"Erotic Stories" The Ride of My Life

Erotic Stories The Ride of My Life
It had been a little over two weeks since I had my first sexual encounter with Nicky, and I had to admit that I could not get the experience out of my head. The idea of being bisexual was very foreign to me. Not to mention crazy. Okay, I admit I had fooled around with my best friend, Lori, when I was in high school, but that was just curiosity about sex and everyone does the experimenting with sexuality in general. I mean really that’s where masturbation comes from, right? But I had never thought of myself as being labeled “Bisexual” or “a Lesbian”. Those words scared me a little bit, not to mention I was a happily married woman to a great guy. What would my sweet husband, James, have to say about all of this? I honestly thought he would be onboard, especially if he was allowed to play around too. I knew Nicky would agree to fucking him, she had already mentioned it after all. But here I was sitting at my desk staring across the room at Nicky and wondering if she was wearing any panties under her little black skirt. 

I kept asking myself over and over again “Does wanting her make me a bad person?” Especially since this was not how I was raised. “Oh… my… gosh”. What would my mother say if I told her I had sex with a woman? And that I liked it, maybe even loved it? Oh yeah that would be great, I am pretty sure I would be disowned. Mom would definitely freak out, probably cry and ask what she did wrong. I looked longingly over at Nicky again; she was grading papers at her desk. I wanted to walk over and ask her a question, just so I could get a smell of her perfume again, but I couldn’t think of one. She wore D’Jore, and it smelled wonderful, mostly it took me back to that afternoon in bed laying there naked with her, kissing and just touching each other. Mmmmmm… Gets me so wet just thinking about it. I snapped out of it as the bell rang releasing the k**s to their next class. Nicky and I had a planning period which made me smile, a whole 45 minutes just me and her. I was happy even if it was work. (XXX Stories)

I had originally asked her to come over to my house the next day so I could see where this was going. But Nicky had declined the invitation, she had said “Oh Thank you sweety, but I can’t, besides I want you to take a few days to let this all sink in. I really like you and I don’t want to push you too far too fast.” I had assured her I was fine and just needed to explore my feelings and emotions for this. Nicky just smiled, gave me a deep kiss and said, “Lexi, listen, you are my best friend and I love you. I want you to take two weeks and if you still want to pursue this at the end, I promise you baby, I… will… be… yours.” Then she got a wicked little grin and said “Besides, just think how hot the sex will be after we have been wanting each other so badly for two whole weeks”. “I mean seriously, I may have to finger myself every night just to get to sl**p baby”. Nicky kissed me again, deeply. As our lips parted, she rested her forehead against mine. Her eyes were still closed and she looked like she was fighting some kind of internal struggle. Then she opened them and looked at me, smiled, gave my forehead a little smooch and she left. She hadn’t mentioned it since that afternoon. 

But today was the end of my two weeks of reflection, it was Friday and I had thought about nothing but getting her back into my bed. I also had one other thing on my mind. After we had sex, Nicky had mentioned her strap-on. I made a joke about her wanting to fuck me and her exact words were “Lexi, I am going to fuck the shit out of you, you can count on it”. Two weeks later and it still gave me goose bumps. Not to mention a deep yearning to just be fucked with reckless abandon. I liked toys and I liked Nicky, so I figured Nicky plus toys would be so awesome. My husband was a good lay, but he didn’t always last long enough. A strap-on would not have that issue! Yes I have thought about this a lot, thank you. 

Nicky walked across the room to my desk and said “Hey Lexi, do you have the lecture ready for the next class.” I looked at her, bit my lip a little, she was so beautiful. Then I realized I was staring and looked down and said “yeah, everything is ready to go”. “Cool” said Nicky, “so we got 45 minutes to blow”. So she sat down right beside me. “So what are you doing this weekend, do you have any plans?” she said. I looked at her slightly confused, leaned in and very quietly said “uh, I thought I was… you know, doing you this weekend, maybe? Or not, I mean if you have plans or something, then I understand” A big, stupid grin spread across her face from ear to ear. 

