cheered.

"I'll drink to making a drink for Jeannine, let's get here over here."

All men raised their glasses and drank. I rolled my eyes in dislike but kept quiet. I couldn't concentrate around all these people and my mind weakly wondered what was going on in Gina's room upstairs.

I pulled John aside for a moment and gave him a jab on the side.

"You told me you wouldn't drink much," I said accusingly.

"I know, I know babe, I'm sorry but it's just a few, I'm still good...don't worry," He said defensively.

I didn't want to make a scene especially when I saw Jeannine heading towards us so I smiled at him.

"Just promise me you won't drink much more."

He hugged me awkwardly holding his drink and whispered back.

"I promise, just a few more."

As soon as Jeannie approached us everyone seemed to want to convince her to drink with them. They stumbled over one another trying to make her laugh and relax including my husband. Soon, they all managed to convince her to have one drink and everyone headed to the kitchen to make the drink for Jeannine.

I stood alone in the back yard watching through the windows all the people mingled, laughed and had fun and drink. No one paid any attention to me; I was alone in the back yard. I looked up to Gina's window but didn't see anything but a dim light shining through the window. What were they doing in there? It was a stupid question; I knew damn well what the girls were doing.

I looked back at the people inside the house drinking and laughing. I could go and have fun and talk to some of them. However, I knew from experience the conversation would immediately revolve around sports, f****y or work. I really didn't want to talk about any of that.

Raising a hand to my forehead I walked up to one of the picnic tables and grabbing a tall bottle of wine poured myself a glass. Drinking deeply I contemplated on what to do. Part of me, a very big part of me, wanted to go upstairs and find out what would happen, while another part of me...more sensible part warned me against it.

I realized my glass was empty so I poured another and drank deeply giving Gina's window a look.

A couple came out, Jeannine's friend Sarah with someone I didn't know. I knew Sarah was married but that was not her husband. I wasn't surprised to see her without her husband, she always struck me as a bit trashy just from the way she dressed and carried herself. I scanned the window and saw Sarah's husband in the living room.

Sarah was laughing apparently at what the man said and they both stumbled a bit indicating they were d***k. They didn't see me standing there and casually walked towards the side of the house. I saw Sarah give the door to the house a quick look before they disappeared in the shadows. My curiosity picked up along with a strong suspicion.

What would Sarah do with a stranger in a dark corner of the yard? There really wasn't a reason to go there unless...

I had to know! Silently I sneaked up to the side of the house and slid along it to the corner. I peeked around the corner but couldn't see anything because it was dark. Pressing my back against the cold brick of the house I listened and soon heard low moans and grunts.

"Oh my god, are they having sex?" My heart beat hard in my chest as my thought registered.

Her husband was just inside the house and she was screwing another guy?

"What a Slut!" I thought and involuntarily shivered.

I could hear a steady slurping sound and low moans. My curiosity got the best of me and I peeked again but couldn't see anything because it was so dark. Just as I was about to move back to my hiding spot, a light turned on in the neighbor's house and the side area dimly lit up.

I saw Sarah on her knees in front of the man, his hard cock in her hand and her mouth over the head of it sucking hard while her hand worked up and down on the shaft. Her legs were spread obscenely and her dress was hiked over her hips exposing her ass. She had no panties on.

I gasped and clamped a hand over my mouth in shock quickly hiding behind the corner. They did not hear my gasp and continued with what they were doing. I closed my eyes tight, the sounds of Sarah's mouth working around a hard cock reverberated in my head like beat of a thousand drums.

"Oh god, I can't stand it."

I headed for the house with the thought of finding my husband; he might be the only one who could stop me from going upstairs...from going into Gina's room.

I walked into the house and was greeted by a guy I didn't know who was pretty wasted.

"Hi and who might you be?" He asked in a slurred voice.

He was handsome but d***k and his eyes immediately darted to my breasts.

"What a Pig." I thought.

"No one, I have to find my husband," I quickly said pushing past him.

He managed to hook his arm around my waist and pull me towards him. My body twisted and smashed into his. My breasts pressed hard against his chest almost come out of my dress. I gave them a quick look to make sure they didn't. Only a small amount of my aureoles were starting to peek out.

"Let me go, you're d***k!" I said with disgust.

