"Erotic Stories" a quiet afternoon

Erotic Stories a quiet afternoon
I lay on my side with me knees drawn up as Richard slowly slid his rock hard cock in and out of my warm wet pussy. We were talking in low quiet voices about sex and girls in particular. Richard assured me I was the love of his life. I reminded him though I was his mother and soon he’d find a woman to love and cherish like he does me.

He was wondering what made women attracted to men. I told him between sighs and uh huh’s. that he was a very handsome young man with a nice cock to offer any woman and he’d have his share of loves and lovers and sadly broken hearts.

I reached down and toyed with my swollen clit. Moving my fingers slowly around in gentle little circles. Richard said when he got to be a Dad he’d never leave his c***d like his douche bag of a sperm donor that left him and I.

He accented his statement with a deep piercing thrust into my hot wet pussy. He kissed the back of my neck and quietly whispered in my ear I love you mom. I pushed back onto his cock that fit me like a glove as it slid easily into me. I whispered I love you too Richard, I’ll always love you.(XXX Stories)

He laughed and pulled his cock out of me and I felt his wet finger on my butt hole. He opened me up with his finger then I felt him pressing his cock slowly into my ass. He laughed and buried himself in my ass. 

I drew in a quick breath as he slid past the elastic rim of my ass. He laughed and said you still going to love me even when I pound you in your shitter?, ( his new word ) I gripped the bed sheets as he showed me no mercy and did as promised, as he pounded my tight little shitter.

He said can you take it mom, can you take it if I fuck the shit out of your tight little brown eye, huh? My screaming moans assured him I could as he buried his hard cock deep inside me. I let loose a series of ugh ugh ugh’s as his cock ripped into my gaping asshole.

I had noticed the shifting of roles more and more as Richard and I had sex. Subtle little changes as he became more dominate in bed. He reached up and grabbed my hair with one hand as his other held my hip. Richard said you love my cock in your hot little shitter don’t you mom.

I moaned out yes oh god yes I love it when you fuck your mothers shitter with your big thick cock. He leaned into me forcing his cock further into my ass and gave me little love bites on the back of my neck and shoulders. Soon I was moaning out in pleasure as he fucked me with long deep strokes that went into the depths of my bowels.

I was moaning uh huh oh god yes my darling baby boy uh huh oh yes uh huh fuck me Richard fuck mommies shitter fuck it with your huge thick cock oh god it feels so good when you fuck me like that, yes, oh yes , oh god don’t ever stop. 

He pulled me to my hands and knees and rammed his hard thick cock back into my moist dark hole. Momentarily parallelizing me as he thrust his cock in me yelling yeah oh yeah mommies little shitter loves my fat cock.

He reached over onto the night stand and grabbed his phone I heard him calling and when that person answered I heard him say guess what?, I got my dick in this hot bitches ass and dude I’m fucking her shit hole. It’s like incredibly tight and hot and she loves it, yeah she’s moaning and screaming like a real ho.

I looked over my shoulder at Richard and began to count to 3, as he pounded into my asshole spreading it open as his fat cock burrowed deep into me. He said I got to go dude. He gave me his best I’m sorry look. I told him Richard have you lost your fucking mind?

You can’t just call someone when your fucking me, I don’t care who it is. That will never happen again, understood. He said yes mom, it was only Tim he told me the next time I fucked you to call him. I didn’t say it was you though mom. I was done and told Richard so. 

I got up and went and got a beer and came back and sat on the bed. I told him, I know what’s happening with you. Your new choice of words and things like that. That’s fine Richard you can fuck mommies shitter anytime you want. I told him just don’t lose your head, to stop and think.

He smiled as he slowly crawled in between my legs and I sighed and reached down and ran my fingers through his hair. The minute I felt his warm breath on my wet pussy I lay back and gave in to the pleasure of his tongue delving between my dripping wet pussy lips. His hot breath on my wet cunt, his warm wet tongue sliding into my pussy.

Richard knows my penchant for anal sex and how much I love to have my butt hole tongued. I used his word and whispered out oh yes that’s it uh huh now tongue mommies shitter with your warm pointed tongue, get it in my shit hole fuck mommies asshole with your tongue get it nice and wet so you can pound mommies shitter with your thick fat cock.

Richard held me open as his tongue probed deeply into my asshole. I was playing with my clit just enjoying his tongue in my ass, when he flipped me over and told me get ready to have my shitter fucked by his big hard cock. I laid with my face resting on my arms and stuck my ass up for him.

He rubbed the head his thick cock around my butt hole and then dipped it into me and drove his hard cock deep into my now dripping wet cunt. Just knowing that soon his cock would be in my ass, had my pussy flowing like a waterfall. 

He spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt a drop of saliva splash on my asshole. He finger fucked my wet slippery cunt and spread my warm juices around and into my ass. Richard said oh yeah I’m going to tear that shitter up. 

With one painful thrust he buried his cock in me. I screamed out and grabbed the sheets and clutched them to my mouth and bit down on them, to muffle my scream of pain. Richard hardly gave me time to catch my breath as he started pounding his fat hard cock in and out of my shitter.

