"Erotic Stories" The rest of the week

Erotic Stories The rest of the week
That whole day at work I was useless. I couldn’t concentrate; I kept wondering what my wife was doing. I didn’t know what was happening at my s****r-in-law’s house and I couldn’t imagine what was happening. Maybe my nightmare was over and one night of Jeannie fucking a black man was all I had to deal with.

When I came home from work my first day my worst fears were confirmed. My wife and Heather’s boyfriend were out by the pool laying in the shade of an umbrella, naked. My wife was on her side and her hand was between her legs playing with Todd’s cum-filled balls before she guided his enormous snake-like cock into her insatiable pussy. I still had difficulty believing that his huge cock was so big. His dick was three times longer than mine was and at least three and a half times thicker! I didn’t know how my wife took all of him inside her. I stood in the living room and watched through the glass door, as my dick immediately stiffened. Todd worked the entire length of his huge ebony shaft into my wife’s hairless pussy. Jeannie’s pussy lips were red and swollen and I could see her clit, it was huge! Unlike the first evening she didn’t even flinch when he shoved his entire cock inside her; there was nothing on her face but pagan lust. When Todd entered her I heard my wife moaning loudly as she begged him to, “fuck her hard”.(Adult Stories)

My s****r-in-law was in the kitchen and she said, “They’ve been fucking all afternoon; Todd still can’t take his black hands off Jeannie’s big tits”. I didn’t even know Heather was in the kitchen. I was transfixed by my wife’s wanton fucking outside. I turned to my s****r-in-law to respond and when I did I saw she was naked, too. Here she was in the kitchen fixing dinner, completely naked. Heather’s pert C cup breasts and shaven pussy and all over tan made me wonder if she ever wore clothes around the house.

Todd continued fucking my wife outside for almost an hour and even though the door was closed I could hear everything. I was sitting inside pretending to work on my computer, but I was unable to take my eyes off of my wife. I had a perfect vantage point to watch them. Todd split my wife’s pussy as he slammed his jet-black cock in and out of her. Every time she came she became even louder, “OOOHH…OH! OOHH! FUCK! FUCK ME!” Just as she was about to come down from her orgasm Todd would shove his cream-coated ebony cock all the way inside my wife’s pussy, pushing her right back over the edge and prolonging her orgasms. My wife would get this surprised look on her face and yell, “OH FFUUCCKK…GIVE ME YOUR BLACK COCK YOU BLACK BASTARD!” drawing out the last syllable until she returned to her frantic moaning. 

When Todd finally came he pushed his huge black dick deep into my wife’s pussy until her eyes rolled back in her head. She pushed herself down hard on his cock trying to get him as deep as she could all the while moaning, “Ohh Shit, Cum in my pussy…cum in my pussy…give me your cum…give it to me…fill my pussy up…Aaahhh!” They just lay there after they finished fucking. Todd’s cock was slowly going limp and it slipped out of my wife’s widely stretched pussy. The amount of his cum that ran of my wife’s pussy was incredible; I could see it running down her ass and thighs even from where I sat. She reached down with her hand and I could see the wedding ring that I had given her sparkle as she scooped some up on her finger and put it in her mouth as she whispered something to Todd. He grinned at whatever she said as they got up and both of them got into the jacuzzi. 

My s****r-in-law finished preparing dinner. I ate at the dining room table inside and actually got some work done while my s****r-in-law, wife and Todd ate in the back yard. I tried not to look in the back yard because they hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on. They just sat around the backyard table naked, talking and laughing. My wife seemed perfectly comfortable outside naked with her s****r and her black boyfriend. Every now and then I would look out at them and the bottle of wine on their table was slowly emptying. Todd was sitting between my wife and her s****r and I could see them all clearly. My s****r-in-law’s tanned body and her boyfriend’s naked black body contrasted to my wife’s pale white body.