Nicky looked down kind of shyly and said “Okay, I was just checking, thought maybe you changed your mind is all; you could have decided you were straight or something.” I gave a nervous laugh, there were those labels again, I quickly assured her I had not changed my mind. “No, you are just about all I can think about right now, Nicky. So like it or not, you got me.” Nicky was still grinning looking at the floor, she had taken her foot out of her sandal and had her bare foot hooked around my calf. She let out a little sigh and said “Cool, I was hoping you would say that. So I know we agreed on tomorrow but I was thinking if you could get some time alone after school maybe we could get together.” Nicky looked up hesitantly. I smiled at her and said, “Are you asking me out on a date”. Nicky blushed and said, “yeah, I guess I am, would you like to go out on a date with me, baby”. I leaned forward and said, “I would love to go on a date with you”. “Okay, then it’s a date”, Nicky said as she brushed her hair over one ear. 

I texted my Husband and asked if he could watch the k** tonight so me and Nicky could have a girls night out. He shot back that he would take care of it. So it was set, tonight I was going to be with Nicky again. The rest of the day just dragged by, and all I could think about was leaving. At 3:00 when the final bell rung I was overjoyed. I want back to Nicky’s room and she was packing her bag up, I asked her if she was ready. Nicky said “yeah, I so need a drink”. We drove to the Blue Bird, a local bar, for a happy hour drink and maybe a bite to eat. As I got out of the car to head in Nicky stopped me and took my hand in hers and held it as we walked into the bar. 

I felt funny holding her hand, like people were staring at us, but I couldn’t stop the warm fuzzy feeling I felt in my tummy as Nicky’s fingers intertwined with mine. So in short, I decided I was okay with holding her hand. We sat down and ordered some appetizers and snacked on them while drinking a couple of shots. We just talked about everything, it was nice. While Nicky was telling me stuff she would rub her fingers across the palm of my hand on the table. I was mesmerized by how brave she was, Nicky did not care what others thought, she was just happy being affectionate with me. I wanted to be that brave, so I moved over to her side of the booth and sat right beside her and started rubbing her thigh through her skirt. We even got up and danced a few times to some slow love songs, I let her kiss me on the dance floor. Finally she asked if we could go back to her place. I shyly said “yes”. So we jumped in her car and left for her house. 

When we got in her apartment, she pulled me close and kissed me deeply, our tongues danced between each other’s lips. I realized that I had really missed that. I was reluctant to break the kiss but Nicky stepped back and gave her lower lip a little bite and gave me a nice smile. I got a little embarrassed and said “what?” Nicky shook her head lightly and said, “Nothing… I am just really happy that you’re here right now. C’mon I have something that I want to show you.” “Oooo… is it a surprise for me,” I said. Nicky shook her head making her ponytail bounce. Then she turned and walked towards the bedroom, holding my hand to make sure I didn’t get lost. 

I had been in Nicky’s bedroom before, but this was different. There was a nervous tension in the air, filled with expectations and the unknown. I had goose bumps on my arms just thinking about the anticipation of what was about to happen. Nicky pulled out a box wrapped in red wrapping paper with a big gold bow and said, “Happy birthday.” To which I reminded her it was not my birthday. She laughed and told me to open it anyways. The box was the size of a shoebox and it was heavy. As I opened it, my jaw hit the floor. It was a very big black dildo, under it was a harness and I realized that this would be the strap-on with which Nicky was going to fuck me to death with. Judging by the size of this thing, I thought it might actually kill me, I mean it was huge. I looked like it was between 10 inches long, but more alarming was how big around it was. I mean this was the freaking thickest cock I had ever seen. My husband had a big dick, as in it was really long, but he wasn’t half as thick as this thing. I had a mixture of emotions; on one hand I was really curious what it would be like being fucked by this monster cock, on the other hand I was worried about what it could do to my pussy. I think my little pussy was scared, I mean she had never had anything that big in her before.

