"Erotic Stories" Pretty Pink Package

Erotic Stories Pretty Pink Package
You walk into the bedroom, you have on a slip, yes a slip! It is pink and has a wide lace border around the bottom and just long enough to cover your panties. The slip is just thin enough that I can see the outline of your panties under them and I can see your bra straps on top. The slip is so soft against your skin, it clings a bit and accentuates your curves.

I am setting on the edge of the bed, I have on my sloppy old t-shirt and under that, just what I was born with. You can see that your lingerie has my attention not just by the look in my eyes. You walk slowly past me, the slip swishes across your butt so seductively and if I wasn't breathing so hard I am sure I could hear the fabric brushing against your skin.

As you pass me I can smell he scent of your perfume. You are wanting me as bad as I want you. I want to grab you and have my way with you, but I don't want this to end quickly, it is a time for sensuality. so you pick up a hair brush and I watch as you brush your hair a bit. You really don't need to arrange you hair, but you know I can see your reflection in the mirror.

Your right hand holds the brush and strokes your soft hair. I look into the mirror and see your erect nipple through the bra and slip. The reflection in the mirror allows me a full frontal view while I am looking at your backside. I am noticing every detail, the way the slip clings to your breasts, the sheen of the fabric, and how the pretty pink color looks so wonderful with your skin. The color is such a sweet pink, so girly, yet clean and crisp, and seductive. You generally don't wear this garment, in fact I don't know that I have seen you wearing anything like it. I wonder, "is this for me, or for her, or for both of us?"(Sex Stories)

As you brush, the slip rides up the back a bit, and I realize that you are exagerating your movements enough so that I get a peek at your panties. Not a big peek, but I see the elastic around the leg openings and can see the tiny little lacey treatment. The panties, pink like the slip, are nylon and they are not real snug fitting. There is a fold of fabric running diagonally from the middle and disappearing towards your right.

As you move the fold of fabric moves a bit and creates a sensual ribbon of satin sheen that captivates my attention for a moment. Then it disappears as the slip falls across it. I strain to see if it is there under the slip and notice that your movements have stopped. I look up, you are looking me straight in the eye through your reflection in the mirror. I feel a bit guilty for staring and although I don't have an under garment fetish, the view you have provided has aroused me to the point that it is showing.

"Do you like my panties, or is it the slip?" you ask.

"Well to be honest, it is the entire package. Your beautiful body is wrapped like a gift, the pick wrapping is so special that like a gift I am reluctant to rip into the package and ruin the wrapping." I say as I realize my hand is now on my cock.

"Then let's not unwrap the package until we need to," you say as you lay the brush on the dresser. As you do the slip gaps a bit at the neckline and I see your ample breasts bulging a bit out the top of your bra. The bra is white and I can see a lacey pattern through the slip fabric.

You realize that my attention has shifted from your butt to your breasts, so you lean towards me as you say, "You see sweetie, sometimes the wrapping doesn't cover all of the package. My hand is moving across my cock like it has a mind of its own.

"You better slow down Buster," you say with mock anger, "if you cum before me than there is no sense in unwrapping the package."

I move my hand away, my cock throbs a bit and you look down to see that it pointing right at you. You can see a tiny glint of clear liquid setting right on top of my slit. I can feel it, cool against my hot cock, and look down to notice it. Then I look up just as the tip of your tounge disappears back into your mouth, it is as if you were ready to lick that pearl off the tip of my cock. Maybe it was my imagination?

I look back and notice that you have bent a little further forward and I can see the gap between your breasts and the bra band that is holding them in place. I want to put my nose between them, I know I will smell the scent of your perfume as well as your natural body scent. I long for both, as the line goes, "the scent of a woman" is so intoxicating! It is beyond perfume, anyone can buy a fragrance, this is about knowing the natural scent as accentuated by the scent you choose.

"Go ahead," you whisper, "we both know what you want." And as you say these words your hand touches my cock and your thumb gently rubs the pre-cum across the tip of my cock. I shudder from the sensation and press my nose between your breasts. I trace a line with my nose up to the base of your throat where I know the skin is so soft. And then kiss the tops of each of your breasts. I can feel the slip fabric on my chin, it is so soft and silky, and I know I am going to loose control if this continues. The is the long slow foreplay that will have me begging for your body in minutes, but I know that if this is to be special it must last.

You must sense my mood so you release my cock and raise a bit. You place both hands on my shoulders as I look into your face. You push me gently and I fall back on the bed and you follow me down. I can feel the sensual fabric of the slip against my cock. I press my cock agaisnt you and can feel the heat between your legs. I press the head of my cock against your pussy and you respond by pressing back against it.