I pushed hard against him and he stumbled back releasing my waist. He managed to keep his eyes on my almost exposed breasts. I turned and walked away knowing he stared at my ass the whole time.

I looked for John but couldn't find him. More men looked at me and their eyes immediately darted to my breasts. I was right, this party quickly turned into a d***k fest.

"Pigs, all pigs,"

I walked up stairs to get away from the crowd and found myself near Gina's door. I stopped there for a moment listening but couldn't hear anything over the soft music coming from the inside.

I pressed my back to the wall and closed my eyes for a moment. What did I want? Why did I come back here knowing what would happen if I went in? Was I willing to participate with the girls in...in having sex with my son?

"No, I can't...I shouldn't"

I turned and faced the door still undecided. My heart pounded in my chest, my mouth was dry and my face felt very warm. I knocked but there was no reply. Maybe I should go away? Yes, that was the best, I needed to leave. I turned ready to leave, ready to find my d***ken husband...

"Come in."

Gina's voice reached my ears and I stopped frozen in my tracks. I could still walk away; I could still stop this from happening!

Sighing, I turned around and slowly opened the door.

Gina, Tommy and Elaine were sitting on the couch as before, Tommy in the middle and the girls on either side of him. This time however, they had a big blanket over them covering their bodies.

"Oh Kate, come in and lock the door behind you," Gina said excitedly.

I walked in and closed the door pressing my back against it while watching them. I was a bit unsteady on my feet from drinking all that wine. My hand moved to the small lock handle and twisted it. I didn't move, just watched them.

Gina moved her head close to Elaine's and she whispered something. Tommy smiled weakly but kept his mouth shut, he was lightly sweating so I could only imagine what they were doing to him. Elaine smiled back at Gina and looked at me excitedly as well

Suddenly I saw movement under the blanket, where Tommy's crotch was. The movement was rhythmic moving up and down. I swallowed hard knowing one of the girls was stroking my son's cock under the blanket.

"Glad you came back Kate, want to sit here with us?" Gina asked.

Tommy flung his head back and gave out a moan of pleasure while the movement under the blanket continued.

"No, I'm fine right here..." I whispered.

Because of the constant movement, the blanket slid down a bit exposing their naked shoulders. Were they nude under the blanket?

"How is the party?" Gina asked.

Elaine moved a bit and the corner of the blanket that covered her slid off exposing her naked ass. My eyes darted to it like steel pins to a magnet and I took in the expense of her hips and smoothness of her skin. Gina immediately recognized where I looked and whispered something to Elaine.

"It's boring, everyone's pretty much d***k," I slurred my speech a bit.

Elaine giggled and Gina smiled at me. I noticed Elaine pulled the blanket off of her ass completely which exposed her milky white legs. I swallowed hard and seeing Elaine's hands knew exactly who was stroking my son's cock.

"Hmmm, so you wanted to hang around with us. I'm glad you did, it's much more interesting here then downstairs," Gina said.

Her hand moved under the blanket faster for a moment and my son moaned. He wasn't saying anything and I suspected Gina asked him not to say anything.

Knowing what was happening to my son's cock and watching Elaine's naked ass began working on my sexual excitement. I squeezed my legs together for a moment and felt my clit rub against the material of my panties making me utter a low moan.

In the meantime Elaine who sat on her side turned and was now facing me, her legs slightly apart. The soft skin between her legs was completely bald, not a hair in sight, and in the middle was her moist slit. She saw where my eyes were and spread her legs a bit more.

"Please don't..." I whispered.

She smiled and got up. She was beautiful, short blond hair, delicate facial features with full pink lips and big eyes with long lashes, she hypnotized me. She didn't have big breasts and her nipples were small but they looked extremely sexy and appetizing. Her stomach was tight and hips were sexy giving her an athletic appearance.

She walked up to me while Tommy and Gina watched and grabbed my hand.

"I want you near us," She whispered and pulled me behind her.

I watched her shapely ass sway back and forth in front of me while she pulled me to the couch. At the couch I looked at my son unsure while Elaine moved behind me. Gina's hand kept on stroking my son and I couldn't look away. Gina saw that.

"He's so hard."

Elaine's body pressed against my back making me shudder. She reached around and slowly pulled on the zipper holding my dress together. Inch by inch my breasts became exposed until the zipper was completely open. I knew I should have stopped her but I couldn't move, I stood frozen as she peeled the dress away from my breasts fully exposing them and my hard nipples. They saw them already anyway so I could allow Elaine to show them again.