My mind was reeling in pleasure as my anal passage opened up and relaxed and he now slid easily in and out of my expanded butt hole. He wrapped his fist around my hair and pulled my head up and he said where am I fucking my sweet ass mom?

I told him in my ass, he pulled my hair harder and said no where am I fucking my mom? I said oh god Richard you’re fucking mommies shitter and I want it as hard as you can give it to me oh god yes pound my shitter. Pound it with your thick fat cock, uh huh uh huh fuck mommies shitter baby. 

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard each time his cock thrust deep into my ass insuring his cock got as deep as possible into my gaping tight little shitter. My head was buried into the sheets and my fingers clawed and clenched the sheets as Richard fucked me with total abandon. 

I collapsed onto my stomach and moaned out and yelled as if I was a woman possessed by a sexual demon as he slammed his thick hard cock into my puckered anus eliciting moans and screams of pleasure and pain as he fucked me like never before.

I realized for the first time ever just how big he really was as he felt like he was tearing me open with each hard driving thrust into my shit hole. I also discovered I wanted him to fuck me this way. I yelled out yes , yes oh my fucking god yes Richard fuck mommies shitter fuck her tight little shitter with your huge fucking cock.

It was as if his powerful pounding strokes into my gaping wide asshole spurred on a part of me that had been hidden, as I turned into a wanton anal slut. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my hips so he could fuck my asshole with even deeper strokes as I moaned and sighed out with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I could hear his cock pummeling my asshole and the smacking sound of his groin into my ass cheeks as I reached down between my legs and found my throbbing bl**d engorged clit and frantically rubbed it in hard pressing circles and screamed out pull my hair yes my love pull mommies hair tell her she’s your little slut who loves your cock in her dark tight shitter.

Whatever came over me surprised us both as I lay on my tummy looking over my shoulder and pushing my ass up each time he thrust his fat cock into my shit hole. I lay there watching him fuck me and though I couldn’t see his cock going in my ass I could see his hips thrusting powerfully into me.

This strange raspy smoky voice came out of my mouth and said to him as we locked eyes to fuck me to fuck the shit out of me to give me his hard thick cock to pound me into submission to take my shitter over and over with his powerful cock. To give me the fucking a sweet anal slut like his mother deserves.

He answered me with a deep growling voice of his own and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and said give it up bitch give me that sweet little shitter take my cock you butt fucking whore. I saw the apprehension and fear in his eyes as he called me a bitch and a whore.

I answered with yes master take your bitches shitter fuck it, pound it as only a whore deserves to be used by her master. Abuse my shitter do as you will to me as long as it pleases you then it pleases your anal slut of a whore mother who wants your cock buried in her asshole.

Rip me open oh god Richard yes oh god oh fuck oh yes fuck me I screamed as wave after wave of a rippling orgasm burst through out my body as I screamed out my pleasure as he continued his barrage of deep pleasure/pain inducing thrust with his massive cock.

Ripping into my gaping shit hole until I felt his cock expanding and throbbing deep inside me as scalding hot jets of sperm came shooting out of his cock filling my anal cavity with his sweet warm sperm. 

His pulsating cock was emptying his hot cum into me as my asshole milked and squeezed every last drop of his sperm from his cock. He fell forward on me. I could hear his breath coming in ragged deep gulps. As I whispered mm that was so intense and crazy and we both kinda giggled then laughed as Richard playfully said ugh me Tarzan you Jane me fuck Jane’s shitter til Tarzan cum in Jane’s asshole.

I lay there laughing as I felt his warm sperm leaking from my asshole and said ugh Jane needs to go clean up. Then Tarzan can fuck Jane’s neglected pussy. We both cracked up and he hugged me and said I love you so much mom. I said ditto, now get off me you big thug.

We both lay there catching our breaths and laughing and he reached over and grabbed my hand and held it. A flood of emotion went straight to my heart and eyes but I turned so he wouldn’t see the tears of joy welling up in my eyes.

I playfully reached over and grabbed his cock and said mm I love this cock and all the pleasure it gives me. I leaned over and kissed his cock and took him in my mouth tasting myself on his cock. I looked up at my son and said your mother loves you like no other, you’re my whole world Richard. 

I took his soft cock back in my mouth and bathed it with my tongue. Softly sucking and nipping at the head of it.

Richard said mom, you know I didn’t mean any of those words I said to you, I paused and said sure you did my love and in that moment it’s fine. Just remember k**do who wears the pants in this f****y. He said no I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you is what I mean.

I scooted up beside him and kissed him and looked in his eyes and told him what happened was a natural course that sex takes at times when people get carried away and say things in the heat of the moment.

I made a fist and laughed and said besides if I thought for a minute that’s what you felt about me I’d so punch you one in your nose. 

He was troubled and I could tell, I told him Richard I could have stopped you anytime you know that, I let it happen because I enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, now can I go suck your wonderful fat cock so you can make love to me.