I can feel your breast pressed against me as you bend to meet my waiting lips. Our kiss begins gently as your lips brush mine. Then I press against your lips with more f***e and I feel your lips part. I take the cue and extend my tongue to meet yours. I am lost in the moment, we are pressed against each other with my cock trying to penetrate you through the fabric. 

We linger with the kiss and then I sense you are about to break the kiss. My hands extend around you, I rub from your shoulders down across the rise of your butt. The slip fabric moves with my hands as I feel them rub across the panties.

As you break the kiss I gently roll you over onto your side and I feel your legs part as far as they can with the slip holding them. My cock presses to stay in contact with your pussy but the slip prevents me from following the place I want to be. I reach around behind you and gently tug on the slip to provide more room for your legs to part but you are lying on it and it won't budge.

So I roll you over and then lay half over you and we kiss you. This time I do not wait for your lips to part, I press my hot wet tongue against your soft lips and can taste your lipstick. It has a waxy perfumey taste as I f***e my tongue into your mouth. You open your mouth to accept my penetration and as you do my hand moves across your breast. I can feel your erect nipple and tweak it a bit and feel it rise to my touch. I want the bra gone, I want your nipple in my mouth and between my teeth. But I also want the package to remain wrapped a little longer.

As we kiss my hand moves down your side and as I get to your panty line I feel the eleastic beneath the slip, pause a second, then move down to your leg. I pull gently on the slip and it rides up your leg. I pull it up until it leaves me free access and my hand crosses over and I cup your pussy in my hand. I can feel the mositness of your arousal as I run my fingers across the crotch of your panties.

The panties yield to my touch and I feel my finger move between the cleft forcing the panty ahead of my finger. You so wet it soaks through the panty and know that you are ready for me. I can't wait any longer, I pull on the soaking wet crotch of the panties moving it aside. You are so wet, your arousal is thick and slick as my fingers touch the velvety softness. I glide my finger down the full length of your pussy and let it slip between the folds. I linger a moment at the opening that I want to enter, then slowly glide back up letting the tip of my finger graze against your clit.

I break the kiss, I need to breath and as I do you moan softly. I rub against you clit a bit, then plunge downward again until my finger penetrates you. I feel your nector on my finger tip and it is time. I get onto my knee, press my other knee between yours, and you willingly part your legs further. I can feel my pre-cum cool on the tip of my cock and know that I am leaving a bit of it on your slip as it drags across the sensual fabric.

With you slip pulled up to your waist and panties pulled aside I begin my entry. Not all the way, just the tip sliding up and down your slit. I press the head of my cock against your clit and then slide down and until I am at that wonderful place. You open your legs a bit more and arch your pelvis to meet my cock and as if by some suction I enter you. I press just the head in and you feel yourself close around the rim of my cock. Then I pull out slowly as your pussy clings to it like a magnet. We hear the sound of your wet arousal and the rim of my cock pulling out of you, it pleases both of us to know we are enjoying this so much that our intimate contact has a sound all of its own.

Then I press forward and I feel your hands in the small of my back and I realize you are ready for me. I plunge deep inside you, you are on fire and so wet that it is beyond description. I press all the way in and then slowly pull back, wanting you to beg for more, but knowing it is me that is begging for release.

I raise up on my hands and look deep into your eyes. I want to see the look in your eyes as I begin to move in and out of you, I want to know that you feel the softness of my cock head deep inside you and that you want my strokes to fill you deeply. Your lipstick is messed from our kisses, but there is a glow on your face and I know this package will not be opened before it is enjoyed. I hear heavy breathing, then realize it is me as I am humping my cock in and out of you. Your legs are apart and I feel your heels on the back of my legs and you pull me back in every time I pull out. I close my eyes, I want to savor every second of this moment.

Then I realize I am close, too close, I won't be able to stop. I open my eyes, you are looking right into my eyes and you whisper, "give it to me, give me your cum and I will cum on your cock, I am so close."

I need no further urging and quicken my thrusts and watch as your breasts move against the contstraints of the bra and slip. I want them in my mouth, but no time now. Your panties are dragging against my cock reminding me we have gotten to this point and you are still wearing your sexy lingerie.

Then I feel the head of my cock swell, I groan and as I do I hear you moan as well and you clench your legs drawing me all the way into you. I feel the first contraction and know there is no stopping this. I unload inside you, feeling my fluids mixing with yours as you pull me down to you and we are locked in a kiss and embrace as we both reach that magic moment together.