Nicky grabbed it and said “I will be right back, you should get comfortable.” I said “Sweety, I don’t know about this, that is really big.” Nicky just giggled and said “I know… don’t worry, I will go slow.” Then she grinned and added “at first”. The bathroom door closed behind her leaving me alone with my imagination. I unzipped my skirt and pushed it to the floor and then pulled off my top. I was standing there in my bra, panties, stockings and garter belt all in black. Then I decided to lose the garter belt and the bra. I laid down on the bed and lifted my butt and pulled off my panties. I decided to leave my stockings on, they were black and sheer coming up to my mid thigh with a little bit of lace at the top. I thought they looked sexy and was hoping Nicky would appreciate them. I was still surprised with how okay I was with all of this. I was so excited, I reached down between my legs and dragged two fingers in between my pussy lips and when I pulled them up they were all slickery from my juices, which were flowing in a very big way. I had really built this moment up in my head, and the only thing I wanted at that moment was my Nicky. I laid there just lightly stroking my pussy, and using my other hand to gently twist my one of my nipples. I was really excited and I started to feel all warm and fuzzy. Slowly I pushed my legs straight and my toes pointed as everything started to build. Then the bathroom door flipped open, it scared me, I was a little embarrassed to be caught playing with myself like that. Nicky just smiled and said “well hello sexy, that looks like fun, mind if I join in.” I was bright red, and wanting to distract her I said “get over here, I want you.” As Nicky walked over I checked her out. She had pair of small, perky boobs with cute little button nipples. They were really hard right now I could tell from how red they were. 

She had long and pretty blonde hair that came down over her shoulder. Her body was so tight from all of the running she did, and she was 6 inches taller than me. I was mesmerized by how beautiful she truly was. Her big blue eyes looked so innocent, in stark contrast to the big black cock that jutted from her pelvis. As she climbed on the bed and in between my legs I got a shiver as the cold plastic touched my hot pussy. Nicky leaned down and started kissing me passionately. As she broke the kiss she whispered, “Oh, I missed you.” I closed my eyes and sighed as she started to lick and kiss my neck and then worked her way down to my boobs. It felt so good. I reached down in between Nicky’s legs and grabbed the head of the dildo and started to rub the head across my pussy using my own juices to lubricate it. Nicky sat up on her knees and told me to roll over and get on my knees. I did just as she asked and pressed my head all the way down so my butt and my pussy were exposed in the air. Nicky lubed up the toy and then positioned it right on my pussy. I started pushing back slow and easy, while Nicky gave little pushes as she pulled my hips back towards her. Finally she pressed forward till I couldn’t run anymore and the head of the dildo stretched my pussy enough to get in. I grabbed the sheets of the bed with both hands as I felt it stretching me. It hurt at first so much. I put my hand on her leg and said, “ooo… baby don’t hurt her, be gentle to her baby. Oh my gosh it hurts.” Nicky said, “it will be okay sweety, I promise, just relax and let me take care of you. Then she leaned forward and it pushed in a little further and she whispered in my ear, “you’re going to love this, next week you will be begging me for it.” Then she kissed the back of my ear giving me goose bumps and making me moan. 

