"Erotic Stories" A Queens Sunrise

Erotic Stories A Queens Sunrise
I lay there trembling into the night as I reached up and pushed my hair to one side and felt the back of my neck where the axe would fall and chop off my head. My mind was reeling as I thought of the executioners heavy sharp blade glimmering in the sunlight as I lay my head in the formed space on the chopping block.

What would my last thought be. What would be my last vision. The priest had came and went and I implored him to speak to the king to please spare my life. I lay on the straw covered floor of the tower, cursing the man I called my king and husband. I held myself and cried knowing that with the sunrise I was to be executed.

When I was first told of my impending doom I remember to my shame that I felt myself urinating at the thought of death and started to cry as I felt warm piss trickle down my legs and form a puddle at my feet. The room began to spin and I fell forward. A guard reached out and grabbed me as I momentarily feinted.(Erotic Stories)

I begged to see my husband as I was not guilty of any infidelities I was being accused of. My assigned guard approached me and told me he was sure I was not guilty but the king had demanded I be put to death by beheading

I was taken to be bathed and anointed with oil. I concentrated on the feel of warm water and hands on my body. I felt a strange sexual awakening as I was gently bathed and softly and slowly massaged with oil. My chambermaid looked at me with tears in her eyes as she too knew I would die by the morning sunrise.

I reached down and touched myself only to find an enormous amount of slippery wet juices bubbling out of my pussy. A pussy I thought never to feel the pleasure of a man’s cock again. I beckoned my chambermaid to my side and I reached out and pulled her to me. Our lips met and I drank in the soft sweet taste of her lips on mine. I dismissed all the others from my royal chamber.

Our tongues explored each others mouths and lips as we lost ourselves in the pleasure of human touch. I ran my hand along the side of her breast feeling the soft warm flesh of her body. She leaned over me and held her breast to my lips as I suckled and nipped at her pink tipped nipples in contrast to my more reddish brown colored nipples.

I shook my head and was determined that my chambermaid and I would make long soft sweet love to one another. My hand cupped her warm wet vagina as I curled my fingers and slid one inside of her, ah I thought as I felt her soft hot yielding flesh. My finger delved deeper into her wet canal.

I withdrew my finger and stared in amazement how the light shined off her juices that glistened in the sun beam that bathed us in natural warmth. I raised my finger to my nose to breathe in her fragrant womanly juices. I let my tongue and lips explore my finger as I wanted to remember this moment as long as I could. I became aware of sights and smells and taste as my senses heightened as the acknowledgement of my impending execution sunk in.

I told her to lay on my bed. I started with her toes, licking and sucking and tasting, with a heightened sense of awareness. Her skin was smooth and soft and silky as I kissed and licked my way up her thighs. My eyes took in the tiny down of blonde hairs that grew sparsely along her silken thighs.

I allowed myself a moment to breathe deeply of her scent before my lips and tongue explored every fold of her hot molten vagina. I spread her open and gazed at her engorged clit. The world stood still as I brought my lips to her pussy and pressed my tongue in between her slippery oozing wet vaginal lips.

My tongue delved deeply into her vaginal opening as I swirled my tongue inside her tasting and swallowing the sweet hot nectar that flowed from her enflamed swollen wet pussy.
I pressed my face against her cunt and coated my face with her warm sticky juices. I held my nose as close to her vaginal passage as possible and breathed with great deep breaths with my nostrils flooding my senses.

I gently and softly pulled upon her lips and kissed and licked each one and licked every fold and wrinkle of her delicate fragrant cunt that bloomed and opened to my kisses.
I listened to her long sighs of pleasure and watched her hips rise and fall in synch with her trembling breath.

I sought out and found her bl**d filled clitoris and I held her lips open as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I was relishing in her soft moans and the oh’s and ah’ s that escaped her lips. This was my moment of living vicariously through her warm breathing flesh.