Once my breasts were exposed, Elaine slid my dress off my shoulders, past my hips and down my legs until I stood in my panties again. I trembled and tried not to show it.

Elaine took a seat by my son again and spread her legs apart showing how wet she was while I stood in front of them. Gina smiled looking at her girlfriend and winked at me.

"I think that is an invitation."

I swallowed hard, my eyes looking at Elaine's wet slit.

"No, I...I can't...it's not right..." I mumbled giving my son a quick look.

He saw me eat a girl one time...one time only, after our outing in the park. We walked into a shoe store where I met Suzie. One thing led to another that day and I ended up eating Suzie in front of my son. That was a while back and my son did not need to know how Bi I've become.

Elaine smiled at me and slid a finger down from her clit to her opening sinking it deep inside herself.

"Uhhhhhhmmmmmm..." She moaned.

She took the wet finger out and bringing it up to her dry lips wet them with her juices. Next she stood up in front of me grabbing my hips and slowly planted a kiss on me. Her wet lips pressed against mine and my mouth involuntarily opened allowing Elaine's tongue to slide in.

"Oh my god, her pussy's so sweet," I though.

She kissed me making sure Tommy and Gina saw the whole thing, twisting her tongue inside my mouth and drew my tongue out to lick her juicy lips. After a few moments she sat down next to my son spreading her legs again leaving me barely able to catch my breath.

Tommy and Gina watched me; waiting for what I was going to do next as I barely maintained my composure. I wanted Elaine, she turned me on, but I could not bring myself to doing it in front of my son. Elaine sighed and got up again.

She pressed her naked body to mine smashing her breasts against mine and moved my hands behind her placing them on her ass. My fingers quickly dug into her soft flesh in a gentle squeeze.

"Uhhhhmmmm...yeah Kate, feel it," She whispered and kissed me again.

Her hot tongue slid all around my mouth and I eagerly returned her kiss with my own passion. I felt her squeeze my ass through my panties but I no longer cared. I kissed the young girl and knew my son watched.

Soon Elaine broke our kiss and pulled me down on the couch beside my son. She seductively smiled at me still holding my hand and straddling me brought my hand up to her breast. My hand anxiously slid across the surface of the soft skin finding the nipple. My fingers squeezed it and pulled making Elaine moan.


Elaine grabbed both my hands and pinned them down above my head. I looked to the side and saw my son and Gina watching.

Elaine brought her face to mine and kissed me again, slowly, seductively until I gasped out of passion of our kiss. She moved up until her young breasts were even with my mouth and pressed her nipple against my open mouth. I closed my hungry lips around the hard knob and sucked biting it from time to time.

I felt her slide up further while my mouth and tongue kissed and licked her hard stomach, her belly button, her naval until I felt her wet slit. Then I realized with shock her legs were spread wide apart while she straddled my face, her wet pussy pressed against my hungry mouth while my tongue lapped at her slit with crazed intensity.

"Oh god no, my son's watching, he's watching me eat her pussy!"

For some reason it was embarrassing to know he watched. I was still his Mother and he watched me eat another woman's pussy further indicating to him how much of a slut I was.

"God...should I stop? Should I stop licking her?" I asked myself eating Elaine's sweet pussy.

Elaine placed her left leg over the back of the couch while supporting herself with her other leg and arms. She kept my hands pinned to the couch above my head while her ass faced Tommy and Gina. Carefully I was able to look at them from under Elaine's ass.

Gina smiled at me. Her cheek was pressed against Tommy's as they both watched what I did. My face must have turned crimson but I did not stop eating Elaine. The sexual need I felt was stronger than any embarrassment I felt at the moment.

Suddenly I felt my leg being lifted and when I looked at Tommy I saw Gina placing it high on the couch. That slid my body to the side and I lay flat, Elaine's quickly following until her wet pussy pressed against my mouth. My legs were obscenely spread open and Tommy and Gina were in between them.

I couldn't see much because Elaine blocked my view but I felt my panties being slid to the side and someone touching my pussy and then stroking my clit. I moaned from the pleasure into Elaine's dripping slit.


"Oh Kate, you're so wet and so beautiful," Gina moaned admiring my private parts.