He smiled and I saw him relax and he grinned and said can I call Timmy over for awhile that’s all he talks about now he keeps asking me if I fucked you again. I always laugh and tell him a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

All I know is he sure want’s to fuck you again. He said you have a really hot tight pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined Timmy jerking his cock while he thought about me and my pussy gushed at the thought.

I said well we’ll just have to see won’t we but for now I’m going to suck your delicious cock and then you’re going to make soft sweet love to me. I laid between his legs and slowly teased my way around his ball sack and up around his cock.

I didn’t touch his cock at first but blew gentle warm air over it. I watched as it started to get nice and plump. I licked up from his ball sack onto his chubby shaft. Kissing and licking my way up to the head of his fat cock. I watched in fascination as his cock twitched and began to fill with bl**d.

I smiled and said mm some thing’s starting to get hard. He smiled and said uh huh and groaned out when I took the head of his growing cock into my mouth and made soft gentle swirls all around the head of his sweet tasting cock. He started moving his hips up trying to feed his cock into my warm wet mouth but I denied him and teased him by holding his cock in my hand while keeping just the head in my mouth.

I flicked my tongue out under the head of his cock and he gasped out and pushed his hips up trying to fuck my mouth with his hardening cock. I took him into my mouth sucking hard as I went down the shaft of his thick cock then I took him down my throat.

I bobbed my head up and down on his hard fat cock. I swirled my tongue along the shaft and trapped it between my lips and slowly pumped the shaft as I sucked on the head of his soft silky cock. Richards hips rose and fell as he tried to fuck my soft warm mouth.

I straddled him and held him in my hand as I slowly lowered my dripping wet pussy down onto his cock until it was buried in my hot wet cunt as deep as it would go. I reached up and held my breast as I slowly rolled my hips in tiny slow circles on his hot throbbing cock. I listened to his sweet sighs as I rocked back and forth moaning as I rode his cock to the brink of orgasmic pleasure.

Richard pulled me down and whispered in my ear imagine Timmy fucking you in the ass right now and like three other guys waiting to fuck your hot tight shitter. Can you imagine that mom. I moaned out yes oh yes my sweet son, oh god can I ever. 

I sucked on his finger getting it wet and told him to finger my shitter to fuck my sweet little shitter with his finger like it was a cock. We were slowly and rhythmically making love as his finger and cock moved in and out of me in slow sensual movements.

Richard reached over and picked up the phone and looked at me with a questioning look, I gave him an evil smile and said what are you thinking mm. he said yeah I’m thinking that and smiled at me. I said I’m such a slut, and giggled and said but only Timmy no others.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on Richards steel hard cock buried in my sopping wet cunt. My pussy would quiver and clutch at his hard cock and little flutters would radiate up into my tummy as I whimpered and moaned as I rode his hard fat cock.

I smiled as I thought of Timmy coming over to take me from behind and fuck my shitter while Richard’s thick fat cock fucked my dripping wet slippery pussy. I was in the perfect position for the two boys to take me. 

I only needed to lay on Richard and bury my head into his shoulder and whisper words of encouragement as Timmy’s cock plunged into my wet damp asshole. I felt my butt hole flex and spasm at the thought of a hard young cock burrowing it’s way into my shit hole.

I could already feel him pressing into my ass and my asshole yielding to his hot hard cock as he spread my asshole open with slow penetrating thrust of his hips. I whispered into Richards ear how bad I wanted to be fucked in my shitter as his own cock drove me to ecstasy.

Richard held the sides of my hips and started fucking my pussy hard and fast and said oh god mom I’m sorry I’m so sorry as I felt his cock throbbing and pulsing in my pussy and I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles and said yes Richard yes my baby boy fill up mommies cunt with your hot sperm oh god yes don’t wait baby shoot your cum into me yes give it to me.

I felt Richards sperm blasting out of his cock into my pussy as gobs of hot stringy sperm filled my quivering cunt with his scalding hot cum. My pussy clutched and held his cock in a vise like grip as spasm after spasm shot through my cum filled cunt.

I bit into Richards shoulder as my orgasm exploded in my pussy like fireworks that had me whimpering and moaning out yes, yes oh baby yes uh huh fuck mommy uh huh yes give it to mommy fuck mommies tight little cunt with your big fat cock. Oh god yes , yes Richard my love fill me with your hot burning cum. 

Richard slammed my pussy with jack rabbit strokes as the last drop of his hot sperm dribbled out of his cock and our juices ran out of my cum filled orgasmic cunt and formed a gooey puddle around my quivering pussy lips and the base of his cock. We held each other tight as lovers do and kissed and murmured words of love as his cock slowly began to slip out of my cum drenched pussy. 

I sighed and smiled and said mm now that was a good thing one load for my cute little shitter and one more huge load for my creamy little cunt. I kissed him and said you’re the best son a mother could ever hope for. 

Timmy came walking in the room and said oh no shit I missed it didn’t I ? I told him don’t worry I’m sure you two will take very good care of me tonight after supper and maybe a movie. Then the two of you can remind me of why I love young hard ever ready cocks…until next time…Mrs.X