As with the morning light I was to be beheaded and never again enjoy the earthly pleasures of the human flesh. I teased her clitoris with dainty tiny circling swirls of my tongue. My own vagina now demanded attention so I reached back and cupped myself and felt the hot sweet fluids of my swollen pussy leaking out of my tender vaginal canal.

I took my juices and smeared them into Elizabeth’s leaking cunt as my fingers slid deeply into her pussy she moaned out and I felt her pussy fluttering around my fingers. I renewed my flickering tongue swirling around her clit as her hips rose up to press her pussy against my tongue. Her pussy quivered and spasms began as her orgasm neared. 

I flicked the tip of my tongue as fast as possible encouraging her orgasm to engulf her so I could drink the rivers of her flowing well as it ran hot and milky into my waiting mouth. Her searing juices flowed over my tongue and down my throat as waves of her heavenly nectar flowed from her burning hot pussy. I held her to my face as her orgasm subsided and her breath escaped her body in long deep sighs.

I raised my body up and pressed my pussy to hers and lay on her, the heat from our steaming pussies was intense enough for us to feel the imaginary flames licking up and out of our cunts. I sighed and moaned as I ground my pussy into hers. I rolled off of her though so I could now explore her soft pink tipped breast. I sucked and licked on her nipple then blew warm air across it to watch in wonderment as it grew hard and wrinkled.

I ran my sharp nails over her nipple and pinched it between my finger and thumb nail, just to watch her push up and arch her back. I was lost in total awe of the human body. I bit down sharply on her other nipple only to have her hold my head to her breast.

I whispered to her please remember me this way, as a sexual creature who’s life was taken by the blade of the executioners axe. She implored me to not talk of such things. I told her I would face death with pride and honor as only a forsaken queen could.

Though now I would explore the wonderment of her body to fill my mind with pleasant memories. I kissed and licked and bit and sucked on every inch of her breast. Her sighs of pleasure filled my ears with gladness. I rolled her over and pushed her hair to the side and looked at the soft smooth silken skin of her neck.

I ran my finger in a line across her neck causing a shiver to run up and down my spine as I marked an invisible line that only my eyes could see, where I imagined the axe would separate my head from my body. I tenderly kissed her neck and prayed that she never fell in ill favor with her treacherous king. My husband who so casually dismissed my life away as if his heart never held love for me. 

I kissed and licked and once again nibbled and bit my way from her neck to her back and down her spine. When I reached the two globes of her rounded butt I again stared in wonderment at the beauty of her body.

The little downy hairs on her bottom were standing up as I kissed and licked and traced my finger around her butt. I pressed my face into the valley between her beautiful spherical globes and drew in deep breaths gathering her scent into my nose.

I licked just above her wet aromatic vagina and my tongue licked and my lips kissed and my teeth bit as I made my way to her slightly indented anal passage. I stared at it and pulled her cheeks apart watching her pink asshole splay open as I slowly separated her ass cheeks.

I wet her pungent butt hole with my tongue, then watching as my saliva glistened on her anus. I licked my finger and slowly slid it into her flowing wet pussy, I was fascinated as I watched her pussy open and then close around my finger as it slid in and out of her lubricated cunt.

I further wet my finger and made little circles around her anus and watched as it spastically twitched. I let a dollop of saliva drip onto her butt hole. I took my finger and slowly slid it into her puckered moist hole. I took my finger out and raised it to my nose and drank in the scent of her dank damp moist grotto.

I was in a dreamlike state as I pushed her anus apart with my tongue tasting the flavor of her forbidden dark moist hole. My tongue probed and licked and slid into her relaxing anal orifice. 

Elizabeth’s hips and sculpted globes were rotating in tiny circles as her moans reached my ears. Such sweet beautiful moans escaped quietly from my chambermaid’s lips . I listened to the wet sounds of my tongue probing as deeply as possible into her . I added the sounds of my fingers sliding in and out of her hot wet pussy to the orchestrated sounds of the room.