Suddenly I felt a finger push inside my love hole and then a second one. I arched my back moaning with pleasure as the two fingers begun hastily fucking me. I couldn't tell who finger fucked me, maybe it was both of them maybe only my son, I don't know. All I knew was that I had a mouth full of delicious pussy and my own pussy was being well taken care of.

I ate Elaine twisting and digging my tongue into her sweet pussy until she moaned above me ready to cum. A generous amount of her juices kept on steadily pouring into my mouth which I was barely able to swallow in time to keep up. I knew she was ready and so was I.

Suddenly the fingers slipped out of my pussy and I felt something thicker, something warmer press against my hole making me shiver.

"No, please don't..." I whispered from under Elaine.

I pushed the girl up so I could see what was happening. Tommy was poised to enter me with his big cock while Gina held it for him guiding the thick shaft in.

"Kate, please, he is so hot...so hard for you...you need to feel him," Gina said letting him go.

She knelt beside me massaging my hard nipples while rubbing my clit in gentle circles making me moan. Elaine still held my hands above my head.

"Ahhh...Gina...I...I can't...he's my son...ohhhhhhh, oh please...ahhhhhhhhh," I wriggled under her expertly massaging fingers.

Elaine watched from above hovering her pussy out of reach. Tommy didn't advance while I liked my lips hungrily looking up at Elaine's pussy.

"You want her don't you?" Gina whispered stroking my clit.

Her delicate finger played wonders on me at that moment. I could feel my son's throbbing cock slowly dilating my hole until I was open and the head of his cock kept me open. God, I wanted to scream!

"No...ohhhh...I mean yessss...oh god I don't know anymore!"

"Then why don't you beg for it Kate. Beg Elaine to sit on your face," She said squeezing my nipples.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I moaned in pain and pleasure.

Did...did Tommy's cock slide in more? I wasn't sure, I knew he didn't move but it felt as if the head of his cock was now firmly inside me. Was it...was it me who moved?

"Beg her Kate, tell Elaine to sit on your face so you can taste those sweet juices dripping out of her," Gina relentlessly whispered in my ear.

"Ughmmm, yes...sit on my face...God, let me eat your pussy!" I yelled and felt Tommy slide inside me more.

I looked down and realized my own hips were moving back and forth, I realized I was the one fucking myself on my son's cock! I couldn't stand it anymore!

"OH God Tommy! Fuck Me!" I yelled.

That was all it took. With one push he was inside me fucking me and at the same time Elaine lowered her dripping pussy to my face letting me lap at her like a hungry slut. I moaned, licked and moved my hips to meet my son's f***eful thrusts.

"Oh my god...oh my god," I heard Gina's whispers from far away.

She probably played with herself watching the whole thing happen, she was always so fascinated with me and Tommy.

Soon Elaine's pussy began creaming as she screamed and came inside my mouth with torrents of her cum. I swallowed the sticky juices feeling my own orgasm approaching and when Elaine was done and fell to the side in heap; I looked at my son and pushed hard against his thrusts.

"Fuck me Tommy...fuck me my baby...fuck me harder," I whispered to him but it was loud enough for both girls to hear.

Gina was on the floor, legs spread wide apart, her hand working hard on her slick pussy. Her eyes were wide with wonder as she witnessed a son fucking his own mother. The mare thought almost made me cum.

Elaine finally slid off the couch and crawled up to Gina's opened legs nestling herself between them so she could eat her friend. The sight of petite Elaine eating Gina drove me crazy, her slim ass was turned towards me and her pussy visible.

"Oh Mom, you're so hot," Tommy whispered while his big cock slid in and out of me.

I pulled him to me and kissed him, our tongues intertwining in an erotic duel. I forgot about the girls watching us and spread my legs wide while drawing my son to me like a lover.

"Ahhh...ohhh...fuck me...ahhh...I love your cock...ohhh..." I moaned to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Tommy kept fucking me until his cock swelled up and f***efully shot streams of hot cum inside me. Feeling my son cum inside of my hot pussy put me over the top and I came. My back arched, my head tilted back and I rolled my eyes to the back moaning hard as my orgasm ripped through me.

I felt every gush of my son's cock, every squirt which splattered against my cervix, every flow of his white seamen inside me as my body quivered to my own orgasm. I know I moaned but I didn't hear it. I know Gina and Elaine watched but I didn't care. All I knew at that moment was Tommy's powerful cock spilling his sticky juice inside of me making me cum.