Occasionally, one of the s****rs would whisper something, and then either my wife or her s****r would reach over and give Todd’s massive cock a squeeze. This caused him to jump each time and the girls thought it was good fun. All of them would laugh and grin each time. Dinner was forgotten as they continued to tease Todd. They took turns reaching over to stroke his cock and fondle his cum-filled balls until his huge black cock was rock hard as it jutted straight out from his waist. Even sitting down his cock so big that fully erect the bulbous head was above the tabletop.

The talk at the table had quieted and all three were whispering to each other. My s****r-in-law had her hand at the base of Todd’s huge black cock and she said something to my wife as she lewdly shook his penis at her. Whatever she said made Todd grin and my wife once more got that hungry, pouty look on her face. My wife licked her lips and in one quick motion pushed her chair back from the table and bent over sucking the head of his enormous black piece of meat into her mouth. Jeannie was bobbing her head up and down on his black cock barely able to take even the head of his shaft and the top of his penis into her mouth, while her s****r thoughtfully fed his cock into her mouth. Jeannie reached down and began massaging his huge balls while her s****r jacked him off into her mouth. Then they both moved their heads down to his cock at the same time and started licking up and down his shaft at the same time. Todd’s head was back and his eyes were closed as he enjoyed the two white s****r’s tongues working up and down his huge cock. Heather sucked the head of Todd’s cock into her mouth gobbling as much of it as she could while my wife moved down to his balls. I watched in awe as my wife sucked one of his tennis ball-sized balls into her mouth before she moved to the other one. I couldn’t believe what she was doing! She’d never done that to me. She’d never even shown any interest. I could hear his groans becoming louder and louder as he brought his head up and said something to my wife. My wife moved to her knees in front of him as Heather took her mouth off the head of his oversized cock. Jeannie put her hands on his cock stroking it furiously while sucking and licking his cum-filled balls. That was all it took; Todd started spewing his jism onto my wife’s breasts, his semen running down between her large, firm tits. 

Watching Todd’s cock bouncing in front of my kneeling wife, pumping his cum onto her breasts was too much for me to take. My dick was so damned hard! It was throbbing terribly. I had to have some relief. I snuck off to the bathroom and jerked my self off. After spending only a few moments I experienced the most intense orgasm that I’d ever had in my life and then I cleaned my wilting penis off and went back to work. No one had noticed that I’d been gone. I spent the rest of the evening getting distracted from my work. Out back my wife and her s****r were taking turns fucking Todd. They fucked in the pool, in the jacuzz and on towels by the pool… Laura cleared the dishes from dinner and brought them into the kitchen. Todd and my naked wife moved across the yard to the now empty table. She had one hand on his huge ebony cock leading him by it. Once they reached the table Todd gently pushed my wife down until she was bent over the table and he shoved his cock into her from behind. In one movement he buried his huge black cock balls-deep in her pussy. He was fucking her doggy style and she was moaning and encouraging him, “to fuck her horny pussy hard”. 

“You should probably go to bed”, Laura said from the kitchen. I checked the time and knew that she was right, it was getting late and I did have to work tomorrow. I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity to sl**p with my wife. I looked in the back yard and Todd and my wife were in perfect rhythm now, she was leaning up off the table moaning, “Oh Shit”! Todd was behind her pounding his huge black cock deep inside her while his large hands grabbed and squeezed her tits. “We’re going to be up for a while so go to sl**p”, she said as she went back outside. I shut down the laptop and the last thing I saw was my s****r-in-law kissing Todd, her hands on his chest while my wife furiously pushed her ass back against him until his cock was buried completely inside her pussy. 

Still exhausted from not sl**ping the night before I managed to pass out almost right away. I woke up a little while later because of the sounds they were making outside. The door to the master bedroom opened and closed and I could hear all three of them in the next room. I heard the shower start in the master bedroom. Over the noise of the running water I could hear my wife moaning and then I heard her cries of ecstasy when she began cumming. Eventually the shower stopped and I heard them get into bed. 

The sounds of their fucking lasted most of the night. I could hear the sounds the bed made as they changed positions, Heather cumming and then my wife cumming and both of them cussing and moaning so loud I was certain that they would awaken the neighbors. 