My mind soaked in all of the earthy pleasurable sounds and flavors that permeated from her fragrant dripping pussy. Combined with the wet moist sounds of my tongue burrowing into her anus. I reached between my legs and my finger slid easily into my own soaking wet cunt that quivered as my finger sank into my pussy. I added a second finger into the hot depths of my slippery wet cunt.

Our breathing was coming fast and deep as we lost ourselves in the world of sexual ecstasy. Elizabeth begged me to let her please me as well. I told her I wanted to concentrate on her fragrant pussy and the deep ethereal scent of her dark moist asshole.
As I lay my head on the chopping block I would remember and breathe in the scent of my most loyal and beautiful servant.

Tears began to form in both our eyes as the thought of my impending and certain death was drawing nearer with each passing moment that drew the sun to rise. I told Elizabeth to summon a guard to my chambers before I was taken away to the tower to await my beheading. 

The guard approached me and bowed deeply and kissed my hand. I told him to do his queen one last favor. He said of course your majesty. I told him to bring the chopping block to me as I wanted to practice standing tall and then kneeling and placing my head gracefully on the block where I would await the sharp heavy blade of the executioners broad axe to chop off my head.

He protested and I raised my hand and said do this one thing for me. As your final favor to your queen before she leaves this earth. He bowed and turned and walked out the door. Elizabeth held me tightly to her as I felt feint and once again I felt the warm trickle of piss flowing down from between my legs.

I smiled sheepishly at Elizabeth as she ran to get a sponge and wash and dry me and clean the puddle up from the floor. The guard returned with two knaves who were bearing the chopping block. I watched them carry it in and in my strongest voice I said place it by the window so I may gaze at the night sky. 

I felt the knaves eyes on my naked body drinking in my upturned breast and my hardened nipples and the sparse patch of pubic hair covering my vagina. I called them to me. They kept their heads down as they approached me. I said raise your heads. Gaze upon your queen in all her naked glory. 

They averted looking me in the eye yet I felt their stare burning into my naked flesh. I slowly spun like a dancer spinning around allowing them to see all of their beautiful naked queen. I stood with my legs spread apart so they could see the lips of my glistening wet pussy. 

I asked them if they had ever felt a royal breast they said no so I invited them to cup my breast and suckle at my nipples. They greedily sucked and nibbled at my hard nipples. I asked if they had ever seen or felt the royal wet flesh of a queen’s pussy. There fingers were soon buried in my hot dripping cunt. I threw my head back and moaned out in pleasure.

I pulled away and I told them to let loose their trousers. I took their penises in my hand and slowly pumped the hard yet soft skin of their cocks I was determined to have a full head of memories to look back on as I lay my head on the chopping block. I took one then the other into my mouth and fondled their balls as I sucked on the head of their cocks coaxing out their hot sperm to fill my mouth so I could drink down their scalding hot sperm. 

I was rewarded for my efforts as I felt hot sticky sperm flood my mouth as I drank it down relishing the flavor and texture of his sperm. I took the other in my mouth and slowly and lavishly made love to his cock with my lips and tongue. 

I held his ass in my hands as I took his cock down my throat and fucked his hot hard cock with my lips and throat. He soon emptied his sperm deep down into my tummy as I slowly licked and sucked his cock clean.

I thanked them and dismissed them. My guard approached them and drew his sword and held it to the throat of one told them they would surely die if they ever told anyone what just happened. I turned to Elizabeth and said bring me the peasant shift I must wear tomorrow. 

My guard started to leave I called to him and said please stay. I asked Elizabeth in a trembling voice if she would braid my hair so I could put it over my shoulder before I was beheaded.

My guard stood in silence. I could see the pity in his eyes and the deep sorrow as he looked at me. He spoke and said my queen if there was a way to save you by giving my life in exchange for yours I would gladly die for you. I quietly thanked him as tears began to run down my cheeks. 