When it was finally over Tommy collapsed on top of me smashing his chest against my breasts, his sweaty body cuddled to mine.

I looked over and saw Gina no longer looking at me, her hand gently glided across Elaine's hair while the young girl ate the other girl's pussy.

"Good girl...ohhhh just like that...just like you always do...uhhhhmmmm...such a good little slut..." Gina whispered to Elaine.

"These girls must do this a lot." My mind wondered how often the two of them got together like this, most importantly, how often they did that with my son?

I watched with envy while Elaine licked Gina with tenderness only a woman had. Funny to think I came here to tell these k**s how wrong it was for us to have sex just to do it again! And on top of that, I had sex with my son! Watching Elaine and Gina while laying naked on top of my son after fucking him gave me sort of an inner piece.

Surprisingly, I was fine with what I did. Usually I chastised myself after doing anything which might expose me and Tommy but now...somehow it was different. I felt as if I was a part of this circle...this tangle of friends revolving around my son.

I looked over at the clock and noticed a whole hour has passed and it was getting late. I needed to go downstairs and find my husband.

"I have to go," I whispered to Tommy getting up.

"Mom," He grabbed my hand.

"Are you Ok with what happened?" He asked concerned.

I smiled at him and reached for my dress, I did not know where my panties were.

"Of course I am son, it was real pleasure to be with you."

I leaned over and kissed him.

"Like always," I whispered in his ear.

Again I looked around for my panties but did not find them and giving up, walked out the door to the sound of low moans of pleasure from Gina and Elaine.

When I walked downstairs I saw the same scene, except everyone was more intoxicated. Jeannine still seemed to be the center of attention and everyone gathered around in the circle was laughing and chatting excitedly. John was seated across from Jeannine and her husband.

I walked around and leaning over gave him a hug.

"Are you still sober darling?"

He laughed twisting around and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I was surprised at the passion of his kiss and enjoyed his lips hoping he did not recognize another woman's scent on my breath.

He didn't. He was d***k and didn't recognize the scent or the taste. When he broke away I looked around noticing everyone else was in the same state, d***k and stupid.

"Great, I'm the only one sober," I sighed.

I noticed the guy who was outside with Sarah sat next to Jeannine. His blonde hair was neatly trimmed and brushed to the side. He had long side burns and a handsome face with strong chin. The sweep of his shoulders was wide telling me he was in good shape.

"Handsome and in shape," I thought and wondered how long Sarah has been cheating on her husband with him.

Scanning the crowd I saw Sarah short distance away sitting next to her husband drinking and talking excitedly. Boy, both of them looked like nothing happened but yet both had sex together, Sarah cheating on her husband.

I shrugged my shoulders. So what, I did it with my own son and a teenage girl just few minutes ago upstairs.

The man next to Jeannine said something funny and Jeannine laughed and reclined back against the couch. Her legs separated and because she wore a short skirt John and I were greeted with a close look of Jeannine's crotch.

It was shocking to see her pussy nestled between her legs and embarrassing. I immediately looked away scanning others to see if anyone noticed. No one did, everyone was too d***k and too wrapped up in their conversations.

I gave Jeannine's crotch one more glance. She was completely shaved down there with a tiny strip of trimmed pubic hair directly above her clit. Her pussy lips were puffed out and her clit was pierced.

I was surprised to see that and couldn't take my eyes away. The metal ring moved with her every movement bouncing on top of her clit and lips. Was that stimulating her right now? Having something rub against my clit would drive me nuts!

Suddenly I was aware of the man next to her staring at me and when I took my eyes away from Jeannine's pussy and looked at him, he gave me a big wide grin. My face must have turned red because his grin only widened with every passing moment. He knew exactly what I was looking at.

I looked away embarrassed and walked away leaving my husband to stare at our friend's assets. I walked into the kitchen looking for some wine. I saw a bottle and poured myself a tall glass.

"After seeing what you saw I would be looking for something to cool me off too."

Startled I turned around. It was the guy sitting next to Jeannine. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass.

"Sorry, I don't understand," I mumbled swallowing hard.

He grinned and proceeded to pour himself the same wine I was drinking. There was certain amount of flamboyance about him and a sense of confidence which kept me looking at him with interest.

