"Erotic Stories" Play Misty For me!

Erotic Stories Play Misty For me!
I met Misty about six months ago online. Her body is hot. Slim, completely shaven with legs that looked to go on forever and a nice tight little pussy. Age 22 and looking at her body I can believe it. According to her profile we live in the same town and I’ve often spent time watching the girls around wondering if they were her because she carefully kept the camera away from her face. That I could understand. I don’t let my face be seen on camera either. I am a local councillor and there is no way I want my picture plastered all over the papers.

We would meet up on a regular basis. I have an office all alone so it’s no trouble to lock the door and I guess she is the same.

What I really love about her though, is that she’s filthy. Beautifully, cock-stiffening foul mouthed and has no limits whatsoever. You wouldn’t believe the things she puts into her body and some of the things she’s asked me to do are wonderful and I comply willingly.

Today was special. I was working from my little office at home. My wife had gone to work so I knew I had at least five clear hours there. My daughter was at music college and wouldn’t be home til gone four so I had the house to myself. Stripping off as I waited for the computer to log on and then a couple of clicks and I was onto the site. (Sex Stories)

And there she was. Online.

“Hi sexy,” I typed. “You gonna be a dirty bitch for me today?”

I waited for the reply and it was all I wanted.

“Hi,” she typed. “My cunt is always ready for your big dick,”

“Oh, you dirty little whore,” I replied. “I think that little fuck hole needs a damned good spanking.”

“Will that be before or after you’ve filled it?”

We both switched our cameras on together and I was looking at her from the neck down and I liked what I saw. A silky half-cup bra that showed her large, pink nipples. Her smooth body and a g-string that was pulled tight between her bald cunt lips.

“I can see that you’ve been anticipating this,” she said. Her voice was the same as her name. Misty, smokey, sexy. Almost a whisper. Two fingers were pinching the nipple of her right tit whil she was gently stroking between her pussy lips with the other. “What do you think of my new outfit? I got it specially for you.”

I briefly wondered how many other fellas she had said this to but didn’t care. She was saying it to me.

“I think it looks very modest,” I said. 


“It does cover part of you, my Misty. You know I lake you totally naked.”

“Now why is that, I wonder?” she said.

“Because I love to look at your body.”

She laughed and reached up behind herself and her bra came away. She dangled it towards the camera and let it drop and began caressing her tits, lifting and squeezing them and gently teasing the nipples. 

“Beautiful,” I said. Again the laugh.

“Don’t you wish you had these in your mouth now?” she purred.

“Of course,” I said. My hand was gently massaging my prick.

“Gently!” she said. “I don’t want that thing shooting its load too quickly. I’m a girl who likes to take it slow and passionate.”

Her hands went down to her sides and undid the two bows on her g-string. Slowly she pulled it and I watched it pull between her pussy lips. It was sending those little shivers of pleasure through my prick and balls and into my body. I eased back on the wanking, not wanting to peak too soon.

“Well, my man,” she asked. “What do you want now?”

“Open it up for me, Misty.” I said, a little hoarsely. “Let me see it.”

She giggled.

“But you’ve seen it so many times,” she said.

“I never tire of seeing it. Let me see it wide open and those fingers working it.”

She eased herself back and put her legs up, I presume’ on the desk and then, with her middle fingers, parted her pussy lips and a long, red nailed finger, circled her clit and slowly stroked her wet slit til she reached her hole and slid it in, Just the tip at first and slowly pumping it back and forth until the whole finger was inside her. I heard her gasp and guessed she’d had a mini tremor down there. Another giggle.

“I have a new toy,” she purred.


“Oh yes. Would you like to see it?”

“Oh I would,” I said. She had a selection of toys and I often dreamed of her using them on me and herself. Now she reached off screen and returned with a massive dildo.

“Meet Percy,” she said.

“Fucking hell, Misty. That thing will never fit into you.”

She giggled and began to rub it between her cunt lips. I could see the come glistening on the tip of it and she worked it back and forth coating it all over the huge knob. Then it was at her hole.and easing it open and sliding in. I heard a slight moan and guessed it was really stretching her to her limits. Pumping it a few times it finally slid into her.

“Wait,” she said a little breathlessly. And reached out of shot and came back with another vibrator. She stood and turned and knelt on her chair and the screen jumped. I guess her foot caught the computer. But she was kneeling on the chair, the massive vibrator buried deep inside her cunt and now she was sliding the other, smaller on into her arse. I was really pumping my prick now.

Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a picture on the edge of the screen. It was a group shot. I was stunned. I had seen something exactly the same. At last I might be able to find out exactly who Misty was.

“Work those vibrators for me, Misty,” I said. “Keep going.”

I jumped up and ran out of my little office and upstairs. Throwing open the door I reached up to take a picture off the wall and there she was. Misty. Not in the picture but on the stool in front of me!


“Dad!. I…what did you call me?”
“Julie, I mean.”

My daughter turned and looked at the screen of her computer then back at me.

“Oh,Fuck!” she said.

“Oh, fuck indeed.” I was livid. “What do you think you’re doing?”

There was silence for a moment then she looked up at me and a smile spread across her face.

“Actually, father dear. I’m doing what you asked me to do and I think you find it pretty exciting.”

“How dare you…” I began but she laughed.

“Come on, Dad.” she said. “A woman can hide it but in a man it stands out a mile. Well, eight inches.”

I was flabbergasted. I’d completely forgotten I was totally naked. But I have to admit I was flattered too. Eight inches? No wonder women are crap at parking.

“Julie,” I said as calmly as I could. “Would you do me a favour?”

“Yes. What?”

“Turn off the bl**dy vibrator.”

She reached down and pressed the end. The humming stopped.

“You could remove it too while you’re about it.” I said.

She sat back on her stool and winced slightly. I don’t think it had been up as far as she’d just pushed it.

“No, daddy dear,” she said and a big grin was on her face. “You want it out of your Misty - you take it out of her.”


“Misty, Daddy. When we’re both stark, bollock naked and at least one of us has got the horn up to his eyebrows, then I’m Misty.”

She took my hand and guided it to the protruding end of the massive dildo.

“We shouldn’t.” I said knowing that there was no fucking way I could stop now.

“I know we shouldn’t. That’s what makes it so fucking delicious. Now let me see you suck my juice off that while I suck that fucking prick I’ve been lusting after for so fucking long.”

I pulled the dildo from her and put it to my mouth. Her juice was sweet. Far sweeter than her mothers ever was. And copious. So much of it. I moaned as she took my prick deep into her mouth and sucked and licked at it. I knew the argument was lost. I was going to fuck this little whore in every way I could think of..

I pulled away and bent down, placing one arm around her shoulder and the other under her knees I lifted her up and carried her to the bed. Gently I placed her on it and spread her legs wide. I could see just the pink end of the other vibrator up her arse but decided it was best left there. I bent my head forward and ran the tip of my tongue between her cunt lips. She groaned and her hands pushed on the back of my head and I lapped at her hot, wet cunt. Soon she was wriggling and bucking but I held on and she came with a scream and did something she’d never done on screen. She squirted. I had my mouth over her hole and took the lot.
She pushed me away and scrambled up the bed.

“Oh my God, Dad.” she said. “I’m so sorry.”

“What for?”

“I pissed myself.”

I laughed and pulled her onto her back and lay between her spread legs.

“Daft bitch,” I said. “You’ve come that’s all.”

And my prick slid easily into her well stretched hole and we fucked. Long, hard and dirtily. She was calling me all the filthy wankers she could and I was whispering that she was the best fuck I’d ever had. And I wasn’t lying. She was brilliant. And she knew when I was ready. She held my face between her hands and looked into my eyes.

“Come on, you fucking bastard,” she was saying. “Fill my fucking cunt up. Let your little fucking whore have her load of cream.”

And I did. It felt massive and she smiled and moaned as I pumped it into her.

Finally I fell onto her, absolutely exhausted.

“No!” she said. “Not yet.”

She rolled me onto my back and straddled me in a sixty-nine and engulfed my prick. All I could do was to eat the cunt I’d just filled.

“Twenty-two?” I said.

She laughed. 

“So I added four years on. Unlike the dirty old fucker who took ten years off.”

And we drifted off to sl**p to recover. 

I woke first and nearly had a fit. It was almost time for my wife to return. I woke Julie and dashed back to my little office downstairs and had just finished dressing when Katrina called from the hall to say she was home. Taking a deep breath I went out and greeted her with a kiss and down the stairs came a demure Julie, Hair in a pig-tail. She welcomed her mother home.

“Hello love,” Katrina said. “Had a good day?”

“Fulfilling,” Julie said. “Just wanted to run through some numbers for the band,” 

She went over to the piano and sat.

“What’s that one that has the fantastic line about helpless as a kitten up a tree?” I asked.

“Misty,” my wife said heading for the drinks cabinet.

“Yes. Play Misty for me, Julie,” I said. “I love you playing Misty.”