I love it when my ears are being played with. Nicky used the distraction to shove in deeper, my breath caught and I buried my head in the pillow. I squealed as she shoved it in another inch. Then she started to move it in and out of my stretched pussy, I felt like it was pulling my insides out when she pulled it back. But when she bucked me forward it pulled my clit down and rubbed across it the whole length and that felt good. It was a weird sensation of pleasure and pain. After a few more solid strokes, I wanted it all in me. I turned my face out of the pillow and said, “Put it in me baby, I want it all.” Then I shoved back while Nicky pushed forward it took five more strokes and I had the whole length inside of me. I have never felt so filled before. On every stroke in I felt the whole length of it across my clit which made my body quiver with every stroke. Nicky had a hold of my hips now and was starting to pull me harder back into her hips. My fears from a few minutes before were gone and replaced with need and desire. I wanted to cum. I wanted to make Nicky happy. I wanted to please her. But most of all I just wanted to be fucked. Fucked till I came. I told her, “oh baby, just fuck me.” “Harder, Harder, Harder.” Nicky obliged me as she slammed it into my hips, the orgasm hit me in a rush. I shoved back hard and my body just quivered and spasmed for what felt like eternity. When the waves subsided Nicky pulled out and rolled on her back grinning at me from ear to ear. She said “see I told you that you would like it.” I leaned across her and kissed her deeply, licking her lips as I pulled away. I bit my lip and asked her, “can I ride you.” Nicky grinned even wider and said “yeah baby, get on.” 

I straddled her and slide down the cock, I was facing away from her so she started rubbing my butt as I slide up and down the pole. After a few pushes I proved wet enough to bury it all the way in my pussy. Once I had it in all the way I just started grinding and rubbing my clit, I could feel every inch of it and as I got close to cumming again, I started sliding up and down on top of Nicky and grabbed me at my waste and started bucking her hips up into me, I was feeling the full stroke on my clit again and my legs were shaking from the sensation. When the first wave of the orgasm hit me it was incredible, my legs gave out and I collapsed down with the strap-on buried all the way in my pussy which brought on another wave. It was the most violent orgasm I have ever had. My pussy was contracting so hard, I had to get off of Nicky’s strap-on but my legs wouldn’t work. Finally I rolled off of her and she jumped up and put her hand on my pussy and just held pressure on it till the waves stopped. She took off the strap-on and just laid on top of me kissing me on my lips and neck. When It was all done, I got a bit embarrassed and covered my face, I have never let go like that, I felt like such a slut. But I knew I was not going to be able to give up my Nicky. I pushed her over and started kissing her and then I got between her legs and started to lick her pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair and every now and then she would grab a hand full of hair and push her pussy into my mouth. Her hips were starting to buck and her back was arching so I knew she was close. I slipped in two fingers and then I clamped my mouth down on her clit and sucked on it till she came hard. We were both drenched in sweat when I asked her if she wanted to be fucked. She bit her lower lip and shook her head “yes.” She helped me put on the strap-on. 

While I fastened the waist, Nicky snapped on the two tethers around my legs. As I positioned the cock on my girlfriends wet pussy, I felt powerful and in control. I pushed it in a little bit and then more and then more. Nicky took the full ten inches with no problem, not even a whimper. I felt like a bit of a woose. I grabbed her hips and started to pull her back into me. I was surprised to find the back of the strap-on was hitting perfectly on my clit. The whole experience was so naughty, here I was fucking a woman. I kept pushing it in for what felt like a really long time, I was tired and covered in sweat. Nicky moved her head all the way down to the bead and asked me to fuck her harder. So I grabbed her hips and started slamming it into her with everything that I had. Soon Nicky’s legs started to shake really bad and then I noticed she was rubbing her clit and then she shoved back and down hard. Nicky’s whole body was shaking as she orgasmed, she was biting her pillow and moaning. After a minute or so her body went limp and I pulled out of her. I took off the strap-on and laid it on the night stand. Then I climbed back into bed with my Nicky. We laid there the rest of the night cuddling, kissing, and just touching each other till we both fell asl**p. The next morning my pussy and legs were so sore. Me and Nicky gave each other oral sex one more time and then we took a shower together. I got out and got dressed, then I kissed Nicky and told her I loved her. When I got home I sat down to talk to my husband. James was great, we are going to try swinging with Nicky and her boyfriend Ben. But best of all I get to keep my Nicky. Hope you liked my story, I love feedback. So if you liked it let me know, I kind of get off to that.