"Hmmm...our friend Jeannine isn't exactly one for wearing panties, is she."

He turned around facing me, his blue eyes resting on mine. Again I felt my cheeks warm up.

"Ah, oh that! No she isn't," I took a long gulp of my wine hoping to come down and stop feeling like a school girl caught by her parent watching a porno.

He watched me for a moment, his eyes sliding down scanning my body just to come up again and rest on my face. He was definitely confident...and handsome.

He smiled and reached out his hand.

"I'm James by the way; I don't believe we've met yet."

I reached out and placed my hand in his.

"Hi, I'm Kate."

"Nice to meet you Kate, you're John's wife right?"

"Yes, and you? Married or are you here alone?" I asked with interest.

I wanted to find out who he cheated on.

"I am, but she's not here, she had to work tonight."

Work? Who works so late on a Saturday night? Even the retail stores close at this hour.

"Oh, poor girl, you must be very lonely without her."

He looked at me and smiled. He still held my hand and for some reason feeling his skin was pleasing to me. But the appropriate thing to do was to let go so I pulled my hand away. He released it slowly...very slowly.

"Of course I miss her but there are many interesting people here to keep me occupied."

"Yeah, like that slut Sarah!" I thought.

"I see, if you ask me they're a little bit too d***k right now for an interesting conversation," I said instead.

"Well, you just have to drink right along with them and your point of view will not change much," He smiled and lifted his glass to me.

I gave him a grin and touched my glass to his. Sipping on our wine we stared at each other for a moment without saying anything.

"So, what did you think of it?" He suddenly asked.

"Think of what?" I said confused.

"Our friend Jeannine's pussy."

I nearly choked on my wine hearing him say that. What kind of question was that? You don't just go out and ask a woman what she thought of another woman's...another woman's vagina! I felt like storming out of there but for some strange reason I stayed there leaning against the sink.

"I think it was nice," I finally whispered feeling my cheeks warm up.

"What's wrong with me? Why am I even talking to this man about that?" My mind wondered.

His eyes were fixed on mine as he stood across from me leaning against the middle island countertop.

"Just nice? Did you like anything else about it...like her pierced clit?"

I gasped! How did he know about that? Did he...did he have sex with Jeannine too?

"How did you know?" I asked him.

He laughed. I could tell he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"No Kate, I am not romantically involved with Jeannine. She has been very careless tonight and you and your husband were not the only ones she managed to show her clean shaven slit."

For some reason my breathing increased. The more I heard him say dirty words, the more turned on I became. His eyes narrowed watching me.

"Yes, I can't believe she did that," I mumbled trying to come down.

"I particularly loved how her lips separated a bit showing her moist clit peeking from under its tender hood."

I could not believe he said those things but with every word coming out of his mouth, my breathing became more and more difficult. I wanted to run away but couldn't move.

I stared at him, red faced and flushed vaguely aware of someone walking in.

"James, here you are, everyone moved to the outside and they're planning to play cards next. Did you want in?"

Sarah walked in and stood next to him giving me a quick glance. I could tell she was curious of what we were talking about.

James still stared at me and slowly, very slowly peeled his eyes away from my face to look at his lover.

"No, I think I'll pass, the conversation with Kate here is way too interesting," He answered her.

I tensed. Why would he bring up our conversation to her?

"Oh, and what are you two talking about?" She asked giving me a displeased look.

She probably thought I was moving in on her territory. She didn't understand I wasn't interested. Or was I? What was the reason I was still there?

James gave her a look and then his lips curled in a mischievous grin.

"We're talking about Jeannine's pussy," He answered.

Sarah's eyes widened and it looked like she held her breath. My own face warmed up more. James just grinned.

"James..." She mumbled.

"Sarah, you told me yourself how sweet Jeannine's pussy looked tonight, I tried finding out if Kate felt the same way."

Sarah gave him a sharp look but didn't say anything. She thought Jeannine's pussy looked sweet? Did she see it as well? How many people did Jeannine show her lovely assets to? God, this was getting more interesting every second. Neither one of us spoke unsure of what to say.

"You see, just like you and your husband, Sarah and I were flashed a nice shot of our hostess's wet pussy when she entertained guests on the couch. Sarah here just thought her pussy looked especially delicious," James continued.