I inquired as to how much time I had until the sunrise. My guard told me I had 2 or 3 hours. I stood still as Elizabeth brushed my hair. Then braided it for me I stood in a fear induced trance as she put the peasant shift over my head and pulled it down over my body.

I looked in the mirror and tried to smile at myself. The peasant shift was transparent I guessed to further expose my body to the uproarious crowd that would await the fall of the axe that would see me beheaded.

I turned to my guard and asked what becomes of a head when a person is beheaded. Does it lay there on the block. Does it roll out into the crowd. My guard said my queen don’t bother yourself with such things. 

Your chambermaid will be standing by to claim your head. I asked will I bleed like a butchered pig. Will spurts of deep red bl**d flow from my severed neck. Will I die instantly. Or will I feel the sharp blade as it chops off my head. I lifted my shift as I felt another stream of warm piss running down my legs. Elizabeth and my guard looked away to spare me the humiliation of seeing me pissing in fear.

I turned to Elizabeth as tears ran down my cheeks and asked her to make sure my head didn’t roll about. I didn’t want to suffer that indignity. I held my hand out to my guard and said lead me to the block please. We walked slowly across the room. I looked out the window at the night sky I took in the stars and moon. I closed my eyes and remembered Elizabeth’s smell and taste and smiled.

I stood still looking down at the block I called Elizabeth to me and told her to go lock my chamber door. She came back as I was kneeling down and putting my hair over my shoulder. I leaned down until I turned my head to the side and my head lay there in the formed carving where my head would rest until I was executed.

I asked Elizabeth to please lift my shift up and place it around my shoulders. I found my voice and asked my guard if there was another entrance to my chamber he said no your highness. I said good. are you expected anywhere at the moment. he said no. I said I’m going to ask my final request of you on this earth. I want you to enter me from behind and take me as I kneel here.

He protested and I said I am still your queen am I not. He said of course your majesty. I told him then please understand I want to feel a man in me pleasing me one last time. Now take me as I demand. He stood still then turned to remove his tunic and sword and belts and sat his shield down. 

I felt his hands caress my thighs and slide over my ass cheeks then I heard him ask my lady may I take liberty of your majesty. I told him treat me as a common peasant. Do as you will with me, just please me. Let me feel a man’s hard cock in my pussy and let me feel him shooting his hot sticky sperm into my tight willing cunt one last time. We have 3 hours so please take your time.

I felt his hot hard cock at the entrance to my burning swollen wet pussy. I closed my eyes as he entered me. I let out soft sweet sighs and quiet moans of passion as his cock slid slowly yet f***efully into my gratified pussy. I knelt there quietly urging him on, to fuck me to fornicate with his queen. 

To fill my cunt with his sweet hard cock. To take me as a common street whore to bruise my pussy. To fuck me with hard deep hurting thrust of his hot bl**d engorged cock. To slam his hard cock into the depths of my pussy to pound me into submission.

To fuck me with heated passion so when I lay my head on the chopping block. I’ll have this and my sweet Elizabeth’s memory as my last thought and vision as I take my last breath before my head is severed from my body by the executioners axe.

Tears were streaming down my face as I knew soon they would come for me to take me to the filthy tower to await my summons to my death. I opened my eyes and was happy to see the dark night sky. I knew my loyal guard had more time now to batter and ram my swollen pouting pussy with his manly cock. Elizabeth came and sat by me and I reached out and held her hand. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed it and told me she’d never forget me.

My guard was holding my hips and pounding and thrusting into my slippery wet pussy. I felt his balls slapping against my asshole as he pounded his cock into me with hard deep strokes. My chamber was filled with the sounds of my moans of pleasure and the sound of his thighs slapping my ass and the wet squishy sounds of my sopping wet pussy juice f***ed out of me by his driving thrust.