I spent the entire night by myself with the sounds of their fucking keeping me awake. The morning was the same as before though and again I went to work leaving the quiet house. At work I couldn’t concentrate; I couldn’t think of anything but my wife… I knew she was going to spend the day fucking her s****r’s black boyfriend and I hated to come back into her house and see my wife fucking another man, a blackman! Thinking about it made my swollen dick ache even though my wife of ten years and I hadn’t spoken since dinner that first evening. She had spent every moment since then with Todd. If they weren’t fucking they were flirting or sl**ping and my s****r-in-law was encouraging it. It was mind-boggling that Todd was able to stay hard as long as he did or get hard as often as he did. Even when I was his age I couldn’t stay hard for that long a time. The day finally passed and I headed for my s****r-in-law’s house and the images of my beautiful white wife being fucked senseless by Heather’s black boyfriend.

When I got to the house that evening my wife and Todd were fucking in the living room. She was lying on her back on the sofa, still naked, and Todd was kneeling in front of her as he worked his enormous black cock in and out of her swollen pussy. Her ankles were hooked over his shoulders, her legs running up his chest, which brought her ass off the sofa. “Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit, …” she grunted in time with his pounding. Todd was transfixed by my wife’s white tits bouncing back and forth in time with his thrusts and my dick stiffened immediately at the sight of the two of them. Why did my dick become so hard watching a black man fucking my wife? I wondered into the dining room and opened the laptop. Ooohhh fuck, oh fuck, fuck”, my wife came hard. Even from the other room I could hear her pushing down as hard as she could on Todd’s oversized dick. 

Laura came in a short time later. My wife and Todd were still fucking in the living room and they both said hello to my s****r-in-law. Laura came into the kitchen and set the groceries down that she was carrying. “Can you make dinner?” she asked without even looking at me. I started to protest but as I turned to her I saw her stripping naked. Her shirt and shorts lay on the kitchen floor and as she moved to the living room she undid her bra and stripped off her thong leaving them in the hall. She didn’t even wait for my response as she pranced naked into the living room wearing her high heels. 

I leaned back in my chair to peak around the corner into the living room. I had to see what was happening, I was more turned on that I had ever been in my life. I unzipped my pants and freed my swollen cock as I saw Todd pull his huge cock out of my wife and her stretched pussy gaped open, lewdly. I began stoking my cock furiously. I watched Heather push Todd on his back on the couch as she told Jeannie “Sit on his face while I suck his cock”, Heather said. With that Heather began working Todd’s long tanned cock into her shaved, tanned pussy. 

My wife straddled Todd’s face as she lowered her cunt down to his waiting tongue, “Eat my cunt”, my wife said to him. “Suck on my clit and tongue my pussy…Ooohhh…” 

While the three of them fucked I made dinner in the kitchen and every now and then I would look in the living room. Heather was sitting on the back of the couch and Todd was eating her pussy. My wife was on all fours getting fucked from behind by Todd’s huge black cock, while he manhandled her tits and slapped her naked ass with his huge black hands. Each of the girls came a half a dozen times while they screamed obscenities and moaned before dinner was finished. I went over to tell them dinner was ready. My wife was lying back on her back this time on the floor and Todd was kneeling between her legs while Heather jerked him off and fingered herself. They were both watching my wife play with her tits. I watched them when Todd began shooting his jism all over my wife’s breasts and face. My wife began rubbing his cum into her chest. 

It was too much, I felt ashamed at being so aroused but I had to do something about my raging hardon. I quietly slipped down the hallway and freed my aching cock. I began to masturbate but I was so excited that I came on the fifth stroke and shot my cum all over my s****r-in-law’s makeup bottles and hair spray and I had to clean up her counter. When I returned from the bathroom the three of them were getting dinner from the kitchen. My wife had one of her s****r’s bikinis on and the suit was nothing more than two pieces of string with a small patch over her shaved pussy. The suit didn’t conceal her nipples or areolas and her ass was completely exposed. Todd was wearing a white pair of swim trunks while Heather had a suit on similar to my wife’s. 