Sarah's face turned crimson and she gave me an embarrassed look. I didn't have much contact with Sarah, she was Jeannine's friend, so it was quite possible she was Bi-sexual.

"James, maybe we shouldn't talk about this in front of Kate," Sarah gave him a pleading look.

"Nonsense, unless you're ashamed of your love for pussy..."

James turned and walked around Sarah. He stopped behind her while she looked straight ahead. I could tell his words were embarrassing her but also exiting. Her nipples were hardening making an outline in her thin dress.

"Here Sarah, you look like you need to rest a bit, hop on," James voice suddenly changed and became more demanding.

He padded the countertop next to him as Sarah looked on with wide eyes. There was something going on between them that I couldn't put my fingers on yet but the look she gave him was that of shock mixed with plea. After a few moments she meekly hopped up sitting directly opposite of me.

That was odd, why would she listen to his demand? Sarah's eyes were directed downward and her whole appearance seemed to change. Her body was stiff and erect.

"Kate, you didn't answer my question. Did you like Jeannine's pierced clit?"

He was persistent. Did he really want an answer?

"Well if you're into that sort of thing, I suppose," I answered still trying to figure out why Sarah was so obedient.

She was pretty, in a slutty kind of way, in her late thirties. Her straight long blond hair fell down to the middle of her back and she always wore a lot of makeup with red lipstick. She wore a short black dinner dress which stopped well above her knees and now was dangerously close to showing off the entire length of her legs. Looking at her I couldn't help but notice that something about Sarah seemed familiar, as if...as if I knew her from somewhere.

James touched Sarah's thigh with the back of his hand and begun gently sliding his index finger back and forth on her skin. I looked at Sarah and saw she did not change her position, eyes down, back straight and hands at her sides. He slid his hand up along the side of her thigh until his finger touched the edge of her dress, and then slid his finger underneath that edge.

"And are you into that sort of things Kate?"

His finger inched upwards dragging the edge of Sarah's dress up and exposing more of her thigh. I swallowed hard wondering what the hell he was going to do. And why was Sarah allowing him to do that in front of me? Her husband was just outside!

"What? Ah, James do you think I'm a lesbian? I'm married and I love my husband," I answered, my eyes steadily looking at him to keep from looking at what he was doing to Sarah.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw his hand move up further and Sarah's legs and hip was now exposed. I tried like hell not to show excitement!

"So seeing Jeannine's wet pussy didn't excite you at all?" He said and pulled on Sarah's dress until that side of it was well above her hip.

Her crotch was still covered but barely and I could tell she had no panties on because there were no panty lines anywhere. I stared into his eyes so I wouldn't look at her legs and I could see excitement in his eyes as well. I was beginning to believe Sarah was just his plaything or maybe even a sub! I've heard of those women who would allow their partners to do anything they pleased sexually...even hurt them. Was Sarah one of them?

"I could ask you the same question," I told him so I wouldn't have to answer his question.

He smiled and reaching out, grabbed Sarah's foot.

"I will tell you exactly how I felt. She gave me an instant hard on. I felt like reaching out right there in front of her husband and everyone in the room, pulling her dress up and sinking my hard cock deep inside her wet pussy Kate. She turned me on by showing me her pussy. Now tell me how you felt." He demanded.

His confidence surprised me, his steady tone of voice confused me while his words excited me. His piercing blue eyes seemed to stare right through me and I knew if I lied he would instantly see it. I couldn't hold his gaze so I looked down.

His hand moved Sarah's foot to the side separating her knees. My eyes automatically looked down between her legs, I couldn't help it, it was a reflex. I didn't want to answer his question...I didn't have to but the tone of voice...his demanding tone of voice...

"It was nice..." I whispered and instantly chastised myself for opening my mouth.

"Was it as nice as this?" He asked and lifted Sarah's leg up and to the side.

Her smooth legs spread apart and her dress completely slid up above her waist. Instantly her pussy was exposed in front of me and as much as I didn't want to, my eyes locked on to it and my mouth watered. Sarah's pussy was wet; her pussy lips were thin, sexy, red and shining with moisture. She had very fine, soft blond hair above her pussy shaved to form a small triangle.

I gave Sarah a look and noticed she was looking at me, her face flushed and full of excitement. God, this was crazy! She allowed him to do that to her in front of me! As crazy as it was, I felt excitement. Knowing they were both looking at me I fought to keep my eyes on their faces so I wouldn't show I liked girls. I didn't want them to know.