I implored my guard to batter and hurt me with his hard hot cock, then to slow down so I could feel his thick hard cock slowly inching into my creamy cunt. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear that he would stay with me and inside of me until the last moment when he would have to leave.

His leaving only meant he had to report to my evil king and my husband to come get me and lead me to my death. I looked over my shoulder with tear filled eyes and begged him to fuck me as long as he could and to shoot his steamy hot thick stringy sperm deep within my pussy to leave me full of his cum so my mind would hold the memory of this sweet battering bruising fuck and my body would hold his sperm.

I didn’t want to die and now I cried in earnest as I felt and heard his wonderful beautiful cock wetly sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I concentrated on the sound of my pussy and his cock as it pierced the tender flesh of my burning hot creamy cunt. I begged him to fuck me slowly and to not cum yet I was imploring him to please fuck me longer to please keep fucking me I begged him not to spill his seed In me yet. 

Elizabeth held my hand as he started blowing his breath out of his mouth and I heard him grunting and trying to hold back but his cock was pulsing and throbbing and he was pounding his engorged cock into my gripping wet quivering cunt.

I cried out no, no oh god please no, I don’t want to die I don’t want you to ever stop fucking me. I begged for time to stand still as jets of burning hot stringy gobs of sperm 
splattered and sprayed the walls and depths of my desperately clutching pussy as my orgasm exploded as I felt his scalding hot sperm shooting out of his cock and filling me full of his hot sticky sperm.

I closed my eyes and felt the tears washing down my cheeks as I felt a warm familiar 
liquid stream of urine once again washing down my legs as I looked at the gray morning sky and knew I had minutes maybe one hour at most before I was led to the tower to await the entourage of the king’s men to fetch me and the priest to pray for me as I was led in chains to the chopping block to lay my head upon it to die.

My guard left without a word as I knelt there with my head resting on the block as I felt his cum leaking out of my bruised and battered pussy. 

Elizabeth helped me up on wobbly shaking legs. We hugged and kissed and looked into each others eyes and knew she would soon witness my beheading and collect my head to be delivered to the king

More than likely my head would be put on display on a stick in the village courtyard. I whispered please close my eyes if they open when I die.

Without a word Elizabeth walked away and returned with a chamber pot. I looked at her as if I didn’t understand. Then I realized why she brought me the chamber pot. I walked to it and gathered my shift about my waist and squat down and tried to empty my bowels so I wouldn’t suffer the indignity of evacuating my bowels as I lost my head to the axe.

I kissed her with a long deep passionate kiss as we heard the doors to my chambers being opened. I turned and straightened out my peasant shift as I waited for the men who entered my room to lead me away from my royal chamber. To the tower as the decree of my execution would be read aloud to the gathered crowd awaiting the thumbs up or thumbs down that would either free me or see me put to death.

I held my head high as possible as they e****ted me away to the tower. I had wonderful pleasant memories to close my eyes to when the time came as I knelt down and placed my head upon the chopping block as I was to be put to death by beheading. 

When the tower door opened there stood my king and the husband who had ordered me to death by beheading. The smell of urine filled the room as I pissed myself once again. Fear momentarily filled my nostrils so I closed my eyes to the sweet smell and taste of Elizabeth’s aromatic pussy and pungent asshole. I thought of my guard’s hard punishing cock thrusting into my hot wet dripping pussy.

My husband lifted my face up by my chin and told me news that made my heart leap. He was not going to have my pretty head removed from my body. It was to be told I took my own life in my chamber by a dagger through my heart. I was to be dressed and banished into exile for the rest of my life.

I threw my arms around my king and wept joyful tears and knew he must have had love for me in his heart after all. I looked up into his face and he kissed me and said be gone you wicked wench before you mesmerize me.

My guard was assigned to take me and Elizabeth away to a far land. We would set sail by dark of the night. My pussy fluttered at the thought of living my life out with Elizabeth and my loyal and faithful guard who had persuaded the king to spare my life. .. Until next time…Mrs. X