The three of them took their dinner outside while I stayed inside eating at my laptop. It wasn’t long before my wife took her skimpy top off. She slowly let the top fall away as she shook her beautiful breasts. Todd leaned over and began sucking on one of her long hard nipples as he ran his tongue over her silver dollar sized areolas and he roughly squeezed her firm tits. My s****r-in-law pulled aside the fabric covering her cunt and shoved two fingers deep inside her cunt. She continued fingering herself as she watched Todd sucking my wife’s tits. Todd stood still as my wife practically ripped his shorts off, leaned over and greedily began sucking his huge black cock. After a few minutes my s****r-in-law said something and Jeannie shifted her chair to face Todd, his huge cock dropping out of her mouth. Todd leaned down slightly and laid his cock between my wife’s big tits. 

A minute later came back through the dining room and she was carrying something in each hand. They were dildos! The first one was normal sized and it was silver but the second one was black and it was the biggest dildo I had ever seen! It was about the same size as Todd’s enormous penis. The silver one was the size of my cock, which I realized was hard once again. Todd continued titty-fucking my wife as Heather dropped her bikini bottoms and licked the silver colored dildo before slipping it inside her pussy. 

After a few minutes Todd picked up my wife and carried her over to the jacuzzi. He sat himself down on the edge of the jacuzzi and turned my wife away from him so that he was behind her. In one movement he pulled her back on top of his enormous black cock and I watched his huge penis easily split my wife’s pink pussy lips until he bottomed out in her no longer tight cunt. Heather turned her chair and face them as she continued fucking herself with the dildo while Todd fucked my wife. The two s****rs watched each other feeding each other’s lusts into a sexual frenzy.

It took only a minute before all three exploded in orgasm. “Yes…yes…yes…” my s****r-in-law chanted as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy, furiously.

“OOOOHHH…FUUUCCCKKK…” my wife screamed as she slammed her pussy back on Todd’s cock taking him as deep as she could. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she yelled, “Give me your cum…cum in my pussy!” He pulled her ass tighter against him hard and he groaned loudly as he began to empty his hot seed deep inside her. Todd slid his fingers around until he had two fingers buried knuckle deep inside my wife’s anus and she immediately exploded in orgasm as she gyrated on his cock. 

Jeannie slipped off of Todd’s huge penis and lay exhausted on some towels that lay there while Heather kneeled in front of Todd and sucked his cock until it was hard again and he quickly began to work that huge black dildo into my wife’s swollen pussy. I closed my laptop and headed for the bedrooms when I heard her scream in orgasm, one last time. I searched my wife’s luggage and beneath her neatly folded clothes (which she apparently hadn’t worn all week) I found a black bag and a receipt inside the bag. The receipt indicated that my wife had purchased both the silver dildo and the huge black dildo earlier that day. Shocked, I slumped back onto the bed. My wife had never been interested in sex toys… or half of the things I’d seen her do this week. With despair I tried to get a little sl**p before they came inside.

All too soon I heard them enter the house and move down the hall toward the bedrooms. They stopped outside the door to the guest bedroom. There was more talking and my wife and s****r-in-law were saying goodnight. I was expecting my wife to come in. When the door opened it was Heather and she was still naked as she climbed into the far side of the bed, but not before she noticed my hard dick pointing towards me and she laughed loudly. Todd fucking your wife really turns you on doesn’t it”? I didn’t say anything, but I knew what she said was the true. I secretly wondered if this was going to become our future. If Jeannie wanted to fuck well-endowed black men in the future, I knew I would help her anyway she wanted me to. I was so excited watching a black man fucking her! “Well, Jeannie and Todd want to be together tonight; they’re not done yet. She can’t get enough of his black cock. You know what they say, ‘once you go black, you never go back’ and she laughed cruelly”. Heather rolled over and went to sl**p and I continued jacking off.