James smiled and lifted Sarah's leg more to the side teasing me with her lewd exposure. I fought a battle I knew I couldn't win as my slut side screamed at me to look down between the woman's legs. My head was spinning and my I didn't know if I could even breathe. Slowly...very slowly with internal resistance I slid my eyes down her body to her pussy and swallowed hard.

"No..." I whispered.

"So you like Sarah's pussy more?"


I didn't know why I was answering him and why I kept staring at Sarah's pussy. Deep inside I felt like...like lowering my head to and it tasting it. I quickly suppressed those feelings.

"I think I'll have to agree with you. My little slave's pussy is much prettier then Jeannine's," He said.

"Slave! So she was his sex slave!" My mind screamed.

"She's your slave?" I asked surprised.

He smiled and lifting her foot up set it on the countertop.

"Sarah darling, do the same with your other foot so Kate can have a really good look at you."

I watched as she complied lifting her foot up and placed it on the other side. Now she was obscenely spread open and had to recline supporting herself on her hands. James watched her with admiration.

"Good girl," He praised her.

Sarah was obediently doing what James asked her for whatever reason. I on the other hand fought my desires to reach out and touch her while looking at her deliciously wet pussy.

Suddenly we heard footsteps coming from the living room and Sarah quickly brought her legs together and jumped off the countertop pulling her dress down. Gina walked into the kitchen heading for the refrigerator.

"Oh hi guys," She said finally noticing us and waved her hand.

She gave me a look and a wink smiling, Elaine must have satisfied her by now so she came down to grab a snack.

"Excuse me but I have to find my husband," I said giving them both a weak smile and slid away.

I noticed James disappointed face as he watched me walk away. Sarah looked up at him obediently, her face still flushed from excitement.

I found John and after several attempts was able to convince him to leave. Sarah came out and joined her husband and after a few moments James strode out with a drink in his hand.

"Oh, do you guys really have to go?" Jeannine asked disappointed at us leaving.

"It's late and if John drinks anymore he's going to pass out. It's time to take him home," I said.

Jeannine pursed her lips putting both hands on her hips and looked at my d***k husband.

"Bad boy for drinking so much, now you have to go and I wanted you guys to stick around."

"We'll just have to do this again next weekend then, who's in?" Jeannine's husband quickly chimed in.

To my surprise everyone cheered him on and promised to be here next weekend. Jeannine was a bit surprised and taken aback but smiled shaking her head.

"Ok, we can do this again next weekend but I'm going to need help this time. Kate, can you call me tomorrow? Who else wants to help?" She spun around a bit unsteady to look for more volunteers.

I smiled at her wondering how I got volunteered for this. I noticed James give Sarah a look and suddenly her arm shot up in the air.

"Oh, I will, count me in," She yelled and everyone cheered.

"What was he planning?" I thought looking at James.

He just smiled and continued sipping on his wine. Obviously, Sarah volunteered just because he gave her the look. Sarah's husband was so d***k he did not notice the looks another man was giving his wife.

"Great Sarah! Ok you guys, lets plan to have a party next weekend, drive safely."

It took us another twenty minutes just to get out of there. Everyone wanted to say goodbye to us several times and make sure we were going to show up next weekend. Finally we were in the car driving home.

"Honey, who is that guy James? This was the first time I ever met him, I know he's married but his wife wasn't here tonight." I asked my husband.

He was back in the passenger seat and looked like he was ready to pass out.

"Hmmm? What? Oh him. He's a sly one that James, always talking about other women when he has a pretty nice wife at home," John mumbled and was ready to fall asl**p again.

I wouldn't let him.

"So you know his wife? Who is she?" I insisted.

I needed to know more about a man who was married and had someone else's wife as a sex slave.

"I don't see much of her or him for that matter. They're George and Jeannine's friends. James seems to be some kind of businessman, he owns a place...a club of some sort and his wife works there. Her name is...Rita if I'm not mistaken."

Hmmm, that wasn't much help. I would just have to ask Jeannine about them to find out more.

"What about Sarah and her husband?" I asked.

I waited for an answer but the answer never came. My husband begun to snore as we made our way home. The wicked love affair between James and Sarah kept tugging on my mind and then James's wife Rita? Was that her name? I had to get to the bottom of this.

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